Seduction on the SeaSeduction on the Sea


“Fire!” The Captain shouted.

The air was suddenly filled with the acrid scent of sulfur and what sounded like thunder, as sixteen cannons discharged along the side of a weather-worn brig, sending their payloads into a much smaller schooner. The vessel took the full brunt of the attack, as sailors on the deck either collapsed onto the deck or dove into the roiling ocean beneath.

“Bring her in!” The Captain’s voice rang out again.

Several grappling hooks sailed through the air, landing squarely on the deck of the schooner. In moments they tightened to the railing, bringing the battered ship beside the brig.

Chaos ensued. Sailors from the brig poured onto the deck of the schooner. Swords clashed and pistol shots rang out, but before long the remaining crew of the smaller ship had surrendered, and the brig’s crew had them all lined up on their knees.

The Captain of the brig now came aboard the schooner, and its crew looked upon her for the first time. She was a tall, lean woman. Her hair looked like fire, a bright reddish orange mixture, pulled back with a black bandana, though several strands had escaped from it at random and odd angles, giving her a somewhat disheveled appearance. Her eyes shone like emeralds as they looked upon the men who had surrendered to her attack.

“I am Captain Lisette Legrande. You have had the misfortune of coming under attack by my vessel, the Queen’s Gambit.” She paused for a moment, gesturing to the ship behind her.

The Queen’s Gambit was a sizeable brig with two square-rigged masts. On either side it had two decks, with 7 canons per deck. The ship itself was painted black and red, though the sails were a pure, clean white. Just above them however, flew the familiar black flag, adorned with skull and crossbones. Just below that flew Legrande’s signature flag; a black background adorned with a red jackdaw in the upper left corner.

“You have two options. Stay with your ship, which clearly isn’t long for this world, or come aboard and serve under my colors.” She said sternly, unsheathing her sword. Several of the captured men grimaced.

“If ye’d serve, stand now, or forever hold your piece.”

Out of the thirteen prisoners, seven men stood, as well as one woman. Lisette nodded to her crew, who gathered up the volunteers (not to mention the cargo) and helped them onto the Gambit.

“You could’ve been great lads. Remember that Captain Legrande gave you that chance, should you survive the unforgiving sea.”

With this she leapt back over the railing, onto the deck of her own ship. Those that refused to join stood on the deck of their battered and sinking ship, looking upon the pirates with scorn.

“To the depths.” Lisette said calmly as she approached the wheel.

Again the canons screamed, tearing new holes into the poor schooner. It began to sink faster and faster as the Queen’s Gambit pulled away, until finally the entire thing had disappeared beneath the waves.

That evening, the Queen’s Gambit had anchored near a small, sandy shoal connecting two small, unremarkable islands. The Emirgan Escort crew, including the new recruits, had dined together, getting to know one another, telling stories of adventure on the high seas and how a life of piracy wasn’t so bad. Everyone had joined for the meal, save for the female sailor that had volunteered. This was because Lisette had invited her to her cabin for a personal dinner.

The Captain’s cabin was a small, cozy space. It held a large chest on one side, with a bed opposite it, and a table in the middle with maps and instruments spread across it. At the back of the room was a large, ornate desk with a weapon rack next to it, currently holding several spare pistols and swords.

Lisette had cleared space on the desk and had several plates of food spread across it. The woman she’d invited in looked borderline malnourished, and gladly partook in the offering.

Aside from being a bit scrawny, she was an attractive woman. Though it was held back in a white bandana, she had long, flowing blonde hair. Her blue eyes seemed gentle and innocent, though they also held a kind of fire within.

“What is your name?” Lisette said plainly, watching the woman eat.

“Morgan.” She said quickly between bites of roasted chicken.

“A lovely name. Tell me Morgan, how did you come to sail on that vessel? You don’t see many sailors of our…variety, on ships out this way.”

“My parents and I had a disagreement, and so I found myself penniless and homeless. I needed work, and they were willing to let me come aboard so long as I worked as hard as the men. I did my duty, and here I am.” Morgan replied frankly. She’d finished her meal, feeling more full than she had in a long time, and leaned back comfortably in the chair opposite the desk.

“That must’ve been one hell of a disagreement.” Lisette pointed out.

“They didn’t see eye to eye with my…preferences.” Morgan said rather quietly.

Lisette leaned over her desk now, folding her arms on top of it as a large grin crossed her face. “You don’t say?”

“No one in my village did, really. I knew I wasn’t welcome there. That’s why I left the first chance I got. And if there’s riches and acceptance to be found here, then I’ve no problem sailing with you lot.”

“I’m glad to hear it, then.” Lisette replied.

The Captain stood up and moved around the desk, coming to stand behind Morgan. She began massaging her shoulders, firmly working the muscles.

“Are…you also?” Morgan asked curiously, enjoying the impromptu massage.

“Indeed. And you’ll find no problems with acceptance here, lass.” Lisette said in a sultry voice.

Morgan stood up now and turned to face Lisette, smiling brightly.

“When we came under attack, I thought for sure I was dead or…even worse. This is a turn of events I never would’ve seen coming.”

“You never know what you’ll see, sailing the seas.” Lisette replied, inching closer to the blonde woman.

“I never expected to find a Captain so beautiful.” Morgan whispered.

“And yet you did.” Lisette said with Escort Emirgan a wry smile, before leaning in and pressing her lips to Morgan’s.

Morgan sighed happily and leaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Lisette’s waist. It had been ages since she’d been with anyone. Perhaps it was the thrill of still being alive, or the fact that Lisette was so attractive, but Morgan felt her nethers beginning to tingle, and her emotions were overwhelming. She could think of no better place to be at this moment.

Lisette parted her lips, sliding her tongue between them, and found no resistance as Morgan accepted it, letting the moist, wriggling muscle dance with her own. The two women remained locked in the passionate kiss like this for what seemed like an eternity, before Lisette finally pulled back. She hungrily began to undress Morgan, who in turn did the same.

Within moments both women stood naked as the day they were born, gazing upon each other’s bodies. While both were slender, Lisette was more toned, with just a hint of muscles. Her breasts were perfectly smooth and round, with light pink nipples in the center, rock hard in the cool night air. Morgan’s were slightly smaller with copper colored nipples, but they were just as hard, and begging for attention.

Lisette leaned down and clasped her mouth over Morgan’s right breast, suckling the nipple between her lips and gently grazing it with her teeth. Morgan threw her head back, some of her blonde hair escaping the bandana as she did. Lisette alternated between the right and left, showing each equal love, all the while edging Morgan closer to the bed.

Morgan collapsed backwards onto the bed, and Lisette was on top of her in an instant. Again their lips met and their tongues intertwined. Morgan could feel the other woman’s knee between her own, rubbing against her heated opening. She moaned into the kiss and lifted her hips, pressing herself against Lisette’s knee more firmly.

Lisette began to work her way down Morgan’s body, planting a trail of soft kisses down her chin and neck, between her breasts, and across her stomach. Morgan opened her legs without hesitation, revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair and moist, glistening lips. Lisette resisted the urge to dive right in, instead kissing each of her thighs softly and inching ever closer.

The teasing was driving Morgan wild. She bucked her hips excitedly, feeling the Captain draw nearer and nearer to her flower, practically begging to be tasted.

“Oh Lisette, please.” Morgan found herself begging out loud.

Lisette smiled broadly, kissing mere centimeters away from her moist lips.

“Please what, Morgan?” She asked deviously.

“Please…please…taste of me.” Morgan finally said, her face flushed.

“With pleasure.” Lisette replied, before leaning her head in and sticking out her tongue. She pressed it against the wet slit, sliding it from bottom to top, lingering on the clit before licking her lips.

“That tastes amazing.” She cooed.

“Oh god, Lisette.” Morgan moaned, wanting nothing more Emirgan Escort Bayan than to feel that tongue again. She didn’t have to wait long.

Lisette again ran her tongue along the length, savoring the bittersweet taste that washed over her. She repeated this a few more times, making Morgan moan and buck her hips once again. She then stuck her tongue out as far as it would go, delving it deeply within the tight, dripping hole. Morgan arched her back in response, and so Lisette continued to delve, savoring the warmth and flavor that came from within.

She kept this up for a few moments before sliding her tongue along the length once more, before wrapping her lips around Morgan’s clit. She suckled on, gently rolling it between her teeth. Morgan’s back arched higher off the bed as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“Oh god oh god oh god oh god.” She moaned.

Lisette could feel Morgan’s body shudder, and knew she’d came. Satisfied with her work, Lisette licked her lips and kissed her way back up Morgan’s body, pressing her lips to the blonde woman’s once more.

Morgan could taste herself on the Captain’s lips, and it made her shudder again. She’d never tasted herself before but she had to admit it was a flavor she enjoyed, especially upon the soft lips of such a beautiful creature. The kiss was not meant to last however, as Lisette slid the rest of the way up Morgan’s body, until she sat directly above her face.

Morgan looked up, seeing that like her own, Lisette’s hair was neatly trimmed. It was the same fiery color as the hair on her head, which stood out against the soft pink color of her lips just below. Morgan lifted her head, latching her mouth onto the delectable flower and sliding her tongue up and down along the length of it. The flavor almost seemed to have a citrus quality to it as it washed over her, and she desperately wanted more. She found herself repeating the Captain’s actions, pressing her tongue within the confines of the tight tunnel as deep as she could, scooping out as much of the moisture as possible.

Lisette ran her fingers through the woman’s beautiful blonde hair. It was so silky soft, and had been brightened past its natural shade by exposure to the sun from sailing on the high seas. She savored the feeling of Morgan’s tongue within her, and gyrated her hips against the woman’s face.

Morgan continued her work, delving her tongue in and out of Lisette. She wrapped one arm around Lisette’s thigh and with the other, began to rub her clit. Lisette groaned in pleasure feeling the dual sensation of wet tongue and nimble fingers, and felt herself approaching a crescendo. In no time she felt her body quiver as it ran through her.

Once she’d regained her composure, she slid down Morgan’s body and kissed her passionately, their flavors and fragrances mixing on each other’s tongues and lips. Finally, Lisette lay next to Morgan, and she in turn slid in closer to the Captain so that their bodies were pressed firmly together, sharing in each other’s warmth.

“I’m glad I joined you.” Morgan said breathlessly.

“So am I.” Lisette replied, feeling happier than she had in a long time.



I’m considering turning this into a full length novella, with a good mixture of story and sex if there’s enough positive feedback. Please let me know via feedback and/or comments if it’s something you’d like. Thanks!

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