Subject: Seducing My Stepson Devon Chapter 6 The story you are about to read and probably jack off to, is pure fiction. Any resemblance to real life people, places or events is pure coincidence. What is total reality, though, is the need for you to support Nifty.Org with your contributions at fty. We need this site to have a place to publish erotica like this! Thanks for being generous. Write me, dear reader. I love to hear from my fans. Email me ail — Randy woke up early, and in the soft, pre-dawn light admired his stepson Devon’s tender young ass, which was peeking out from under the bed linens. They had set out initiate the new camper and that is exactly what had happened. Images from the raw daddy-son sex the pair had enjoyed the night before flashed across Randy’s mind as he tugged at his half-hard morning cock. Realizing that the remote location of the camper afforded him the opportunity to enjoy one of his favorite manly activities, pissing outdoors, Randy pushed open the thin aluminum door and crept outside. He stepped away from the camper’s awning and into the edge of the nearby woods where he relieved himself. The morning air was cool, and Randy watched as his hot piss hit the ground, putting a divot in the earth and causing foam to form in the dirt. After he was done, he stroked his thick, long cock as he walked back toward the camper. Retrieving his phone from inside, Randy flopped into a camp chair where he was contemplating a nice, slow outdoor jack session as he waited for Devon to wake up. That’s when the idea to check Grindr hit him. “Might as well see if there are any hot dudes close by,” he whispered to himself. In an instant he realized that someone calling themselves “CampDad4U” was only about 1,000 feet away. The profile pic showed a hot, hairy chest and a thick, black bearded chin, but not much more. Reading it over, it was clear that “CampDad” was up for about anything and promised a 7″ cock. “The younger the better,” the profile said. What’s more, the green “on-line” indicator light was on. “Hi, we’re close,” Randy Typed. Then he went back to the grid and looked at some of the other men near the campground. A few seconds later, his phone made the familiar “doodle-up” sound, letting him know a new message had been received on the app. Sure enough, it was from CampDad. “Yes, not even a quarter mile. Are you in the primitive section on the west end of Clay Mountain Campgrounds?” Randy hesitated. Should he give a total stranger location details? “What the fuck?” he decided. “I can handle any trouble that brews up.” Then he hit reply. “Yeah, about as far back as you can get,” he typed. “Cool,” came the reply, then a few seconds later, the pair had this exchange: “My farm actually adjoins the campground, so you must be just through the woods from me.” “Oh, okay.” “Yeah, in fact, I may have seen you last night. Are you with a young boy in a beige and brown travel trailer that you’re pulling with a black Toyota Tundra?” “Uh…wow….” “It’s okay, man. I am safe.” “Well, yeah. That’s us. How did you…” “Oh, I was on the trails behind my place and was hiking while you were setting up. Almost came over to say `hi’ but you were pretty busy. You and the boy having a really good time? Some daddy-son bonding?” “Yeah. He’s my stepson, actually. We had a blast night night.” “I’ll bet. You’re hot as fuck man.” “Thanks!” Then the app signaled again as CampDad sent an photo. He was shirtless, obviously standing outdoors with what looked like to be a barn behind him. His medium length black beard, close cropped hair and large, brown eyes made Randy’s cock start to throb. What a fucking hot bear! “So are you, CampDad. So, I am Randy.” “I’m Ray. Nice to meetcha.” “Same” Then ray sent four more photos. The first one was him jacking his large, hard cock. He was not a shaver, that’s for sure. A thick, black bush and two plumb sized balls made Randy’s mouth water. The next one showed himself naked from the rear view. His large, round, hairy ass and strong, muscled back were hot. The next kocaeli escort two images were action shots, the first one showed Ray’s dick buried in some thin, obviously younger guy’s ass. The last one was even hotter, showing Ray cumming with a thick glob of goo dripping from his hard cock and a younger man’s mouth wide open below, obviously to catch every drop. “Fuck!” Randy typed. “Thanks man. You got any more pics?” Randy sent his usual collection. A full body shot, two of his cock and one action shot where his cock is buried in his friend Marty’s asshole. “Nice, Stud!” “Thanks!” A few minutes later, Randy re-read Ray’s profile and then typed: “So it says, `the younger the better’ in your profile.” “Yeah” “Me too” Randy wrote. “Cool” “Wanna meet up and talk about it?” “Sure” The two exchanged info on exactly where Randy and Devon’s trailer was located. Literally, all Ray had to do was step through the woods behind his place, find the trail for a short while and then step through some more woods to the campsite. Randy stepped inside quietly and looked in on Devon, who had shifted position but was still soundly asleep. Then he grabbed some nylon running shorts and put them on before stepping back outside. A few minutes later, Ray stepped out of the woods wearing just a tight pair of Levi’s and some hiking boots. “Hey sexy man,” he said before engulfing Randy in a bear hug. “Hey, nice to meet you, Ray,” Randy said. “The boy still asleep?” Ray asked. “Yeah,” Randy said. “You know teenagers.” “Right, well how old is he, anyway?” “13” “Yeah, that’s about what I’d guess anyway.” It was too early for beer, but Randy fired up the pod coffee maker he had put next to a camp stove under the camper’s awning and made coffee for himself and his new acquaintance. Ray was so easy to talk to, making Randy feel comfortable with him right away. The pair talked about Ray’s farm, Randy’s construction business, and how he had just bought the camper. “So, I take it the wife doesn’t know you like to fool around with dudes from Grindr,” Ray said. “Hell no,” Randy answered. “And based on what you asked me, I guess a lot of your hook ups are younger than we are?” “You might say that.” “Cool. Mine too. It’s amazing how many younger dudes frequent this camp ground. I get some pretty nice tail now and then,” Ray said with a laugh. “But I like more mature men, too of course. Like I said, you are fucking hot!” With that, Ray leaned over and gave Randy a short, but sexy kiss on the mouth. Randy loved the way his beard felt pressed up against his face. “And I gotta say, I was surprised that your boy…what’s his name?” “Devon.” “Oh, okay…nice. I was surprised to learn that Devon is your stepson. He looks so much like you.” “Oh, well, thanks, I guess. Yeah, a lot of people say that.” The two sat silently for a while. After a few moments, Ray caressed Randy’s bare leg and felt it all the way up to his crotch. Then he kissed him passionately. “Guess this is a dangerous game,” to Ray said. “Devon could wake up and see or hear us anytime.” Ray didn’t know what to say next. The truth was “dangerous” summed the situation up perfectly. If he told Ray that he and Devon were lovers, the stranger could freak out and maybe even report him to the authorities. Having sex with your 13-year-old stepson, no matter how willing he was, is illegal, after all. But then there was Ray’s profile statement, “the younger the better.” And, the fact he had offered to talk in person when Randy asked about it. Randy swallowed hard, reasoned that even if Ray didn’t approve of father-son love he would have no proof, it would be one man’s word against another, and then decided to take a chance. “Well, Devon is cool about stuff like this. He likes sex, too. Especially with Daddies.” “The fuck you say?” Ray said quickly. “That’s fucking hot!” Then he stood up and Randy followed. The two men hugged and kissed, this time, Randy kissed Ray and fondled his thick, round ass through his thin, worn jeans. It was obvious the sexy bear wasn’t wearing any darıca escort underwear. As they kissed and caressed one another, Ray slipped his hands into Randy’s nylon shorts and squeezed his cock, which had swollen to its full beer can girth and eight inch length. “Damn, dude! You got a big dick!” Ray said excitedly. Randy decided to take the action inside to the “livingroom” area of the camper. He threw several pillows and cushions on the floor, then turned to Ray who had stepped out of his jeans. He stroked his fat, 7″ boner and smiled at Randy before pulling him in for another hot kiss. Randy slipped to his knees and engulfed Ray’s hard dick in his mouth. Ray sighed loudly and caressed the back of Randy’s head, groaning as his new lover began to throat him. “Fuck yeah man!” Ray whispered. Seconds later, Randy felt Ray pull hip up to his knees, then ease him onto the trailer’s cushioned seating area before climbing on top of him. They caressed each other passionately, kissing, licking, sucking. Ray made his way down to Randy’s hard, throbbing cock in time to squeeze out a droplet of pre-cum, which he licked off like a hungry puppy. He caressed Randy’s sizable balls as he licked and sucked his fat cock, stopping several times to lick the entire length of it and admire its size. “Damn, this is a big dick! I love it!” Ray said. The two men worked into a 69 with Ray, who was much huskier, on the bottom and Randy on top. Their heads bobbed up and down on each other’s dicks joyfully, two cocksuckers doing what they do best. Devon stirred in his bed. Something, and he didn’t know what, was causing him to wake from what was a pretty dark and restful sleep. He felt the trailer slightly moving, sensing that the motion was coming from the opposite end. He rubbed his eyes and listened intently. Just then, Randy groaned as Ray’s throbbing dick secreted a huge glob of salty-sweet precum that he slurped down his throat. Devon heard that, as well as some wet, slurping sounds. Was his dad in the livingroom area jacking off? What was going on? Why would he beat his meat instead of waking him up for more hot sex? That’s when the boy noticed his own morning wood. He stroked himself carefully as he remembered how long and hard his daddy had fucked him the night before. The sling lay strewn across the dresser, clearly visible from the bed, reminding him that last night’s passion was real and not a dream. “Fuck man, you’re gonna make me cum,” Ray growled. Devon heard that, too. And was now really perplexed. His stepdad’s voice was masculine and deep, but not that deep. Who the fuck was that? Maybe it was a video? But it didn’t sound like it was coming from a computer or a phone speaker. It sounded real, just a few steps away. “I want some of that ass!” Randy said. “Fuck yeah!” Ray answered. The two men re-positioned so that Randy had the hairy bear’s chubby, hairy ass cheeks in his hands and easy access to his crack. Then he eased the cheeks apart and exposed Ray’s dark pink pucker, which was surrounded by thick, black-brown hair. He plunged right in, lapping at the hole and stabbing it with his pointed tongue. “Fuck! Fuck!” Ray said in a whisper, but loudly. “Hell yeah, man, eat my hole!” Devon’s dick throbbed in his hand. Was his dad eating some guy out in the living room? And judging from the deep tone, it was a man, not another boy. Fuck! That sounds hot! He eased out of bed and peered around the doorway. That’s when he saw his step-dad with his face buried in Ray’s furry crack. Ray turned to him and smiled. His shaved head, his black beard and his big brown eyes made Devon almost melt on the spot. What a fucking hot Daddy bear! Ray felt like he might almost cum from the pleasure Randy was giving him and the sight of 13-year-old Devon standing there just a few feet way. The boy’s lean, smooth body and rock hard cock filled him with lust. “Somebody’s awake,” he said, reaching behind himself to find Randy’s head and tapping him gently. Randy looked up to see Devon heading over slowly from the gölcük escort bedroom. “Having fun?” the boy finally managed. “You know it,” Randy answered. “Come join us, son.” The two daddies sat up and made room for Devon on the couch/bed of the trailer’s living room. Ray didn’t hesitate to caress the young boy’s smoothness. He fondled his sweet, round smooth white ass then his throbbing cock like he was finally touching an angel come to life. Devon loved the way the hairy, manly total stranger was touching him. But, he had so many questions. Randy read his stepson’s face and offered a few lines of explanation. “You know Grindr, right? Well, I met Ray on there this morning while you were asleep, and he came over. His place is right through the woods from here.” “Cool,” Devon answered. “You’re a hot little boy,” Ray said as he caressed Devon lewdly. “You like my new playmate?” Randy asked his stepson. “Yes, Daddy,” Devon answered. “You want to play with us?” Randy asked. “Yes, Daddy,” Devon said again. The two men shared Devon between them. Kissing, licking, touching. The boy’s swollen cock felt like it might burst at the seams. He was excited and panting as he closed his eyes and savored their touch. Then he felt himself being pushed toward Ray’s big cock, and he caught the scent of the daddy’s musky balls. He instinctively opened his mouth and stretched his lips over the juicy head, nursing it as pre-cum filled his mouth. This was only the third cock he had ever sucked, but he blew Ray like a well-trained whore as his daddy watched. “That’s it, Devon son, suck that dick, you are so hot!” Randy said almost proudly, caressing his son’s bare ass, cock and balls. Ray was so damned close to cumming, and the boy’s mouth felt so good, he almost worried how much cum he would shoot into Devon’s willing mouth. As signs of Ray’s orgasm grew, Randy held his boy’s head in place over is new bear lover’s crotch, making sure he wouldn’t miss a drop of the sexy man’s semen. Ray groaned loudly, then grunted and thrust his hips as he blasted Devon’s throat and mouth with thick, white cum. Devon swallowed hard several times, then he squeezed Ray’s big dick, milking it for more and more cream. “Uh…mmmm…nnnnh” Ray groaned as he continued to shoot cum into the teenager’s sweet mouth. “Fuck!” Randy said, watching his cocksucker son. He knew all to well how good the boy’s mouth felt on his own hard dick. He could totally identify with what Ray was going through. After Devon had eagerly swallowed every drop of jizz Randy’s fat dick had produced, he looked up and smiled at him. Randy was proud of the boy and tussled his hair. “Take care of your Daddy, too,” Ray grunted, squeezing the base of his still hard dick. Devon immediately switched positions and started blowing Randy. He was immediately rewarded with thick, globs of hot cum from his balls. The boy sucked all of that cum down, too, not wasting a drop. “Little fucker is a cum slut, huh?” Ray said with a grin. “Fuck yeah, that’s my boy,” Randy said panting. Then Ray and Randy kissed and caressed Devon some more before Ray went down on him and made the boy cum hard and fast, leaving him shaking and shuddering. The three finally cuddle up on the cushion, with the two daddies lovingly caressing their boy lover as everyone slowly drifted back to earth like a feather falling from a tree on a windless day. “Fuck that was hot,” Randy said. “Sure was,” Ray added. “Boy you are something else! Your stepdad is a lucky man.” “Thank you,” Devon offered. After lingering in the afterglow for a while, Randy whipped up some pancakes on the outside stove while Devon sat on Ray’s lap and the two got better acquainted. After breakfast, Ray could hardly keep his hands off the boy’s smooth ass. And the truth was, Randy was craving a second round of three-way sex by then, too. This time, he wanted some tail from his son and he couldn’t wait to see how Ray’s fat cock up his boy’s butt. So, he sent Devon in for a “special shower” to start everything out cleanly. “Take your time, Devon. Do it the way I showed you,” he whispered in his ear. “I will, Daddy. Then I want you both in the bedroom.” “Don’t worry, son. That’s exactly the plan,” Randy said as Devon sauntered off. “So glad we met,” Ray said. “Me, too. Me too.”

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