Seducing A Cowboy Pt. 03Seducing A Cowboy Pt. 03


“Whew!” Jose huffs as he loads the last bale of the day onto the pyramid of straw “That went better than I done thought.”

“Yeah, yeah-huh…” Cody nods. Another farmhand walks by and Cody raises his brows. He has a good fit on him…

“Uh… Cody?”


“You okay, bud? You’ve been distracted for the past couple of days. Somethin on your mind?”

“Eghhh… Kinda? I dunno what it is, I just… I can’t get my head on straight…”

“Heh” Jose smirks “Last time I saw you like this is when you kissed Suzie-May at the Strawberry Festival.”

“Gosh, that was a great night…” Cody smiles dreamily as he remembers that sweet girl all those years ago. “Ma and Pa though Suzie and I would get married still she moved away.”

“So. Anyone got your attention?”

“I uh… I’m not really sure, to be honest…” Cody says as he glances at his friend… Particularly towards his crotch. He never noticed, but Jose’s groin has some good heft to it, shape wise…

“Uhhh… Cody?”


“My eyes are right here.”

“Agh, uh…” Cody looks in a couple of directions and gestures to a nearby stable “Can we talk for real?”

“Sure, buddy. Course” They walk into the side of the stall and sat on a couple of bales where another one of the horses was chewing into it. “So what’s wrong, amigo?”

“Well, first off…” Cody looks at him frettingly, “Can I trust you not to tell my Pa about it?”

“Is that bad?”

“Not bad, sort of.” Cody starts “Just that… You know that new stranger that came into the ranch yesterday?”

“Couple times while he was sweeping up his cabin.” Jose nods.

“Yeah, yeah-huh. So I’s… Oh gosh” Cody rubs his forehead – he feels very embarrassed.

“Cody, just come out with it.”

“Right so…” Cody gulped and fidget “I stopped by there last night, and he was getting all… Friendly?”

“Friendlyyyyyy like?” Jose gestures “You and me friendly, or pretty saloon girl friendly?”

“That.” Cody points.

Jose’s eyebrows raise “Que??”

“Yeah like… He started feelin on me, and I just… I wanted more.”

“But… I thought you never… I mean Mr Summers is very-“

“I know, and Pa still doesn’t want me doing nothing till I get married. But… Oh my gosh” Cody just smiles as he remembers how Mili touched him and made his penis… Burst? “I know that’s supposed to be between fellas and ladies, but it’s like… I dunno.”

“Yeeeeep.” Jose nodded, albeit reluctantly “Aunque me gustaria intentarlo…”



“What’d you just say though?” Cody asks, not knowing how to speak Spanish.

“Just that it sounds weird.” Jose lied as he shrugged “Maybe ask him about it?”

“Naw…” Cody shakes his head “I’m really not sure if I should get too close again…” He doesn’t even notice Jose glancing him up and down before huffing and getting up.

“Well, I need to check up on the horses, amigo.” He nods to him before heading off.

“Right…” Cody nods, still lost in his thoughts.

Later that evening, Cody sits back in his room trying to relax in his longjohns while his jeans are still on. He can’t stop thinking about the rush he had that night with that stranger, Milo. It’s been a couple of days, and he’s been avoiding Milo like the plague. It’s been a long day at work, and Cody…

He looks down between his legs. His… Private parts are nestled safely within the soft fabric – but his penis has been sort of… ‘Thickened’ on and off. It was like that time his uncle snuck him to that brothel years ago to ‘become a man’ as his uncle put it. And boy did Arthur punish both of them something fierce when Cody almost lost his virginity.

“Mmhhh…” Cody groans quietly as he turns in bed. His rickety bed just reminds him of Milo’s huge bed. How did Milo manage to get that massive fance thing in there?? And how did he also transform that room altogether?? It was like one of those fancy places in the city.

His thoughts mainly keep going back to what Milo did to him. How his body trembled, his chest pounded, the urge his hips kept getting to jump up and down. Cody’s hand slowly goes down and fondle his thigh. “Ohhhhh…” He groans longingly as his leg twitches as from holding his inner thigh-

“Hhh!” Cody gasps as he yanks his hands away. He can’t touch himself! No! That’s a major sin! “Gah dang it, what’s happenin’ to me…” He whines as he rolls over and hugs his pillow.

Pouting and his hormones growing, he can’t help but wonder if seeing Milo again would be so bad? He seems nice enough at least… He hasn’t told cebeci escort anyone, right? And it’s not like Cody is real eager to let anyone know…

What could be the harm in checking in on a new face on the ranch?

Cody gets up and clicks on his suspenders on his pants and pulls on his coat. He strides across the house and past his father’s office.

“Where you goin’, son?” Cody asked, who is still at his working desk.

“Oh, Pa. I… I’m just headin over to go see Mr Milo.”

“Oh yeah, he said he wanted to see you” Arthur mentions.

“H-He did??” Cody’s voice nearly squeaks from that, “I-I-I mean, he does?”

“The other day, in fact. You’re a familiar face, guess he just needs some company.”

“Alright, I’ll do that then.” Cody feels a smile crack on his face. “See if he’s doin alright with comin here.”

“Boy’s gonna clean out our orchard if he keeps goin as fast as he is.” Arthur mutters under his breath before speaking up to his son “While you’re there, go and ask him if he’d be interested in doing something else for work tomorrow. Let me know what he says.”

“Yessir” Cody takes a double glance at his father’s neck. Arthur grunts as he tugs at a particularly thick black collar with some chunky blue rocks on it. Cody opens his mouth to ask about it, but shrugged it off at the last second before walking out.

Sitting back in bed, I sketch casually on my drawing pad, trying to come with a new circle array. Besides work, sleep, and eating, there really is nothing to do in the Old West. If nothing else, it’s lazily peaceful outside of my own time period.

I haven’t seen Cody since I got here – at least not face-to-face; I saw him on occasion. He might be avoiding me. I’ll get to him again, but my ass still needs a rest since his father practically tore me a new one. Speaking of which, that collar I put on him doesn’t seem to be giving him much incident. It might be inactive now, but it’s only a matter of time before its magic kicks in again.

I draw the sigil for the currently design on my sketch pad when my door knocks. “Huh? Oh let me guess, now they’re going tell me they have a night shift.” I close up my sketch book and hop out of bed, wearing just some briefs.

I open the door and there’s Cody! “H-Hi there, Milo” He greets. He’s wearing a coat and pants, and there’s his union suit underneath.

“Oh, Cody”

“I stopped by because…” He looks down and widened his eyes at me. “Whoa, ah-haahh” He turns his head and held his hand up to cover his vision “I-I-Is this a bad time?”

“Not at all. Come in” I smile as I take him by the waist of his pants and tug gently.

“O-Oh, aheh…” Cody chuckles as he lets me guide him by the pelvis and close the door. He hangs his coat and takes off his hat… And gives me an estranged look as I click open his suspenders.

The cowboy trembles a bit and even gulps nervously, but otherwise doesn’t make any effort to stop me stripping him.

“So what brings you here tonight?” I ask, feeling the copper ring’s violet gem pheromone magic already flowing into Cody.

“Mmmhh…” His handsome face blushes as he lets me pull his pants down to his boots. He clears his throat a bit as he steps out of them. “Muh, uh… My Pa was wondering…”

“If I picked enough apples today?” I scoff. “Cody, your dad is hot. But he needs to chill.”

“Heh, yeah, right.” Cody nods as he lets me feel up his white-cloth clad pecs. “You’re doin good… Too good though. So Pa sort of…” Cody shudders a little before he gets close to me. His mouth forms a smile as he feels along my sides, getting cozy with me. “Was wondering if you do any kinda work…”

“Mmmhh, maybe.” I say as I reach both hands down behind him and start to cup his butt. His head erects as his face reacts to my fondling.

“Ah-hum, whew, ah, great…” He gulps and fidget’s where he stands. “You’re uh… Getting kinda friendly there, sir…” His crotch begins to bulge between us.

“How about you stay a while?” I smile up at him and take him by the hand. He hesitates but lets me lead him to the queen-sized bed. I hop on and beckoned him to come join me. His awkwardness is just adorable as he crawls hesitantly on and above me.

“Is… Is this alright, Milo?” He asks above me. Cody gives a light moan as I wrap an arm around the small of his back and have him lay on top of me.

“Mmmmhhhh, sure is, cowboy~” I chuckle as I start cuddling him, rubbing my hands up and down his sides as he grinds intimately on me.

“Hhhhhh” çukurambar escort Cody sighs and smiles as he rests on top of me. “Oh my gosh…” He hushes as he wraps his strong arms around me and snuggles close. His boner grinds onto my hip as he hugs me like a teddy bear “This feels so nice…”

“Yeah…” I feel along his back and on his cotton-soft union suit. Usually I’d have a stud like him naked, but this is somehow a lot more sensual. My hands once again go to his rump, and my fingertips locate two little buttons. “Hmm…” I slowly undo one button, and then the other, and pull the flap from over his rear.

His face lifts as his face gets even pinker before my hand starts to touch his exposed butt. “U-Uhh… Hhh!” He gasps and jerks as I feel into his very warm crack.

“Mmhhh… You have such a nice ass…” I say as I feel him up.

“You uh… You mean my… Butt?”

“Oh yeah” I peer over as my hands stretch open and brush down the fabric window of his booty. Both cheeks are perfectly round with layer of blonde peach fuzzy across them. My hands roam either bun and squeeze them firmly and push both mounds into each other.

“Milo, I don’t know why I’m…” Cody gulps and shakes, his back dipping down as his haunches push into my hands “Why am I… I don’t even know…”

“Now before you get scared on me,” I push a finger onto his upper back and trace a circle across his back. His eyes shimmer slightly as I trace a type of glamour formation on his back with imaginary sigils and finishing it off by pressing all five fingerprints onto his back.

“U-uuh!” His irises give a faint pink glimmer before his intimidation turns into intrigue. “Hohhh wow…” He says as his legs straddle me and playfully pushes his tent onto my leg. “I dunno what you’re doin with me… But I think I like it.”

“Good.” I smirk before I start undoing his buttons, one after the other. I can feel his chest pounding as I expose his hairy abs gradually until I reach the very pronounced tent below.

“H-HOohhh!” Cody moans as his cock is let out after I undo the last button. “Sorry, heh heh” He chuckles “My thing is kinda touchy.”

“Heh, I know.” I smile and kissed his chin. “Ever heard of a blowjob?”

“Ahahah, a what?” Cody says with a cute warm chortle. “You already have a job.”

“Hmhmhm, you are so adorably naïve.” I tell him before I have him switch places with him lying on the bed. He blushes as I straddle him and rake my fingers on his chest. “Close your eyes.”

“Heh, alright then.” Cody does so as I start to kiss down his cheek. I plant a trail of lush, thick smooches, very slowly grinding my lips against his flesh and suckling bit by bit. Cody just moans and breathes heavily as his manhood continues to drool precum constantly. “Ahhh… Mnnhhhh… Aaaahhhhh…”

Cody continues to moan as my mouth nurses his bellybutton before continuing down south. His breathing gets louder as my chin brushes against his rigid cock. “O-Ohh!” He jerks and squirms as I only stroke it with a few fingers. I just grin as I rub it up and down before opening my mouth and descending upon his meat.

“HOOHHH!” He shoots up and moans out, his eyes opening side as he looks down at me. I sink down to the bush of his crotch and slide back up. “OH! OH MERCY!” The cowboy almost stumbles right out of his chair as I glide my tongue up and down the underside of his member. Cody’s pole spews his salty pre as I slide my hand into his longjohns and start to cradle his balls.

“O-O lord! OH MAh- MMHhh!!” Cody’s hand covers his mouth while his legs thrash and squirm while I twirl my head down and coat his member with a thick layer of saliva. His hands grasp onto the chair as he whines out loud.

I pop his throbbing member out of my lips and go to lick his balls. “Ghehehehe, th-that tickles – hah-hah, ohhhh! GHHehehhhh!” He alternates between giggling and moaning as I slurp his sensitive nutsack. “Hegh hegh hegh, this feels so weird”

“And yet you’re not stopping me.” I said with a kiss to his cock and lick along the deep crevice between his thigh and scrotum.

“OooOOWAAhhhh! AHahah!” He laughs forcefully as I dip my tongue on either side. Each time I bounce his heavy ballbag he jumbles and snickers out of control and even holding him down as I shove my face right into his perineum! “AAHHHeheheheheh! Milo! MILOOOOOO! Hahahahaha!”

I then swerve my head up and gulped both of his balls in my mouth, making his torso curl up as he jumps “AAAwwww! Ohhhaahhh!” He flops demetevler escort down as I tickle my tongue across his sac before I schlorp my mouth back along the bottom of his meat and started to bob my head up and down on him.

“OH mah God, oh mah God, oh mah God!” He pants as his simple brain copes with the mind-shattering blowjob. He just writhes on the bed while I rub my tongue on his solid penis, no teeth, and slowly playing with his nuts. His orbs are just swimming in his sac as I grope and massage them.

“Awwwwhhh maaaaahhh loooororrrdd” He moans long as he looks at me and I look back up at him as his member squirts a dab of precum into my mouth. I sink my face down and bury my nose into his musky push. “A-AHHhhwww!” His body undulates and squirms from the deep-throat and groans even louder.

I milk his ballsac and race my head up and down at a fast pace, almost wringing his scrotum smoothly with my fingers in an alternating pattern while slurping his cock like crazy.

“Milo! Milo! I-It’s happening! M-Mah dick’s gonna! O-OHH!” Suddenly my cheeks puff as his meat torrents with his juices. I gag and flinch before I start swallowing his spunk and sliding his hearty soup into my gullet. “Awwwhhll… Hohhhhh…”

Cody slumps and pants with his legs spread open before me. Looking at me with winded defeat, the cowboy even breaks a light sweat from the ordeal. “You… Did you just… Drink my…”

“Your cum? Yes.” I chuckle as I sit on his lap.

“My what?”

“Cum. It’s what it’s called. That white stuff that comes out of your cock when you fool around with me? It’s also called, semen, sperm, as well as a handful of different nicknames.”

“Uh-huh.. Ahem… Uh… So…” He coughs and turns on his side to look at me. “Pa wanted me to ask if there’d be anything else ’round the ranch you’d be wanting to work on. Cause, heh, ya can’t pick apples forever.”

“Right, I guess. As I said before, I don’t have a lot of experience working on a farm.” I smile and tickle his tummy, making the cowboy give the cutest giggle “I mean, if I had YOU as my personal guide. I’ll just have to tail you around till I get the hang of it.”

“Heh, I guess I’ll be alright with that.” Cody grins before he gets up and goes to put put on his pantaloons “Pa will be pleased as peaches to hear this.”

“Hmm…” I think for a moment as I see Cody pull his trousers over his rear. “Hold for a moment?”

“Huh?” He pauses as I come up to him. I start by drawing a circle on his forehead and then giving the back of his head a light slap “U-Uh…” His eyes glaze over and his mouth goes ajar as I put my hand over his bottom and whisper in his ear.

“From now on, you want to keep your buttocks exposed to the air as much as possible. If anyone points it out, you will tell them you like having your ass out in plain sight.”

I back up and press my finger at the middle of his forehead and wake him up. Cody blinked and wiggled his hips. He looks behind him and frowns. “Agh, hold on a minute…” He pulls down his pants and gives a small sigh of relief as the flap over his butt wavers down to show off his crack “That’s better.”

“Heh, you’re just gonna walk out like that?” I ask with a grin.

“Walk out like what?” He asks curiously while he hangs his pants and his coat over his arm.

“With your ass hanging out behind you?” I point out. He looks behind him and wags his rump a little.

“Sure, why not?” He says with a playful smile “I love feelin the breeze on mah butt! Heh heh” He nods to me and goes towards the door.

“Wait a minute.” I call after. Cody turns around before I start grabbing my erection in my undies “Aren’t you going to take care of THIS?”

“What like… Oh, you?” His eyes widen and looks at me up and down. His face gets flushed as he grasps for an excuse “Wuh, ah, uumm… I uh, I don’t know how to… Like, I never actually… I-I mean, you didn’t say I had tuh…”

“Aren’t you supposed to be a gentleman?” I tease.

“I-I am, I am!” Cody defends firmly “It’s just like… Pa’s waiting for me, and if he- hoo gosh if he knew the kind of stuff you- o-ohh!” He looks down and sees his crotch is still thick and fragrant with his sperm. He hunches over as he covers himself and looks up at me pitifully “Okay, Milo, please, don’t tell him bout any of this?? He was REAL sore when I-“

“Alright, alright.” I roll my eyes and pat at him. He huffs as I button up his union suit and cover up his hairy physique. “I’ll let it go THIS time. And I won’t tell a soul about this.” I slap his shoulder and placed his cowboy hat over his head “You just head on home and go to bed.” And with that, I give him a hard spank on the ass and he just about jumbles over the enchanted threshold.

“O-Oh!” Cody irks and blushes harder as he walks along the gravel and grain, the button-up flap below his naked buttcheeks waving in the night breeze as either mound flexes with each step he takes.

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