Secretary taking ordersSecretary taking orders


Secretary taking orders”Do you feel pretty when you suck cock?” “I do” Sally text back. “Why do feel pretty with a big cock in your mouth?” Came the next question”I feel very pretty when I taste cum in my mouth?” Sally typed. “Does a cock taste better before or after it’s been in your pussy?” “After “without a doubt she thought as she hit send. “Does size matter?” Her master asked.”Yes. The bigger the better!” She remembered how she had gagged on his massive thick long prick. How he stretched her wide open. “Are you wearing panties?” “Sally please come in ” her boss ordered. Sally jumped as she turned to see her boss looking over her shoulder at the conversation on her phone. Sally turned red. Trying to put her hand over the screen to hide the messages. Sally stood flipped the phone over and walked in to her bosses large office. Mr Black walked in behind her watching his young PA trembling figure. She walked over to the full length glass window to look out at the office block across the wide street. Mr Black picked up her phone and put it in his pocket.”Sally I have to go to Singapore for a Trade Conference in two weeks and I will need you to come with me. ” He felt the phone vibrate in his pocket. Sally stood with feet together at attention in her below the knee skirt, white blouse and lemon cardigan with sensible bland shoes. Mr Black was stunned when HR general manager had said Miss Sally Brown was the top candidate. Sally is 6′ tall blonde a fit tight body with long legs who dressed like his 55 year old wife. “As my new PA I need you to step up your appearance Sally. Your now the PA to the Managing Director and your promotion pay and benefits casino siteleri have all been increased by 15%. Your attire needs to reflect my standards and taste. “Dress like Brenda Jones, sir. I… ” Sally started. Sally’s phone buzzed in his trousers again. Must have buzzed five times so far. Impatient for a reply Mr Black guessed. “Sally are you wearing any panties? The person at the other end is ..” Mr Black asked taking the phone out and looking at the screen. “Sir .. Oh .. Um.. no” sally was red faced. “They want a pic to prove it. Slut. Um That is the next question. Well lift that long skirt to show me.” Sally went redder in the face if that was at all possible. Reached down with a hand and pulled the hem line of her skirt up to the top of her thighs showing the tops of her stockings and the top of her milky white thighs. But not her pussy.”Higher so I can show your not wearing any panties Please.”Sally pulled the skirt higher. The camera on the phone clicked. Mr Black pushed some buttons and sent the image. Mr Black looked at the screen. “Finger your pussy with your ring finger” he looked up. Sally had closed her eyes tight. Her hand with the big costume ring moved between her legs. Mr Black moved closer and took another pic. The phone buzzed. ” Rub one off Tart” Mr Black read out. Buzz. ” Remove your cardigan Sally Unbutton your blouse I wanna see your boobs” Buzz ” Go to the window ” Mr Black felt powerful and invigorated as he watched the statuesque body of his PA slowly revealed as she removed her clothes. His 60 year old big cock that his wife would only touch with her hand grew hard in his pants. Sally güvenilir casino now stood, naked, legs shoulder width apart with her hands busy stimulating herself. “Mount her. ” He moved behind her unzipped his pants pulled out his old mans prick. “Sally we are going to have sex” he looked at her reflection in the window. She nodded. “Please be gentle I’m a virgin” she said quietly. Mr Black looked at the naked amazon woman before him, never in his wildest dreams had he thought he would fuck his new PA. It had only been rumours spread by Brenda that had given him an air of a worldly man. She had dressed in a elegant designer clothes with taste and sophistication with sexy lingerie underneath. She could be seen leaving his office with a flush face and slightly dishevelled clothing. A button or two undone, pulling her short skirt down. Subtle suggestions of what had occurred behind closed doors. Brenda was a tall sexy woman in her prime who had slept her way to the top PA job sally thought. Sally felt the head of Mr Black’s hard cock pressing against her moist pussy lips. He pushed slowly entering her virgin velvet sheath until resistance was met. Sally pushed her bum back against him firmly. She felt the resistance breached and a trickle of blood down her thigh. Tears ran down her face. 25 years old her flatmates had laughed at her when she answered the when did you lose your virginity question. Ronnie was 14 and Di was 16 they had been rebels fucking men at concerts pretending they were older.Now it was her turn. She felt a warm squirt of liquid inside her the old man was coming already. She felt his thumb at her canlı casino asshole.”No. Please. No” she pleaded. “On your knees suck that old man’s cock you old virgin” Mr Black read. Sally had never had a cock in her mouth before. Tentatively she dropped to her hands and knees, he stood before her a big wrinkly flaccid penis with cum leaking from the eye. She opened her mouth and he put the head between her lips. “Oh god the sensations unbelievable Sally” the old man moaned as his cock grew hard in her mouth. He held her head like he had seen on the website of naughty secretaries Brenda had shown him, thrust his hips forward. “Take it all Sally. Deepthroat me ” Sally gagged as he forced his cock down her throat his large grey hairy balls slapped against her young chin.Buzz “Fuck her virgin asshole . Get up stand close to the window arse pushed out. Fuck her pressed against the glass” Sally was perspiring her body glistened droplets of perspiration trickled down her body as her boss entered her from behind. She had been fucked in all orifices in her bosses office just as person on the other end of the phone had predicted. She felt her boss spread her ass cheeks with his hands as he tried to rest the head of his cock at the entrance to her poop chute. Going in her backdoor unlubricated it hurt. “OWWWWWW!” She screamed “FUCK ” “Shut up slut.” Mr Black was enjoying himself put his hand over her mouth and thrust hard in to her bum mashing her body against the cold glass. Sally could see everyone in the building opposite at the windows watching her get fucked by a man due to retire. The women watched in groups in disbelief, the guys were watching wishing it was them. A mature brunette sat in her corner office legs spread fingered her labia. A man stood behind her roughly manhandling her tits. The woman looked familiar. Recognition and their orgasms arrived together. They shouted in unison.”BRENDA!”

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