Secret Lives: – Chapter 22Secret Lives: – Chapter 22


I was musing over this thought when Sarah was led back into the booth by Jess. Both of them were quite red faced with excitement and with the three of us in the booth it was quite warm. No matter how or where I stood, I was pressed up against someone very sexy. There was no way that I wasn’t rubbing my cock against someone. I wanted to get it out and feel it rubbing against their flesh. Sarah and Jess were talking excitedly to each other and Jess kept touching Sarah on the arm. “Sarah that was just so hot. I damn near came all over the place when you did.” “Wow! Really, was it good enough? I didn’t take it too far at the end there?” I’m not sure who the question was for but Jess answered it anyway. “Short of dragging a farm animal in there I don’t think you could go too far. It was amazing. I really want to talk to you more about it isvecbahis but I have to get the next girl started.” She reached up and pulled Sarah’s face down to her own and gave her a big kiss right on the lips. I don’t think either of us was expecting that. Sarah had a slightly stunned look on her face as Jess turned around, brushing my cock with her hand as she did and left the room. As she shut the door I heard. “Enjoy the rest of the show guys.” I looked at Sarah who was still looking a little startled. “Are you okay babe?” “I was more worried about whether you were okay. I kind of got a bit carried away in there and then that whole thing with Jess. I mean, she’s fucking sexy as hell but you know I’m not going anywhere right?” “I know that honey. I just want us to have a good time. I know you’ll be coming home with me.” I wish isveçbahis giriş I was as confident as I sounded but the way Sarah responded to Jess had me just a little rattled. There was a crackle from the speaker again as Jess introduced the next performer. Music started playing again as the curtain rolled up. The classic Pink Floyd song ‘Brick in the wall’ started up and out strode the woman who looked like a school ma’am. She had a look on her face that essentially said we had all been very naughty boys and girls. She didn’t say anything but she strode around the room pointing at each of the windows as though she were reprimanding each of us in turn. She pulled out an old fashioned timber ruler and slapped it into her palm in time with the music. The whole time she kept scowling at us through the windows. She stopped in the isveçbahis yeni giriş middle of the room and slammed the ruler down against the bed as though she were getting angrier. To be honest I found it a little intimidating. She pointed at one of the windows and gesticulated the naughty student forward as though to the front of the class. Now clearly there wasn’t any one coming forward but she kept up with the charade. She pretended to bend the naughty student over then spanked them with her ruler. She then looked in shock at the student who had clearly reacted in a different way than she had planned. She held up the ruler, looked at the student then at the ruler. She then smiled a very devious looking smile. She looked at the ruler again then slapped herself on the ass with it. She gave an exaggerated “Oh.” Then promptly did it again. After she spanked herself a few times she rubbed her hand over her ass then started to lift her skirt. She slowly raised the hem of her skirt higher and higher until her bare thighs were showing above her hold up stockings.

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