Subject: STORY – SCOTTS COOL BROTHER PART FOUR SCOTTS COOL BROTHER Part Four Copyright Van T Z Boi 2009 (The usual disclaimers apply, remember keep your life real and your fantasy’s unreal) (Again thanks for all the comments I’m glad you like the stuff I write) “Leave that to me,” smiled Scott. “Mum,” he said, “I’m going to get Jody’s stuff with him, Mikey says he’ll help you.” “Thanks Mikey,” Gemma said without looking up, “Can’t you pass over the plates first.” With Mikey blocking her view Jody and Scott headed upstairs to the bedroom where Scott produced Jody’s football gear from under his duvet where he had hidden it. As Jody began to get dressed Scott quickly took care of Jody’s erection, calling Mikey at the last moment in time to see Jody spunk. As Mikey arrived in the bedroom Jack called up the stairs,” Jody. You ready it’s time to go!” Jody stood in the room dressed except for his shorts which were round his ankles, Scott and Mikey knelt before him and Scott desperately pumped Jody’s cock. “Hurry up,” he hissed to Scott who wracked his brain for something to make Jody come quickly, instantly he thought of something and leaning in he began to flick his tongue back and forth across Jody’s cocktip whilst furiously pumping his foreskin. “Aggrgghh, ssssooooggooooddddd,” groaned Jody as this unique sensation brought him over the edge and as he thrust forward pumping his semen over the faces of the two kneeling boys he called out, “Just coming Dad, be right there.” The boys licked the last drips from his cock as they pulled up his shorts and as Jody rushed to join his dad he left them licking his cum from each other’s faces. His father dropped him off at the practice ground and Jody joined the throng of boys sitting on the ground before Coach. He plumped himself down alongside his mate Deano. “Hi Deano,” he said, “get that essay done okay?” “Yes man,” smiled Deano, “it’s cool. Thanks for all your help. Did my brother keep you up all night?” and he laughed merrily, stretching out his long legs. Deano was the same age as Jody but he was a much more mature build and he had a good sized bulge between his legs, which Jody knew did not get much bigger when he had a hardon, it just stuck up instead of curled around his balls. In fact Jody knew he had a slightly larger cock when his was erect. Jody laughed at Deano’s remark, thinking ‘if only he knew what Mikey had been keeping up’ and he smiled at the thought of Mikey and Scott as he had left them; naked, on their knees licking and kissing his cum from their faces. “Oh yeah,” he drawled happily, “Mikey kept me up last night all right.” The Coach explained what he wanted to do today. After the warm up session he would split them up into several groups to concentrate on what he considered were their weaknesses. Jody found he was in the group to improve stamina and Deano was in the group to improve his sprinting bursts. Once the warm up session was over Jody joined the stamina group, this would involve running round the ground at a steady pace and after a certain number of laps he would have to lie down and do some limbering exercises, plus ten press ups and he was to continue that for an hour. If he got a stitch then he was to lie down, breathe properly until the stitch had gone, do the limbering exercises before continuing running, this meant that the group would be split up around the ground as they would be running at their own pace. There was a chalk board which they would have to run pass and chalk up their latest lap, timing was unimportant, the idea was to do as many laps as possible. Happy with the routine Jody set off; and soon the group as expected were spread out around the field. Jody’s first lie down and limber session took place at the far end of the field. As he lay there silently working out he could hear through the tall hedging that screened the ground; the sounds from the busy road that boarded the ground at this point. He also heard two sets of footsteps approaching and knew that there was a bus stop situated at that point. Stretching quietly he overheard the conversation of the two strangers. “So man,” the first voice spoke, he had a deep base voice, “did ya get any of that chick you bagged at the disco last nigh?” and he chuckled, “C’mon Tony give it up, I saw the smile on your face this morning.” “Maybe, maybe,” drawled the other voice who Jody presumed to be Tony, “I could say the same thing to you Sam, eh, you were chatting up that barmaid when she went collecting glasses, you sure you didn’t collect something off her?” and Tony laughed, he had a lighter voice than Tony. Jody presumed it was then Sam who hooted back and added, “Oh man she was something, all I got was her phone number, and it turned out to be the number of the local Dogs Home, she sure caught me with that one, but spill it man, I saw that big ‘I got some cheesy grin’ You know you only gonna get drunk and tell me anyway so c’mon give it up.” Okay, okay,” drawled Tony, “ya know me too well. Yeah I got a bit of honey. Calls herself Maxine, she had the cutest tits, not big but hard nipples that dug into ya when she kissed you. No trouble getting into her titties at all but I only got a feel of her snatch, felt sweet and full of honey but she don’t fuck on the first date.” At this Jody’s cock zoomed high and hard, tenting out his shorts; cautiously he looked around and seeing he was not observed, pulled the top of his shorts down so that the tip of his cock protruded along his tummy disguising the fact he had an erection. Instinctively at the visions that Tony’s recollections were giving him he rubbed the cocktip and for a moment wished that Scott was there to ‘take care of business’ “Now that’s not enough to justify that cheesy grin ya had, there’s more ain’t there?” said Sam. “Okay man you in such a hurry, do you need other peoples happenings to provide you with a fantasy to wank off too. Ain’t ya got none of your own,” both men chuckled, “anyway maybe she don’t fuck on the first date but she does suck cock,” At this Jody’s cock pulsed and a slick of pre-cum pooled on his tummy. The voice of Tony continued, “and she sucks cock real good, one of the best blow jobs I ever had and the best on a first date ever, shame though she don’t swallow. But she sucked it deep and long. Hopefully I’m seeing more of her on Wednesday” The disembodied voices chuckled dirtily and then Sam said, “man I only ever had one girl who swallowed, she just loved the taste of cum said it was better than breast milk.” “Yeah,” laughed Tony, “man milk maybe,” and both men hooted with laughed which was then drowned out by the sound of a bus arriving. Jody lay there, all idea of exercise gone from his mind instead his cock leaked and leaked as all he could see was Scott sucking his cock deep and swallowing his cum after cum. izmit escort “You okay there Jody,” said a voice which dragged Jody back from heaven to earth. It was the Coach who continued, “only you’ve been lying there a long time I wondered if you’d had a bad stitch or something.” “Sssory coach,” mumbled Jody, sitting up and doubling over the lump in his shorts, embarrassed that the coach should see his massive stonker of a hardon. “Yeah I did get a stitch and then as I did the exercises I pulled something and took a cramp, but it’s okay now.” “You sure, said the Coach bending down and running his hands down Jody’s legs which in his heightened state caused him to tremble from sexual excitement rather than cramp. “Which leg was it that cramped?” asked the coach concerned, rubbing first one and then the other checking for strains, little knowing the strain was further up Jody’s body. Jody struggled to his feet, turning away from the coach so he could adjust his shorts and T-shirt, with his cockhead held in place by the waistband of his shorts and his T-shirt freed from his shorts, his hardon was now hidden, he just used his hand on his tummy to cover the spreading wet spot where his leaking cock had flooded his tummy and soaked through the T-shirt. “I’m better now,” he said standing up as straight as his cock would allow. “Well okay,” said the Coach sounding very unsure, “Look I’ll walk you back to the clubhouse, I was going to talk to you anyway about doing some extra running on non practice days, I’ve got you a schedule to follow so we may as well use this time to do that.” They walked slowly back to the clubhouse discussing what the coach wanted Jody to do and Jody was thankful that by the time the others came into sight his hardon had gone down. “What’s up?” asked Deano who was panting from his press up and sprints. Jody told him the lie about the stitch and cramp and Deano expressed his concern. They both began doing some cooling down stretches before making their way into the clubhouse for a shower. As they entered one of the Senior Players girlfriends arrived, carrying a suit in a bag and they walked in behind her. “Cor,” said Deano, “look at the booty on that,” and he grabbed his groin making sexy movements. “Stop it Deano, whispered Jody, “she’ll see you and if Ricky sees you doing that to his girl, your chance of ever having children will disappear with one of his penalty kicks.” Deano giggled with him and then his face concerted, “Bollocks!” he said, “now I’ve got a hardon” “Serves you right,” mocked Jody noting that Deano’s hardon was nowhere near as big as he one he’d had on the field. Deano adjusted his T-shirt t cover the bulge. “Told you before,” smiled Jody, “you should have tossed off before you came out. Then it won’t happen so often.” “But I did,” replied Deano, “one of the benefits of ‘No Mikey’ was the opportunity to lie in bed and have a decent wank.” “Too much information,” smiled Jody, “come on lets hit the showers, perhaps a cold one will solve your problem.” Jody finished his shower first and left Deano to dry off; as he sat in the changing room Mikey and Scott appeared, and sat down either side of him. “Hi guys,” smiled Jody and turning to Mikey added, “Deano’s still in the shower, if you want him.” Suddenly there were two hands between his legs and because of what had happened earlier his cock shot up in a microsecond. “Hey Guys,” hissed Jody, “be careful, what if the other guys see?” “I’ll keep an eye out Jody,” smiled Scott, Mikey just wanted to say thank you, but we gotta do it quick ‘cos mum and dad are waiting, so Mikey’s gonna do it like I did this morning,” Scott smiled proudly, “we’ve been practising.” Mikey was already bent over, quick licking his flicking tongue over Jody’ pulsing cockhead. Jody gasped as the heavy sensations flooded over his already sexed up nerves. His cock pulsed. his body jerked and within thirty seconds he shot a big wad of cum over Mikey’s face. Instantly Scott was down licking and kissing Jody’s cum off Mikey’s face, pushing some of it with his tongue into Mikey’s waiting mouth. Jody gasped for breath after the suddenness and heaviness of his climax. “Thanks Jody,” Mikey came up for air and kissed Jody before bending down to lick a last strand of thick cum that was oozing from Jody’s cock.. “You sure came quick and heavy,” said Scott a little puzzled, “I’da thought you would have taken longer than that.” “I overheard some bad dirty talk and it got me going,” Jody whispered, “now I must get dressed; mum and dad will want to set off for the birthday bash. Have you got my clean clothes?” “They’re in the car,” explained Scott,” I suggested you just wore your shorts in the car for the long journey, we can change when we get there, even mum and dad are in casual for the journey.” “Okay,” sighed Jody and whispered softly as some of the other team members appeared, “thanks Mikey that was real cool of you.” Deano now appeared; all signs of his hardon had disappeared and Jody wondered if he’d had some fun in the shower. “Hi guys,” said Deano, ignoring his brother, “you off then Jody? I’ll bring your notes with me tomorrow at school.” “Bye,” said Jody and with Scott in tow headed for the car park. Gemma, was reading the Sunday papers, whilst Jack was itching to go. Jody and Scott got into the backseat and settled themselves making sure their seat belts were adjusted for their height. Gemma read out various bits in the papers but the boys lost interest as they were items more for her and Jack interest. “What did you bring to pass the journey?” Jody asked Scott. “Your cock,” whispered Scott, “but until it’s ready I brought the computer games.” Jody wondered how Scott planned to toss him of in the back of the car with his parent’s there but didn’t ask, he took one of the games and began to play. Half an hour later he found out. “We can play this one together,” said Scott producing the laptop which they were allowed to use. Jody looked at the screen which told him to slip his shorts off and place them on his lap. He looked across at Scott who showed him he’d already done that. Carefully Jody did what he’d been asked. Scot now unclipped his belt and moved up close to him and snapped the middle seat belt. Their parents were unconcerned. Using the laptop to hide Jody’s erect cock, Scott began to slowly stroke him. At first Jody could not relax but as Scot’s hands began their work and in time he realised that their mother was deep into her paper and their father was concentrating on driving so they did not turn around to look at what they were up to. Scott gently worked Jody’s cock and balls and as his cock began to get sticky, he delicately licked Jody’ pre-cum as it began to drip out. Each time he licked Jody’s cocktip Jody kept thinking about what he had heard about cocksucking yahya kaptan escort and wondered what it would be like, he kept seeing images of Scott sucking him and as his climax approached the lust to thrust his cock into Scott’s mouth got worse. “I need to cum,” he whispered to Scott as he approached the point of no return, “what are we going to do?” he asked hoping that the Scott had thought about sucking him through his climax. Scott eased off and leant over to the front seat, “Dad can you stop please, Jody and I need to pee.” “Ok son,” said Jack and parked on the side of the road by a copse of trees. There was little traffic on this part of the journey, Jack had discovered the shortcut several years ago and they had often stopped for the boys natural breaks. Knowing that there parents weren’t watching them they slipped still naked out of the car and holding their shorts up to cover themselves made for the trees. Once in the wood Scott sank to his knees and using the new quick tongue technique took the huge gob of cum that Jody splattered on his face and happily licked it up. Being boys they also took a delight in spraying their pee, the thought of having to go had made them want to go. As they strolled back to the car, Jody told Scott about his idea. “I’ don’t know about that, ” said Scott, “I like to see you spurt your cum, if your cock is in my mouth then I won’t see it happen, will I?” “Oh,” said a disappointed Jody who had not thought of that. “Look,” said Scott seeing Jody was unhappy, “you find out more about how it’s done and I’ll think about it, it would have been useful to do in the back of the car I suppose.” Back inside the car, they rearranged themselves and as they drove off Gemma gave them a sandwich and a drink. Once they arrived at their Aunts’, Scott intended wanking Jody whilst they were changing, but he found that other members of the family had had the same idea; about travelling casual, so he discovered that he and Jody were expected to change with their boy cousins at meal time. At first however some fun games had been set up to use up their energies and they were soon running around, with balloons and hoops and ropes and other energy wasting exercises, Scott’s and Jody’s shorts attire were the ideal things to be wearing for these activities. The men then organised a loose football game, in which everyone scored and everybody was on the winning side. The girls used this time to create a beauty pageant which the boys and men exhausted from their play sat and watched making the usual fun comments whilst the men sipped beer and the boys drank juice and fizzy drinks. The boys and the men then showered quickly and dressed for the meal, the girls keeping their make up and frocks from the pageant. After the birthday meal, the whole party of about 30 people went for a treasure hunt walk which Jody and Scott managed with Gemma’s help to win, their prize; they were told would be announced later. Scott and Jody had changed back into just their shorts for the walk and this helped them to they’re win as it became a hot afternoon and the others began to wilt in the heat. Scott found there was no time for him and Jody to be alone, but he was having fun so he did not miss playing with Jody’s cock. On their return to their aunt’s, there was a massive water fight organised by their parents, the sides being kids against the adults. Scott energetically and enthusiastic got soaked from the first and he soon shed his wet now cumbersome shorts and a number of the other younger boys followed suit, the girls just giggled at the little cocklets waving in the breeze and dripping water streams. Scott made Jody take his shorts off and a couple of the teenage boys joined in, proudly exhibiting their adolescent equipment. The water fight came to an end after a couple of hours and as everyone sat on the patio drying, Jody and Scott’s treasure hunt prize was presented. It was a table full of foamy throwing custard pies which they were allowed to throw at each other,. “This is soo cooool,” said Scott, “wait until I tell Mikey what we’ve been up to.” The last place people on the treasure hunt then got the booby prize of having to hose the winners down, to get rid of the lumps of foam that had attached themselves to their bodies. As one of these was a girl, Scott was not impressed especially as she kept getting him right on the balls with the jet from the hose. To end the birthday party after a light buffet supper there was a disco with dancing competitions and it was an exhausted Jody and Scott that climbed into the back of the car for the journey home. Gemma made sure they were belted in and threw a rug over them. Scott cuddled up close to Jody and carefully slid down his shorts and began at last to play with his cock; tired but happy Jody found it easy to relax and enjoy the pleasure his brother was giving him. As his climax approached he asked Scott what was he going to do this time. “S’easy,” Scott whispered back, “I’m gonna rub your cock between your tummy and my face so when you cum it will be away from mum and dad and your cum will be on your tummy and my face, making it easy to lick up. Satisfied and with the cover of the rug to protect them from discovery Jody stopped worrying and soon he was spunking to a new sensation as his cockhead was compressed between his heaving tummy and Scott’s pressing face. As he had not come for ages there was quite a lot of spunk and Scott was in his element licking up what was fast becoming his favourite food. His orgasm over Jody began to doze and Scott too fell asleep; his head in Jody’s lap. An hour into the journey home, Jack stopped for a natural break in the same spot as usual, tired the boys joined him in the age old ceremony of peeing at the stars and Gemma drove back for the last part of the journey. Jack himself dozed but Scott was now awake enough for mischief and he began once again to play and nibble at Jody’s cock using the licking technique to produce a quick, large erection. Scott had felt Jody’ balls and knew that despite his earlier big cum there was still a lot there to cum out. Semi asleep Jody groaned with pleasure at Scott’s tonguing antics; Scott froze at the sound of Gemma’s voice. “Are you all right Jody?” asked Gemma, who had heard the noise. Jody now awake, reacted quickly, “Yeah, It’s okay mum, just a bit of muscle cramp after practice and the party.” he moved his leg adding, “that’s better now.” As their mother drove on Scott returned to his task and gently now caressed Jody’s cock to a sweet, slow climax slipping Jody’s cock actually into his mouth as his orgasm approached as he knew in the dark light he would not be able to see it. As he did so Jody was unable to stop himself jerking and thrusting further inside Scott’s mouth, catching gebze escort his cock on Scott’s teeth, this produced a painful pleasure, heightened by the fact it caused Jody’s climax to start and he spurted directly onto Scott’s waiting tongue, which immediately began licking up the boycream produced. “Thank you,” he whispered. It had felt good but Jody was sure there was more to having his cock sucked and he resolved to find out. Soon they were back home and the tired foursome made their way inside, Jack half carrying a sleepy Scott. As the boys got ready for bed, Gemma made hot chocolate for them and brought it up. Scott was naked and lying on Jody’s bed waiting for Jody who was in the bathroom. Jody arrived, he too was nude and Gemma left them to their hot chocolate asking them to clean their teeth before going to sleep. Teeth cleaned the boys got back into bed together. Scott started to stroke Jody’s cock but for once he was too tired and he fell asleep holding Jody’s semi-erect knob. Jody now found himself dozing and then after half an hour woke up once again needing to use the toilet. As he returned to the bedroom he decided to get a cold glass of water and went down to the kitchen where Gemma kept some especially in the fridge. As he got back to the bottom of the stairs carrying his water-glass; he was surprised by his father who suddenly came out of the study, almost scaring him. “Oh Jody!,” whispered his father, “it’s you I wondered who it was.” “Sorry dad,” Jody whispered back, “I just woke up needing some water, ” and he added quizzically, “why are we whispering?” “SShh,” replied his father, “your mother is asleep and I don’t want to wake her. I slept on the way back and am now too awake, I’d only disturb her moving around in the bed so I came down here to watch tv and feel sleepy.” “I’m awake too,” said Jody, “could I watch with you?” “Sure,” replied Jack and Jody followed him into the study. His father picked up his glass of wine and began to drink, “Couldn’t drink too much at the party ‘cos of the driving,” he said, “and anyway it was a family do, not really a drinking event.” He looked at Jody, “would you like to try some?” “Oh yes please,” answered Jody, his parents had allowed them to have the occasional half glass with food, this was the first time Jody had been allowed a drink without food, his first try at ‘social drinking’ as he knew it was called. Jack as a good father also had taken time out to talk to them about how to taste wine so it was not a big mystery to them. Jack poured him a half glass and suggested that if it was too heavy for him to add some water, at his age his palate was not mature and it could taste sour on his tongue. Jody knew it was one of his father’s more expensive wines and knew this was a great privilege He sipped the wine, it was too heavy and he added water, sipping until it was nice to him. His father also tasted his glass once the water had been added and told him he had not overdone the water. Jody felt proud at his fathers words, as they sat there Jody suddenly shivered and realised he was still naked His father who was dressed in his sleep shorts and dressing gown noticed him shiver and said. “Sorry Jody, I should have thought about keeping you warm, here,” he opened his robe, “come and sit on my lap and I’ll wrap my gown around you. It will be just like when you were small after having your bath.” Shivering slightly Jody eased himself onto his father’s lap and as his father wrapped the robe around him he soon felt warm, the wine helping as it warmed him from the inside. They sat quiet watching the late night tv which was completely boring. “Your mother told me how proud she is that in the last couple of weeks you seem to have become very happy and changed. She told me that she has spoken to you herself and I’d like to say how much I like the change in you, it shows you are growing up and in a positive mature way.” His father topped up his glass and dribbled a little more into Jody’s. Jody leant back against his fathers chest and wriggled gently against the warm body. He felt safe and secure and proud. “Thanks dad” he replied unembarrassed this time at the compliment. “Your mother also mentioned that you were worried about ‘kissing’, I know it is something that is very worrying when you are a teenager and if you want me to help, answer any questions, put your mind at ease then I would be happy to do so,” said his father sipping his glass, “Is this because you and Anne are becoming ‘closer’?” “Er not, well maybe,” replied Jody confused at how to reply. “I think it’s just that I don’t want to do it wrong, make a fool of myself, like any teenager I suppose,” he sipped his glass thoughtfully and looked up at his father. “Well I know it’s a big worry. I was the same at your age. In fact, and this is a big secret,” he smiled, “I practiced with my best mate from my schooldays. We had a big end of term dance coming and we like you were worried about looking foolish, so we practised on each other, it was fun at the end and, I’m sure your mother will tell you she has reaped the benefits.” “Mum said she did something similar with her girlfriends at school,” confessed Jody. He sipped his glass,”I haven’t anyone to practice with, ” he said, “Deano is my best mate but I can’t see him letting me practice kissing on me, it’s not easy,” Jack looked down at his son and bent his head forward and gently kissed Jody on the lips. “See,” he said, “It’s that easy,” he smiled. Jody at first stunned, decided it must be okay and thought about what he wanted to know. “But what am I supposed to do?” asked Jody, “do I start, where does my nose go, how do I know when to start?” he asked thinking, ‘that kiss felt very nice’. “Well try kissing me,” suggested his father, “and see what happens.” END OF PART FOUR To be continued….. 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