Scott Chadwick, Summer Associate Ch. 04Scott Chadwick, Summer Associate Ch. 04


Monday, July 3rd: Afternoon

It was just after noon, and everyone was lounging around the pool. Laura and Wilson were engaged in shop talk, to the disgust of Adele, who insisted that Quentin share her chaise lounge, and her hand was under his skirt the minute he laid down. Evelyn was listening intently to Laura and Wilson, leaving Scott alone with his thoughts, which meant that he was bored senseless.

“Excuse me,” he finally said. All eyes turned to him. “I don’t want to be misunderstood, but I really think I shouldn’t be here.” Again, all eyes were on him, this time waiting for his explanation. “I mean, I told you I’m cool with all your … orientations. But I don’t see why I’m here. Adele … Mr. Klijster wants to fuck Mr. Woodrow and is using Daniels to stretch her pussy. That explains why Mr. Woodrow and Daniels are here. Evelyn is Mrs. Klijster’s niece, so that explains why she’s here. Now that you know I’m okay, why not let me go home?”

The group looked at each other, then Scott, then each other. “You’re not exactly a prisoner, Chadwick,” Wilson said.

Scott looked at him somewhat incredulously. “I’m not?”

Wilson looked at Adele, wondering if he or she should tell Scott about her other plans for him. Instead he suggested, “Why don’t you take a few laps around the pool, Chadwick”

“I don’t have any swim trunks,” he said, trying to weasel out.

“You are among friends, young man,” Adele said. “Clothing is optional.”

“Unless you intend to pee in the pool,” Quentin smirked. “Or are ashamed of your endowments.”

Scott looked at Quentin. A skinny fag, in a skirt, up which a matronly woman’s hands presently were, quite obviously handling the pole now tenting that skirt. Scott had never had one thought or another about Quentin before this weekend. Now he disliked him, and that dislike was turning to hate. The pants came off, and into the pool Scott went.

“I hadn’t had a swim since the last time I was at here,” Wilson said, watching Scott take a full lap. He took off his clothing and dove in. He swam to the far end of the pool and back, where Scott was sitting on the edge. The two looked at each other, then at Quentin, one idea being born simultaneously in two minds. Since boys never grow up, they got out of the pool, grabbed Quentin and rubadubdub, three men in a tub!

As the three of them climbed out of the pool, Adele looked at them in unabashed appreciation. She saw two perfect male specimens, and a skinny geek with a third leg. Most big jocks go to paunch when they no longer play. Wilson had retained enough of his playing form to look good. Scott was not exactly athletic, but he did swim regularly, play tennis, and golf. Normal small town country club activities. After all, he was first family. All this gave him a nice, well-toned body without it being overly muscular. The body of a Greek god and the face of a movie star. Even Laura had to admit he was gorgeous. Too bad she couldn’t admit that was one of the reasons she didn’t like him. Even Quentin looked good to Adele. Not the body of Wilson or the looks of Scott, but that third leg! The skirt was now floating on the water and Quentin’s cock was semi-hard.

Evelyn didn’t understand why her aunt and Adele were staring at the men. True, three naked men diving and swimming in one’s pool does stir most women’s prurient interests, but they were supposed to be lesbians! Evelyn just saw three males splashing around in the water. They could have been three male bears, or walruses, or elephants, as far as she was concerned.

There were no towels, since Adele had not anticipated anyone actually swimming. Led by Wilson, the three came over to the women. Wilson plopped down in his old chair, while Scott and Quentin stood there, not knowing what to do next, suddenly embarrassed by their nakedness. Evelyn was also embarrassed. To a lesser extent, so was her aunt. But not Adele. What she admired from afar she could now adore close up. After all, hadn’t she had all three of these cocks in her mouth in the last day? And two in her pussy and two in her ass. And intended to have them there again … and again.

“Evelyn, why don’t you get some towels for them,” Laura suggested, realizing that Evelyn needed an excuse to leave, the men needed towels to dry off, and the young associates needed something to cover their immodesty. Adele would let them stand their for her enjoyment, she thought. Just like a man, Mr. Klijster would just lay there visually gobbling them up like so much eye candy.

By the time Evelyn returned, Scott and Quentin were facing the pool, believing that presenting their backsides to the women was less embarrassing than frontal nudity. Evelyn threw a towel over each of their shoulders, then proceeded to dry Wilson herself. She started at his throat and pulled the towel across his broad chest and stomach. When she got to his pubic hairs, she patted them with the towel, laying her free hand on his thigh, next to his cock. As she continued patting, Wilson’s cock stiffened without rising. No longer aware of her surroundings, bahis siteleri Evelyn left the towel at Wilson’s hips, lifted his cock with both hands, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and took as much of the head in as she could. She sucked and sucked, feeling Wilson grow harder and stiffer as she held him. Only when she took her mouth away to catch her, did she realize that all eyes were on her.

Adele was smiling, even gloating. Laura was looking on with a combination of approval and disapproval. Quentin was just looking on. Scott, however, had a hard-on. The contrast between Evelyn’s white skin and Wilson’s dark walnut hue, of Evelyn’s pale pink mouth on his flaming pink cockhead, her holding his massive cock in her small–even dainty–hands, were quite erotic.

Evelyn looked around, blushing, the redness coming from the top of her blouse to her hairline. She didn’t know what to do with Wilson’s cock, since she didn’t want to release it, but couldn’t bring herself to continue servicing him. Her indecision was decided by Adele.

“My, my, my, Evie, sweetie!” Adele cooed. “If you’re not careful, you’ll end up like me!”

The statement startled everyone. Scott and Quentin because they could not imagine Evelyn ever becoming as sexual and as sensual as Adele. In fact, they couldn’t even think of Evelyn as being either sexual or sensual. Evelyn because she thought she was being insulted, and did not know why. Laura and Wilson because Adele had let slip a secret, revealed a chink in her personal armor. As soon as she said it, Adele realized she had opened herself.

“The first time I ever saw a cock sucked I was about eight. It was my mother, sitting on the bed sucking off my stepfather just like Evie is sitting with Woody. Of course Daddy wasn’t as big as Woody. I don’t think anyone is! Mother wasn’t much larger than you, Evie sweetie, and Daddy was black too. … or Negro as the proper term was then.” This last revelation did not shock anyone, although it did surprise both Laura and Wilson. It immediately explained over two years of interaction.

All eyes were on Adele, a situation she enjoyed immensely. In for a penny, in for a dollar. She continued. “I was born in the Netherlands–Holland as you people call it–and my parents moved to a town in Germany next to an American military base soon after I was born. My father disappeared soon afterwards. The circumstances are unclear, but I think one of the soldiers murdered him. Anyway, my mother started working for the Americans. She was very beautiful and had an affair with one of them. When he went back home, she sort of got passed to someone else, and so on for a year or two until she wound up with this Negro sergeant. I was about two at the time, and she stayed with him for two years. I later found out he extended his tour to stay with us. When it came to a point where he had to return to the States, he persuaded my mother to marry him, asking her what type of life I would have in that town.

“A white woman marrying a colored man was not that unusual in Germany at that time, but it was here. In most of the states it was still illegal. My stepfather caught a lot of hell for having a white wife, especially one as beautiful as my mother. He sent us to Chicago to live while he completed his service at some place in Alabama or Georgia, I don’t know which. There’s one neighborhood in Chicago where there’s quite a few mixed race couples. That’s where we lived. It was mostly colored, but everyone didn’t stare when they saw a colored man with a white woman, or heard a white girl call him daddy. And a good father he was! Read me bedtime stories and everything!. And protected me.

“After that first time, I used to sneak to watch them making love. I saw him go down on her, the first time I ever saw that. I wondered why anyone would do something so nasty! Well, after a few weeks, my mother caught me. She waited until Daddy was at work, then had a long talk with me. She asked how long I had been watching and what I had seen. I trusted her, and although I knew I had seen something I wasn’t suppose to, I told her everything. She explained that what she did to him was one of the ways a woman shows a man how much she loves him, and what he did to her was the same thing. I then asked if I could show Daddy how much I loved him too.

“For the first time in my life I saw fear on my mother’s face, although I didn’t know it at the time. It was just a look I had never seen before. She told me that what she and Daddy did was only for husband and wife, never for father and daughter! She then told me that I must never tell anyone else about what I had seen, or even that she and I had talked about it. I promised I wouldn’t, and I was so scared I kept that promise. But secretly I longed for the day when I would have a husband I could show how much I loved him.”

The entire patio was quite as each absorbed Adele’s story. This was the first time she had revealed that she was born in Europe, or anything about her family. Wilson asked the unspoken question. “Did you ever find that canlı bahis husband?”

Adele looked at Wilson. You’re him, she wanted to say. “No. I found out that you don’t have to be in love with someone to have oral sex–or any other kind of sex–with them.”

She looked around at the faces of five people who had just experienced her exercise of this finding. There was an awkward silence, again broken by Wilson’s question. “So, Adele, who was the first man to enjoy your cocksucking skills.”

Adele threw Wilson a very dirty look. “The first man whose cock I sucked probably wouldn’t say I had any skills in that department. I wonder how a fag like you learnt how to eat pussy so well.”

“Meow!” uttered Wilson and Laura in unison, followed by nervous laughter of everyone.

“I’ll match you story for story, Adele,” Wilson added. “You tell me about the first pussy you ate, I’ll tell you about my first cock. The first cock you sucked, and I’ll tell you how I ate pussy the first time. Your first fuck, my first fuck. Your first woman, my first woman. Your first man, my first man.” He looked at Quentin. “We both know about our last man.” Adele and Wilson tittered over this.

“You’re on, Woody,” Adele agreed. “Years later, when I began dating, Daddy had a long talk with me. My mother had told him what I had saw, and her talk with me, the same day we had the talk. He explained that boys would want to have sex with me, that because I was pretty, and part of a mixed family, white boys would think I was easy, and colored boys would try to use me. That I should never go ‘all the way’ with any of them. And that if I ever wanted to get rid of a boy who was pressuring me, all I had to do was insist that he eat me. And to tell him that I’d tell everyone he had if he ever mentioned that I demanded that to anyone else. I was some of the best advice I ever had. Eating pussy wasn’t something men did then–or admitted even if they did. I was a virgin when I graduated high school!”

There was a collective gasp when she said this. Wilson spoke for everyone. “Adele Klijster, virgin. That’s an oxymoron.” Adele again looked at him with displeasure. “Well, think about it, Adele. How many girls graduate virgins? And you were one of them?”

Adele smiled proudly. “Yes I was! And at the time, most girls were virgins when they graduated high school. This fucking someone on the third date–or sooner–is quite recent, you know.”

“So how did you lose it?” Wilson asked.

Adele continued. “I went to work at the headquarters of Madsen & Co., the catalog company. This was a time when you could get a good job with just a high school diploma. Besides, I was good! I could type 90 words a minute–and that’s on a manual typewriter!”

The younger associates looked at each other blankly. How old is this woman, they all thought. Adele was oblivious to them. How could they know that the evolution from manual typewriters to electric to desktop computers to laptops had occurred within their lifetimes. After all, most people don’t realize that the human race went from horse-and-buggy to a man on the moon in a lifetime!

“I could take dictation, transcribe, file, do it all. And I was young–and very pretty!” Adele looked around, daring anyone to say she wasn’t still very pretty. Which she was.

“Well, I was always being asked out, and I always declined. You know, don’t let the junior execs dip their pens in the company ink. I moved into an apartment with two other girls. Or rather another girl my age and a woman about ten years older. We girls sort of believed she would kind of mother us. When they found out I was still a virgin at nineteen, they asked me how I managed it. I explained about the oral sex requirement, and they both were astonished. The older woman, Zora, asked me what would I do if a man wanted to do that to me. I replied that that was something only a man who loved me enough to marry me would do. She smiled knowingly, then asked if I really knew what it was like to have someone do that to me. Of course I said no, being a virgin and all. The next thing I knew, she was down on her knees before me, spreading my legs, pushing up my dress and pulling my panties aside. I was so shocked I just sat there. When she touched me down there with her tongue, I had a sensation I never had before. She kept her head down there for a long time, giving me one pleasurable sensation after another. I now know those were my first orgasms, but then all I knew was that I didn’t want her to stop. But she did, kneeling there smiling at me, her lipstick nearly gone and her make-up smudged to hell. She asked, ‘Does that make me your husband, now?’ “

Adele looked at Wilson proudly. “So that was my introduction to lesbian sex. My first woman and my first time ever. Your turn, Woody, first time ever and first time with a man.”

Wilson looked at her. “That’s not fair, Adele, you got two for one!”

“You made up this game, Woody.” she giggled. “You didn’t say each first had to be separate. Besides, most times it’s not. I know Evie’s first time güvenilir bahis ever and first time with a woman were also the same. Me!”

Again Evelyn blushed. Scott was beginning to wonder if burnt sienna was her natural color. And why was she always blushing? Hell, she’s a dyke! In the home of other dykes! Sitting on patio furniture with a naked Black giant–and holding his giant cock in her hands. A cock which she just got through sucking. For the second time today! Why is she blushing? Scott’s questions were pushed to the back of his mind as Wilson began speaking.

“Well, the first time I had sex with another person was also the first time I got my cock sucked. And it was also with a guy. My high school coach. I had always been big and I always played sports. When I entered high school, I got on the football team, doing all the things a freshman player did. At the end of my freshman year, the coach said he had a special summer training camp he’d like me to come to. My daddy was a big sports guy, and the idea that I could get special training, during the summer, for free … he practically dragged over to the coach’s house to sign the papers. Well, the camp was really Coach using the high school’s facilities during the summer in exchange for keeping an eye on the property. He had about 15 of us–five freshmen, five sophomores, three juniors and two seniors–doing calisthenics, running, weights, and some football most of the day, with about two or three class sessions in-between.

“Well, I was big then too. Not the size I am now, about the size of Daniels.” By now Daniels was sitting on Adele’s lounge. She sat up, wrapper her hand around his cock, and leaned her head on his shoulder. Wilson continued. “At that first shower, there were only us freshmen and sophomores; everyone was making fun of me, about how big it was, when one of the seniors undressed and stepped into the showers. He was just as big, also taller , and he just looked at everyone as if to dare them to say anything. This was the first time I’d really seen other dicks, and it was the first time I realized how big I was.

“Well, the next day the Coach called me into his office and asked what had happened in the showers. I told him, more or less, and he asked me to take my pants off. I was quite embarrassed, but he was the COACH! So I did. He looked at it, then took it in his hand and squeezed it! Jesus! I had never even jacked off before! Well, I got hard real quick and the next thing I knew I was spurting this white stuff all over his arm. Boy, was I scared! I didn’t know what that stuff was, but I was sure Coach would kill me!

“Instead, he put his other hand on me and holding me with one, he jacked me off with the other. I came again, wondering what was happening to me. When I stopped, Coach wiped me clean, then his forearm. He told me that males start making this white stuff when they get my age, and that I need to get rid of it every day. He said he had a special class for that and that I should report to his office at 4 p.m. every day for it. Well, that special class was nothing more than a jack-off session with the seniors and juniors. I was the only freshman. Coach used the camp to see who would be willing recruits to his sexual predations, usually ending up with one or two guys by their senior years.

“At that first session, all we did was jack-off together. Coach made me swear not to tell anyone. I wouldn’t have anyway. What do you do, go tell your father or your friends that you jack-off everyday with your coach and a couple of seniors? After that, I’d jack off with them, clean myself up, then they would have me leave. I thought it was because I was a freshman. During the last week, instead of leaving the school, which I normally did, I got a chair and looked into the door window.” Evelyn, Scott and Quentin looked at Wilson, confused. “We had those doors with a window, where the lower two-thirds of the window is frosted, but not the top. Supposed to stop kids from waving to each other and making faces and stuff during classes, but not give the room complete privacy. Guess them school administrators knew their staff!

“Anyway, I was not prepared for what I saw. The seniors both had their pants down to their ankles, just as I’d left them. But kneeling before one of them was Coach. And he had the guy’s dick in his mouth! I was so excited I lost my balance and fell, the chair banging up against the lockers. By the time my head cleared, I was looking up at Coach and the two guys. The guys grabbed me and pulled me up. I was sure they were gonna beat the crap out of me. Funny–now that I think about it, I was bigger than either of them and probably could have taken them both.

“Coach ushered us into his office, and asked what I’d seen. I was scared shitless so I just blurted out everything. Later on, when I was in college, I realized how scared Coach and the other two were. At the time, I only knew how scared I was. They were asking Coach what to do with me. Coach was walking around the office, back and forth. Finally he looked at me and asked if I knew why he did what he did. Of course I didn’t. He told me to take down my pants. I did so. After all, I had them down less than a half-hour earlier. Then he knelt before me and took my cock and stuck it in his mouth!

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