Sarah’s Discovery Ch. 01Sarah’s Discovery Ch. 01


As Sarah stood outside her son’s bedroom door, laundry basket in hand, she swore she wasn’t going to do this again. ‘The boy is 18 years old, he needs learn to clean his own room and do his laundry!’ the voice inside her head admonished her. However, seeing her son leave the house that morning in clothes she knew he had worn at least twice before and hadn’t done any laundry she broke down and decided to help him out one more time. ‘Maybe if he has clean clothes and a clean room he’ll want to keep it that way now that he’s getting older?’ was the way she rationalized it to herself.

The room was even worse that Sarah had expected it to be. Scanning the room she couldn’t actually see the floor for the clothing, dirty dishes, pizza boxes, and other garbage that was literally covering every viewable inch. A deep sigh as she set down her laundry basket she pushed up the sleeves of her sweater and began to get to work, she knew she’d have the room cleaned up in no time once she started in, the hard part was just getting started and that must be why her son Danny simply didn’t do it, he was probably overwhelmed just getting started in this mess.

Within the next hour she had all the dishes in the dishwasher, one load of laundry just about ready to put into the drier and four more loads queued up ready to get washed. She even managed to run a vacuum over the floor and opened the windows to let some much needed fresh air into the room. The last thing was the bed which was a disheveled pile of blankets and sheets, it would be impossible to even guess the last time it was washed. ‘In for a penny…’ she thought to herself as she began to strip the bed and that’s when she found the laptop, open and asleep under a pile of sheets. Moving it her thumb hit the touchpad and it woke up and at the instant her entire morning changed.

On the screen that appeared before her was a nude woman, probably close to her age with her back to the camera. Of course it was porn, she honestly wasn’t that surprised to see it. They, her husband and her, had assumed their son was watching porn and hadn’t tried to pry into that part of his life now that he was older. Curiosity got the better of her though as she wanted to see what he was watching, what was he into. Sitting on the bed and placing the laptop on her lap she pressed yalova escort the play button resuming the paused action.

“Oh fuck that is so fucking hot, suck his cock!” Sarah hears coming from the video playing on the screen. The camera cuts to a picture of a young man on his knees suck..well sucking a big hard cock. The woman is sitting on the couch watching them as she pushes two fingers into her clearly wet cunt while rubbing her clit with her other hand. “Suck your father’s hard cock while mommy watches!” the actress moans loudly.

‘Wait..what the fuck did she say?’ Sarah thinks to herself and pauses the video. As she does the title of the video shows in the browser window in which he was watching it. “One Bi(g) Happy Family” ‘He’s watching incest porn, bi or gay incest porn!!!’ her brain screams at her. Her hand shakes, this was not expected at all and Sarah is instantly conflicted. ‘What could he see in this?’ she wonders and decides to watch a little more just to see if she can figure out what her son sees in it.

The video plays on and as it does everything seems to happen in some surreal experience. Sarah hears the words on the screen, watches the action as the young man swallows a load of cum from the older man, the older man sucking the young actor, and then both men taking their turns individually and jointly on the actress playing the mother. Sarah has no idea how much time has passed when it ended as she sits there on her son’s bed conflicted about what she has just seen. It was beyond a shock to know her son is watching this type of porn. What is an even bigger shock however is Sarah’s own reaction to it, she wet, very wet.

Every motherly inclination in her body tells her to ‘Get up and leave the room!’ but a strong pull tells her to look to see what else her son is watching. The latter pull is stronger driven by her awakened desires and it will not be satisfied. As such starts to look down through not only the browser history but searching through recently accessed files and folders.

The first folder she sees is titled “Mother-Son,” and she feels her face flush. Even if she were to try and deny it to herself she knows that something inside her is very curious about this discovery.

The next folder is “BiFam,” then “DaddyCocks,” “K9,” “Watersports,” and yalova escort bayan “Henti.” Many of the folder titles make no sense to her and afraid to even click on some of the folders almost for fear that she will catch whatever it is that they contain, she decides to pull out her phone and search some of the terms.

Opening up a browser she types in Waterports which brings her to photos of swimming, water polo, and diving. ‘Huh, maybe he’s interested in other things besides sex after all?’ she thinks to herself deciding to go and look at one of the files, it’s file name WS-MS11821.mp4. The feeling in the pit of her stomach almost explodes as a mid-40ish woman squats over a young man’s face and begins to pee directly on him. The shock of seeing it was overwhelming and took her even further down the rabbit hole than the initial discovery and she stared at it unable to even move. The video only lasted about 35 seconds and then it ended yet she sat there almost afraid to touch the computer for fear it would play something else, something even more disturbing, more taboo, more exciting.

Calmly setting the laptop on the bed Sarah lays back and stares at her son’s bedroom ceiling. ‘This must be what he looks at as he..’ she couldn’t even finish the thought. Instead she closes her eyes and slides her right hand where it is needed immediately, under her stretchy yoga pants and directly to her sopping wet cunt. Sarah has masturbated before, everyone does, but she’s never masturbated thinking what she is thinking about now. The images, the dialog, the implications. She’s confused, turned on, and afraid all at the same time.

Sarah and her husband John had always had a good sex life she felt. They weren’t what she would have considered vanilla before today. They tried many different positions, she’s worn lingerie for him, and the would discuss their fantasies with each other during sex; John wanted two women at a time or to share his wife with another man while Sarah only admitted to wanting to be picked up by her husband as if he were a stranger at a hotel bar, she wouldn’t even really admit more than to to herself but knew deep down there was something more in there. ‘Fuck, we are vanilla!’ she thinks to herself now that her mind has been more broadly opened, even if only a smidgen.

Scrunching escort yalova up her face, her eyes remaining closed tight she see’s her son and imagines him laying on his bed watching the porn she’s seen. Her finger dances across her clit and with each touch it sends electrical waves through her body, she’s on the edge already ready to explode; she’s never felt this way before. She pictures Danny on his knees sucking John’s hard 7″ cock and as soon as the image hits her mind she shakes her head trying to get it out of there, ‘I can’t, I can’t think about this can I?’ No matter how hard she tries to shake it out of there though it’s there to stay and it’s building a fire in her cunt that she can’t put out, that she doesn’t want to put out, one that will take her over the edge right into hell and she wants it to. ‘Yes Danny, suck daddy’s cock!’ she thinks to herself embracing the image now, embracing the desire deep inside of her taking her to the edge and then rapidly taking her over it.

Wave after wave of orgasms hit Sarah as she lays on her son’s bed. Her pussy floods with juices, her fingers pruned from her wetness. “Oh fuck, suck his cock you fucking bastard!” she groans out loud, not just the voice in her head any longer. She begins to twitch, losing momentary control over the muscles in her legs as they begin to shake, her breasts heaving from labored breathing as if she had run a 10K, her stomach tied up in knots. She gathers enough strength to lay on her side and curl up wracked with regret over what she had just done, what she had just thought, and where she was. Glancing over at her son’s clock by his bed he should be home within the next ten minutes or so, ‘FUCK!’ she thinks.

Slowly she pushes the laptop back under the pile of sheets on his bed and gets up on unsteady legs. She grabs the bed’s foot-board, then the chair, then the door jam, making her way from one object to another as she doesn’t trust her feet below her to hold her up. Leaning on the hallway wall she makes her way to her bedroom where she closes the door and falls into her bed. Wrapping herself up in her bedspread she closes her eyes and she’s out almost instantly, exhausted from the overwhelming release of energy during her orgasms. It’s only when there is a knock at the door does she stir, staring at the clock and seeing it’s almost dinner time and her husband should be home soon. She rolls over to text her husband to order out and discovers to her horror that her phone was left in her son’s bedroom, in his bed, right next to the laptop.

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