Sandra after University Pt. 1Sandra after University Pt. 1


Sandra after University

by Vanessa Evans

Sandra has earned enough money to take a year out.

Author’s Note

This story is a continuation of my story ‘Sandra is Different’. Although this story could stand independently it will make more sense if you read ‘Sandra is Different’ first.



After 3 amazing years at university where I made a shed load of money letting men spank me, letting men fuck me whilst I was unconscious and demonstrating fucking machines at erotic equipment conventions, I decided that I needed to take a year out to make the most of my addictions that developed soon after I originally went to university.

I’m still anti-social, a bit of a recluse and a bit of an introvert but I am quite happy being on my own but my ‘addictions’ give me one hell of a lot of pleasure so I decided to take a year out, travel wherever the mood takes me and where I can feed my addictions.

Part 1

Between my exams ending and graduation day I spent some time at home with my parents relaxing and enjoying an unusually warm summer. My parents both work so I was able to spend quite a bit of time nude sunbathing in the back garden and spending some of my money on laser hair removal (everywhere below my neck). Neither of my parents caught me sunbathing naked but I just know that neither of them would have been shocked if they had. We’d always been cool about our bodies and since being at university my wardrobe had changed to be more skimpy than before I went, in particular my skirts had got much, much shorter so there is every chance that both my mum and dad have accidentally seen my bald pussy at least once – I’ve stopped wearing knickers altogether.

One other thing that I spent some money on was getting my nipples pierced. I deliberately went to the shop wearing just a dress knowing that I’d have to take it off to get my nipples done. We sorted out the barbells that I wanted then he asked me to bare my breasts and get on the table. When the huge, middle-aged man turned and saw the totally naked me laying on the table with my knees spread enough for him to see all of my pussy he stopped dead for a couple of seconds then said.

“I thought that it was just your nipples luv?”

“It is, but I wasn’t thinking when I got dressed this morning.”

“Okay, no problem, but do you mind if I look at your clitoris, at first glance it may be suitable for a piercing, not all of them are.”

Before I could answer him he’d moved down the table and was staring at my pussy.

“Ah, yes, no, you only have a small hood which clearly doesn’t hide your clitoris, not ideal for piercing.”

“Well that’s okay because I wasn’t thinking of getting it done. Are my nipples suitable?”

The man turned and looked at my tits.

“Hmm, I haven’t seen many breasts that shape on girls your age but they are ideal. Some girls have really small nipples and it’s difficult to find the right place to push the needle through but yours are perfect, they’re nearly as big as the end of my little finger, never mind yours.”

By that time my nipples were rock hard and tingling, so was my clit and my pussy was leaking quite a bit. I was pleased that I didn’t have the back of my dress under my butt.

“You’ll feel just a little prick.” The man said as he was about to push the needle through.

I smiled, then winced a little as the needle went through but was looking at the front of his trousers to see if I could see any bulge and I wondered if he did have a little prick. Then I wondered if he just said that to distract me from the pain of the needle going in and I wondered if he said that to all the girls.

The procedure was over in a couple of minutes and I was soon putting my dress back on whilst I listened to his talk about after-care.

Back at home that evening my dad noticed the different shape of the 2 bulges in my thin dress and asked me if I’d had my nipples pierced.

“Yes daddy, want to see them?”

Before he had the chance to say anything I’d grabbed the hem of my dress and it was going up over my head.

“Wow, they look painful.” Daddy said.

“They are a little but I only got them done this afternoon and the man says that it will take a couple of weeks for them to heal.”

“I’m not surprised, you’ll have to keep your boyfriend off them for a while.”

“Daddy, you know that I haven’t got a boyfriend.”

“I know princess, I was just teasing you. Are you at all self-conscious about the shape of your breasts, most girls your age have gone through the stage of them being all conical like yours still are.”

“Daddy, most girls never have them pointy like these.”

“I’m sure that the doctors could do something about them to make them look more normal.”

“Daddy, I’m very happy with them like they are thank you.”

“Hey mum, come and look at our Sandra’s breasts, she went and got them pierced.”

My mum came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a tea towel and saw me standing there, totally naked in front of my father.

“Did you say that Sandra has gone and got her nipples pierced?” Mum asked, not being at all phased about the situation.

I turned to face her, thrusting my chest forwards. Mum stared at my tits for a couple of seconds then said,

“So I see, very nice darling. You do know how to keep them clean until they heal properly don’t you?”

“Yes mum, the man told me and he gave me a leaflet explaining it all.” I replied and started putting my dress back on.

“Well you make sure that you do it properly, the last thing that you want is infected breasts when you go on holiday, where was it you said you were going first?”

“Mallorca, it’s the largest of the Balearic Islands.”

“Oh yes, in the Mediterranean.” Mum replied, “with a bit of luck you’ll meet someone who will bring you out of your shell, make you more sociable.”

“Mum, how many times do I have to tell you that I’m happy with my life as it is.”

“With a bit of luck you’ll meet a nice boy and come back engaged.” Mum said.


“Okay, just teasing you honey, just so long as you are happy.”

“I am mum.”

I wasn’t lazy whilst I was at my parents house. During the day when both my parents were at work I took up jogging and spent many hours jogging around the neighbourhood wearing only a thin tank top, the ultra short, white, thin, skater style skirt that I bought shortly after I first went to university, and, of course, my trainers.

I knew that the skirt would be dancing about as I ran giving anyone who cared to look a glimpse of my bare butt.

Jogging in the parks my trainer laces seemed to manage to come lose quite often and I often stopped to re-tie one, bending over in front of any men that I thought would appreciate the sight. I got a few complimentary comments which I ignored and ran off before they got too close.

Sometimes I stopped and lay down on the grass to rest and improve my tan but I only did that around lunch time when office workers were out enjoying the sun during their lunch break. Of course I lay with my knees slightly open knowing that anyone who walked by, and looked over to me, would be able to see my pussy.

I’d thought about going to a gym or swimming pool but they would have been too public, often with young kids there. I was sure that the kids wouldn’t care if I was covered or not, it’s the stupid, prudish, woke parents that are the problem.

Next door to my parents had got some new people living there and one day whilst I was nude sunbathing I spotted a young man looking down on me from one of their upstairs bedrooms. I pretended to not have seen him but at the same time I spread my legs so that he could get a good look at my pussy. He never came to talk to me that time, nor the other 2 times that I saw him watching me. I wondered if he was a bit like me or maybe gay.

Graduation day finally arrived and dad drove us up to the university for the ceremony. I had to hire one of those silly gowns and hats and only my friend Isla knew that we were both naked under our gowns when we got presented with our certificates.

Afterwards, Isla and I had a long, naked hug, complete with tears as we said goodbye, me promising to keep in touch during my Mediterranean tour. I again asked her to come with me but she reminded me that she was starting a new job the following Monday.

I returned my gown and hat and went looking for my parents then we drove home.

Early the next morning it was more tears as I said goodbye to my mother then I got in dad’s car for the journey to the airport. I was wearing my longest skirt (mid thigh) and my least see-through top. I knew that dad could see the shape and darker colour of my nipples but he never said anything.

As soon as I got into the departure lounge I went to the ladies room and changed into a much shorter skirt and a more see-through top. I had managed to get everything that I needed into one carry-on bag, a little suitcase with wheels, as I didn’t want to be carrying a large suitcase as I moved from hotel to hotel and resort to resort.

Then I got into holiday mode and practised something that I intended to do one hell of a lot whilst I was abroad, sitting playing with my phone and with my knees about shoulder width apart. As I sat lazily I knew that anyone who cared to look would be able to see my uncovered pussy, and my tits through my top.

As I kept glancing up from my phone I did see a few people who realised what they could see but I just ignored them, although I wished that I had put my egg vibrator in my pussy whilst I was in the ladies room so that I could cum whilst they were watching me. In the end I decided to go and do just that and I got out just as my flight was called.

As I walked up the steps onto the plane I heard a young man behind me say,

“Hey Tom, look at that.”

I assumed that they were looking up my very short skirt and could see my bare butt and probably my pussy as well.

Walking down the aisle with my carry-on case I discovered that my seat was a window one and that there were already 2 young men in the other 2 of the set of 3 seats in the row. I had to get my carry-on case into the overhead locker so I stood at the end of the row facing the 2 young men and lifted my case up knowing full well that my skirt would go up as well, giving them a great view of my slit and clit.

It seemed to take ages for me to get my case in the right position, especially as I kept looking down to see that the 2 young men were looking at my slit and clit. Finally I was happy and I tugged my skirt down and told the 2 young men that I needed to be in the window seat. I didn’t wait to see if they would get up and move into the aisle to let me in, instead I faced them and started to shuffle in, making sure that the back of my skirt got trapped between me and the seat in front, effectively making it rise up.

I took my time shuffling in. knowing that not only were they looking at my slit and clit again, but they would also be able to see the underside of my tits up my loose fitting top.

Finally in front of my seat I turned and sat down making sure that my skirt was up at the back. I looked down to my lap and I could see my bald pubis, and if I could, the 2 young men could as well. I fastened my seat belt and put my hands and my little clutch bag on my lap blocking their view.

Then I sighed with relief that I was finally ready for the plane to take off and that my year out was really starting.

“It can be quite an ordeal getting your holiday started can’t it?” The young man in the middle seat said as he faced me.

“Yes.” I replied not wanting to get into a conversation.

“Going on holiday on your own are you?”


“Which resort are you going to?”


“Which hotel, we might be in the same one.”

“Don’t know yet.”

My curt replies were having the desired effect and the young man gave up trying to hit on me. Once the seat belt lights went off I unfastened my seat belt and put my bag between my thigh and the window making my slit visible to the young men again, but not for long, I got my phone and earbuds out and started to listen to some music.

The young men had taken the hint and didn’t try talking to me again but they did keep pretending to look out of the window which I ignored. Well that isn’t strictly true. I did slowly slide down in the seat and spread my knees a bit so that more of my pussy was visible.

About an hour into the flight I decided that I wanted a pee so I got up, looked at the young men and said,

“Sorry but I need to go to the toilet.”

I shuffled passed them making sure that my skirt was well above my slit which was right in their faces. I looked down and saw that I was having the desired effect on their cocks and I was smiling as I walked down the aisle.

The walking reminded me that I had my egg vibrator inside me, and after having a pee and flashing my slit to the young men again, I sat down and put my hand into my bag and switched the vibrator on. With my hands held loosely on my lap, not really hiding anything, I spread my knees and let the vibrator do its thing.

I hadn’t switched it on to full power so the orgasm took quite a while to build but when it arrived I was gripping the seat arms, shaking a little and moaning a little. When the waves started receding I took a deep breath and heard one of the young men say,

“Are you alright luv?”

I looked at him then replied,

“Yes thanks.”

My head was back and my knees were still spread as I just semi lay there enjoying the vibrations and waiting for my second orgasm.

I saw the young men looking out of the window and I turned and saw that we were over land. Then I heard the pilot announce that were starting the descent to Palma airport and the fasten seatbelts lights went on. I fastened mine but still stayed slouched in my seat then I heard one of the young men asked if he could lean over me and take some photographs out of the window.

“Okay,” I replied.

Then I realised that I had a bit of a challenge because I could see that the man’s camera wasn’t pointing at the window every time that I heard the shutter, but pointing down at my pussy; and I was more than happy to let him photograph it so I kept my knees spread. That was okay but I knew that the cabin crew would be along soon to check that all seatbelts were fastened and my second orgasm was building.

The man took about half a dozen photos of my pussy before I saw the cabin crew man walking down the aisle looking at seatbelts so I grabbed my bag ready to slide it over when the man moved. The cabin crew man told the young man to sit down and fasten his seatbelt and as he moved back I managed to put my bag over my pussy as I saw the man’s eyes look at my fastened seatbelt. Then he moved on and my second orgasm arrived to more shaking and moaning and my bag slipping down onto the floor between my feet.

The man next to me saw it go and as my orgasm started to subside he leant over me, his face right in front of my pussy as his hand went down to get my bag. He slowly got up. His eyes staring at my pussy until the last second.

I nearly orgasmed again as the plane touched down but I put my hand into my bag and switched the egg off.

The 2 young men obviously weren’t in a rush to get off and in the end I decided to get off before them and went through the whole shuffling then reaching up to get my case before moving down the aisle behind all the other passengers, only to see when I looked back that the 2 young men were close behind me.

The heat hit me as I got to the plane door and I was happy that I was wearing very little.

I got a few people staring at my chest when we were queueing to go through security but no one said anything and I was soon outside the front of the terminal building looking for the bus stop to Magaluf. I was easy to find and I was pleased when a bus came along within 5 minutes.

I quickly decided that I like Mallorca local buses because they have seats facing standing people, and people sitting opposite, and I sat with my knees slightly open, affording a view of my slit and clit to anyone who cared to look.

I did spot a couple of people doing a double take which made my pussy get wet, me being surprised how quickly it had dried since it had been dripping on the plane.

When I got to Magaluf bus station I got off and walked to the exit where I got out my phone to remind me of the name of the first hotel that was on my list. One evening at home I’d researched Magaluf hotels and made a list of ones that met my criteria – adults only, rooms with balconies overlooking streets, not expensive. and not far from the lively part of town. Then I opened Google maps to guide me to the first hotel.

As I asked if they had an available room I emphasized my requirements and was pleased when they told me that there was one available. I haggled with the young man over the price and I was sure that him being able to see my tits as I stood in front of the seated him helped me get a bit of a discount.

The room was on the third floor and when I went in I lifted my little suitcase onto the counter, checked the bathroom then stripped naked. Opening the doors to the balcony I stepped out, gave a long, satisfied sigh then heard a male voice saying hello.

I looked from side to side and realised that I’d stepped into the middle of a conversation between the 2 sets of young men around my age on each of the balconies of the rooms either side of mine.

“Hi there.” I said, “I’m Sandra.”

I’d decided to use my real name rather than Suzie, the name that I’d used at university when I wanted to make it difficult for the guys to track me down after I’d fucked them. After all I was a thousand miles from home and I’d be moving to a different hotel in a week.

What followed was the usual getting to know you small talk mixed in with them telling me where I should go for some fun and them inviting me to go to those places with them. All with me standing there totally naked with a beer in my hand, that one of them had given me, and rock hard and tingling nipples and clit.

I asked about nude beaches and was told that the nearest one that they’d heard of was a little one called Playa del Mago, about 5 miles away. Then one of the guys, Luke, said that they’d seen lots of topless girls on the nearby beach, and at the hotel pool.

“Seen any naked girls at the pool?” I asked.

“Yeah, a couple, there all day they were, we were going to go to the beach that day but we changed our mind when we saw them.” Noah said, then continued,”

“So are you planning on sunbathing by the pool like that Sandra?”

“Probably, now that I know it’s allowed. So did you get off with those naked Sincan Escort girls?” I replied.

“No, but is wasn’t for a lack of trying.” Jack replied.

“So are you going to hit the town with us tonight Sandra?” Noah asked.

“Maybe, I want to have a look around this place and the local area first.” I replied

“We could show you around Sandra.” Noah said.

I thought for a second the replied,

“Okay, thanks guys, but I need a shower and something to eat first, oh, and I guess that I should put some clothes on as well.”

“We don’t mind if you don’t.” Theo said.

“I don’t think that I’d get away with walking around town like this.”

“You probably would at night.” Luke said, “I’ve seen a couple of naked girls, but they were both well pissed.”

“Hmm.” I replied. “see you in a bit.”

I went inside and quickly emptied my little suitcase onto the drawers and wardrobe then I squat a little and squeezed my egg out before going into the shower. All the time leaving my doors and curtains open. One time when I glanced out I saw Noah looking at me and I wondered if he’d seen me taking my egg out.

Then I had to decide what to wear, not that I had a lot of choice, I was definitely travelling light. I chose a skirt that is shorter at the front than at the back, the back only just covering my butt when I’m standing, and a crop, sleeveless, tie front blouse. It is a loose fit and it’s very easy for anyone who looks to see inside it, and that’s before I bend over.

Going back out onto the balcony, Luke said,

“That didn’t take long Sandra, we were expecting at least another 30 minutes.”

“I can’t be bothered with make-up, I left it all back home. Let’s go.”

“Looking good girl.” Theo said when we all met in the corridor.”

“Is that because you can see my pussy and tits Theo?” I asked.

“Can I, I hadn’t noticed.” Theo replied.

“Yeah, right.” I thought and smiled.

There was a few minutes of silence as we went down the stairs and I was feeling a bit proud of myself. I was interacting normally with 4 guys who I had only known for less than an hour and not feeling at all shy. Then I remembered that I was feeding my addictions and that I was feeling VERY horny.

As we walked into the reception area I saw 2 very wet girls wearing only tiny G-strings running through the room.

“I feel a bit over-dressed.” I said.

“Feel free to take everything off if you want Sandra.” Noah said.

“I’m tempted.” I replied but kept walking with the 4 guys that I hoped would be fucking me later that day.

The 4 guys showed me around the hotel and all its facilities. When we got to the swimming pool I saw a naked girl jumping in and I said,

“I used to go skinny dipping with some of my friends in the university pool, it would feel strange having to wear a bikini to got swimming here.”

“Then go skinny dipping here Sandra,” Luke replied, “no one will mind, look at that girl over there (he pointed to a blonde), she’s probably naked, she was yesterday when we were down here.”

I mentally thanked myself for putting this hotel at the top of my list for Magaluf.

“Maybe later,” I said, “what time do they close the pool?”

“When the sun goes down but I’ve seen people in there when we’ve come back from a bar crawl.” Theo added.

“Interesting,” I said, “but I’m hungry right now.”

“Well there’s most of the fast food joints that you can think off not far away, or there’s Spain’s own little versions, or even posh restaurants, Chinese, Thai or I saw an Indian the other night. This place has just about everything that you could want.” Luke said.

“How far is the McDonalds?” I asked, “I haven’t had a big mac for months and I’m starving.”

“McD’s it is then.” Jack said, “are you going like that Sandra or do you want to go and change into something less revealing, or maybe something more revealing. I’m sure that most of Magaluf will want to see those amazing tits of yours.”

“These tiny things,” I said taking hold of both of my tits, squeezing them then tweaking my nipples, “I thought that all you men wanted to see and get your hands on huge water melon tits?”

“No Sandra, that’s a myth,”Theo said, “most men like tits of any size, especially when they are shaped like yours and topped off with nipples like those.”

“Stop it Theo, you’ll make me blush.”

“I doubt that,” Luke said, “come on, I’m starting to feel hungry as well.”

The guys didn’t give me a chance to answer the questions about my attire but that didn’t bother me and we left the hotel and headed for McDonald’s. I’d studied a map of Magaluf and knew that it wasn’t far but a map doesn’t show you all the people walking around, or the atmosphere and I was enjoying both of those things, especially the people who saw that my skirt didn’t cover my slit. My partially uncovered butt was nothing special as a large percentage of the girls were wearing thong bikinis leaving dozens of bare butts walking around. In fact I felt a little over-dressed.

McDonalds was very much like the ones in the UK apart from a few Spanish variations on the menu and the fact that the clientele included mostly topless men, quite a few topless girls and the rest of the girls in bikinis. Only a handful of the girls wore cover-ups, one of which attracted my attention. It was a crochet, multi-coloured one with the holes big enough for nipples to poke through and for eyes to see through and see everything that was under it. I just knew that I was going to go shopping for one of those.

We could also sit outside to eat and not feel at all chilly and I got a chair where I could put my feet up on a bar under the table and sit with my knees apart letting the 4 guys, and anyone passing, see my pussy which was dripping in spite of the heat.

“Not at all shy are you Sandra?” Luke asked when he’d finished eating.

“I used to be,” I replied, “would you believe that I didn’t lose my virginity until I went to university?”

“No way!” Theo said, “Seeing you as we have so far I would have thought that that would have gone as soon as you discovered what you could do with what you have between you legs.”

“I wish.” I replied, “but that’s history and a long story, are you guys going to show me around this place or are we going back to the hotel for a good fucking session? Do you guys want me one at a time or all together?”

Jack nearly spat his mouthful of beer out, another thing that you can’t get an McD’s in the UK, then nearly choked as he coughed some of his drink out.

“You mean you want to be gang-banged Sandra?” Luke asked.

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” I replied, “I assume that you all have a good supply of condoms. You can fuck me one at a time or all together. There’s 4 of you but I’ve only got 3 holes.”

“But you’ve got 2 hands Sandra,” Theo said, “we can just rotate round you every 3 or 4 minutes until we’ve all filled at least 1 of your holes.” Noah said.

“That sounds like fun, what are we waiting for.” I replied.

“Are you serious about this Sandra?” Jack asked.

I pulled open my top revealing my tits and opened my knees wide revealing my spread and dripping pussy, and replied,

“Don’t you want to get your hands on these Jack?”

“Now that’s a really dumb question Sandra, half of Magaluf wants to get their hands on those and I’m part of that half.”

“So what are we waiting for?” I asked.

It took less than half the time that it took for us to get to McD’s to get back to the hotel. I didn’t bother fastening my top and my nipples kept escaping from behind the fabric. As we approached the hotel I took my top off continued walking.

“Bloody hell Sandra,” Jack said, “they aren’t even bouncing, what the hell are they made of? Concrete?”

“Definitely not, they are all natural, feel them.”

“I will,” Jack replied, “just as soon as we slow down.”

We slowed our walking pace but not too slow because I was desperate to be fucked.

Outside my room I got my card key out of my bag and seconds later I was pushing my skirt down and falling flat on my back across the nearest bed, spreading my legs wide as I did so.

“I’m all yours guys.” I said as I watched all 4 guys taking their clothes off.

It had been a few weeks since I’d had sex with anything other than my fingers or something silicone or plastic and I intended to enjoy the feeling of a cock inside me.

The guys didn’t jump on me straight away because Jack saw my spread pussy in all its glorious details. I saw him stop dead, staring at it.

“Hey guys, have you seen Sandra’s clit?”

“Fucking hell, that’s awesome.” Luke said just before his mouth descended onto my pussy.

Seconds later I had my first orgasm of the evening before all 4 of them started working on me.

Over the next hour or so, I think, I had 4 different cocks inside my pussy which also got eaten numerous times, had 4 cocks in my throat and had 4 lots of cum in my stomach; I’d wanked all 4 cocks, got my chest and face covered in cum and my nipples got sore. They didn’t fuck my butt but I wasn’t complaining, I prefer cocks in my other 2 holes anyway.

The guys left me, sleeping on top of my bed with the doors and curtains to the balcony wide open.


I woke the next morning and could see the sun just starting to come up. It was cooler (balcony doors still open wide) but still warm. I got up and went and looked around and down and I could see a handful of people staggering back to their hotels. I took a few deep breaths and was ready to start my day.

The first thing to do was spend some time in the bathroom, I still had some dried male cum on my face, hair and chest. I mentally checked my nipples for pain and was pleased that there was none.

Twenty minutes later I was feeling great and eager to get out there, start letting strangers see my body and start to get a good all-over tan.

I went out onto the balcony again and saw no signs of life in the rooms either side of me so I put on my shortest, thinnest summer dress and my sandals, picked up my bag and left my room.

Everything was quiet as I went through the hotel and after saying “Hola” to the receptionist girl I went outside and started walking to where I’d seen lots of shops. They were the usual small shops and cafes that populate seaside resorts and I soon found one that sold the sort of clothes that holidaymakers need and went straight to the bikini cover-ups section, everyone one them being see-through to one extent or another. I ***********ed one of those crochet cover-ups and a couple of little sarongs, both suitable for covering just bikini bottoms.

Browsing the skirts that they had I also found some layered, frilly skater type skirts made of very thin, see-through fabric. They were only about 20 or 22 centimetres long with elasticated waists. I realised that I could wear them to reveal as much of my butt and slit that I wanted to.

All the above are very see-through but I also bought an over-sized cotton top that isn’t see-through but has narrow shoulder straps and enormous arm holes that go down to my waist. With the deep scoop front I figured that it would be ideal for letting people see my tits from the sides or down the front.

There wasn’t a changing room to try them on and only the staff and a couple of customers but that didn’t bother me. I didn’t try any of them on and then I moved on to the sunblock racks where I got a bottle of factor 30 then got a bottle off water and went to pay making a mental note to get a big bottle of water on my way back to the hotel.

Outside I looked for a side street then went between 2 vans, took the dress off and put the crochet cover-up on. I adjusted it so that my nipples were sticking out through a couple of the thousand of holes then headed back to the main street to look for a cafe to get some breakfast.

I may have ‘earned’ enough money to buy a house whilst I was at university but I wasn’t going to waste any of it on posh and expensive eating places when small cafes provided food that was just as good and give me more opportunities for some fun.

It wasn’t hard to find one, there were hundreds of them and I sat at a table near the walkway. When the waiter came over to me he gave no indication that he could see all of my tits. I guessed that he’d seen lots of topless girls in his cafe.

Stomach full, I headed back to the hotel and spotted a couple of guys doing a double take of me and I was pleased that I bought a cover-up with large holes.

I remembered to buy a large bottle of water on my way back to my room where all was quiet from my neighbours and I wondered if the were there or not. Then I had a decision to make, what to wear. As I looked through the few clothes that I’d brought with me I realised that there was nothing that covered my pussy with physical contact, no jeans, no shorts, no bikini bottoms or knickers with a crotch in them. My pussy was going to be free for the next year. I smiled to myself as my pussy tingled a little at that knowledge.

I was torn between the crochet cover-up or just the see-through bikini bottoms cover-ups over one of Lisa’s shops G-strings, a crotchless one where the fabric only covers my pubis, my vulva framed by the cords.

I chose the latter and as I pulled the G-string on I adjusted it so that my clit wasn’t covered and was visible in the mirror. Then I tied the cover-up round my hips, tying it on my left hip then slid the knot so that it was over my stomach leaving the front of the G-string, and my clit visible in the mirror. Then I turned my back to the mirror and looked over my shoulder. I was pleased that I could clearly see my butt crack through the see-through fabric. I smiled, thought that I’d wear it like that later then slid the knot back to my left hip.

I was pleased with myself as I walked out of my room with a tote bag containing what I needed to spend a few hours on the beach. The girl on reception smiled at me and I saw her watching me as as I walked to the door with my little traffic cones, complete with barbells through my nipples, leading the way.

Outside, I was soon aware of a handful of people staring at my tits. What’s more there were lots more people walking around, the tradesmen making deliveries having gone and the holidaymakers emerged, well the older ones, I guessed that most holidaymakers my age were still in bed sleeping off their hangovers.

Wearing as little as I was, the staring was making me feel good so I wandered around the streets a bit before going to the nearest part of the huge beach and when my toes did feel the sand for the first time I saw plenty of space for me to lay out and enjoy the sun. It felt different to what it does back in England and I thought that it must be something to do with the humidity.

I was soon spreading my towel out then taking the cover-up off. Okay the G-string was covering my pubis but I felt naked and good. Sunblock was next and as I rubbed it all over myself I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. I saw one man and woman, the man up on his elbows with his head turned my way. Facing him I re-did my tits and pussy going under the front of the G-string.

First session of beach teasing over I lay on my back, up on my elbows and experimented with my knees in different positions to see how much I was showing. With my knees clamped together and slightly raised my pussy was not visible. Even with one leg out straight and the other bent a bit at the knee like you see a lot of girls doing, my pussy was not visible. I made a mental note to not put my legs like that unless I really needed to hide my pussy.

Then I lay back with my knees slightly apart and settled for a bit of serious sunbathing but I couldn’t resist looking looking at my chest and see my tits pointing to the sky without the slightest bit of sagging. I felt sorry for the girls who lay on their backs and their tits flopped down like partially filled, with water, balloons. I closed my eyes knowing that anyone walking by could see my pussy and my awesome tits.

I actually dozed off, for no idea how long, but when my eyes opened I got up on my elbows and looked around to see that more people had come onto the beach, some of them quite near me. I decided to see what the water was like so I got to my feet and started walking to the sea. It was only a few metres but it felt good wearing only the crotchless G-string on a public beach with quite a few people around. It helped that the G-string wasn’t a tight fit so I could hardly feel that it was there.

I picked a place to enter the water where a young man was sat with his legs getting the waves over him. When I was just in front of him I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw that he was looking at me so I bent over to put my hands in the water knowing that the young man would be able to see my bare pussy between my butt cheeks. I took my time, even looking back through my legs and was pleased to see that the bulge in his swimming shorts was getting bigger.

When I thought that I couldn’t stay bent over any longer without it being obvious what I was doing I straightened up and continued walking into the Mediterranean. It was warm and as I started swimming I remembered the nice feelings that I last had in the university pool with the other skinny dipping girls.

I stopped swimming after a while and stood waist deep looking at all the people on the beach with my right hand playing with my clit. It would have been so easy to bring myself off but I just edged myself then started walking out of the sea only to discover that I was about 30 metres from my towel. Before starting to get out I’d made sure that the fabric of the G-string ended just in front of my clit, in fact I pulled it up a bit so that the fabric ended where my slit started.

With my slit and clit visible I slowly started walking back to my towel, looking at all the people that I was passing to see if any of them were looking at me. I smiled at a couple of men who were looking but I don’t think that their eyes went high enough to see my smiles.

Back at my towel I lay on my front, squashing my tits which put pressure on my chest. I knew that it would be too painful to stay like that for a long time so my right hand went under me and to my pussy where my fingers brought me to the edge a couple of times before I turned over and just sat with my legs open and leaning back on my arms.

I was horny after edging myself 3 times but I wasn’t going to make myself cum, I wanted to stay feeling horny for what I was planning to do next. I got to my feet, took the G-string off then wrapped the cover-up around my waist. As I did that I looked around and was pleased to see that a group of 3 young men had come and sat not far from me and must have seen me totally naked for Ankara Olgun Escort a few seconds.

“Too late to get a long look guys,” I thought, but when I was packed up I did walk passed them so they would have a short look at my nearly naked body especially as I’d tied the cover-up loosely and left the knot round the front of my hip so they would have been able to see my slit.

Feeling pleased with myself I walked off the beach and headed for a cafe that I’d seen earlier where I ordered a cold drink and slice of apple pie. The waiter stared at my tits as I pretended to decide what I wanted then I pretended to be doing something on my phone as I spread my legs when my order was brought to me. I didn’t look up to see if the waiter looked down at my pussy.

Stomach feeling happier it was time for me to go and find a few places where I could let a few people see what they weren’t expecting. The first place that I found was some steps up to an old building that seemed popular for some reason. I sat on part of the stone steps about half way up meaning that my butt was about head height to the people walking by on the footpath.

With my feet wide apart on the step below and my knees together I got out my phone and pretended to be on social media or something, but with my sunglasses on I could easily divert my eyes to see who was looking at me as they they walked by on the path below or as they climbed the steps.

At a first glance I must have looked like any girl who was engrossed in her phone but the observant people would realise that they had a great view of my uncovered pussy.

I’m still amazed at the number of people walking around who only see what is directly in front of them and don’t register anything that doesn’t involve their journey. Having said that I must have had half a dozen men staring at my pussy and / or my tits in the 20 or so minutes before I decided to move on and find another place to sit and get engrossed in my phone. That wasn’t difficult as there are hundreds of little walls and a few benches around the area.

Although I have a few social media accounts I rarely use them, I stick to WhatsApp with my parents, Isla and Lisa.

I picked 5 places where I put my pussy on display before deciding to head back to the hotel to see what was going of there, maybe put myself in a place where I could get hit on and then go to some guys room for a good fucking.

The place was buzzing as I entered the hotel, new guests arriving, some guests leaving and young people just using the reception area to get to wherever. I was a little disappointed to see that my rooms neighbours, on both sides, were in the queue to check-out. They didn’t see me but a couple of guys did see the girl who was only wearing a flimsy, tiny see-through sarong around her waist.

I smiled at them as they stared at me as I walked straight through to where the swimming pool was.

There was quite a few people there, all in the 18 – 30 age group. Most of the girls were topless, some just wearing thongs or G-strings and I counted 4 totally naked girls. 2 in the pool, 1 sunbathing on a lounger and the fourth stood talking to some guys.

I went to a vacant lounger and spread my towel over it before turning to have a quick look around. I saw some guys looking at me so I faced them then took the sarong off leaving me as the fifth totally naked girl there. Then I lay back on the lounger with my heels on the edges of the lounger, closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on every part of the front of my body.

I hadn’t been there for long when I heard a male voice say,

“You should put some sunblock on, you don’t want to get burnt on your first day.”

“Excuse me.” I said as I opened my eyes.

“Sunblock, you don’t want to get sunburnt do you?”

“Oh yes, good idea.” I replied as I looked up at the reasonable looking guy.

“I could rub it on you if you want.”

I continued looking up at the guy for a couple of seconds them replied,

“Would you please, I can never get the stuff on parts of my back.”

“Sure, anything to help a young lady.”

“I’m not sure about that, but thanks. I’m Sandra by the way.”

“Tom, and it’s nice to meet you Sandra. Just got here?”

“Yesterday, I’ve been on the beach this morning,”

By then I’d handed Tom my sunblock, turned over and spread my feet to the edges of the lounger. As I’d put my weight on my chest I’d winced a little and Tom had obviously seen my face.

“Are you in pain Sandra?”

“Just a little, nothing to worry about.” I replied, “I got my nipples pierced a couple of weeks ago and it still hurts a little when I press on them.”

“I’m sure that your boyfriend is being gentle with them, is he around?”

“I haven’t got a boyfriend here, I’m here on my own. Aargh.”

“Sorry.” Tom said, “I thought that it would be warm.”

“No boyfriend here eh, do you want all of your back doing Sandra?”

“Yes please Tom, from my feet right up to my neck.”

“My pleasure Sandra, you relax and enjoy my massage.”

I did, and I have to say that it felt nice. Tom seemed a little reluctant to go right up my legs to my pussy but that changed when he was close and I said,

“Keep going please Tom, that’s nice.”

Tom’s fingers went up and down my slit and I felt it open a little more and when he touched my clit I gasped and said,

“That’s really nice.”

Tom gave my clit another couple of rubs causing me to jerk and moan a little before he continued up my back.

“There, all done Sandra,” Tom said, “unless you’d like me to do your front as well?”

I turned on my side, looked up at Tom, saw that he had a mischievous grin on his face, smiled at him and replied,

“Why not, it’s always nice to have a man’s fingers all over me.”

I turned onto my back and moved my ankles to the sides of the lounger. Tom moved to the bottom of the lounger and started on my feet. Through my sunglasses I could see that he was putting the sunblock on my legs by touch because his eyes were glued to my slightly spread pussy. Something that was increasing my arousal and I could feel my clit throbbing and my hole leaking my juices.

Tom’s hands slid right up my thighs and stopped so close to my pussy before sliding down again. He did this a couple of times on both my legs and I was sure that he was teasing me, which I didn’t mind because I was teasing him as well.

Then Tom’s moved up to my torso having bypassed my pussy.

“Bastard,” I thought, “you knew that I wanted you to finger me.”

But Tom kept going, working on my abdomen and chest, bypassing my tits. Just when I thought that he was going to stop there I said,

“You missed 3 bits Tom, are you going to do them or am I going to have to do them?”

“I’m sure that it would be an awesome sight watching you do them Sandra but if you want me to do them I will.”

I looked up at Tom, saw the bulge in his swimming shorts, waited a couple of seconds to keep Tom guessing then replied,

“You do them please Tom, you’ve nearly made me cum once so what the hell, but be gentle around my piercings.”

“I will, I promise.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed Tom’s hands as he rubbed the sunblock on my tits. He’d been gently massaging the lotion in for about a minute when I heard a male voice say,

“Bloody hell Tom, you know how to pick ‘em, look at the shape of those tits, they’re awesome.”

“Look at her clit as well Leo, when did you last see one that big – in real life that is.”

I opened my eyes and said,

“Hi Leo, I’m Sandra, your friend is a real gentleman volunteering to put sunblock on me.”

Just as I said that Leo tweaked my left nipple causing me to moan.

“Hey Sandra,” Leo replied, “I’m sure that I could do just as good a job.”

“You’ll have to show me sometime, maybe both of you DO me, share me.”

“Wow Tom, you’ve found a winner here, when did you arrive here Sandra?!

“Yesterday. I’m only here for a few days.”

By then, Tom had decided that my tits had enough sunblock on them and he moved down to my pussy. When he first touched my clit I did 2 things, firstly I moaned then secondly I moved my feet from the edges of the lounger to the concrete at either sides of the lounger.

“Wow, that is a magnificent clit.” Leo said. “I bet that it gives you a lot of pleasure Sandra.”

“It does, oh it certainly does.” I managed to reply.

“Should we take this inside,” Leo said.

“Why?” Tom asked, “no one complained when that couple were fucking beside the pool yesterday.”

“Don’t stop Tom.” I managed to say as Tom’s fingers played with my clit and my hole.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to reach my peak and as it started to subside I looked around to see who, if anyone, was watching us. A couple of girls and 3 boys were watching and I wondered what they were thinking. I looked up at Tom and said,

“Thank you, I needed that.”

“Anytime luv, wanna have a swim to cool off a bit?” Tom replied.

“Not at the moment, but there is something else that you can do for me.”

“What’s that?”

“Take a photo of me, someone else taking a photo always comes out better than a selfie.”

“Sure, where do you want it taking?

“Right here will do thanks.”

I got my phone out of my bag and passed it to Tom leaving my feet still on the concrete either side of the lounger.

“You want me to take a photo of you like that Sandra, you’re showing everything.”

“Yes, why not, it’s only for a friend who has seen me like this loads of times.”

“Lucky guy.” Tom said.

I didn’t correct him and I smiled as Tom took a photo on my phone then said,

“There, that should please him and remind him of why he should have come here with you. Err, Sandra, can I be a bit cheeky and ask if I can take a photo of you with my phone?”

Again I didn’t correct him and replied,

“Sure, you can as well Leo if you like, it isn’t as if either of you will be having photos of anything that you haven’t seen in person.”

I smiled when both Tom and Leo returned with their phones and started clicking away. I could feel my juices leaking out and then I decided to be a bit naughty. As the 2 guys continued taking photos, moving around to get shots at different angles, I moved my right hand to my thigh and pointed at my dripping pussy.

“Nice.” Leo said so I moved my finger so that it was touching my clit.

My facial expression changed to one of sexual want for a few seconds before I said,

“Okay guys, that’s enough, come back in about an hour then I’ll come for that swim with you. After that I may need to take a shower in your room if that’s okay with you?”

“What’s wrong with your ….” Leo started to say but stopped before he finished when Tom thumped his arm.

“Sure,” Tom said, “no problem, beautiful girls are always welcome in our room.”

I smiled then turned onto my stomach as I said,

“See you in about an hour then.”

Things went quiet and I assumed that Tom and Leo had left so I let out a long sigh, spread my feet to the sides of the lounger and relaxed. After about 30 minutes I turned over and again spread my feet. It was so much more pleasurable sunbathing there than in my parents back garden. I started daydreaming about what Tom and Leo might do to me in their room and my pussy started to get wet again. I was amazed how quickly it dried in the heat of the Mallorca sun.

As I lay there I looked around and saw all the young people talking to each other, drinking, swimming and messing around in the pool and I wished that I could comfortably interact with other people. I felt my nipples and clit tingle a bit as I again imagined me getting fucked doggy style by Tom whilst trying to swallow Leo’s cock. I imagined them both having big cocks that stretched my pussy and my throat.

I watched a waiter delivering some drinks the collect some empty glasses as he walked round the pool. When he got to me I saw him looking down on my naked body with my legs spread. After a couple of seconds of silence he asked me if he could get me a drink. Deciding that it would be nice to give him the chance to stare at me again I ordered a cola and waited.

A few minutes later I looked up and saw him standing there, holding a tray with a glass of cola on it.

“Oh hi, I didn’t see you there.” I lied.

“Your drink madam.”

“Oh yes,” I replied as I sat up and took the glass off the tray that he was holding out for me.

I put it beside the lounger then went for my bag to pay the man. As I did so I could see that he was staring at my tits so I fumbled about in my bag, pretending to struggle to find my purse. When I’d got it I looked at the man and saw that he was still staring at my tits. I help out a 20 Euro note but didn’t say anything and it was a few seconds before he took his eyes off my tits and took the money.

After he’d given me my change and left I sat up and started to drink. I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was and the glass was soon empty. Then Tom and Leo got out of the pool right in front of me. I watched them have a good look at my spread pussy as they walked over to me.

“Ready for a swim Sandra?” Tom asked.

“I am, these barbells are getting a bit hot.” I replied.

And they were, I hadn’t thought about the sun heating up the metal and I made a mental note to make sure that I didn’t get my nipples burnt.

After I’d dived into the pool and surfaced between Tom and Leo I said,

“I’d forgotten how nice skinny dipping is.”

“You’ve been skinny dipping before then Sandra?” Leo asked.

“Yes, we used to go skinny dipping in the university pool every Monday evening.”

“I think that I go to the wrong university.” Tom replied.

“Oh, it was only us girls.” I replied, “the guys kept their shorts on, I think that they might have been too embarrassed to have their hard-on s swinging around in front of all us naked girls. Besides, it would have been too easy for us to find something to grab hold of.”

“I definitely went to the wrong university.” Leo said.

“It’s so nice having the water rush by my girly parts, you should try it sometime guys, it might be nice for you guys as well.”

“Maybe later.” Tom said.

I put my hand on the front of Tom’s shorts and replied,

“Maybe we should go somewhere else to get this out in the open.”

That was the invitation that Tom and Leo needed and the next time that any of their hands found my tits or pussy it wasn’t to put sunblock on them. We messed about and talked a bit before I decided that the 2 of them were still unsure about how lucky they had become so I said,

“Okay guys, if you want to fuck me and you don’t want to do it down here we are going up to your room right now.”

Within seconds Leo and Tom were out of the pool and pulling me out as well. I started to dry myself with my towel but the pair of them had just grabbed their stuff and were approaching me.

“Come on Sandra, put whatever on and let’s go, your pussy has a date with a couple of cocks.”

I stood facing them with my feet shoulder width apart, grinning at them and finished drying myself whilst I stared at the large bulges in their shorts. They both started to look impatient as I folded my towel and put all my belongings into my bag before saying,

“Okay guys, lead the way.”

“Aren’t you going to put anything on?” Leo asked

“Why bother, it would only come off as soon as we get to your room.” I replied and started walking towards reception.

I saw a couple of very surprised faces but no one said anything as the naked me walked through with Tom and Leo following me. As we waited for the lift a couple of new arrivals joined us and the naked me got into the lift with 4 clothed young men.

One of the new arrivals pressed the button for the lift to stop at the second floor and Tom pressed the fourth. When the lift stopped at the second floor one of the new arrivals started to get off but his mate blocked his way and said,

“This isn’t our floor mate.”

“Yes it is, I heard the receptionist tell us that we were on the second floor.” The second new arrival said.

“No, this is NOT our floor.” The first new arrival said as he nudged his mate and nodded his head towards me.

The other guy looked at the full frontal me, grinned and replied,

“Ooh. Okay, my mistake.

My nipples and clit had been tingling almost constantly since I got up that morning but the tingling got a bit stronger as I saw that all 4 of the guys were staring at my little tits.

The lift ‘pinged’ and the doors opened on the fourth floor. Tom, Leo and myself got out and as the lift doors were closing I heard.

“Fucking hell mate, I hope there’s more like her here.”

Tom and Leo’s room was very similar to mine except that because of the design of the building they had a balcony that was about 4 times the size of mine. What’s more it was overlooked by the next hotel more than mine was. When I walked out onto the balcony Leo said,

“The bed’s in here Sandra.”

“Bring your towels out here guys, I fancy getting fucked out in the open.”

“But someone from the other hotel might see us.” Leo replied.

“I hope that they do.” I replied.

“Wow, they look good.” I said as the 2 naked guys walked out, their cocks pointing towards the sun.

“Not as good as you look Sandra.” Tom replied.

Within a minute I was on my hands and knees on a towel and I had a cock in my pussy and another one in my mouth. I have no idea how long we were at it, in lots of different positions, but the sun was going down when the show finally ended. I say ‘show’ because I could see 2 couples in the hotel opposite us were out on their balconies watching us.

“I’m off to my room for a shower and a rest.” I said, “I’ll be going out at 10 p.m. to get something to eat and a drink or two. I’ll wait in reception for 5 minutes to see if you want to join me.”

With that I went inside, grabbed my bag and left the 2 of them still on their balcony.

After a nice shower I lay on my bed and before I dozed off I could hear the new arrivals in one of the next door rooms. They were out on their balcony and I could hear the girl saying,

“Look at her tits, they might only be small but I really do wish that mine were as pointy and hard as hers look. There’s absolutely no sag at all.”

That’s the last that I heard for a couple of hours until I woke up to the sound of a door slamming shut.

I checked the time then went out onto my balcony and instinct told me to look over to the new arrivals room. They had their light on and the curtains open and I could see the girl on her back, on the bed, with her Ankara Ucuz Escort legs up and her feet touching the bed behind her head whist her man was pounding her pussy with his cock.

I watched them for a few seconds then went and had another shower.

As I got dressed to go out I chose to wear one of my new, frilly skater type skirts. I stepped into it and experimented in front of the mirror and was very pleased with what it did and didn’t cover when I wore it at different heights on my hips. I left it high on my hips so that I could see the lower part of my butt and when I turned to face the mirror I could see my slit and my clit.

Satisfied with my bottom half I looked through my tops and settled for one of my crop, pheasant tops that is see-through. Then I brushed my hair and put it into a pony tail before putting on my sandals, grabbed my little shoulder bag and left my room.

I checked my phone as I walked down the stairs and saw that it was 22:10 . I was late but wasn’t bothered if Tom and Leo were there or not, there are plenty of cocks in the sea and I seriously doubted that I wouldn’t be able to find at least one that could fill my hole later that night.

I wasn’t really surprised to see that Tom and Leo was sat on a sofa in reception so I went over to them and sat on a sofa that was the other side of the coffee table in front of them. I was a little surprised at just how low the sofa was and as I leant back I realised that my knees were quite a bit higher than my butt. What’s more I’d sat with my knees about shoulder width apart. Both Tom and Leo moved to the front edge of their sofa and I saw their eyes go straight to my pussy that was on full display for them.

“You do know that we can see your bare pussy right now Sandra,” Tom said, “and that we could see your slit and your clit as you walked over here.”

“Are you complaining boys?” I replied.

“Hell no,” Tom said, “just wanted to make sure that you knew.”

“Of course I know, that’s why I chose this outfit. If you lift your eyes you will be able to see my tits as well, not that you haven’t seen them before.”

“And amazing tits they are too,” Leo said, “if I had tits like those I’d want to show them to everyone as well.”

“It you had tits Leo do you think that I’d have come on holiday with you, there’s name for guys with tits and I don’t want to know about it,” Tom said, “leave the tits on the girls with bodies like Sandra has, that’s what I want to see.”

“Okay guys, no need to argue about my tits, you’ve both seen them, and played with them, and if you play your cards right you can do that again later but right now I’m hungry and thirsty and I want to show my girly bits to lots more guys so let’s go.”

It was a bit of a challenge getting up from that low sofa and I wondered how may girls hadn’t realised what they’d be showing when they were sat there and getting up, especially in the ultra short skirts that just about all the girls in Magaluf were wearing, but it didn’t bother me and I made a mental note to go and sit on one of those sofas if there was some cute guys sitting on the opposite one. Another opportunity to flash my pussy ‘accidentally’.

I actually linked my arms with Tom’s and Leo’s as I walked between them to where all the cafes and night life was. Okay it was the middle of the night but the street lights and the lights from business’ made it quite bright and I saw a few guys doing double-takes of my chest as my nipples and barbells led the way. I wasn’t expecting anyone to see much of my butt and pussy as we walked, that would happen when I sat down anywhere.

After a bit of a discussion we chose a cafe and a table close to where people were walking by, and I sat where anyone walking by would see my slit if they cared to look, although I reckoned that 99% of those walking by would be too engrossed it their own little world to closely look at just one of the thousands of scantily clad girls that were out and about.

The waiter noticed what he could see and I smiled as he stared at me as he took our order.

“You enjoyed teasing the waiter didn’t you Sandra?” Leo asked when the waiter left us.

“Yep,” I replied, “a girl has to have some fun before she turns into a middle-aged biddy, it’s alright for you guys who seem to get more handsome as you get older but us girls are in our prime at my age and I intend to take advantage of that.”

“And an awesome prime it is with you Sandra.” Tom added.

I smiled and tweaked my nipples even though they felt like they were already rock hard.

“So are you coming back to our room for round 2 later Sandra?” Leo asked.

“If you play your cards right.” I replied.

I looked towards the laps of Tom and Leo to see if I could see any nice bulges but they were sat too close to the table for me to see but I guessed that they would be just as hard as my nipples and clit were.

When we left the cafe we headed to a nearby bar that the guys said was good. As I’d stood up from the cafe table I did the opposite of what girls normally do when they stand up, I adjusted my skirt upwards a bit and was please that when I slid my hand down my front my finger met my uncovered pubis. Even though I wasn’t expecting 99% of the people walking around to notice it still felt good to be exposed like that and I was happy as we walked.

The bar was just what I had imagined, lots of happy people, lots of noise, lots of booze and little light. I was sure that I could have taken my skirt off and no one would have realised. That was true whilst we were inside the bar but the guys decided that they wanted to sit outside which was fine by me. I’ve never really liked crowded bars or clubs. The other advantage of sitting outside was the street lights, people would be able to see me better.

We didn’t manage to get a table to sit at but we did manage to get some space next to a big barrel that was being used at a table. That was okay with me as we were stood up, I could turn facing anyway that I wanted which meant that my uncovered slit faced anyone that I wanted. Tom and Leo commented on the fact that they could see it and Leo asked me if I realised what was on display.

“Yes I do,” I replied, “it makes me horny knowing that lots of men can see my pussy.”

“Doesn’t that make you feel slutty?” Leo asked.

“Yes, but I am a slut, an exhibitionistic slut. You 2 fucked me after I’d only known you for a couple of hours and you’ll probably fuck me again tonight. Then tomorrow I’ll go looking for some other guy or guys to fuck me. Does that bother you Leo?”

“Hell no, no guy in his right mind could look at your body and not want to fuck you. All the other guys at the pool this afternoon wanted to fuck you.”

“So there’s plenty for me to choose from tomorrow then?”

“Unfasten your top Sandra.” Tom said.

That surprised me a little but I smiled and did as I was told, pulling the sides open so that my tits were on display. As I let go of the sides they naturally tried to close a little but they both stopped when the edges caught behind my barbells.

“I haven’t seen you when your nipples aren’t rock hard Sandra?” Tom said.

“Yeah,” I replied, they seem to have been doing me proud ever since I landed in Mallorca. You do know that a girl’s nipples are like a boy’s cock that he has no control over when it gets hard.”

“Yes I do, it’s just that most of the other topless girls nipples that I’ve seen since we got here haven’t been as hard as yours look Sandra.” Leo said.

“That’s probably because I’ve been feeling horny ever since I got here.” I replied then rolled my left nipple between my right thumb and index finger.

As I was doing that I said,

“Yes they do feel hard, you feel them.”

I lowered my right hand and both Leo and Tom reached over and rolled my nipples like I had done. I moaned a little as my right hand kept going down and easily found my clit as I spread my feet a little more. Moaning again I said,

“My clit feels just as hard, do you want to feel it?”

“Stupid question.” Tom said as his hand beat Leo’s to my pussy.

After a few seconds I pulled the hand away and said,

“Patience Tom, you can play with that as much as you like later. Let Leo have a quick play with it.”

Leo’s hand quickly replaced Tom’s and as he gave my clit a quick rub I looked up when I heard a young man say,

“Give her one for me mate. Nice tits by the way.”

The young man kept walking with his mates and Leo withdrew his hand.

We spent the next 15 or 20 minutes standing at that table, drinking and talking about all the ‘happy’ people who were walking by, especially those who looked twice at me or made some comment about what they had seen.

Then, just as Leo was about to go and get us some more drinks, a couple who had been sat near to us got up and left and I had an idea.

“Tom, sit on the front edge of that chair and lean back.”

He did and then I backed up to his legs and shuffled my feet back outside his legs.

“Bloody hell Sandra, do you want me to finger fuck you?”

“Nearly right. not your finger, get your cock out and let me sit on it. I’ll keep still so no one will be able to tell that you’re fucking me.”

“Bloody hell,” Leo said when he got back with the beers, “are you two doing what I think you are doing?”

“You can’t see my cock or Sandra’s pussy can you?” Tom asked.

“No, but I know you two and I just know what you are doing.”

“You’ll get your turn Leo.” I said as I gently gyrated my hips.

“You’ll make me cum if you keep doing that.” Tom said.

“I hope so.” I replied.

Leo was stood next to us and all 3 of us were talking and drinking just like all the hundreds of young people who were sat outside all the bars, except that my tits were on display and I was slowly gyrating my hips with Tom’s cock inside me. The only things that could have made it better were if we had been on a stage and been totally naked with hundreds of people watching us.

Unfortunately, things couldn’t last and Tom said.

“Of fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

Seconds later I felt his cock start twitching inside me and his warm cum flooding my insides. That set me off and I too started cumming, fortunately not too loudly. Then I just sat there enjoying the afterglow of what had just happened.

I felt Tom’s cock going soft then slip out of me so I warned him that I was about to stand up and by the time I was on my feet and had turned around his cock was back inside his shorts but there was a huge damp patch where I had leaked onto him. Instinctively I went to straighten my skirt but soon remembered that it hadn’t covered much of my butt or slit before we fucked so I left it as it was. After all, not many people had realised that my slit was on display and seeing a girl’s bare butt was nothing new in Magaluf.

Tom stood up and we continued people watching and seeing if they realised what I was displaying. Unfortunately, not many people were observant enough to realise and those that did either just did a double take before moving on, or shouted some comment that I took as a compliment.

At one point Tom asked me if I wanted to go to a nightclub with them and I think that they were a little relieved when I said that I wasn’t a great fan of nightclubs.

After a while we decided to move on and walk around at bit. I freed my top from behind my barbells but I didn’t fasten it, just let the 2 halves go wherever they wanted to and I felt really good and horny walking along knowing that my slit and sometimes my tits were on display even if just about everyone didn’t realise what was there to be seen.

We ended up walking along the seafront which appeared to be miles long. There’s a broad path with a small wall between the path and the beach, and on the other side of the path there are cafe’s and small clubs all the way along before you get to the hotels. At that time of night there were still hundreds of people walking about and in the cafes.

At one point the wall was a bit higher and I remembered that Leo hadn’t fucked me yet that evening so I told Leo to sit on the wall facing the deserted beach and get his cock out. Then I climbed onto the wall and straddled him facing the path and a busy cafe. My pussy was right in front of his face and he managed to get a quick lick along my slit before I lowered myself onto his cock. Then I stretched my legs forward so that I couldn’t get off him easily.

The 3 of us had a conversation whilst I gently gyrated my hips with lots of people walking passed within a couple of metres of us. I think that the 3 of us having a conversation stopped most of the people from thinking much about the way I was straddling Leo but we did get a few puzzled looks and each time I wondered if they knew what we were doing.

Anyway, it didn’t take that long for Leo’s blue balls to return to their usual colour, albeit them being empty of the cum that was, by then, deep inside me.

Getting me off Leo was a bit of a challenge and as Tom lifted me up I’m sure that a middle-aged man that was passing with his wife, got an eyeful of my spread pussy and my tits as my top came wide open as Tom lifted me.

Back on the path we continued walking and a bit further along we came across a cafe that was sunk lower than the path and it had a little wall between it and the path. The cafe was quite popular and inside there was a band playing and Tom said that the tune was one of his favourites. We stopped and turned to face the cafe to listen and watch the band and I quickly realised that we were stood right next to a table of youngish men. The tables were lower than the path so I decided to step up onto the wall for a better view.

As soon as I got up there I saw that my uncovered slit was at about the height of the faces of the young men sat at the table so I spread my feet a bit and shouted,


That drew the attention of one of the young men and he turned to see who had shouted and promptly got an eyeful of my dripping pussy, not only dripping with my juices but with quite a bit of Leo’s cum that was still leaking out of me.

I pretended to look at the band whilst asking Tom about the song and I glancing down at the young men. I was pleased to see that one by one they all lost interest in the band and were staring at my pussy. The ratio of Leo’s cum to my juices changed in favour of my juices right up until the song ended and I jumped off the wall, still pretending that I didn’t know that I’d exposed myself to them.

As we walked away I looked around for notable landmarks so that I could find that place again.

Soon after that Tom suggested that we head back to the hotel. I discretely moved the 2 sides of my top so that it was caught behind my barbells again and we walked back with me exposed like that. When we walked into the bright hotel’s reception the man behind the desk looked up at us and smiled.

Within minutes we were in Tom’s and Leo’s room, or should I say balcony because I wanted them to fuck me out there where we could be seen from the balconies of the hotel opposite. To be honest I was more interested in getting spit roasted by Tom and Leo than anyone who was watching us but the thought that we were being watched felt really good.

After they had swapped ends a couple of times, and my knees has started to hurt, we ended the session and went inside and I told them that I needed a shower. When I got out I looked at the 2 sleeping beauties, finished drying myself, put my sandals on, picked up my bag and clothes and left the room. I walked totally naked to my room, even deciding to go down in the lift just in case someone else was in it. It was empty and I was a little disappointed that I’d got back to my room without seeing another soul.

I put the lights on, opened my curtains and the balcony door, cleaned my teeth then collapsed on my bed.


The sun was shining into my room when I woke up and could hear a boy and a girl talking. Rapidly becoming fully awake I got off the bed and walked out onto the balcony without even thinking about putting any clothes on. I put my hands on the railings then took a deep breath before turning to see my neighbours both staring at my naked front.

“Oh hi,” I said, “I didn’t realise that I had new neighbours. I’m Sandra, get here last night did you?”

“Yesterday afternoon,” the girl said, “I’m Elaine and this is Harry, it really is nice here isn’t it?”

“The view is spectacular.” Harry said and I watched Elaine thump his arm.

I smiled then replied,

“Oh sorry, I forgot to put some clothes on, I’ll go and put something on.”

“That’s okay Sandra,” Harry said, “It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“Well if you don’t mind,” I replied, “I hate tan lines.”

I was looking at Elaine when I said that to see what her reaction was but she seemed quite happy that her boyfriend had just said that it was okay for me to be naked in front of him. I wondered if Elaine would be getting naked outside of her room as I remembered seeing them fucking on their bed the night before.

“Have you seen much of the place yet?” I asked.

“Not really, we were too knackered to do much last night.” Elaine replied and I had a quick brain image of seeing them fucking on their bed.

“I haven’t been here long either but the pool here is great, being an adults only hotel you can sunbathe and swim like this.” I said as I put my open hand in front of me signifying that I meant naked.

“Really.” Harry replied then he turned to Elaine and continued, “there you are luv, you can get an all-over tan, are the beaches clothing optional as well?”

I was looking at Elaine as Harry was speaking and she didn’t look at all upset that Harry had virtually told her that he wanted her to nude sunbathe.

“No,” I replied, “unfortunately not, but I was improving my all-over on the beach yesterday and no one complained. I guess that that’s one of the advantages of being a girl.”

“So you can be naked on the beach as well Elaine, this is going to be a great holiday.” Harry said.

“Time to go for breakfast Harry.” Elaine said. “Probably see you around Sandra.”

I smiled at them and they went inside, Harry looking at me for as long as he could.

When I went back inside I discovered why I couldn’t see many people walking along the streets, it was only 07:30 . Feeling wide awake I decided to do my bathroom routine and decide what to do that day whilst I was doing it. As I was shaving around my pussy I had a brainwave, well hopefully it would turn out to be one, whilst Tom and Leo had been showing be around the hotel they’d shown me a room that the hotel laughingly called the gymnasium. When I’d looked into the small room I’d seen a few machines, some weights and some floor mats. At the time I’d turned my nose up at it thinking that it wasn’t worth the effort but as I checked all around my genitals to see if any hairs had defied the laser treatment and started growing I had second thoughts and thought that it may be worth a second look.

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