Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 21Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 21


Samantha Pt 21

Please go read part 1 through 20 before reading this…

My bachelorette party.

In most cases both the bride and groom get a separate party before they get married. Ashely wasn’t going to have one because; one, she was already married and two, I was the bride to be. I felt bad for her not having her own party regarding our civil union, so I decided we should do a combined party and just be out celebrating together.

We didn’t invite a lot of people, just a few of my co-workers, a few of hers and of course some of our close friends who knew and accepted this arrangement. Via RSVP there was going to be 14 of us, her included. We planned our night to start at her place with hors d’oeuvres and some champagne before we headed off to dinner. After dinner, it was off to the bar before we ended the night at the 3-bedroom villa, with a private pool we rented for the night.

Everyone met at Ashley’s leaving their vehicles behind. We all jumped into a large SUV style Limousine that held all of us. Both Ashley and I had on our head veils and most of the girls were dressed in light summer dresses or skirts. We had two friends cancelled at the last moment so there was 12 of us when we left her house. There was an excitement in the air as we made out way to dinner. We all laughed and had drinks while enjoying dinner and then headed off to the bar. It wasn’t overly crowded and the bar knew in advance we were coming, so they had set a few tables aside for us in a back area. We played darts, pool and played music on the Juke Box, sang and danced, just enjoying our evening out.

Before we headed to the Villa, we dropped a few girls back off by Ashley’s who couldn’t or didn’t want to go. When the seven of us – who were left – arrived at the Villa, we all decided to hang out by the pool, drink, listen to music and have a great time. It was probably 9:00 P.M. when we go to the villa, so we knew we only had limited time before we had to be quiet and take it in doors. I opened my gifts from my friends as did Ashley and we just all had a great girl’s night out. I was actually hoping for a stripper (female or male) but no one had gotten one, since both the Bride and the Bride were at the party.

As the evening drew later, most of us had drank way too much and were quite the goofy, flirty girls. The only one’s left was my best friend Lisa, my co-worker Malika and her cousin Janelle and two of Ashley’s friends Gina and Tammy. Just before 11:00 P.M., all of us had taken the party inside. We stated playing Truth or Dare, but it was all truth questions and no dares, outside of everyone making Ashley and I kiss, so it got a bit boring. Malika went into her bag and pulled out “Spice Dice” this sex dice game. We all decided we were brave enough to try it and see what happens.

The point of the game is this — you roll the dice and whatever the dice said you had to do to your partner, you did. Except considering there was seven of us — and it’s design is for two maybe three people — so we had to change the rules a bit. We all threw names in a hat and before you rolled, you drew a name and whatever the dice read, is what you had to do to the person whose name you picked. For example, if I picked Malika’s name and rolled the dice and they read kiss neck, I had to go kiss her neck like I was seducing her.

It was fun for a few minutes. But Lisa (who has a long-term BF) and Gina and Tammy who are — not that kind of women — weren’t all that keen on playing once they realized there would be some personal touching and intimate contact. Their night ended when Malika had to kiss Ashley for one-minute in a heated deep French kiss. And I think it scared them, or turned them off, so all three of them decided it was getting late and was time for them to leave.

I understand that lesbianism, or lesbian sex doesn’t sit well with some women, especially if they are not into girls. And Ashley and I wanted them to stay, promising we wouldn’t play anymore, but they were determined to leave. We waited with the out front until their cabs arrived and walked back into the villa once they were all gone. The four of that were left, decided it was time for a new bottle of wine and to continue playing the game.

We all sat down at the small table in the kitchen across from each other. Janelle was to my right; Malika was across from me mersin escort and Ashley was to her left. At first the game seemed pretty mundane, with small flirty things like, nibble your partners ear. Kiss him/her for one minute, rub your partners shoulders, give them a back massage. But the we realized there was another die in the bottom of the box. This one was a bit more provocative.

We removed the “non-sexual” die, and began playing with the more erotic one. This die was more in tune with things like, rub your partners ass, play with their nipples, rub their private parts, flash your partner etc. We spent the better part of 45 minutes just having the time of our lives. We all kissed and rubbed and flashed our tits, caressed our legs and rubbed each other’s butts. It was quite fun. But then the real action happened.

Before her roll, Ashley pulled Malika’s name from the hat. When the dice quit tumbling the symbol, kiss your partner thighs all the way up to his/her underwear appeared. Malika swung her chair out from under the table, hiked her skirt up to just below her waist line, spread her legs open and mouthed out, “Common girl, start kissing.”

We all busted out laughing knowing this was all in fun and between girls who were unafraid and willing to play. But that’s where we lost the night to hormones and alcohol.

Ashley got down on her knees laughing and giggling as she started to lean forward. Janelle and I literally stood up off of our chairs and were looking over the table to watch this happen. Ashley’s head dipped down with her face resting on the insides of Malika’s knees. Ashely slowly kissed her way up Malika’s knees, switching from side to side, as she made her way up further. I grabbed Janelle’s hand and was holding it as we both watched in anticipation. Ashley finally got to Malika’s panties, she lightly kissed and rubbed her nose along the light purple-colored panties Malika was wearing. Malika’s hands came down on top of Ashley’s head as Ashley stayed put.

Janelle and I looked at each other in surprise that their “turn was over” and they were staying there for that length of time. When Ashley’s head finally lifted out of Malika’s crotch, Malika lightly grabbed both sides of Ashley’s face and lifted her upwards as she lowered hers down. Their lips met and exploded into an unexpected deep kiss. I was actually rather shocked and taken-a-back that they had gone from the action on the dice to their own action. Janelle and I still holding hands literally stretching over the table watching these two making out.

When their kiss finally broke, the look of lust in Malika’s eyes was beyond imagination. Ashley adjusted her torso more upright — still on her knees — and said, “Wait, I don’t think I did that correctly. Let me try again.”

She leaned her head down and started kissing up Malika’s thighs again. This time she was more seductive, more erotic and more lustful than she had been before. Malika looked at me and asked, “Is this, okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay.” I replied.

When Ashley got back up to Malika’s panties she kissed and licked over them like she was eating her out. Malika moaned in pleasure as Ashley teased her with her lips and tongue. Ashley would pull away time to time and would rub Malika’s panties with her fingers as her head and hair rubbed up and down along Malika’s brown tanned Filipina legs. Malika edged her legs outward, further off the seat of the chair, which pulled her skirt up further as spread her legs farther apart. With her left-hand Malika reached down in-between her legs to her right inner thigh and she pulled her panties away from, and off to the side exposing her dripping wet waxed pussy. She held her panties to the side as Ashley’s was still kissing up and down her thighs. When Ashley got back up right in front of Malika’s pussy, she didn’t hesitate, diving right in, licking, kissing and sucking on Malika’s pussy.

At first, I was almost mad and resentful that my Fiancé was eating another girl out, but then I realized I had been face down in that same pussy just about 6 weeks ago and now I am standing here holding Janelle’s hand. Outside of the fact that all of us had kissed, touched and played with each other’s tits within the last hour. So, what else was I expecting with four drunk, horny women, playing a sex game? My pussy tingled and I was beyond turned mersin escort bayan on watching Ashley pleasuring Malika. I pulled Janelle from the table by her hand and we walked away stopping in-between the dining room and front room. I looked at Janelle and said, “Well looks like it’s our turn.”

Janelle smiled and leaned into me as her and I began to kiss. It wasn’t as deep or as erotic of a kiss as Malika and Ashley’s was, but we were kissing. I could see Ashley and Malika over Janelle’s left shoulder as her and I stood kissing her. When I opened my eyes again, Malika had her shirt open, her tits were out over her bra cups and she was cupping her breasts, pulling on her nipples as Ashley’s face was still buried deep within her legs. I began fondling Janelle’s small tits trying to get her turned on.

I watched as Ashley pulled her dress up exposing her ass and the sexy white thong she was wearing. “Holy fuck!” I thought to myself, Ashley’s eating her out and I’m making out with Janelle. And I’m going to lez out with Janelle while Ashley fucks Malika….

I was trying to concentrate on kissing Janelle, but I could see Ashley’s fingers rubbing around inside of her panties, playing with her pussy. I slid my hand in-between Janelle’s legs and was rubbing on her pussy over her leggings as her hands lightly rested on my tits. I was putting pressure on her clit trying to get her extremely excited or to have her cum, before I slid my hand into her panties. Janelle was “kinda” moaning and was going with the flow, but I could tell she wasn’t into me, or this, like Ashley and Malika were with each other.

I guided Janelle’s hand down onto my pussy over my dress, she held it there, but really didn’t rub much or try to get me off, so I figured this might not be going any further. When I tried sliding my hand down into her pants, she pulled back and whimpered an unintelligible sentence. But I got the gist. I wasn’t going to be playing with her pussy.

Janelle and I stood kissing for a minute or two more, when she stopped me and said, “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” And turned and walked away from me. I knew she wasn’t coming back, so I took a few steps forward to watch Ashley and Malika. By this time, Ashley had slid her thong down which was resting at her knees, her fingers were slamming in and out of her pussy as she moaned out. Malika moaning in unison, louder and louder as she was approaching a second or maybe third orgasm.

After watching them for about a minute, feeling my pussy dripping, I walked over to them, standing next to Malika. “Can I join your party?” I asked.

Malika looked up at me with overwhelming lust in her eyes. Her right hand reached out to me as I lowered my head. Our lips met. Her mouth; wet, soft and giving as our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths. Seeing us kiss, Ashley let out a long soft grown. Ashley stopped licking Malika for a second, finally pulling Malika’s panties and skirt off. Only to return to eating Malika out. Malika’s hand grabbing at my pussy over my dress, feeling it, rubbing it, wanting it. I lifted my dress over my head and unclasped my bra. I leaned downward and put my left tit in Malika’s mouth as her hand was rubbing up and down my pussy over my panties.

Malika managed to slide her hand under my panties feeling how wet I was. She slid fingers deep inside me as I stood moaning and groaning while being fingered. Malika pulled from sucking my tit and said, “I want to eat your pussy.”

I pulled Ashley up from her knees and both her and I each grabbed one of Malika’s hands walking her into the front room. On the way we all managed to strip out of the remainder of our clothing. We laid Malika down flat on the couch and I straddled over top of her face, looking towards her pussy as Ashley slid right back in-between her legs. Malika slowly and softly began eating out my pussy. Sliding her hot wet tongue from my clit to slit and back driving me crazy, as I watched Ashley continue eating hers. I came almost instantly and squirted a bit on her face. She didn’t stop and just kept going. I leaned forward as she used her tongue and fingers to penetrate me, bringing me closer and closer to a second orgasm. On occasion Ashley would look up and lift her head towards my face and we would kiss deeply as she fingered Malika.

I wanted to suck Malika’s escort mersin pussy so bad and was taken back to our afternoon in my closet, when I brought her to her first lesbian orgasm, and watched her as she ate pussy her first pussy. My pussy… For the first time. I moaned out, “Ash, I need to eat her pussy.”

Ashley slid up onto her knees away from Malika and started climbing off the couch. I lifted my leg over Malika and stood upright. Ashely and I stopped to kiss for just a minute as we brushed past each other. As I was lowering myself chest down onto the couch, I watched Ashley lean down and kiss Malika passionately. She then swung her leg over Malika’s face, lowering her wet, wide, hot pussy onto Malika’s face. I watched Malika’s’ tongue swirling up and down and all-around Ashley’s pussy as I laid in-between her legs licking hers.

I swirled my tongue around her clit driving her crazy as my fingers lightly teased and penetrated her opening. I felt her pulsing as I listened to her and Ashley moaning in unison. My hand down between my legs rubbing my clit as I ate her out. She was as wet as I remembered and it wasn’t long until my entire face was covered in her juices. I wished I could slide my whole face inside her and lick every bit of her insides driving her to orgasms she would never have imagined.

I fingered Malika as I watched her tongue still swirling around Ashley’s pussy, while my hand was rubbing my own clit. All three of us almost orgasming in unison, one right after another. We made love in this position for more than 10 minutes bringing ourselves to orgasm after orgasm, by fingering, licking and sucking each other off.

I don’t know what happened to Janelle. She never returned and to be honest I was glad she didn’t. When we finally finished, we all cuddled in together on the couch for a while until Malika was just about asleep. Ashley and I retreated to our master bedroom, falling asleep naked in each other’s arms.

I was awoken at about 3 A.M. with Ashley rubbing on my pussy. She whispered to me, “I never got to eat you out.”

Without hesitation we started up again and spent the next twenty minutes in a sixty-nine, licking and fingering each other to multiple orgasms, falling right back to sleep in each other’s arms.

I woke earlier than everyone else that next morning and walked into the front room to see Janelle lying on the couch. She was dead asleep and wearing a long white night shirt, which had ridden up and over her waist. Her cute little shaved Filipina pussy in plain view just begging to be played with. I thought about waking her up by arousing her and eating her out, but since she didn’t seem all that interested in it last night. I decided it was best to take a mental picture of it and leave it alone.

After everyone was finally up, there was a strange air of silence between us. Mostly because we were all hung over, but also that (at least) 3 of the 4 of us had engaged in some pretty heated lesbian sex. We all had some coffee, showered up (not together), gathered our belongings and headed out for breakfast checking out of the villa.

After breakfast we all said our goodbyes in the parking lot and Ashley and I caught a cab home, while Malika and Janelle called an Uber.

The whole ride home I leaned up against Ashley knowing in one week I would be marrying her. Marrying the woman I loved and the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. When we got home, we briefly spoke to Ron and decided it was time for a long nap. We adorned to her bedroom, striping down to just our panties and climbing into bed together. We both crashed hard and long, after a night of orgasms, alcohol and lack of sleep. We did get bothered by Ron about every hour or so, with him wondering when we were going to get up, eat or be sociable.

Ashley youngest daughter found us in bed cuddled in our panties and called every other child into the room to see. So, unfortunately as long as we had managed to hide our secret, our secret was out and we were busted. It didn’t take any of them to long to put two and two together that their mom was bi-sexual and I wasn’t living there because I was down on my luck. But in reality, their mom and I were sleeping together. It was a long night explaining things to them, but we were honest and open with them and at the end of the day – whether they liked it or not – the truth was out.

The following Saturday Ashley and I were wed on the beach at sunset with Ron as her “maid of honor” and my best friend Lisa as mine.

I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued…

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