Sally the WelderSally the Welder

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Sally the WelderI was just finishing the weld when the whistle blew. But there were still 4 more inches to go, so I bit my lower lip and continued along the bead, knowing that it had to be absolutely perfect. People were counting on me after all.I finally finished it, and turned off the torch, lifting up my face shield and looking at it with my bare eyes. No bubbling, no carbonization, it looked perfect. I smiled and looked a second time, still perfect. “Hmmmm, that looks perfect Sally!” came the voice from over my shoulder, and I looked back at Mrs. Weller, who was leaning over my shoulder. I grinned at her, and she patted my shoulder as she reached out and with a piece of chalk in her other hand made a mark with her number on the rudder, noting the time and date.“You’ve come a long ways in the last 6 months, and you should be proud of that. That is fine work. Now let us get down off of here, whistle blew 15 minutes ago.”“Yes Ma’am,” I said. “But I did not want to leave it half-finished like that, the night crew might have had to do it all over again, and better done right than done twice. And I ain’t gonna have any of our boys in trouble because I did a sloppy job.”I racked my equipment and saw I was the last one. Mrs. Weller locked the cabinet and together we walked to the office, where I grabbed my time card and stuck it in the machine and punched out. But I was surprised when she grabbed it from me, and signed it, and put a note saying that the 30 minutes of overtime was authorized. “You deserve it my dear, and I am going to turn this in myself so there are no mistakes in getting it taken care of. You go ahead and take off, and have a good weekend Sally.”“Thank you Mrs. Weller, you also Ma’am,” I said, and walked over to the lockers. I went into the one set aside for us and sighed as I took off my jacket, and grabbed two of the gray towels off of the stack, and went to the sink. I removed my thick blue cotton work shirt and bra, and got one towel wet and washed off my face, arms, and torso. Watching the wavy steel mirror until I was sure all of the dirt was off of my face, I used the other to dry off, then tossed them both into the hamper before putting my bra and shirt on again.One good thing in addition to the extra money, being late meant I was one of the tail end waiting for the train. I got in line, and climbed into the last car and leaned against the rail as we swayed our way north and east away from the Kaiser shipyard and towards home. A fairly new housing development in Berkeley called Codornices Village. Of course, it was not my home, it belonged to my sister and her husband. While California was nothing like South Carolina had been, it also was not really open for a single woman of color. But there was a war on, and when Kay told me her husband could get me a job at the shipyard, I did not even ask ma and pa, I just told them I was going. And 2 weeks later, here I was.I was hired almost on the spot, and after 2 months of mostly doing everything from picking up trash to moving around carts full of parts, I was assigned to training as a welder. I was among the best in my class, and thankfully assigned to Mrs. Weller’s crew. We mostly worked outside the hull of the Liberty Ships we were building, which would be bad I know come winter. But here in summer it was nice. A cool breeze off of the San Francisco Bay, and during breaks I could sit on the scaffolding and look out at the water. The same, but so different from that at home.I finally got home, and Kay smiled and kissed my cheek and said dinner would be ready soon. I went into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes. At least there was plenty of hot water, and once I was clean I put on my robe and went into the living room. “Steak and mashed potatoes, Kay?” I asked, in a teasing voice.“Heh, not likely! Canned ham and corn. But I did get 5 pounds of grits, they are already soaking for breakfast tomorrow.” I made the right lip smacking noise, and dug into my chow. Murray was working the night shift, so it was just us talking as I ate, and she asked me what I was planning for the weekend.“Well, some of the girls said they were going to the Rialto, that new movie with Lena Horne and Cab Calloway is playing. After that, I might go to the Victory club.” Sis smiled at me, and said she hoped I had a good time. I ate the last of dinner and headed back to the bathroom.I put on my makeup and fixed up my hair. It was still scrunched up a bit from the cloth cap I wore under my hardhat, but that was a good thing now. That and the lighter stripe where the band rested against my forehead showed I was working for the war. I went into the bedroom and selected my blue and white pinstripe Georgiana Frock Dress. It was quite daring ma would have said, barely coming to my knee. But there was a war on, so we had to save fabric. I considered putting on my stockings, but I only had 1 pair left so shook my head and sent without. And grabbing my nightshirt I slipped into my shoes and went back to the living room. I put my nightie on the chair near the couch, and after hugging Kay I grabbed my purse and headed out.A short walk later and I was on the Key Line to Oakland. While some were not happy they were allowing coloreds to live in Berkeley, they could not stop us. They needed the workers to build the ships, and we had to live somewhere. However, there were few businesses that catered to us so most of us went to nearby Oakland for entertainment.I got off the train and walked to 7th Street, and stood and looked around. It was just starting to get dark, and there were a lot of people on the streets. I walked to the theater and checked the time, and saw I had 20 minutes left. So I got my ticket, and lit a cigarette and watched the people. Almost all of them were colored also, but one or two Mexicans in Zoot Suits were wandering around also. I still thought on most of them it looked silly. Especially since most were around five foot nothing. Now Cab Callaway could pull it off, he was slender and tall. But most looked like k**s who had gotten into their dad’s closet and were playing dress-up.I was about to put out my cigarette when a sailor walked up and asked me how much. I gave the light-skinned fool a look that would strip rust off of a hull, and told him I was not for rent, not available, and I sure as hell was not for him. His buddies who stood a few feet away howled in laughter at him as he apologized and moved away. I took a last drag and tossed the butt into the gutter and headed inside.I used the bathroom, then got into the line for the concession stand. Of course there was no candy, damned rationing. No Coca-Cola either. I went ahead and got a popcorn and iced tea, even though the ersatz sugar beets they used was not as good as real sugar. Then heading in I found a seat in the back.The back is right, a lot of people were still there from the last showing, so I had to settle into the back corner. I took a sip of my tea and made a face, then set the waxed paper cup on the floor against the wall and crossed my thighs, taking a bite of popcorn and looking around. Over half of the men were in uniform, most were Navy but a few soldiers. Most of the other men were either too old to serve, or could not serve. And I saw a few that should have been in uniform, and dismissed them because they were not.The lights dimmed and the cartoon feature started as I saw motion at the end of the row. It was three sailors, and they were moving towards what were probably the only 3 seats together in the place. The one in front smiled and apologized, and took a seat next to me. And I was a bit surprised to see that unlike most of the others and his two friends, he was white.But he was a Petty Officer Third Class, and the other two were seamen. The cartoon was one I had seen before, with a rabbit doing all he could to make life hell for a Jap soldier. We all laughed anyway, then the newsreels came on.I leaned forward, and this was actually recent footage out of New Guinea. It was clips of our boys, and talking about how the dirty Japs were being rooted out of the caves and bunkers, and how we were going to push them back into the sea and crying to Tojo.Then the normal spot telling us to buy bonds. And how we had to do our best in rationing and recycling to beat the Nips and Krauts and bring our boys home. The man next to me softly apologized for taking the seat next to me, but there were no other ones for he and his friends to sit together in. And now that I heard his voice better, I turned to him and gave him a smile.“Let me guess sir, Charleston?” He looked a bit startled, and smiled in return and nodded. “Yes Ma’am. Good ear. Pee Dee?”“Uh-huh, Myrtle Beach.” Which is what many called the region where I was raised, after the Pee Dee River.I was a bit surprised when he reached out and took my hand in his, shaking it softly. “I know the area, my family has a cottage up there. We might have even seen each other from time to time during vacations.” I grinned, thinking that was unlikely. He asked what I was doing out here, and I said I was working at the shipyard. I asked him the same thing, and he pointed to his buddies.“I asked these two lunkheads to show me some real jazz. Herb there is from this area, and he said if we wanted real jazz, we had to come here.”“Jazz, not swing? That’s kind of an unusual choice.”“Well, I grew up with it. And when I saw on the marquee that Cab is in this along with Lena, I had to see it.”We talked softly until the movie started, this was a rather unusual white boy. The movie was quite good, but not as good as the last one I had seen with Lena. Of course, Satchmo was in that one. And no matter how good Cab was, there was only one Satchmo.The movie finally ended, and by now John and I were becoming friends. Herb was looking around and I asked if they wanted dancing and punch, or jazz and booze. Well, they wanted the latter so I talked with Herb, and he agreed that the Creole Cafe would be the best place. I was even taken aback a bit when John held out his arm for me, and I found myself taking it.It turns out they all served on the same destroyer, and John, Herb, and Frank were all quartermasters. Their ship had been damaged in the Solomon campaign, and was in Mare Island for repairs. We were able to get a table, and John went to get us all drinks as I sat with the other two.And I was a bit surprised when they said he was a “Good cat”. He actually dropped out of college when the war started, and came from a wealthy family. “Daddy’s a doctor, his brother is a soldier over in Africa. He ain’t one of those redneck crackers, he talks real fine and treats us like anybody else. But he been pestering us to take him here for the last month, and this is our last shore leave so we decided to bring him along.”At that time John came back with 4 bottles of Acme beer, and we toasted each other as a quintet took the stage. They were quite good, but I saw more than a few looks at our table. I mentioned to John as we talked that his buddies had told me his dad was a doctor, so I asked his name. Sadly I had never heard of a Dr. Killman, but John did know the Youngblood Pharmacy.“Sure I know that, it’s the one my dad uses if we are up there.” I then more formally introduced myself, and he laughed when I said I was Sally Youngblood. “Wait until my dad finds out! How is your dad doing? bahis şirketleri I only know him as Mr. Youngblood, but he used to let me read the comics as he and my dad did business.”We talked for a bit, and I admitted that he might indeed have seen me or my sister there, as we normally worked in the summer sweeping or helping customers. “Well, my dad is going to be tickled pink to hear that! I’m gonna have to write and tell him that before we put back out to sea again. It is a small world, our dads knowing each other and we are both all the way out here.”Well, a few minutes later Herb asked me to dance, so I smiled and accepted. We danced a few numbers, then Frank cut in and I danced a few times with him. The surprise was 2 songs later when John then cut in, and I smiled and took his hand in mine and the song was fast and energetic. And obviously this was not his first time dancing to jazz. But the next song was slower, and he respectfully put his hand on my hip and we danced together.But I saw some of the looks were getting dangerous, and before it was over I stepped back and said I was thirsty. We returned to the table and finished our beers, and I looked over at Herb. He seemed to notice the mood also, and he nodded and suggested we leave. One of the guys in a Zoot Suit started to step away from the bar. But the bartender grabbed his arm and shook his head, and we made it out without incident.Both Herb and I gave a sigh of relief when we were on the street, and John did not seem to have noticed anything. “So, where to now?”I suggested the Victory Club, so we headed on over there. Good music, free doughnuts and punch, dancing and other girls for the guys in uniform, and thankfully integrated enough to not cause a problem. We went inside, and I was surprised when John took my hand and took me right out to the floor. We continued dancing, and he was really good. I saw that Herb and Frank soon had partners as well, so I smiled as John and kept dancing.After a while we took a break, and he again put my hand on his arm and walked me to the table with refreshments and got both of us a punch. I even giggled when he pulled out a small flask and poured a clear liquid into each cup. “Vodka, the real stuff not bathtub gin.” We toasted each other, and it indeed was good stuff. We had another glass of fortified punch, and hit the floor again.This time the songs slowed down, and I was a bit started when he pulled me in a bit closer. He was taller than me, about 5’9” to my 5’4”. And his reddish-blonde hair was actually kind of nice, and I felt my fingers itching to run through it for some reason. We talked about all kinds of things, and finally I just could not resist anymore. “So tell me Petty Officer Killman, do you have a hankering for Redbones or something?”And I instantly felt ashamed, when I saw him jerk, and start to blush. It was also only then that I realized our bodies were lightly touching, and he pulled back. “Oh, I’m sorry Miss Youngblood, I hope you do not think I was thinking anything like that! I simply like dancing with you, honest.” And I could tell he was sincere, and smiled and nodded, moving a bit closer so we were lightly touching again.“Well, I am sorry but I had to ask. I have to admit, I have never danced with a white boy before.”“Well, I have danced with colored girls before, but do not think I am trying to get fresh or anything. You see, my family does not hold with the attitudes of many back home. If I was ever heard speaking anything but respect to your father or to you, my mom would have beat me. Then turned me over to my dad and he would beat me again. You see, he works at Charleston Hospital, and also teaches at the Cannon Street Hospital. I hope you do not think I am like most back home like me.”He honestly sounded hurt, and I felt ashamed. This time I did give in and let my fingers slide up to run through the short hair at the base of his neck. “Oh John, I do not think so at all. But I hope you understand, I had to ask. I do believe you, and nothing in how you have treated me tonight was anything but proper.”I felt a little thrill and moved closer, and I could feel his chest against my breasts. He was a well fit man, and he felt good against me. But all too soon the songs changed to a faster swing style so we took a break again. I laughed when I saw that Frank and Herb were still dancing, and we had some more reinforced punch as we watched. I then excused myself to use the facilities, and saw it was after 11. I went to the phone and dropped in a dime, then called my sister. I told her I had met some friends, and I might be home late so she should not worry about me.I met John again, and we sat in a corner and talked as we sipped our drinks. He had the prettiest green eyes, and I was a bit startled when he took my hand in his. I smiled at him, and we moved a bit closer and continued talking. At 11:30 they announced 30 minutes left. I was well familiar with the routine here, so I pulled him back onto the floor just as the band started a Glenn Miller number. Moonlight Serenade was one of my favorite songs, and when John pulled me even closer, I moved my body against his.His hand moved from my hip to the small of my back, and I felt butterflies in my belly as we moved together. I barely remember the other songs, only that they were slow, and it felt so good to be held by him. Finally they were saying we had to leave, and I put my hand on his arm as we went to get my coat. We walked outside and he asked if he could walk me to the train. I looked for Herb and Frank, and he laughed and said they had left over a half-hour before.“Herb came up when you were away, and said he had found dates for the two of them, and they were going to take off. I imagine they are all at Herb’s place now.” I laughed, and said good for them. “Of course, he is from here so I imagine that makes it easier. What will you be doing tonight, John?”John admitted he did not know, probably find a hotel for the night as he did not want to be the odd man out at Herb and Frank’s party. I nodded, and suggested a few that were open to any customer in uniform. We walked together in the early morning, and I suggested the 7th Street Hotel. It was not all that far away, and was known to ignore the segregation laws and allow whites in uniform to stay there. He nodded, and as we walked in the direction he asked me what my plans were for the rest of the weekend.I admitted I had the weekend off, and he very politely and almost formally asked if I could join him for lunch the next day. I smiled and nodded, and said I would love to. I suggest we go to Jack London Square, they had some good food, and often music and dancing at the clubs there.We were about 2 blocks from the hotel when I cursed softly and released his arm and went into the entryway of a closed store. John asked what was wrong, and I said I had gotten a rock in my shoe. I removed it, and sure enough heard the soft tap when the rock struck the cement when I shook it out. I had just slipped my foot back in when I felt John right next to me. His body was almost touching mine, and I looked up into his eyes, and once again loved how green they were.And I did not even think of resisting when I realized his eyes were getting closer to my own, and I licked my lips right before they were met by his. Oh my he kissed me good! His lips were soft, and he pulled me against him, but in a nice manner, not a hungry manner as so many boys had kissed me in the past. I bent up my right leg and pressed against him. And this time it was like all of us were touching, I could feel his strong thighs against mine, my breasts pressed against his chest, and I felt flutters as I realized that was his cock pressing against my belly.I let my fingers caress up the back of his neck again, and run through his hair. And when his tongue pressed against my lips, I welcomed it inside. Now I was not a virgin, and had not been since one of the neighbors and I were an item after we graduated. But he went and joined the Army, so that ended. And there had been 2 others since I moved to California. But it had been months and months, and I admitted to myself as I felt his tongue in my mouth that this was a fine man that I would like to know carnally, even if he was white and I was colored.Finally we broke, and both of us were breathing heavier. I saw him lick his lips and swallow, and he actually thanked me! Then apologized, hoping he had not been out of line, and hoped I would still meet him for lunch the next day. I said indeed I would, and after another soft kiss we continued walking. And I only knew how late it was when I sighed as the 1:45 train turned the corner and headed west.“Shit,” I said, then blushed. John asked what was wrong, and I said that was the last train for the night. “They will not start up again until 5 in the morning. They used to run 24 hours, but they started breaking down, so now they stop between 2 and 5 for maintenance. Nothing for it I guess, there is a night owl coffee shop a block or two ahead.”He then invited me to his room when he got one and said he could order some coffee and we could wait together. I looked into his eyes, and he did seem sincere so I agreed. Right before we got there I told him to go ahead and get a room, and I would take a seat in the lobby. “Once you get your key, nod at me once for each floor, and a few minutes later I will meet you there. If we walk in together they will assume I am a prostitute and refuse to rent you a room. Just say you know this is a hotel for blacks only, but your shipmates are colored and live in the neighborhood. It is late and you do not want to walk across town at 2 in the morning.”John kissed me and nodded, and it went just as I thought. I walked in and sat at a chair and removed my shoes and started to rub my feet. The bellboy came up and asked if I needed anything, and I shook my head. “Oh, but thank you. I already have a room with my family, my brother is in the hospital getting over something he picked up over there. I was at the Victory Club, and wanted to massage my feet after dancing all night before I go upstairs.” I saw John nod to me four times, and I nodded as the bellboy told me he was waiting for his number to come up, and he was going in the Army soon. I rested my hand on his arm and wished him a lot of luck and to be safe, and he kindly helped me to my feet and I walked to the elevators barefoot.Thankfully there was no operator at night, so I was able to push the button myself and stepped onto the hallway on the fourth floor. I saw a door about 10 yards down was open, and saw John’s arm poking out. I walked up and took his hand in mine and entered the room. We kissed briefly, and he said the coffee would be up in about 10 minutes.“He was a bit surprised because of the time, but I said I had something to add to it to help me sleep and he laughed. So if you can wait in the bathroom until they bring it up, there will be no suspicions.” I nodded, and it was a good idea as I did have to use it.Afterward I used a washcloth to wipe off my makeup, knowing that no matter what it was no longer needed this evening. I heard the knock on the door, and the bellboy come in and some noises before he thanked John and left again. John called my name, and I came out and saw a coffee service for 4 on the table. And next to it some toast bahis firmaları and fruit.“I asked them for something to eat also, this is all they said they could provide with the kitchen closed. I hope you do not mind Sally.” I said it was fine, and soon we had more coffee and vodka, and I was nibbling on some toast as he had an orange.John went and turned on the radio, and tuned it until he found the classical station. He sat back down, and I could not stop myself from standing, and moving into his lap. His arms went around my waist and we started kissing again.This time my tongue went into his mouth first, and we were kissing passionately. With his hat off this time I could run my fingers through his short reddish hair, and I pressed myself tight against him. And his hands were sliding along my back, and I felt a shiver as I purposefully pressed my breasts against his chest.And when I felt his hand move down below my waist, I did nothing to stop him. Not even a few minutes later when his shaking hand moved up to cup my breast. In fact, I was the one that opened my top and slid his hand in to cup me through my bra.What followed was almost a dream. Watching him remove his shoes and open his trousers (so many buttons!) as I pulled off my dress, and laid it over the back of a chair. His clothes over the back of another chair and I saw his eyes open wide as I reached back and opened and removed my bra. Then slipping off my panties and picking up my purse and setting it on the nightstand as he removed his underwear and turned off all the lights.We came together in the bed, and I shivered as I felt his naked body against mine. But it felt so absolutely right, so perfect. I whispered I had only been with three men, and he whispered in return he had only been with one woman. “This is so unlike me John, but I don’t want this night to end. You are going soon, but I hope I can send you off with a happy memory.”His hands on me were exquisite, and gentle. Feeling him take my breasts into his hands and my nipple into his mouth was pure bliss. My hand wrapped around a perfect shaft, and his fingers piercing into me was rapture. As he started to move on top of me I used my hand on his chest to have him wait, and reached into my purse. I found the small paper wrapper by touch and handed it to him, and he nodded. Then once he was covered, he covered me.Oh god, it was a stretch. He was bigger around than any boy before in me, if not so long. I gasped and moaned his name, and his lips met mine as he continued to saw his length in and out of me. I was more sodden than I had ever been before, and feeling him all the way inside was so wonderful. My arms and legs wrapped around him, and we moved together as a well designed machine.And for the first time, I felt that ultimate bliss during the actual act of making love and not by myself when I was alone at night. And it was so much better! And it must have been more than my darling John could stand, as he shuddered above me and kissed me deeper as he grew even firmer and thicker inside, and I felt a small tear as I gasped, knowing he was filling the condom with his seed. Now I know what some of the girls meant when they talked about feeling “well loved”. Because I was absolutely knackered.John pulled out and I saw him light a cigarette and hand it to me, then one for himself as he used the lighter to find the ashcan and drop the wilted condom inside. He set the ashtray on his belly and we smoked and talked, my head on his chest and talking about how amazing that had been.We made love again before we fell asleep, and it was as amazing as the first time had been. In the morning we woke up and he pulled out the room service menu and we decided the ham and cheese omelets. He ordered two of them, and I had to restrain a giggle when he said he wanted two because soon he was going to be back on powdered eggs and wanted to eat as many as he could before he had to go. I slipped into the bathroom and put on my panties and bra and hung my dress up when the bellboy arrived and delivered the food.John was just in his trousers and an undershirt, and we sat and ate like that. I went to use the phone when he was in the shower, and told my sister I was staying the weekend with friends, and should be home no later than Monday after work.When John came out I could not resist. I had already removed my underwear, and was sitting on the bed when he emerged in only a towel around his waist. I crooked my finger for him to come closer, and he looked surprised when I removed the towel and with my hands on his hips pulled him closer.“Oh God Sally, oh God!” John softly said when I opened my mouth wide and took him inside. I felt his gentle caress on my head, and he moaned that nobody had ever done that to him before. My mouth was stretched more than ever before, just as my lower parts had been in the early morning. But this was something I was familiar with. Condoms were hard to come by when your dad is the local pharmacist, and knows if your boyfriend buys them who he intends to use them with. And I could only safely nick a couple a week without getting caught.Finally, I felt him swelling, then the jerking of his cock inside my mouth as I swallowed all of his gift to me. I told him to relax, and I then kissed him softly and took my shower. And when I came back out we then proceeded to use the last of the condoms I had in my purse, and this time I saw stars 2 times.We decided it was time for lunch, and we got dressed again and he handed me his key and said he would meet me in front shortly. All the dishes went outside the door, and I headed on down to the lobby. I waited outside a few doors down and about 5 minutes later John joined me. And he quickly called a cab and we were at Jack London Square.We had lobster, and it was amazing. Then we went to a club and listened to music and danced. We decided to walk back to the hotel and it was long but nice. And along the way he went into a liquor store as I waited outside. And when I asked what he got, he opened the paper bag. A bottle of bourbon, and a box of what had to have been a dozen condoms. I grinned, and we walked back to the hotel.When we were a block away he handed me the bag and asked what I wanted for dinner. I pointed out a fish and chip place a block ahead, and he nodded and headed over. When I walked in the bellboy started to come over, but I just waved the key at him and he smiled and waved. I walked to the bar and asked for a bucket of ice, and they kindly handed me one. I smiled at the guy operating the elevator and we were soon on the fourth floor.By the time John arrived I had poured us each a drink. I started to run and hide when I heard the door start to open, and it was only John. “When I left this morning I admitted I had left my key up here, so they handed me another one.” I laughed and he whistled at what I was wearing (or not wearing), and soon we were eating greasy fish and chips and drinking the corn liquor. He had gotten so much that we could not finish it all, so when we were full John added more to the glasses and he sat against the head of the bed, and I was in front of him.I could feel his firm chest with his light hairs against my back and he rested one hand on my belly. We were listening to the music on the radio when I felt his hand reach up and cup my breast. His fingers felt so gentle as they circled my dark round circles, causing them to grow all crinkly as my nipple grew turgid like a rivet. And as the news ended and Hit Parade started, he rolled me onto my back and I whimpered as he started to nurse on me.And at the same time his fingers moved down, and like a bee with a flower they so gently opened me and I welcomed his fingers inside of me. I stroked his head and back, marveling at his skin, so white against my dark skin. And even his back had hairs on them, something I had never felt before. And I whimpered and bucked under his touch a few minutes later, crying as I peaked yet again. But tears of absolute rapture.I whimpered and tried to hold him against me when he got out of bed, but he smiled and returned with the bag. This time I opened the box and pulled out the little paper packet, opened it, and rolled it down his length. And felt such delight as my John was inside of me once again. And as we made love, looking up into those beautiful green eyes, I knew I never wanted this to end, I never wanted him to leave me. We used 2 more of the condoms that night, and even though I was now a bit sore I felt perfect.I felt him behind me, his soft cock against my bottom and it felt so nice. And we softly whispered to each other, and in the darkness we each admitted that we might be falling in love. We made promises to keep in touch, and to see each other again when this war was finally over.We used another condom in the morning, then after another omelet breakfast we slipped into the shower. And with the water pouring all over both of us we giggled and made each other soapy then rinsed off over and over again. And I did a fast calculation. I was at the mid-point, so should be safe. And there was plenty of water in here, and I knew what I really wanted.I turned my back to John as he was washing my back and bottom, and I leaned my chest against the cold tile, sticking my bottom out at him. I felt his fingers against my cunny again, and moaned and moved my bottom back and forth. I reached back with one hand and grasped his hip, pulling him against me. He whispered he needed to go to the other room for a moment, and I whispered right here, right now.“I know my cycle, and I can wash you out right after. Please, I want to feel at least once what it is like without one, and I want to feel it with you. Please John, now, oh right here and now my darling John.”And I gasped as I felt him slide back into me. At this angle he seemed to plunge inside even deeper, and it did feel different. His hands on my hips as he started to give it to me, both of us moaning at the pleasure. I was not getting the contact I needed to achieve a climax, but it felt so good I did not care. And I gasped when I heard him whisper that he loved me as he grew harder in me. And I felt for the first time an amazing wetness that seemed to grow from deep inside of me. I whispered that I loved him also, and that was a feeling I would never forget. I, Sally Youngblood, for the first time was feeling the semen of my lover inside of me.When he pulled out, I squatted down and used the water to wash myself. His white cum was dripping out of me, and I washed it all out as best as I could. And it was a bit messy, each time I slid two fingers up inside and scooped out what I could reach, it seemed like more of his white seed covered them. But finally my fingers were coming back out clear, and we dried each other off and got back into bed.We repeated our normal way to leave, with my leaving first so the Hotel Detective would not get suspicious. We went to the California Hotel and actually had steaks! Then more dancing and music, and John asked me what time I had to leave. I kissed him softly right there on the dance floor, and said I had to be on the train at 5 in the morning. He smiled, and said the bus back to his shipyard was at 7.After that we wasted little time, and this time I let him go up first as I walked around for about a half-hour. I was scared, and also a bit excited. kaçak bahis siteleri Was I actually falling in love with a white man? Could that even be possible, or was this just emotions and lust? But I decided it did not matter, I would hold onto it for long as I could, and see what the end of the war brought us.I walked back in, and John was sitting at the desk writing something. He handed me the note, and it had both his fleet address, and his parents addresses. Both their house in Charleston and their cottage at Myrtle Beach. I then did the same, with both my sister’s address as well as my parents house in Myrtle Beach.We then made love again, this time a first for me as he had me sit on top of him. It was different, and I loved it! And I could tell as I was about to have a third climax he was close also so I bent down and dragged my nipple across his lips and whimpered for him to get there also as I exploded once more. And as I was moaning my delight I felt him stiffen and throbbing inside, filling another condom.We woke up at the call from the front desk at 4, and we took fast showers then dressed. I tried to smile as we kissed before leaving the room. But I told John to leave with me, we were both leaving so there was no reason to pretend anymore.The man at the front desk raised his eyebrows when we stopped to hand in the keys. He was looking at me hanging on John’s arm, and he actually smiled. “Thank you for staying with us Petty Officer Killman, Miss. It has been a pleasure having you with us.” I smiled at him and we left so John could walk me to the train.We had 10 minutes left, and spent the entire time kissing. To either the amusement or consternation of those around us. We whispered we loved each other, and I promised to write him that night. He promised to write me also, and then after a final kiss he walked me to the train when it pulled up. And he stood there and waved as it pulled away.One of the gals I knew from the plant looked at me once I looked forward again, and I smiled. “That your boyfriend?” she softly asked, and I nodded. “If we can, I hope we can be married when this is all over.” She gave me a soft smile, and patted the back of my hand.When I got to work I went to the office and got another set of work clothes, saying I had been volunteering at the Victory Club that weekend and did not make it home in time. Thankfully this was not the first time this happened, just the first time for me. I went back up onto the scaffolding, and Mrs Weller and I talked as I laid out my rods and got ready to start on yet another section of hull.My sister gave me holy hell when I got home. She told me she did not believe my story, but I just smiled and admitted I had met somebody. “Sally, you spent the weekend with a man?” she said, scandalized.“Uh-huh, and I love him Kay.” I told her his name, and what ship he was on. I then went and wrote John a letter. And the next day I got one back, and he said he was leaving port the next day so did not know when others would arrive, but he would still write me every day.For the next several months his letters came sporadically, and I was sick sometimes. Then I would go almost a month without any, then I would get a packet of 30 of them, all V-mail. It made me a bit sad that this was not a letter he had actually touched, but was printed from microfilm. But his letters were full of love and how much he missed me.And even that he had told his parents about me. Not that we had become lovers, but that he had met the daughter of Mister Youngblood, and his dad said nothing but good things about my dad. But at least I was not sick anymore, and felt so much better that his letters were still coming. As were mine back to him. I even got a letter from Herb and Frank.By now I had been pulled off of welding, and was working in the tool shed. This meant inventorying tools, making sure they all worked properly, and ordering replacement ones as needed. I smiled as I worked a lot, knowing that even though we were almost an ocean apart John and I were doing almost the same job.But then, the letters stopped. I was about to take a vacation, and was reading the paper when I read about a small meaningless battle somewhere off Rabaul. And It was between at least 2 Jap subs, and some small patrol boats against some of our Marine fighters and 2 destroyers.And one of the losses was John’s ship. About half of the crew was gone. I wrote more letters, and I was on vacation when I broke down in tears and my sister held me. It was my letters to John, marked “Return to Sender – Deceased”.I cried, I screamed, my sister did all she could for me. Finally, I did what I had to do since the middle of last year. In mid-March I turned in my stuff at work, collected my last check, and caught a train home. I by now was always wearing black, and never went without a gift from Kay. It was a small pin with a wreath around it, a blue background, and a gold star on it.And it was strange. Even when I passed into Texas than Louisiana, even the white folks would see me and I could sense their sadness. And more than a few came up and gave me their blessings, and offered their condolences. Of course, I was positive that they all just assumed my husband had been colored like me. But I no longer cared, I still missed John.Ma met me at the station, and after a hug we drove home and she helped me unpack and get settled in again. I was still crying a lot, but she told me that was actually normal for what I was going through. Dad would hold me in his lap, and promised things would get better.And by April, things did get better. The war was still going though, but I had to move on. And dad is the one that came to me in July and told me that Doctor Killman had come in that day. I sighed, and smiled, knowing what I had to do next.The next day I loaded up everything into ma’s car, and in my usual black with my Gold Star pin I put the car in drive and headed towards the beach. I had already located the “cottage” of John’s family, and the first time I had driven by a few months before I had laughed. The cottage was twice the size of the house my family lived in. And after I parked I removed the bundle from the back and after a sigh I stood upright and walked to the front door.I did recognize Dr. Killman when he answered the door, although I had never known that was him before. He always smiled at me, and had nothing but kind words for me when he would come in when I worked at the pharmacy. He looked at me standing there, and he looked at me really closely. “Miss Sally Youngblood. I did not know which sister John was talking about when he wrote me about you, he never said if you or your sister were the younger or older one. You are the younger one, right?”“Yes, sir.”“And you are in mourning? For, for…” Words failed him and he looked into my eyes and softly said “For John?”“Yes, sir. I think I always will.”He seemed to have a small tear in his eye as he hesitantly reached out for the bundle I was holding. I nodded and he lifted part of it away.“His name is John Killman Youngblood,” I softly said. He then yelled for his wife, as with amazingly gentle fingers he caressed John’s face. A lovely coffee and cream complexion, his dark reddish-brown hair encircling his face. And when my John opened his eyes, Dr. Killman gasped at the green he saw, full of life.Mrs. Killman arrived at the door, and looked at me. My clothes, my pin which was the same as one she wore (but mine was brass, hers was real gold), and her grandson in my arms. “I know this is not how it should have been, Doctor And Missus Killman. But we had so little time together. But even if you tell me to leave and never return for what I am, you should at least know you have a grandson. And that John still lives on.”“Oh stop that my c***d, and please, Betty,” she said, and also reached out and lightly brushed John’s hair out of his eyes. She then stepped forward and hugged me, and his father did also. We all stood there and held each other, crying.We went into the parlor, and John started fussing and I apologized and said I needed the diaper bag. Joseph went out to get it, and as I changed him I explained to Joseph and Betty how John and I had met, and our only weekend together.“I had found out before he was lost, but I just could not bring myself to tell him. We had already said we loved each other, and promised to get together when this was all over. But I did not want him to think I was trying to trap him. Now I wish with all of my heart I had told him.”“I understand Sally, but trust me, John knows now. I know he is looking down on both of you with love. And don’t you dare ever think otherwise. I knew from his letters to Joe and me that he loved you, although he never said who you were. He hid that, in one letter saying he had run across the daughter of Mr. Youngblood, and in the next one saying he thought he had fallen in love with an amazing young woman before he went to sea again. Neither of us put together that he meant you, but I could not be happier. I look into John’s eyes and face here, and see my John’s face when he was that age. Trust me, there is no doubt at all to me this is my grandson.”I nodded and said there was absolutely no doubt. “John is the only one it could have been, I had not been with a man for months before him, and none since.”Joe called my dad, and he and ma came over after he got off of work, and we talked long into the night. And the next Sunday, we all got together at the Episcopal Church where John Killman Youngblood was baptized and entered into their family records.And it was actually at Betty’s insistence a few months later that I changed my name to Sally Killman, and had John changed to John Youngblood Killman. “Sally, to me you are always going to be my daughter, even if it was never made official.” And when Joseph Junior returned from Africa, he was happy to meet me and said he looked forward to teaching his nephew how to hunt and fish.And when Frank came to call in early 1946, he actually cried when he saw John walk on shaky legs to him and smile. He cried as he told me how John had gone down with the ship, after dragging him up to the deck and putting him in a lifeboat because his leg had been broken. He had gone back down to find Herb, and neither of them came back before the ship went down.”Sometimes it was hard, raising a boy by myself. But his grandparents insisted I move into the cottage year round. I followed my father and got a degree in pharmacology, and eventually took over the family business. And John had both his Uncle Joe and Uncle Frank, so he never lacked a father figure.And I was there in 1969 when John got off of the plane. He looked so good in his Petty Officer Second Class uniform, looking so much like his father. But Khe Sanh left scars on him, thankfully they were not physical. But as a Navy Corpsman, he had served with distinction giving aid to the wounded Marines. And I met Chau Killman, and as John hugged his grandparents I brushed back the blanket, and saw John Youngblood Killman II. And it was interesting to see John’s complexion even lighter than his father, but still darker than his grandfather. And the amazing tilt to his eyes, which came from his mother, but still with the green of his father and grandfather. And I wept and hugged her, welcoming her to the family. Her, and my grandson.And gave a silent prayer in thanks that John got to see his son. And I continued to pray that in 20 years my grandson would never have to go and fight in a war. There were better ways to meet the love of his life and then continue the family.

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