Subject: Runaway boys life chapter 6 Chapter 6 Ring ring. Sir, the boy was last seen by a trucker at Loves Travel Center where 231 and interstate 10 intersect. Does he know in which direction he was going? South in the direction of Panama City. Didn’t you tell me yesrerday that your partners cousins started looking in Panama City? Well, not really sir. They started in Panama City but headed directly to the freight trains final destination. That’s where they learned the boy was spotted and heading east along interstate 10. We’ve been back tracking him ever since. Where are you heading now? My partners cousin Bert has a good friend in the Panama City Police department that’s a Sargent, he’s on the phone with him now. After we finish lunch we are heading there to meet up with him. Well, I just found out that Bentleys estate lawyer has his on personal private investigator also searching for the boy. Do you have his discription? That I don’t have but I was told that Mr Davis flew out of Canada at 1am pacific time. Did you get his destination? I wasn’t able to as he chartered a private jet and filed a confidential flight plan. That’s just great. What are your orders, if we run into a confrontation? Let me put it this way. There’s a fifteen billion dollar corporation at stake. I understand. —————- I woke up and yawned as I stretched. I looked around when I remembered that I stayed at uncle Danny’s house last night. I hugged Gary’s stuffed puppy tightly and thanked him with a kiss for keeping me safe last night while I slept. I swung my legs over the side to get out of bed and went to the bathroom. I dropped my diaper and put it in the trash. I adjusted the water and got into the shower. The cold water was very refreshing and exhilarating. I wish Gary could learn to take them as well. I finished and quickly dried off. I used the toothbrush that was on the counter and then brushed my hair. It had started to grow long again. I would need to find a hair stylist to fix the butcher job I did on myself in my hast to escape. I walked out of the bathroom in search for the place where Gary stored his diapers and supplies. I was bent over looking in the bottom of the linen closet when my bare butt was spanked. Hey I said. Turning around I saw uncle Danny standing there with a cloth diaper bag in his hand. Come with me. I followed uncle into his bedroom where I saw a big beach towel spread out on his bed. I laid my naked butt down on top of it. Uncle Danny tenderly and lovingly diapered me up in one of Gary’s soft and absorbent tab style diapers. After he finished, I reached out my arms for uncle Danny to pick me up. Your as light as Gary is. We need to put some weight on you Mattie. I can practically see your ribs. If you say so uncle but I’ve been like this my whole life no matter how much I eat. Gary has spare clothes in the drawers of the room you slept in last night. Go put on one of his outfits. That is unless you just want to wear a diaper. Can I? Well I’m not sure what people would think. I don’t care about what people think. I like to wear my snuggly soft comfortable diapers. Anytime you are staying here, you can go around in just your diaper. You mean that I can come back? Of course you can and maybe next time you’ll bring Gary with you. I have a secret fishing spot we can go to. Uncle Danny looked over at the clock. Okay sport, hurry up and get dressed. We need to still eat breakfast before we go. I went and put on Gary’s shorts, shirt and low cut socks as well as my new shoes I had worn yesterday. Breakfast was a plate of cinnamon and maple French toast. I ate four pieces and drank two glasses of milk. We cleaned up and headed out the door. —————- Gary had set his clock for six am. He got up instantly and changed his diaper and ran downstairs after quickly getting dressed. He grabbed a cold pop tart and was out the door. He ran all the way to the pier. He pushed the trolley to the end of the pier. Starting at the last trash can ,Gary emptied each one and then put in a new bag. He tossed the bags in the trolley then put the cans and bottles on the ground next to the trash cans. Once he was all the way back to the entrance, he threw all the bags in the trash dumpster. Then sprayed the trolley clean with the hose. Then he put it away. Next, Gary went back with the wagon and loaded all the cans and bottles he had set aside. When he got back to the front, Gary rinsed out all the cans and bottles for Mattie to take to Mike’s corner store. He stacked them neatly in the wagon and left it just inside the gate. He quickly swept the ramp and stairs. After he put everything back, Gary went to sit at the end of the pier to watch the sun rise. —————— Dawson was parked out front of the Boyds home when he saw a young boy around Matties age leave the house before sun up. His gut feelings told him to follow the boy. The boy lead him to the west end pier where the boy opened the gate and did some janitorial duties. When he finished he sat down at the end of the pier. Dawson took up a position so he could keep an eye on the boy as well as watch the front entrance ramp to the pier. —————— Jimmy had gotten up early to make his lunch before having a bowl of cereal. When he was finished, he took his lunch and jumped on his bike to head off to work. Jimmy was very excited this morning. He wondered if Billy would teach him more sexy play today. Jimmy was slightly disappointed when he was assigned to work with Mark today. Mark was the beach patrols jet ski and water bursa escort craft operations officer. It was his job to ensure that all recreational watercraft had been properly registered and the operators were following all laws and regulations. Jimmy told Mark that he didn’t have a swim suit to wear. Of course you have. It’s up in my office. We’ll both go in there to change. Mark handed Jimmy a pair of red speedo’s in boys medium. They fit a little snug but nicely showed off his bubble butt. Mark stood there for a moment nude as he pulled on his red speedo. Jimmy’s eyes went right to his large dick as he softly moaned. Mark smiled and tossed Jimmy a boy size medium white t-shirt with beach patrol printed across the shoulder blades. After Mark pulled on his shirt the two of them left to go to the jet ski dock. Jimmy until your certified by me, to ride a jet ski, you’ll be riding along with me. Mark showed Jimmy how to do the morning inspection and check it off as well as initial it. Then he showed him how to fuel up. Then he showed Jimmy the basic functions of the jet ski operations. Once everything was ready, both Jimmy and Mark put on their life jackets. Then Mark got on first and had Jimmy sit down behind him. Jimmy your going to need to wrap your arms around my waist and hold on to my tightly. Okay Mark felt Jimmy’s hands wrapped around his waist inches from the head of his ever so straining hard cock. He pushed his hands down further so Jimmy’s hands now rested right on his hard cock. Mark took off on his usual morning path but when he did, Jimmy grabbed Mark tighter but squeezed his dick instead. Mark smile at this and knew that they had chosen the right boy for the summer internship program. —————- Officer Miller had just pulled into his spot at the station. Being the patrol Sargent gave him a few extra privileges. He noticed three men talking with Alex the desk Sargent. They looked familiar to him but he couldn’t place where from at the moment. The older man handed Alex what looked like a picture of some sorts. They all shook hands and left in a Ford F250. Being the officer that he was, the Sargent copied down the plate number as well as make and model of the vehicle. The station was making a shift change as the next officers filed into the briefing room.. The desk Sargent gave out the days commands. Then before he dismissed everyone he called attention to a missing child alert. I want everyone to take a copy of the boys picture. If you spot the child, do not approach. Call me and I’ll forward his location to the gentleman who are handling the case. That is all. Be safe out there. Dismissed. Oh Sargent Miller, do you have a moment. I’d like to introduce you to our newest member of the police force. This is Amanda Franklin. I have nowhere to put her, so she’ll be riding with you until further notice. Not a problem Alex. I’ll make sure she is trained properly. David don’t forget a copy of the boys photo. Officer Miller took a quick look and about choked cause he recognized the boy immediately. He was able to keep his composure as he headed for his patrol car. Officer Franklin, you’ll do good to pay attention while we are out there today. I’m the patrol Sargent, so everything out here goes by me. This is our patrol car. I want you to inspect it for road readiness. Officer Franklin got out the clip board with the keys corresponding to the cars number. She went around the vehicle first and then popped the hood. Checked all fluids and initialed them all off. Got behind the wheel and beeped the horn, checked the head lights, turn signals, back up and brake lights. Then squawks the siren and flashed the lights. All checked off, she handed the clip board back to garage mechanic. All ready now, she goes to the passenger side to get in. What are doing? Getting in Sargent. How am I supposed to evaluate you on driving from over there. She was surprised that he would let her drive on the first day and first shift. I just thought. You did the inspection, so you drive. Sargent Miller tossed the keys to her and they took off. He directed her to head for the Beach Street Bakery —————- Uncle Danny pulled in to his parking spot next to the ramp. Mattie, I have a deal for you. While your out of school for the summer. I’ll pay you $10.00 a day to do the morning duties. What about Gary‽ If you both do it, I’ll pay $15.00 a day and you split it. Remember through, you are still getting the cans and bottles for free. That is your bonus. Okay, that sounds great but to be honest. I’d do it for free. I know you would but all the customers have been giving great appreciation for you two boys work. The bathrooms are clearer. No trash laying around and under the pier has been clean. Plus the addition of the blood worms to the baits we now offer is just good for business. Uncle Danny opened the gate and I immediately saw the wagon already full of all the cleaned bottles and cans. The stairs and ramp were swept as well as the trash had been emptied. Well it looks like someone beat us here this morning. I’ll go out and tell him we’re here so you don’t have to confront him. No uncle Danny. I thought everything through last night and this morning in the shower. I need to do this. I need to know why. Okay. I’ll let you two talk. You know where I’ll be. Mattie first pulled the wagon over to the side rail out of the way and locked it to the chain there. He then started to slowly walk towards the end of the pier. To where Gary was sitting. ——————– Dawson saw the boy that had to be Mattie bursa escort bayan Bentley. He quickly took a photo of him and sent it to Edward Davis. Ring ring Yes Dawson, where are you at now. I’m at the West End Pier. I have sight of Mattie approaching another boy that I believe is his foster brother. I need you to make sure he stays safe. I’m at the state capital getting a judicial sign off on my absolute guardianship of Mattie Bentley that is a Canadian citizen. As well as direct uninterrupted safd passage back to Canada. Until I get it approved, your the only one that can keep him safe. You need to be careful. My associates back in Canada have warned me that Mr Henry has been inquiring about Mattie and has also tried to get my flight destination as well as my itinerary. I also believe that they know that I have a PI under my payroll. I’m positive that they don’t know what you look like or who you are. Okay, I’ll keep him safe. —————— Ring ring Yes Allen. The boy has been spotted several times in the city. The Sargent has handed out his picture to all patrol officers on duty and will call us of any sightings. He is letting us handle this situation. Good work. As soon as you have him. Meet me at our preset destination. I have the services of a skipper already to take you to international waters and out of US jurisdiction. You should have the address in your messages. Yes I got it. If you need him just text him to come pick you up. ————— Good morning Officer Miller. How are you doing this fine morning? I’m doing good. I see that you have a new partner driving you today. Yes. this is her first shift. I need to ask where Mattie is at right now. Oh, is he in some type of trouble? Oh know, nothing like that. I just need a word with him. Well, he should be at the West End Pier by now helping my brother Danny. Thank you very much Lisa. Officer Miller headed out the door and got in the car. Officer Franklin, turn left here and head for the pier. ————- Dispatch, this is car 65. I’ve just spotted the boy our desk Sargent wanted us to look out for. He’s at the pier. Which Pier, Officer. Sorry Dispatch. The West End Pier Okay the message has been relayed. I’m parked at the beach patrols headquarters and I see him walking to the end of the pier with my binoculars. —————– The desk Sargent called Bert and gave him the location of the boy. Bert called Allen to update him. Everyone was to meet at the pier. —————– Mark and Jimmy were checking the registration of a jet ski about fifty feet away from the pier. They were issuing him a ticket for getting inside the fishing pier distance bouy. ————– Dawson had walked about three quarters of the way out on the pier to get closer so he could protect the boy, Mattie. The boy still had no idea of anything that was happening around him. ————- Hi Gary. Can I sit here? Sure, go ahead. Thanks for doing everything this morning. It wasn’t a problem. Thank you for cleaning out the cans and bottles. Well I just figured that since you added my name to your account, I should help out as well. Mattie turned his head and looked at Gary who also looked at Mattie. I’m sorry Gary, if I did something to make you mad at me. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that I I I What Gary. Please tell me so I can correct it. —————- Officer Miller went into the pier store and asked Danny where Mattie was. He’s at the end of the pier with Gary. Just then five men came running by. Officer Miller on a hunch ran after them. Officer Franklin saw this and gave back up. Officer Miller finally recognized the man. He had just been released from Georgia State Prison for attempted kidnapping of a young boy. The men were about one quarter of the way out when Dawson saw them heading his way. He didn’t need to think, he knew that these were the men that were after Mattie. He uncliped the clasp on his holster and took off to protect the boys. The Sargent called for backup to come to the West End Pier but the desk Sargent told officer Miller to stand down and not interfere. This was a Canadian immigration issue. Officer Miller reported a felon committing a violation of his probation in the mist of committing a crime. The desk Sargent ordered his fellow officers to detain officer Miller if he interfered. He gave officer Franklin a direct order to arrest officer Miller. ——————- Gary couldn’t get the words out that he wanted to say to Mattie. He leaned forward the two inches that separated him from Mattie. Gary was just about to give Mattie a kiss. But this man yelled out, Mattie Bentley. I looked up and saw a man that I’ve seen before but couldn’t remember where. When he reached us, he immediately pulled us down off the bench we were both sitting on. Get down and stay behind me the man said as he drew his hand gun. Shots rang out and whistled close by us. Officer Miller called out to them. Police, drop your weapons. All that did was cause the men to turn aroumd and open fire on the officer. Officer Franklin took cover behind a fish cleaning station and fired at the other men shooting at officer Miller. ————— Mark heard the shooting coming from up above. He maneuvered the jet ski under the pier with Jimmy to get out of the line of fire. ————- Dawson knew this would be his only chance to escape. Mattie grab your friends hand. Were all going to jump off the pier. Dawson didn’t give the two boys any time to think about what he was going to do. Dawson stepped out on the outer platform escort bursa and picked up both boys over the rail and jumped. A big splash was made as they all hit the water at the same time. —————– Mark saw three people surface the water and went over to help them. Dawson helped the one boy climb up on the jet ski’s seat as he held on tight to Mattie. Get us out of here Dawson yelled. Mark took off with three more people then he came with. Two of them in the water being pulled behind thr jet ski. Sirens were hears coming from the distance in all directions. The five men ran to the end of the pier and shot at the fleeing jet ski. More officers had arrived but all they did was clear out the pedestrians. Officer Miller shot one of the men. While officer Franklin shot another. Both men were injured and lying on the pier. Two other men shot at officer Miller and one round hit him in his calf. ——————- An off duty state trooper arrived at the scene and was dumbfounded to as why none of the officers were helping their own officers. The desk Sargent told the state trooper that two of his officers had gone Rouge. The State Trooper asked what the officers names were. Sargent Miller and new recruit officer Franklin. I’m placing them under arrested for interference in a Canadian immigration issue. State Trooper Hawkins had heard enough. He knew Sargent Miller and he knew he wasn’t a rogue officer. Hawkins charged down the pier to assist his friend. Stand down men. This is an international matter. Captain this is Hawkins, I need immediate assistance in Panama City Florida. I think major corruption is at hand. Two of the cities officers are under gun fire and no one is assisting them. Send back up and ambulances. I saw two maybe three people jump off the end of the West End Pier. Have the Coast Guard Dispatched as well. —————- Mark had gotten the jet ski out far enough that they were no longer in range to be hit by any stray bullets. But he then realized that his jet ski had taken three bullets and it was dead in the water. Mattie saw blood in the water but didn’t know where it was coming from. Panicked, he let go of the jet ski but Dawson wouldn’t release him. Gary injured his foot from the jump off the pier. He apparently hit a piece of driftwood when he entered the water. Mark radioed beach patrol headquarters to report the shooting and his location. He had pulled three people out of the water. Send everyone that you can. Uncle Danny had finally gotten a hold of Lisa and told her to get David. There’s a shooting going on at the pier and Gary and Mattie are at the end of the pier. The three men that were still shooting were Allen, Jalen and Bert. Allen had called the Capt to come pick them up. They saw him coming and dove off the end of the pier. They all safely got on board and fled the area. Soon they came across the jet ski that had rescued the boy they were after. They went in that direction. Mark a boat is coming our way. Dawson turned around and Mattie saw his bloody shirt. You got shot. I’m okay, just get behind me. Dawson drew his gun and as the boat got closer he put three runs into the hull of the boat. The captain immediately turned about and speeded off in the other direction. ——————— Trooper Hawkins was finally able to reach his friend officer Miller. Where have you been shot Dennis? My calf and arm. Why didn’t any of your men come help you. The desk Sargent told them we went rogue and to not assist. Well my captain is sending everybody available. I can hear an ambulance in the distance now. Don’t worry about me. You have to find the boys who jumped off the pier. I think with a man. Okay. Just as soon as I know you’ll be okay. No Hawkins, go now. Hawkins got on his radio. Eyes in the sky. This is State Trooper Hawkins. We have two missing boys and one man. They jumped off the pier. They may have been hurt. —————— Mark, look over there. Jimmy spotted three different fins sticking up out of the water. Sharks. Gary helped Mattie get up on the jet ski as Dawson let go and separated himself from the boys. He was sacrificing himself to safe the boys. The sharks surrounded him and started getting bold and bump into him. A Coast Guard helicopter suddenly appeared and came down to water level. The pilot was very skilled as he dipped the runners in the water so his two men could lift out the bloodied body of the shot man. They immediately left to take him to the closes trauma center. Two Coast Guard boats came up beside the downed jet ski that was now halfway under water. They quickly rescued everyone and headed back to Port of Panama City. Next to the Beach Patrol Headquarters. —————– David and Lisa came running up the ramp only to be stopped by two officers. State your business please. Our two sons were here at the pier when the shooting took place. Sargent. How can I help you? Where are our boys? The Sargent showed the Boyd’s a photo of Mattie. Is this one of them. Yes that’s Mattie our foster son. What about our other son Gary. Officers detain these two people for futher questioning. Mr Boyd pushed the officer away from him. I demand to see your supervisor. Your both under arrest for assaulting an officer of the law. Danny had watched all of this on his monitors and tried to intervene but he was kept away from the area. He called his best friend and his sisters first boyfriend who was now the States District Attorney. He was infuriated by what Danny told him. He told Danny that he’d be on the phone taking care of this matter as soon as they hung up. ————— Wow what a chapter. What’s going to happen to Mattie now. What about Gary. That Sargent must be crazy. Is Dawson going to live. Please donate to . Let me know what you think.

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