Subject: Roadtrip Shenanigans Chapter 1 This story is 100% false, but is based on a real person. This is my first story on Nifty. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this story. Road Trip Shenanigans “Oh just fuck me” said Alex after seeing his photo not turning out so well. Wearing a white coat and dark khaki pants, his 5’11” runners body frame stood up. He looked me in the eye. His piercing blue eyes and freckled face with short brown hair made himself very attractive. I immediately gave him a grin. “When and where?” I ask and immediately burst into laughter. “Oh shut up!” He retorted. I just kept grinning. A little backstory about Alex and I. I’ve known him for just over 2 years now and he’s been one of my closest friends. I can talk to him about pretty much anything and he can help me out no matter what. We met when I visited his city for a friend’s wedding and we shot photos for a few hours before heading our separate ways. Over the next few months we bonded so well that I started to get attracted to him sexually and romantically. Of course he’s obviously straight and I’m gay. Enough about Alex, I’m Sam. I’m 6’2, with short brown hair and green eyes with an average body type. I’ve known I was gay pretty much my whole life. Back to the story… I had asked him if he wanted to go on a road trip before I headed for work, surprisingly he was able to get free from his college classes for 3 days. We were in a state park in northern Colorado on a mini road trip before I would say my goodbyes to him the next morning as I went to work in Wyoming. I had booked us a hotel near the Denver airport. We were on our way driving back to Denver and noticed that it was too quiet. I ended starting up the conversation. “I just wanted to say thank you for coming out here with me. It may not have been the perfect mini road trip, but I had a lot of fun, having you push myself through the sand dunes, driving all night across the plains, getting to know some amazing locations. I’m just glad you’re here for it.” I stated. “It’s no problem man. I’m glad that you brought me with you. I really do appreciate it.” Alex replied. There was some more silence until we finally pull up to the Microtel Inn. I parked the car and headed off inside. I showed my ID and the hotel clerk gave me my keys to the room. I went back to the car and told Alex that we were good to go. I handed him one of the keys and he grabbed his backpack and I grabbed my duffle bag. While I was trailing behind him, I couldn’t stop looking at his cute ass, the beginning of a bubble butt from all his running and biking. I must have been staring at it for so long that Alex turned to me and asked if I was okay which I said yes, just very tired. We get into the room and the first thing that Alex says is that he is going to take a shower. “Wish I could join.” I thought to myself as I was beginning to get a boner. Luckily he didn’t see it and he went off to the bathroom to take his shower. I noticed his bag was laying on the bed and had all of his dirty clothes in it. I noticed his Hanes boxers were amongst the pile and knew immediately I had to get a whiff. I pull his boxers out of the pile and begin to get a whiff of his scent. I smelled where his crotch was and even stuck my tongue out and began to lick it. I must have been licking it for a while because I heard the shower turn off. I immediately stopped what I was doing and put the boxers back where they were. By the time I had plopped down on the bed, Alex got out of the shower with just his shorts on. “Man that was refreshing.” He states as I admired his abs on his body so damn much. The little chest hair that was growing was cute af. “What do you keep staring at?” He asked. I’m completely caught off guard and try to come up with a response. “I, uh, um, I don’t know, I just get so lost while in deep thought.” I try to respond. He just laughed it off and said “It’s all good dude, you’ve barely slept through our trip, take a hot shower and just go get some rest” I felt flushed, like an overwhelming feeling. I got into the bathroom and started the shower. Getting all the sand out of my hair, across my body was one of the better feelings I had on the trip. I washed all over my body and hair and turned the shower off. I got out and began to dry myself when I realized that I had forgotten to bring shorts and a shirt. I walked out of the room and saw Alex on his laptop shirtless, with just his shorts on still. I was surprised that he still hadn’t put on his shirt. I walked over to my duffle bag and pulled out some clothes and went back to the bathroom and changed my clothes. I came back out again and asked Alex why he hasn’t put on a shirt yet. “Cause I like it when you stare at me.” he stated. I was thrown out of the loop. I was caught off guard and I tried to defend myself. “Uh no, um.” my face getting more red as I began to feel more guilty. Alex gave gaziantep travesti me the biggest laugh and said “You’ve been staring at me a lot during this trip. If you’re gay, it’s fine dude. There is nothing wrong with it, you’re still going to be my friend no matter what.” After hearing him say that, I sat down next to him, put my head on his shoulder and began to cry, all the time Alex was comforting me. He pulled my head up, and we locked eyes. I pretty much melted when I saw those blue eyes look at me. I moved forward and met his lips with mine. His soft lips felt absolutely amazing on mine. The kiss only lasted like 5 seconds, but I immediately pulled away. “I’m sorry.” I said in utter shock about what I just did. “It’s okay Sam, if you wanted to do it again we can.” he replied gently. I wasted no time, I leaned over and our lips met again. This time Alex was a bit more aggressive and slid his tongue in my mouth which I gladly accepted. I put one of my hands on his sides and the other hand in his hair as he put both of his hands on my shoulders. I started to get a little aggressive and put my tongue in his mouth. He elicited a moan and I took that as a sign to keep going. The next thing I know, he pushes me on the bed. Alex gets on top of me so my face is at level with his hard dick as it constantly hits me through his gray shorts. I pull his shorts down to reveal a beautiful 6.5″ cut cock with no pubes on him at all. I stare at his dick and look up at him. We lock eyes again as I await his next command. “Suck it Sam.” That’s all I needed to hear before taking all 6.5″ in my mouth. Once I got his whole dick down my throat, he began to facefuck me. He started to get really rough and slammed my head a couple of times against the wall. I was afraid of getting a noise complaint so I put a pillow against the wall and rested my head on it. “Yeah you like sucking this cock? Come suck daddy’s cock you cocksucker.” he smirked. It was funny cause I call him dad or daddy in a jokingly manner, and he would call me his son. Despite me being a few years older than him, it is still funny that I call someone younger than me dad. Anyways, I placed my hands on his thighs, just feeling the muscle in them was so erotic, I moved my hands up to where they got placed on his bubble butt. His ass felt so smooth on my hands that I grasped them and got another moan from him. I crept in closer and spread his cheeks apart and felt around for his hole. I finally felt it and began to toy around it, teasing it as if I would start to finger him. His hole was so tight, probably the tightest hole I’ve ever fingered or rimmed. I stuck the tip of my index finger in and he moaned really loud again. I pushed more of my finger in and finally I’m finger deep in him. I start to move out slowly and then back in. I started to gain more speed and began to hit his prostate, which caused him to moan more. “Oh fuck Sam, I’m about to cum down your throat, hope you can hold it.” he moaned. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and shoved it back in before unloading load after load of hot cum down my throat. I think there was about 6 loads of cum down my throat. I moaned in approval as he began to pull his cock out of my mouth. That was when he grabbed his phone and took a picture of me with his cock still in my mouth. “That was just too hot not to capture dude. Here I’ll send you the picture.” I felt my phone buzz and opened up his text. It was a hot pic of me with my eyes closed, mouth open, cum dripping out of my mouth with his cock right next to it. “So are you bi Alex?” I ask him. “Not sure really. I never really focused on dating girls or hooking up with them.I’ve been sexually deprived on our trip so far, I noticed you were always staring at me and you never mentioned anything about meeting up with women so, I gambled and it paid off, but I guess curious would be the best answer.” he replied. I stood there just shocked at what I just heard. “So how long did you know I was gay?” I asked. “I started to get a little suspicious a few months ago, but then this road trip confirmed it.” he answered. We laid back down on his bed with my head on his chest. Just resting, and enjoying the peacefulness of the moment. “Could I take a picture of us like this?” I asked Alex after a few minutes of silence. “Sure.” he said softly. I grabbed my phone and took a selfie of us with my head laying on his chest. I looked at how the picture turned out and it was a beautiful picture and we were both smiling as his arm was wrapped around me. “Would you want to do more?” I ask. “What do you mean?” “Have you ever been rimmed Alex?” I asked him and he just shook his head no. “Dude you’ll love it. Here, lay on top of me with your ass in my face.” I stated. He obliged and got on top of me so we were kind of in a 69 position. He pushed his ass right to my face. I gave gaziantep masaj salonları it a good smack and squeeze causing Alex to moan. I spread his cheeks and see the pinkest hole I might have ever seen. It looked incredibly tight so I spread apart his cheeks even more and moved my head to his ass. I stuck out my tongue and made contact with the pink hole. He started to squirm, but after I began to consistently lap at his hole, he began to moan loudly. “Oh fuck Sam! That feels absolutely incredible. Holy shit, keep going. ” Alex exclaimed. My cock was throbbing hard through my shorts, I could already start to feel some precum leaking through the shorts. In a surprise move, Alex pulled my shorts down and began to suck my cock. My cock wasn’t the biggest only 6″ with trimmed pubes, but Alex seemed to get the hang of it. It took him a few minutes to get all of my dick inside of him. I stopped eating his ass out to let him know not to use any teeth before delving back in. I started to rim him with more enthusiasm. I darted my tongue in and out of his hole. I could feel his hard cock on my chest and felt the precum on my chest. Alex started to massage the area between my balls and ass and it caused me to moan a lot louder. “Alex, I’m close to cumming.” I shouted to him. Surprisingly he kept sucking me off. I thought he would have pulled off, but he pulled out till just my head was in his mouth where he tongued right underneath the head and I immediately came in his mouth. I must have shot like 7 or 8 loads of cum in his mouth. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and had some cum dripping out of it. I immediately grabbed my phone and took a picture of him with cum dripping out and showed it to him. “Oh my god. Please delete it.” he said. I was a little disappointed, but I obliged to his request and deleted the picture. We lay back down and we kissed once more. I could taste my cum in my mouth as our tongues intertwined with each other. I could still feel his hard cock on my leg. “How did it feel to get rimmed?” I asked him. “Fucking incredible dude! I almost came from having you eat me out!” he exclaimed. It began to get really quiet, I stared into his eyes as he stared back into mine. “Could you fuck me?” I ask softly. ” I don’t know man, isn’t it dangerous to do something like that?” He questioned. “I’m 100% clean. I’ve only been fucked and that was almost 4 years ago and it was barely a fuck.” I replied. “I wouldn’t know what to do.” he confessed. “Here I’ll show you.” I lay on my stomach and push out my ass. “Get on top of me, but just make sure I’m lubed up and go really slow.” “I’ll try dude.” Alex replied. He gets on top of me and I immediately feel his dick against my ass. I look at the mirror in front of me and see him start to spread my cheeks and lower his head. The next feeling I get is his tongue lightly brushing my hole. I moan in pleasure as he pushes more of his tongue in my hole. He starts to lap at my hole consistently, darting in and out, moving it side to side. I am moaning extremely loudly and grabbed a pillow to moan in just to make sure we wouldn’t be heard. After a few minutes, Alex stopped rimming me and began to stick his index finger in my hole. He got it in without a problem and moved it till he got his whole finger inside of me. “Fuck Sam, you’re so tight! Can’t wait to see how tight you’ll be when I’m fucking you.” Alex exclaimed. I just muffled in approval essentially begging for him to fuck me. He took that as a sign to continue and added his middle finger in me. I moaned into the pillow even more as his fingers began to spread my hole. He started to do a scissor motion with his fingers causing my hole to loosen even more. “Any condoms?” asked Alex. “In the green bag, front pouch.” I answered. He pulled his fingers out leaving me empty. I glimpsed over and saw him squatting down in front of my bag. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his ass as it lightly bounced. My dick began to grow even harder as it was strained in the sheets. Alex stood in front of me with his hard cock staring me right in the face. “Suck my dick and put it on for me.” he requested. I fucking loved this. Alex was being quite aggressive and I had no issue with it. I tear off the wrapper and began to put it on his cock. Slowly stroking his cock and covering it with the condom as he looked down at me and moaned softly in approval. He slapped his cock against my face one last time, before getting behind me and placing his cock at my hole. I felt his head trying to push in my hole, so I took a deep breath, relaxed and he slid in. Moaning, almost crying, there was so much pain as he slid in another inch. He held it still there almost like he sensed how uncomfortable I am. After a few minutes passed with his cock in me, I became adjusted to having him inside me and looked over my shoulder and gaziantep escort bayan gave him a nod of approval to continue. He slowly inch more of his dick in me, after a couple of minutes, he finally had all 6.5″ inside of me. I felt so full of his dick, it honestly felt amazing just having him in me. The past couple of years have been a mixture of love and lust over Alex and finally I get him to fuck me. “You ready Sam?” Alex asked. “Yes daddy.” I answered. He pulled his dick all the way out except for the head and thrusts back in. He moves his hands to my shoulders and pushes my head to the pillow and begins to really pound me. The only sounds coming from the room was my moaning and his balls slapping against my ass. He continues to move his hand around my chest and start pinching my nipples. I moan in ecstasy as he starts to twist my nipples. “You’re so fucking tight Sam. Tighter than any pussy I’ve ever fucked.” Alex moans as he continues to fuck me. “More daddy.” He starts to fuck me much faster now. He pulls up right next to my ear. “You’re mine now boy. Daddy owns your hole.” He whispered in my ear. I moan in approval as he starts to fuck me harder continually hitting my prostate. That was when I lost it. My cum started spurting from my dick and soaking the hotel sheets. With me cumming, my ass tightened even more essentially trapping Alexs dick. “I’m close Sam!” Alex said panting. That was when he pulled out of me and I was expecting another facial, but I heard him fiddling with something before he reentered me and noticed that he took off his condom. He was back at his usual pace till I squeezed his cock and he did one final thrust and went balls deep and unloaded inside me. I could feel the hot liquid deep inside me as he launched shot after shot of hot cum deep in my ass. I could feel his head pulsing in me as he slowly starts to pull out. His dick leaves me with a pop and a gaping hole. I could start to feel Alex’s cum leak from my ass so I squeezed it to make sure it wouldn’t leave me. Alex began to pat my ass and moved close to my ear. “That was a good fuck boy.” he whispered. I almost got hard again hearing him say that. After a while, I could feel the rest of his cum leak out of my ass and onto the sheets. We both collapsed on the bed, set an alarm for an early wake up and passed out, with his arms across my stomach. We both woke up around 4:15 am, with the sound of my phone alarm going off. I didn’t want to leave at all, it was just so peaceful having him sleep behind me protecting me as he had his arms wrapped around me. Unfortunately, we both had to get up for me to drop off Alex at the airport. “You wanna shower together?” I asked Alex. He gave me a quick nod. He led the way to the bathroom and I followed behind him, never taking my eyes off his ass. He turned the shower on and we both got in. When we got in, we started to kiss and I got down on my knees and took his dick in my mouth again. I began to deep throat him with ease and had him cum in just a few minutes. He launched his cum down my throat and I swallowed it all. After swallowing his cum, I moved him around so my face was leveled with his ass. I spread apart his cheeks and dove in. I started by attacking his hole and was relentless. I slapped his cheeks causing him to moan which pushed me to go further. “Do you want to fuck me?” Alex asked. I stopped rimming him and stood up. It honestly caught me off guard because I never thought I would get a chance to fuck him, but also cause I primarily consider myself a bottom. Also considering last night, when I was calling him daddy made me think he would only wanna top. “I would dude. I totally would, but we gotta make sure that you make your flight. Next time, if you’re up for it still, I’ll fuck you.” I answered. “Ok cool”. He replied. I thought I could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice. He got on his knees and started to suck me off. He took it in with a little more ease.He started to fondle my balls with his hand while I put both of my hands through his hair. I get to the back of his head and start pushing my cock in his mouth further. “Alex I’m about to cum. Oh fuck here it is!” I grunted as shot after shot comes out and into his mouth. Alex moaned in approval as I shot about 7 loads down his throat. Some of the cum even started to leak out of his mouth. I pulled him up, looked him in the eye and locked my lips with him. Our tongues interlocked with each other allowing me to taste my own cum from Alex’s mouth. I moved my left hand to his hip and my right hand to his ass to give one good squeeze before I broke off the kiss. “We better get going.” I said as I bent over to turn the shower off when I felt a big smack on my ass from Alex’s hand. We got out of the shower, got dressed and I drove Alex to the airport. At the entrance, I parked my car, we both got out, and I walked over to him and gave him one last hug and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for coming out here with me.” “Anytime Sam, good luck with your new job”. Alex replied as he walked into the airport, my eyes trailing his ass the whole way. ******** Thank you for reading my first story on Nifty! Feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like a part 2, just email me at ail for suggestions.

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