Road tripRoad trip


Road tripMr and Mrs Johnson had all their c***dren and grandc***dren over for their fiftieth wedding anniversary. While the adults talked the boys were outside playing and the girls were listening to music and catching up on gossip. Afterwards everyone said their good byes. Mary and her sister headed to the van. Sally told her son Tom to drive since she had a few drinks. Ann and her aunt sat in the back seat and settled in for the six hour drive. Even though Tom was eighteen, he had made the drive before. Ann, three years younger then him was the spitting image of her mother. Sally dozed off a few minutes after leaving her parents house. Ann started yawning when Tom entered the freeway. Mary said to go ahead and lay down to Ann. Ok she said and laid her head on Mary’s lap. While she stroked Ann’s arm, her short dress rose up güvenilir bahis her leg exposing her panties due to road vibration. Mary couldn’t resist looking at Ann’s firm butt, before pulling it back down. After a few minutes Ann turned on to her back. While moving her dress rose up just below elasticband of her panties. Ann laying with her left leg on its side with her knee bent and right straight out, Mary could make out the rise of Ann’s pubis, with the freeway lights shined in as they passed. Unable to look away, Mary’s breathing quicken. Looking forward making sure she wasn’t being watched, she ran her finger tips down the light blue silky material. Mary’s heart beat quickened feeling the warm fleshy mound. Looking down Mary let her eyes gaze over Ann’s body. She watched her small breasts move up and down with each breath. güvenilir bahis siteleri Further down Ann’s dress out lined her flat stomach. With a flame growing between her own legs, Mary reached down and pulled the bottom of Ann’s dress up a little. The waistband of her panties was trimmed with a dark colored lace and heart at the center. Fighting the urge to reach between her own legs, Mary closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Stretching her arms out, As she moved her arm, it pressed against Mary’s tit. Causing her to let out a moan.Tom asked if everything was alright. Looking at Ann, Mary said everything is fine. Satisfied, Tom continued to drive. With a shaky hand, Mary rubbed her fingers over Ann’s pelvic area. Finger tips reaching Ann’s pussy, Mary pushed into her folds. Ann inhaled deeply as Mary moved iddaa siteleri down between her legs. Looking forward again, Mary unbuttoned her blouse with her other hand. Pushing her fingers into her bra, Mary squeezed her soft flesh. Hitting a bump, Ann opened her eyes and look around. Mary said, ahhh. Everything’s alright. Feeling something touching her pussy, Ann reached between her legs. Feeling Mary’s hand, she looked to see what was happening at the front of the van, smiled and held it in place to Mary’s delight. Ann reached her hand up and slid it in Mary’s blouse. Taking her hand out, Mary brushed Ann’s cheek. Taking her hand from between Ann’s legs, Mary rubbed Ann’s belly for a minute. Mary ran her nails across the trim of Ann’s panties. Ann kissed Mary’s arm, and sucked her stomach in leaving a gap between her and her panties. Pushing her hand in, Mary’s fingers glided over Ann’s smooth skin to her warm lips.Taking Ann’s hand, Mary placed it on the clip holding the front of her bra together. Mary dBreathed deeply as it unsnapped and her tits fell free.

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