Road Trip Romance, Chapter 2Road Trip Romance, Chapter 2


Getting back on the highway system, we headed east on I-96 for a few miles before coming to the interchange with US-23. We took that south heading for Ann Arbor, about twenty miles away.But we wouldn’t be going to the city because a couple of miles before we got there, Highway US-23 takes a jog eastward to go around Ann Arbor before heading south again.We stopped for the evening at a truck stop just north of Dayton, Ohio. My butt was tired of sitting in the driver seat and I wanted to show Alice how to work the various parts of the motorhome before it got too dark to see.Since we would only be there overnight, I didn’t put the stabilizers down. I showed her how to use the air conditioning, setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature for us both.I showed her how to use the toilet and turn on the water pump to get water for the sinks. After a quick how-to on some of the motorhome features, she went about putting her clothes away in her suitcases.Since I didn’t have a lot of clothes–just a few pairs of jeans, some t-shirts, and a couple of dress shirts, along with my underwear, I gave Alice most of the closet space. She hung up some clothes she didn’t want to be packed in suitcases and the rest went into those suitcases and was stored up on the overhead bunk storage.Once she had her things from the apartment put away, we started thinking about dinner.”John, I insist you let me handle the cooking. You’ve been driving all day and you have been so good in taking me in like this. I want to earn my keep and I will take care of the cooking and ‘housework’. You just sit back and relax, your part of the day is over,” she said.”All right,” I said. “I’m going to go talk to the manager and make sure it’s okay to overnight here. We don’t want them banging on the door in the middle of the night asking us to leave!”I went to talk to the manager and he told us that as long as we park towards the back of the restaurant, it would be okay to stay there. The big spots in front were reserved for truckers since they need the room to maneuver and get back on the road, but there were some smaller spots at the back of the parking lot that they let campers and motorhomes use sometimes.When I got back to the motorhome, Alice had already gotten a good start on dinner. I didn’t want to be in the way (motorhome living is inherently cramped) so I stayed outside and made my obligatory call home to let my folks know I was still among the living.Mom was happy to hear from me of course and Dad had to ask how the motorhome was running… did I do this, and did I remember that–even 250 miles away he was still trying to take care of the motorhome! I assured both of them that things were going just fine.I didn’t spring the fact that I had a new traveling companion; I figured they were worried enough without me telling them I picked up a stranger!My new companion turned out to be a pretty damn good cook and as we ate we talked just getting more acquainted. She told me she had been with Tommy for a couple of years and at first, things were good. But about six months into their living together, he began to change.He began taking control of her and treating her bursa escort like shit. She wanted out but couldn’t bring herself to admit her parents were right about him. Once she got past her pride and knew she had to leave, she couldn’t because he had all the money and was watching her too closely.She was trapped; it was the classic age-old problem… she couldn’t leave and it was too hard to stay. My fight with him was the best thing that could have happened for her, it gave her the “out” she needed to escape.”Well, I’m just glad I was there and able to help. I don’t like to see anyone abused or trapped in a bad situation,” I said, then I added, “especially a beautiful woman.”Alice looked up at me and smiled shyly. “I’m glad you were there too,” she said softly.After a great dinner, it was time to turn in for the night. “You take the bed in the back and I’ll use the sofa,” I told her.”Oh, John, you should take the bed, after all this is your place!” she protested.”That’s okay, you’re the guest here. Besides this is where I used to sleep as a kid… be kinda nice to go back to those days if only in my dreams!” I said.”But is the sofa big enough for you?” she asked.”Sure!” I said, and I showed her what a jack-knife sofa was. Pulling up on the bottom front edge, the back laid out to make it a good-sized twin bed.”How clever!” she said. I made up the sofa-bed and with that, we went to bed. I guess we were in bed for maybe a half an hour when I suddenly heard her get up. I thought at first she was going to the bathroom but she crept forward coming into the living room part and up to me.I didn’t move because I didn’t want to startle her. She knelt down on the floor next to my bed and I felt a hand slip under the blankets and find my leg. Cautiously her hand moved up my leg and finding that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, she let out a muffled giggle.I usually sleep in the nude in the summertime because it is too warm, but it was about to get downright hot real quick!Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began to lightly and very gently stroke my cock to life. In short order, I was hard as a steel rod and ready to play. I reached down and put my hand over hers letting her know it was okay.Once she felt my hand she knew I was awake and she didn’t have to be so careful. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began stroking me with more enthusiasm. It felt wonderful and I tried to keep my moaning down so we wouldn’t be heard outside the motorhome.She jacked me for a few strokes until I was hard enough to split firewood, and then she pulled my covers back. In a flash, I felt the warmth of her mouth as she swallowed me down and her tongue began working the underside of my cock.I don’t know what she was doing but whatever it was I was one happy guy! I knew that I wasn’t going to last long with her bobbing and sucking and loving on my cock like this.And I was only moments later I could feel my impending orgasm rising and a couple more bobs of her head and I gave one more moan and shot my load deep down her throat.Alice started swallowing right away and she kept sucking and swallowing as I emptied my balls, draining bursa escort bayan every drop from me, then sucking the last of my cum from me she cleaned me with her mouth until I was totally clean.”Better?” she asked when she finally pulled off my softening cock.”Much better, thank you!” I gasped still trying to catch my breath.”Well, you helped me and haven’t expected anything from me in return. You helped me get out of a bad situation and then took me in when I had no place to go. You haven’t pressed me for an explanation or any form of repayment including sex.”You are a rare breed, John, and I wanted to do something to let you know how much I appreciate it,” she said. After a few more minutes she went back to bed, leaving me alone with my thoughts.[img][/img]The next morning we woke up to one of those annoying drizzling kinds of rainy days… the kind where it’s raining but not enough to get it over and done with soon. The kind that you know is going to last all day long.Once we were up and dressed, we decided since it was so wet outside that we would repay the truck stops kindness in giving a place to park by going in and being customers.Besides, the bacon and eggs I was planning on making, I didn’t really want to cook indoors–it doesn’t take much frying greasy foods to get the inside of a motorhome all greasy and nasty! Best to keep the frying (and indeed most of the cooking) outdoors if possible.I pulled the motorhome up to the building and we went inside to have some breakfast. After we ate I made sure to thank the manager for the night and we left heading further south.The rain was just enough that we had to have the wipers going but had to fiddle with them all the time because one setting was too fast and the next one was too slow.But since neither of us was on a very tight schedule, it didn’t bother us too much. Besides having the company made the miles go by faster.As we talked I learned more about Alice. I learned that Alice was born in New York and that her father was a pretty successful investment banker and counselor. He’d worked on Wall Street right there in the middle of the trading floor amid all the chaos and confusion and people shouting “buy” and “trade” orders.But after a couple of years of that, he moved to a different place and worked doing the same job just not right there on the floor of the stock market.As an only child, she lived a pretty nice life; her dad made very good money and while they weren’t exactly rich, they were definitely “upper middle income” with her dad pulling in six figures and her mom doing her part once Alice was old enough to watch herself after school. Mom was a nurse at the local hospital putting her degree to good use.When Tommy came along, Alice had just graduated high school and was slated to go to college. But she let her hormones override her common sense and despite her parents’ warnings, she forgot about college to run off with the “man of her dreams”. She told me that the last she heard, her parents had moved to Florida someplace to retire.I told her my story, how my dad escort bursa was a retired autoworker and, like him, I worked building cars as well. But the plant I worked at closed down, and that’s why I was on the road to a new life.I told her the guy I was going to see in Atlanta used to work at the same plant as me, but he had gotten out before it all turned to shit and now he had a pretty good auto parts business going there. He wanted to open another location, and needed someone who knew cars and knew what they were doing to run the new place.We drove until it was getting close to lunchtime. That put us a little ways north of Caryville, Tennessee. “Alice, start keeping your eye out for a campground or someplace to pull over so we can stop for lunch,” I said.”Okay,” she said and she started keeping her eyes peeled for signs. It was about ten minutes later she spotted a rest area. “There! There’s a sign for a rest area a mile up the road!” she said.So we drove to the rest area and I pulled in. There were outhouse “facilities” so we stopped close to them. It was still drizzling so we quickly ran to use the outhouses then back into the motorhome. I pulled away from the outhouses and parked some distance away so we could eat some lunch.Alice made some sandwiches and we had chips and a soda with them. As we ate, I came up with an after lunch idea that would pay her back from the blowjob she had given me the night before.”Alice, come to the back please and sit on the bed,” I asked.”Okay… what’s going on?” she asked, puzzled by my request.”Well, I thought we would just stay here for the night. We put a lot of miles on yesterday and it was kind of a crazy day with all that went on. I thought just taking it easy today would be nice, especially with it raining and all.”I went back with her and sat down on the bed next to her taking her in my arms and giving her a long slow and deep kiss. She responded the way I had hoped by wrapping her arms around my head and pulling us together even tighter.”Take off your jeans and panties,” I said.”Look, John. I told you I am on my period and I can’t do anything while I am.””Do you trust me?” I asked her.”Well… yes, I guess so,” she said hesitantly, “but as I said, I’m on my period… I don’t want to make a mess!””Alice, what you did last night was amazing but hardly fair. I want to pleasure you as well and give you an orgasm and I think I can with just my fingers on your clit if you will let me have a chance. Now be a good girl and take your panties all the way off and lie back. Just let me worry about the mess okay?” I said as my hand slid up her thigh to her crotch and found her clit.She moaned a little as I started to stroke it very gently. She spread her legs wider and let me have my way with her, fingering her and teasing her.I leaned forward and kissed her as my other hand moved to her breast and started to work one of her nipples until I had her squirming with my every movement. I let the fingers of my hand start to slide up and down the sides of her clit and then rub over the tip of it very very gently.”Oh God, John… I never felt it like that before,” she moaned.I kept it up and resumed playing with her nipple and letting my tongue explore her mouth. I ran a fingertip around her inner lips and around her entrance, careful not to go inside. I teased her and played with her clit and pussy lips as I slowly drove her higher and higher.

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