Subject: True Campus Stories — Ripped From the Headlines Sorry for the long delay between stories. Got busy with exams and all kinds of stuff, and have been with the family since. These stories are about some of my exploits since going back to school for a masters degree. I have been bi since I was in college, but arriving to a huge Midwestern campus with an endless supply of hot boys has put a spike in my sex life. All the stories are true, some details and of course the names are changed. In a few cases, I have added a detail from another event for dramatic purposes, like putting something from a subsequent encounter into the first encounter I describe. I welcome feedback, and particularly would like to hear from guys in school. Of course standard disclaimer: if this type of story offends you or is illegal where you are, hit the back button. Enjoy. Ripped From the Headlines I have been working on two really hot stories from earlier this semester. I haven’t had as much action this school year as in previous. I have been spending more time working, and have been distracted by some other things, so have spent less time on the hunt. Nevertheless, the two stories are among the hottest of my school days. I decided to put those two aside for now, and write about one that happened during exams right after I posted the last chapter. For some reason, I hadn’t gotten any action for more than a month, which is pretty damn long for me. In late October, I finally convinced this cute, anxious little freshman who I had been chatting with for months to hang out, and his horniness took over and he lost his cherry that night. I will get that story out fairly soon. So heading into December with exams coming up, I was really horny, and hadn’t even jerked off since sometime over Thanksgiving. This kid who goes to the community college near here had broken up with his bf, I noticed on facebook when I looked at his profile. I texted him to come over, and he agreed. He is a totally insatiable bottom. I don’t usually like guys who have already bottomed a ton because I prefer those who need a little encouragement to give it up and hopefully I get to make them insatiable! But those true bottoms are great because they always want to get fucked, and you can really do anything you want. Anyway, he kept cancelling on me because of work, or this or that, or whatever. So the third time he cancelled plans to come over for a couple hot hard fucks, I was pissed and decided to find some other ass. So that was the Saturday before exams. I put an ad on craigslist right after he stood me up looking for a college age bi or straight acting guy who wanted to get fucked. It had been a while since I put up an ad. I had put a few carefully worded ones up in August that had eventually led to most of my conquests that semester. I rarely put ads up looking for instant action, but usually ones that appealed to the type of guys I liked to seduce, like appealing to ‘straight’ guys who have thought about messing around with a buddy. Those ads yielded the hot cherrys I had popped that semester. But now I just wanted some hot sex right away. I got quite a few replies, I guess other people were horny and not studying too! A few were the usual ‘Hi, I am 49yo, 5’9″ 260, athletic build, can host 30 miles away’ that weren’t very helpful. I got a couple that seemed really promising, and began emailing with two of them. One of them was a grad student, and after a while of emailing seemed a little bit difficult. He just wanted to suck me off, wasn’t sure about more. His pics looked good, and I was making plans to meet up, when I got a reply from an undergrad who said he was horny and wanted to meet up. After a few emails, we started texting. His pics looked good and I was horny for him. We emailed a bit and he said he would come on over. I tidied up a little bit and got hard waiting for him. I finally heard a knock at my door and went to open it. He was standing there looking kind of nervous, but was very cute in the face. It was warm for that time of year, and he was wearing some jeans and a sweater. He was pretty short and small, I forget what his stats were, but he was 5’5 or even shorter. It was tough to tell, but looked like he had a decent body. We sat on the couch and chatted, at least he was easy to talk with. He finally put his hand on my thigh, and I did the same. We rubbed and patted, and worked our way to eachother’s hard dicks. Pretty soon we got rid of our jeans and were sitting in our boxers and working eachother’s dicks. He had a big loose ballbag that I was pulling on through his fly and I was trying to work a finger down under. I took us back to my bed where I pulled off his undies and mine. We continued jerking, and fooling around. He seemed a little bit wooden; usually young guys get all horny and are hopping around. We did this for a while and I was wondering what was going to happen next. We hadn’t discussed what he wanted to do, but I didn’t care: you don’t answer an ad looking for someone to fuck if you aren’t planning on getting fucked. Finally I got up on my knees between his legs, and continued jerking him. I figured I was going to have to do something to get things moving, so I leant over and blew him for a minute. Now he was coming alive a little! I got back up and continued jerking him while I got some spit on my other finger. I probed down under that giant loose sac and found his hole. Took me a while, this kid’s asshole was like three or four inches further up his back than usual! Weird. It seemed like there was a half mile of skin from the bottom of his nuts to his hole, oh well. I thought to myself I bet he has shit emek escort on some toilet seats before! Hehe. I kept adding spit, and got a finger into him. His ass was really tight, and I began to wonder what this kid would really do. I rubbed my dickhead around his hole a little bit, and put some pressure on it. He was moaning a bit by now, and was pulling his legs up and back. “You want me to put it in you?” I whispered in sort of a hiss to him. He nodded, and I pushed a little harder on his hole. He pulled his legs even farther up, and I caught him beneath the knees and wedged them up higher. This is the point that sends me wild. A dude beneath me, legs up, hole exposed, ready to get fucked. This guy was cute, but didn’t have the best body or anything. Decent shape, lean, but no muscle showing. No worries, they can’t all be 10s. He was a cute guy, and he was about to get a good rough fuck. I pushed a little harder until my head wedged in. I grabbed some lube from the bedside and put a dollop on my dick and pushed in again. His eyes got wide as my whole large head popped in. I think he was also worried I was gonna fuck him bare, but worryingly to me, didn’t protest. I pushed in a couple inches, and then pulled it out pretty quick. I got a rubber from where the lube had been and rolled it on. Now I put a nice big dollop of lube right on his hole, and immediately pushed back in. My god, this guy really was tight. I had just been in there a second ago, and now couldn’t push back in. I gave it some more force, and all of a sudden, about half my dick bent into the guy’s hole. He gasped, and I went on my way to working the rest in. It really was a damn tight hole, hard to believe this guy had had much sex before, but he seemed to know what to do. I got all the way in, and started some strokes. Immediately, I felt like I was going to cum. This ass was really tight. I usually go for a good long time before even feeling the signs of wanting to cum, but this was happening quick. Probably because I was so horny, but man. Within a couple minutes I felt like I was imminently going to cum. I slowed down to head it off, and the feeling subsided a bit. I started some long slow pushes, pulling my dick all the way out and rubbing it around his winking hole before shoving it back in. The alarm bells about cumming stopped and I continued on fucking him good and fast and hard. The kid’s wooden demeanor melted and he was moaning and wiggling around. I really began to tap it hard. I could hear my pelvis slamming into his ass cheeks, making a loud slapping noise. It had probably only been 10 or so minutes, but I felt my cum rising again, and this time there would be no hope of stopping it. Usually I go so long the dude I am pounding asks if I am about to cum or tells me to hurry up. This was embarrassing, but at least it was going to be an epic cum! I started thrusting really fast and got a good hold around his neck with his knees pinned on my shoulders. I kissed him sloppy and deep as I pounded his ass as hard and fast as I could. I hit it one last time and pushed in as deep as I could. I was pushed so hard into him his ass was lifted up. I felt the cumshots beginning, and filled the rubber with eight or 10 big globs. After a few seconds, I started to pull out but the kid quickly tightened his hole and told me to keep it in. Then the kid did the craziest thing. With my still semi hard dick in his butthole, he began to squeeze his ass muscles rapidly. While he did this, he scooped up the precum off his tummy and cock, and with two fingers started rubbing the head of his dick between them. His ass muscles were really working my dick hard, and I was getting harder. After just a few minutes, he let out a little yelp, and shot a big load all over his chest and tummy. I pulled out and took the really full rubber off. Usually I would have jacked him off with it, but he had already cum. “Give it to me” he said. Slowly, unsure of what he meant, I took the cum-full condom and moved the base of it to his lips, giving him plenty of time to protest if he wanted. I grabbed the tip and lifted it, letting the big slimy load slide into his mouth. Now I was super hard!! I shifted up the bed on my knees, and pushed my cummy dick into his mouth. He began to suck vigorously, and I even started to feel another orgasm rising. He had a very small mouth. It was hot to feel his lips stretched around my dick. My dick isn’t too long, and usually I only touch a dude’s throat if my pubes are on his nose, but this kid’s throat wasn’t too far in there, and my dick was a good ways in it. Every little while, I would pull my dick out of his mouth and let him slurp on my slimy nuts. I was sure there was some of his ass juice on them. I used the opportunity to scoop up some of his cum and smear it on my dick before pushing it back in his mouth. After about 15 minutes, I felt it coming, and thrust a few last times into his mouth and throat before spilching a big, but not as big, load straight down his throat hole. I felt awesome. Two good cums in a row. I laid next to him and started to spoon him. I asked if he wanted to spend the night, I really wanted to wake him up by stuffing my cock in his ass. He didn’t, and got up and put his undies on. He was kind of quiet and acting weird now like some dudes get after sex. I asked if he wanted a shower, but he didn’t and was pretty quickly out the door. I had a glass of wine, did an hour of studying, and had a fantastic jerk off before bed. I’ve already gone on too long about this one guy, but the next week and a half of exams were filled with eryaman escort sex. At the same time I had put up my craigslist ad, I had also contacted some old fuckbuddies, and sent emails to probably a dozen dudes I had chatted with for a long time but lost touch with. And all these efforts paid off in short order! I’ll have to be a bit briefer, and will cover at least one of these dudes in another story. This was a very promiscuous two weeks. Like I’ve said, my optimal is to have one really awesome, dependable buddy, but sometimes, one just needs a lot of sex. The next day, and old blowbuddy I had lost touch with over the summer emailed me after I had contacted him. That afternoon his nose was buried in my pubes. This guy was pretty good looking, some kind of European type who worked at the university. He was in his mid 20s, I am not sure, was smooth as could be, and had very red lips and cheeks and blond hair. He had a slight accent, but talking wasn’t his job at my apartment. I always wore briefs when he came because he loved to lick all around the waistband and leg holes, slipping his tongue into my nuts and top of my crack and ass cheeks. I loved it. He also loved to work my nuts forever, which I love, and was a voracious ass eater….very good combo! He swallowed two loads that afternoon, and came by a few more times before break. A day or two later, the townie finally got back in touch, and as soon as he was off work, he was in my bed with his ankles at his ears, moaning like a whore. Being such a bottom, he really had good control of his ass muscles and worked them like a pro. The guy had a really lithe tight little body, he said he had done cross country and track in high school. He was super flexible, and only like 110 pounds, so easy to bend and throw around the bed. His face wasn’t all that attractive, and he smoked and had fucked up teeth, but still, he was an awesome fuck. The most remarkable thing about him was his cock and balls. He had a really long skinny cock, but I swear it was longer soft than hard. The first time I fucked him, he had shown up commando in nylon shorts, and I thought my eyes were tricking me when I saw his dick print way the hell down his leg. But it was his cock. I loved watching his long cock while I fucked him. It was strange the way it worked. He would get steel hard for a while, and leak precum all over his washboard tummy, and then it would go soft, and flop around before shooting out a load without warning. That day, I fucked him long and hard. He only came on himself once, I think the most he ever had was three times, but it was a good fuck, and so long and sweaty, I decided I didn’t have to go to the gym that day! One night a day or two later, I turned on grindr for a minute and had a few messages from a dude. His pic looked good from what I could tell, and his stats were very nice. We talked for a while till grindr screwed up like usual, and switched to texting. I could tell he was horny, and so was I. He said he liked to suck dick, and fool around, and liked my suggestion of a shower. He came over a while later, and looked much better in person. We talked for a while, and he was tenting his jeans. He seemed like he was in good shape, but was wearing a lot of clothes so it was hard to tell. He said he was on the university bicycling team, and I teased him about how he should have come dressed in spandex. Finally, I worked my hand onto his thigh and then crotch, and he did the same. Within a few minutes, he was sucking me like a champ. We moved to my bed, and he just wouldn’t quit. I had never felt suction like this guy was making! After about 15 more minutes, I could feel it coming strong. He must have sensed my dick get a little harder or swell or something, because he went to town. I knew a dude who sucked like this loved to drink cum, so without warning, I fired a huge load into his mouth. He made a big deal about noisily swallowing it. By this point he was in his boxer briefs, and man did his body look good. I pulled his underwear off, and gave him a spank and said we should get in the shower. He was rock hard and had made a big wet spot on his briefs. I got the shower on, and we groped eachother and I squeezed his ass. His ass was the most toned and muscular I may have ever seen, I was looking forward to playing with it. Once we got in the shower, I used my usual agenda. Soaped him all up, jerked him a bit, tugged on those nuts. Turned him around and started playing with that ass. His butt was so muscular that the crack was narrow and his hole was hidden in there. I got his crack all soapy and started lightly rubbing his opening. One finger, then two finger, then my thumb on his prostate. He was moaning now, and had bent his knees a bit so we were at the same level as he was taller than me, probably a bit over six feet. I slid my soapy cock in his ass valley and rubbed it on his hole. After a bit I gave a little force and pushed the head in. We got out of the shower and onto the bed. I pulled his rock hard and rippled cheeks apart and dove into his ass. I ate his hole hard for a while, and he was moaning and wriggling around. After a while, I pushed him over onto his back and pushed his legs up and ate his nuts and taint. He was still moaning, and was rock hard. His dick was on the small side, and narrow, kinda surprising for a guy so tall. I guess you expect tall guys with really nice bodies and big feet and hands to have big dicks, but its not always the case. After a little bit, I kneeled up and pushed his legs higher while aiming my cock at his hole, slick with my spit, and esat escort open a half inch. I pushed against his tight hole but he protested. “I don’t want to get fucked man. I tried it once and it didn’t work.” Disappointed, I tried to talk him into it, telling him I would just put the head in, or would just do it for a minute. All the while I was rubbing my dickhead around his opening and making little stabs getting half the head in. He finally laid his head back on the pillow and said “whatever, just for a minute. Take it easy.” I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and squirted a liberal amount onto his hole and rubbed it around, greasing up my dick. I pushed into him slowly and carefully, making quick light little strokes going in a quarter inch deeper each time. I finally got my whole cock up his chute and rested for a half minute with it all the way in him. I started some long slow pushes into him. His face was screwed up like he had discomfort, but he was also moaning. I guess I got carried away, because a minute later I was really nailing him. “Ahhhhh,” he finally said, “take it out.” I pulled out, just at the point that I was going to put a rubber on and really fuck him. I laid back next to him on the bed. “Dude, that was so hot, didn’t you like it?” “I did bro, but it was getting uncomfortable, sorry.” “No worries, dude,” I said, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m just blueballed now! haha” “I’ll take care of that!” he said, moving down between my legs and licking me from under my balls to the tip of my dick. “Dude, let me wash my dick, you don’t want all the lube and gunk in your mouth!” “I don’t care,” he said, a moment before swallowing my dick until his chin was pressing hard on my nutsac. He gave me a wonderful fast BJ. It took me a while to cum the second time, but he never let up until I was filling his mouth again. I called him the next day, but he was busy studying. I tried to meet up with him again, but he finished exams before I did and left for home. I hope to see him again. The last guy of exam period was probably the best and definitely a keeper. We had hooked up once the previous summer, just before he left to study abroad. He had just come back he said to take care of some things at school before the Christmas break. I saw him on grindr, and immediately messaged him to welcome him back and see if he wanted to meet up. The one time we had met before was on a scorching day in August while he was moving his stuff into storage. We had an epic sweaty fuck, but he left the next morning. About 15 minutes after I first messaged him, he was knocking at my door. No small talk with this guy, I was kneading his ass and making out with him the instant he walked in the door. I will keep this one really brief, cause I’ll write about him again. We were on the bed and getting wild and horny within a few minutes. I fucked him as hard as I could, and unlike the little guy the previous week, lasted a lot longer than 10 minutes! Unlike our first meeting, the guy, Caleb, was talking really dirty, moaning and yelling. It was the same get me pregnant stuff, but also a lot about ‘tear my ass,’ ‘open me up,’ ‘destroy my pussy,’ this type of stuff. Needless to say, as I have talked about in previous chapters, this really got me going. It was chilly in my room so I had cranked the heat up, and now it was really hot. I was dripping sweat all over him from the heat and my exertion. Caleb yelled loud and came all over himself. I thought I was going to shoot in his ass right then, but held off, and fucked him even harder for another 15 or 20 minutes. I was out of breath but he was still going crazy. If I could have fucked him for three hours I would have, but it was time, and with some breathless nonsense about getting him pregnant and filling up his ass, I shot probably a dozen spurts. By now he was frantically jerking his cock. I yanked my dick out of his hole, making him let out a little scream, and dumped its huge contents onto his dick. He jerked himself even faster, and as I pushed three fingers into his bright red, puffy, and wide open hole, he shot another load, even getting some on his face. In the next couple days before I left for Christmas, I saw the little guy again, and I think the townie. As a last minute bonus, the morning I left to go home, I went to the gym early. As I was just getting home, my suckboy texted me saying that his office was empty and could he come over. I said sure but he had to hurry. I started packing a few things thinking he would text me when he was heading over. But, within about 10 minutes, the phone rang, and he said he was outside! I said I hadn’t showered yet, give me a few. He said whatever, and there was a knock on my door. I apologized saying I hadn’t known he was coming so soon. I was still a sweaty mess, and could smell my own crotch, I hadn’t washed that jockstrap or shorts for quite a few jogs and gym visits. He didn’t even say anything, but dropped to his knees right there inside the door and started deeply inhaling my sweaty shorts and mouthing my cock. I dropped the shorts and he started gnawing at my sweaty jock. I got on the sofa and he pulled my balls out either side of the jock and started licking them. He moved down, and I tried to lower my legs, being self conscious about my sweaty funky ass. He pushed my legs up harder instead and started eating my hole more furiously than he ever had before. He finally got my jock off and started sucking my dick like he was getting oxygen out of it. After a good while, my legs were shaking and I grabbed his head and impaled his throat on my dick and spurted what felt like a huge load directly into his stomach. I showered, packed a few more things, got in the car, and headed off for break. Haven’t had any action since. The couple fuckbuddies I have where my folks live were away for Christmas, but they are hotties, and awesome fucks, and one is due back today and the other on the second or third.

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