Ringmaster Ch. 17: A Week LaterRingmaster Ch. 17: A Week Later

No Panties

My eyes slowly fluttered awake, sunlight beaming into my room. It had been a week since the gala that Vanessa took me too. I groaned, stretching myself out in various directions as much as I could. To my left, Lexi was cuddled up with Summer.

To my right, Danna was still asleep with Regina curled up around her. I leaned over, giving each of them a kiss. With a little help from the Ring, I got myself out of bed without disturbing any of them. I stretched out a little more and checked the notifications on my phone; but there wasn’t anything important.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed my robe, putting it on. The dress that I had worn at the gala last week was still on the floor; I hadn’t bothered to toss it properly in the hamper and it’s just been sitting there. Eh, eventually I’ll get to it.

I headed out into the living area, checking in on Tae and Vanessa. The two of them were still wrapped up on the couch, their snacks from last night’s binge watching still out on the table. I kissed both of them lightly on the forehead, then headed to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast.

I poured myself a bowl of cereal and milk, then took a seat on the couch on the other side of Tae and Vanessa. The two of them gently stirred a little, but were still asleep. I just watched some anime with the captions on, that way I wasn’t too loud for any of them.

After a bit of time, probably halfway into an episode, Summer came out. She was wearing a beautiful black set of lingerie with some straps. She walked over and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You know it’s Sunday, right?” she said in a whisper.

“You know that it’s 9 in the morning, right?” I said back to her. Normally Summer was the first one out of the seven of us to get up first, but Sundays were a rest day for pretty much all of us. It was pretty surprising for me to see that for Summer, who I thought was a huge creature of habit.

She smiled at me and looked over at Tae and Vanessa. The two of them were wearing fleece pants and soft shirts, with the blanket that was previously around them now down at their legs. “Those two look so peaceful together.”

“Yeah,” I said as I gently rubbed Vanessa’s leg. “I’m glad that they’re getting along well. They’ve really been enjoying this period drama that they’ve been watching.”

“How cute,” Summer said. She reached down and gently grabbed my breast, rolling my nipple in her fingers. With her other hand, she pulled my chin and firmly kissed me on the lips. “Though, you’re cuter.”

A little chuckle escaped my lips. “Love you, Summer.”

“Love you too, Maria.” She headed to the kitchen and I could hear her beginning to prepare breakfasts for everyone. I went back to watching my show, letting my hand rest on Tae’s legs.

Feeling a little naughty, I turned to Vanessa and Tae and focused on the ring a little. I could see the two of them start to squirm a little as their mouths opened. They held each other closer in their sleep as their breath got heavier and heavier. Softly, their breathing turned to groans, then moans, then louder and louder.

“Ahhhhh!” The two of the climaxed from a very sexy wet dream that I was giving them. I reveled in the show as they came down from it.

Vanessa was the first to let her eyes slowly open. “Holy Aphrodite, that was- Oh! Maria! Good morning dear.” She gently moved Tae, but Tae woke up as well.

“Huh? Oh, morning everyone,” Tae said sleepily. She rubbed her eyes, then rubbed her crotch. “Fuck, that was a great dream.”

“Oh?” I asked, feigning ignorance. “What did you dream about?”

“Mhmm, I dreamt that I was in a hot tub at a beach resort. There were just ladies in skimpy bikinis all over the place, enjoying themselves and each other,” Tae said, a little purr in her voice. “And then Maria came over with two coconut drinks, handed me one, and then stuck her hand down my bikini bottom. She started touching me in just all the right places. Oh, I was just putty in her hands.”

“Oh gods, you’re getting me excited now,” Vanessa said as she sat up, sitting between Tae and I. “Strangely, I had a similar dream, but mine involved a ski lodge. Just everyone in warm sweaters,” then she leaned over to Tae, “and that was it. Nothing else underneath.”

“Oh fuck,” Tae said as she shivered. “That’s hot.”

“Sounds like you two had some wonderful dreams. Maybe we’ll make them happen one day,” I said, giving each of them a firm kiss on the lips.

“Making what happen?” Lexi asked as she came out of my room wearing a T-shirt and panties. She had her arm around Danna, who looked absolutely adorable in her nightgown. The two of them sat down on one of the chairs, cuddling with each other.

“Oh, we were just talking about some very sexy dreams that we had,” Tae said as she nuzzled her neck against Vanessa. “What about you two? Anything like that?”

Danna shook her head and Lexi did so as well. “No, we had our own fun before we went to sleep, didn’t we?” Danna nodded her head and smiled. “Regina sure knows how to eat pussy, I’ll say that.”

“No Aydın Escort arguing there,” Vanessa said with a smile. She turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, gently licking them with her tongue. “What about you dear? Any dreams?”

“Nah,” I said with a chuckle. “Besides, living and loving you girls has been a dream come true.”

“Oh, you’re so cheesy,” Lexi said, lightly tossing a pillow at me. “Love you girl!”

“Love you too,” I said as I caught the pillow and set it aside. Soon, Summer would be finished with breakfast and the day would truly start.


I turned my head to see Regina peeking her head out of my bedroom, looking at me. She beckoned for me to come to her. Using a bit of the Ring’s power, I slipped away unnoticed. When I approached the door, Regina quickly pulled me into my bedroom.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked her. “Why the secrecy?”

“Listen Maria, I gotta tell you something…Congratulations!”

“H-Huh?” I asked her, making sure that I heard her right. “Did you say… congratulations?”

“Sure did,” Regina said, striking a dramatic, yet flashy pose. “You’ve officially gone from a little tiny fledgling Ringmaster to a moderate Ringmaster!”

“Uh, thanks?” I said, not quite sure if I should feel proud or slightly insulted. On one hand, it seemed like I was getting better and more skilled. On the other hand, everything that I had been doing was apparently stuff for a fledgling. “Was that it?”

“Hey now, be proud,” Regina said with a playful pout. “Not everyone makes it this far.”

She reached out and took my hand. She chanted something in a mysterious language that I didn’t recognize and the ring began to glow. The wind started to whip up around us, at first just fluttering papers, then blowing them around, to almost a miniature tornado around us. The whole time, Regina kept chanting as if nothing was out of place. As the ring glowed brighter and brighter, I could feel something changing.

It was like a sense of clarity and understanding. Like my mind had been wandering in a fog or a cave and everything suddenly parted and I could see the light. Regina stopped chanting, the wind died down, and I took a deep breath like I hadn’t been breathing for the past few minutes.

“What… was that?” I said as I looked down at the ring. It didn’t look like it changed at all, but there was a strange surging sensation coming from it.

“Well, basically, I took off the training wheels, so to speak.” Figures that only Regina could make something sound so simple.

“What does that mean?” I said as I kept looking over the ring.

“Well, before, you were pretty restricted in what you could do. The changes weren’t that large, relatively speaking, and there was big backlash for if you did something huge.” Regina chuckled. “I remember this one Ringmaster. Got blacked out and basically couldn’t use her arm for a long time. Too many changes and stuff.” She composed herself. “Anyways, now you can do even more cool things. You know, really mess with some people and have fun in great ways.”

“Well, what’s the difference from before?” I asked. “There’s just less backlash and I can make larger changes?”

“In essence, yes, but also they can get a bit more, how shall we say, creative?” Regina had a crafty smile on her face. 

“Here, how about we do a little test drive?” I nodded my head. “I want you to focus on Vanessa.” I closed my eyes and started to think of her. “Think about being her. As if you were in her place right now.”

I focused more and more on Vanessa, her beautiful skin and dark hair; how she was sitting on the couch; how Tae was laying on her side. Suddenly, the darkness shifted and I opened my eyes.

I was sitting in the living room, and Tae was there on my side. Danna and Lexi were still on the chair, cuddling. I could hear the various sounds from Summer finishing up in the kitchen. She came out with several plates, then turned to me.

“Oh, Vanessa, can you go get Maria and Regina tell them that breakfast is ready?”

“Huh?” Almost immediately, I covered my mouth. The voice that I spoke in wasn’t mine. It was unmistakably Vanessa’s!

“You alright?” Lexi asked as she looked at me.

“Oh, uh, yeah, just bit my tongue slightly!” I said, trying to process just what was going on.

“Well, I heard saliva works great on that.” Tae picked herself up and pulled me in, kissing me firmly on the lips. There was a wonderful jolt of pleasure as she kissed me, far different but still delightful from when I kiss Tae. After a few seconds, she pulled away and chuckled. “Better?”

“Uh huh,” I said, nodding. “Well, let me go get Maria and Regina then.” I stood up, wobbling a bit. Vanessa’s larger C-cups and taller frame made me feel a little unstable, but I quickly got my bearings. I headed over to my room, not quite sure what to expect.

I flung open the door to see Regina standing there, like she was before, but my body was mysteriously missing. I quickly walked in and shut the door Aydın Escort Bayan behind me. “Regina, what the hell is going on?”

“Hey, it worked,” she said with a smile. “Check it out, girl! You’re Vanessa!” She opened up my closet and moved the door to show the mirror to me. Staring back at me was Vanessa’s body in all her beautiful glory. I took a few moments to look at her up and down, giving a few poses as I examined her from all angles.

“I really am Vanessa,” I said, a bit breathlessly. Then, I snapped to my senses. “Wait! Then where’s me?”

Regina walked over and tapped her finger on my chest. “You, Maria, are inside of Vanessa, there. Congrats on your first possession.”

“Possession!? I’m currently possessing Vanessa?” On one hand, it was incredibly surreal and I could feel myself, or Vanessa, I guess, getting wet at the idea of it. And the other hand was freaking out at the idea of it.

“Relax. She’s completely alright. And, best of all, anything you do as her, when you stop possessing her, she’ll think was all her own accord. Well, except for anything involving the Ring, naturally.” Regina gave me a quick kiss on the lips; again feeling the same jolt of pleasure, yet different from when I kiss Regina. “Talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, huh?”

“So, this is what Vanessa feels when she kisses you, huh?” I said as I touched my fingers to my lips. “Wait a minute!” I looked down at my bare hands. BARE hands. “I don’t have the Ring!”

“Sure does,” Regina said with a chuckle. “Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s still there. Can’t you feel the magic?”

I focused on my, or rather Vanessa’s left hand, and sure enough, there was a sensation of an invisible ring.

“It still works just like usual, and if you wanna hop out of Vanessa here, you just gotta focus and do so.”

“That easy?” I asked, looking at Vanessa’s hands.

“Told you I took off the training wheels,” Regina said as she put her arms around my/Vanessa’s waist. “And since you’re taking your girl for a spin…

“Wanna know what sex feels like for her?”

“H-Hang on! C-Can we really be doing this?” I asked, despite the fact that Regina already had Vanessa’s shirt off.

“You worry too much, Maria,” Regina said, pulling me in and giving me a firm kiss on the lips. Once again, jolts of pleasure shivered down my spine. “Besides,” she said as she held up my hand, “You’re the one in control. You can stop at any point.”

I looked down and nodded in agreement. I could stop this at any point that I wanted, but, the way that Regina felt against Vanessa’s skin was too tantalizing. It just felt too good.

“So, what’s it going to be, Ringmaster?” Regina said as she moved in closer to whisper against my ear. She gently nibbled on Vanessa’s earlobe, sending more shivers down the spine.

I grabbed onto Regina and the two of us fell back onto the bed. She was right. I was the one in control. And right now, I wanted to feel Regina’s sexy tongue against Vanessa’s body.

“There we go,” Regina said with a mischievous smirk.

Slowly, she ran her tongue in circles against my/Vanessa’s neck. Soft puffs of breath escaped from my lips. Every little gesture was more and more building pleasure. Goddess was Vanessa’s body sensitive. Then, Regina made her way to the collarbone, brushing it with her nose. She spread gentle kisses along the shoulders.

While her mouth was working the upper body, I felt her hand slip underneath Vanessa’s waistband and slowly began to work her hand in a circle against Vanessa’s crotch. A reaffirming grunt of pleasure let her know she was starting off strong. She reached down, her middle and ring fingers starting to rub against Vanessa’s clit.

“Goddess, Vanessa just came not too long ago, and yet her body feels so hot and ready,” I said between breaths.

“I know. She’s so wet,” Regina said as she leaned up and kissed the bottom of Vanessa’s chin. I could hear the sounds of Regina’s hand squishing against Vanessa’s soft sex. “All thanks to the Ring.”

“The Ring?” I said, turning to look down at her. “What do you mean by that?”

“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” Regina said as she moved down and worked her tongue between Vanessa’s cleavage.

“Figured out what?” I said, my mind a bit too focused on Regina’s movement’s to think clearly.

“The Ring not only increases libido, but it also reduces the refractory period.” Regina’s fingers firmly gripped Vanessa’s clit, causing me to moan loudly in pleasure. “Meaning that not only do you get hornier quicker, but you can get ready to fuck far more often.”

“Why am I not surprised?” I said before throwing my head back. More moans and gasps escaped from my lips. Vanessa’s hips began to buck against Regina’s hand.

Regina’s hand continued to rub her palm against Vanessa’s clit, building up the pleasure further and further. As intense as it was, I kept holding on. I didn’t want this to end, but at the same time, begging and aching for pleasure and release. Her delicate fingers finding Escort Aydın and exploring each and every sensitive fold inside of Vanessa’s pussy.

“Why are you holding back so much?” Regina said as she leaned in and sucked on Vanessa’s neck. My breathing was even more intense as Vanessa’s body writhed; she needed release and I was the only thread holding back.

“I don’t… I don’t want this to stop,” I moaned between gasps. Vanessa’s toes curled as I struggled to maintain my senses.

“Go on. She’s begging for it. Just listen,” Regina said as she quickened her pace, the beautiful sound of her fingers slipping in and out of Vanessa’s pussy. Sharper and faster moans escaped from my lips. “Give her what she wants.”

I couldn’t hold on any longer. “AHHHH! REGINA!” Vanessa’s body bucked wildly as my edging efforts finally gave way. Her hips convulsed as the pleasure rippled all throughout. I couldn’t stop her quivering as Regina fingered as fast as she could, only adding to the pleasure! Orgasming as Vanessa was somehow even more intense than when I had so far. Was this an effect of the ring? Or was this because I was possessing Vanessa?

Before I knew what was happening as I was lost in the pleasure, I suddenly felt my feet hit the floor. I stumbled backwards a little as I looked around. Vanessa and Regina were on the bed and I was no longer her, back in my own body. Regina, however, didn’t stop fingering Vanessa.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

“Ahhhh! Oh god, I’m cumming again! Regina!” Vanessa’s body bucked again as it feverishly grinded against Regina’s hand. “Ahhh! I don’t want to stop!” Her squeals of pleasure were music to my ears.

I just stared for a few seconds, watching my Regina finger my girlfriend for her fifth orgasm of the morning. Calmly, I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Regina removed her fingers out from Vanessa and Vanessa shuddered in delight as the pleasure onslaught ceased. She reached out towards me, her hands shaking.

“Hey dear,” she said, out of breath as if she had run three marathons in a row. “S-Summer wanted me to get you for breakfast. Sorry, I got a little distracted.” She turned over to Regina and pulled her in for a passionate kiss on the lips. 

“Fuck… what a way to start a morning.” She had such a goofy grin on her face, I couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her on the lips as well. “Love you… Maria…” She shuddered again as she held my arm.

“I love you too, Vanessa,” I said as I rested my hand on her arm.

Regina chuckled before getting off the bed. “Let’s let her rest, Maria.” She walked over and helped me up. “Come on. Feels like we’ve been cooped up here for weeks.” I followed her out of the room, exchanging loving looks at Vanessa for a bit, before entering back to the living room.

“Ah! Maria, there you are!” Lexi said as she patted down on the couch for me to sit there. “We were just waiting for you.” She picked up the TV remote and pressed play.

“There was something we wanted you to see.”

After what felt like practically months, I snapped back to reality. I took a seat next to Lexi, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, and looked at the TV.

“And in other news, the 24th Annual Piltivian Film Festival has started back up again.” On the screen was a news reporter standing in front of a building that I was very familiar with. A building that I had been to nearly every year since childhood. My eyes went wide as my brain began to piece together what was happening. “After being canceled for the last three years, it is finally confirmed to be happening. Contestants from all over the state will be able to enter their films into the contest for a chance at a cash prize and to take this from the state level to nationals. The deadline to enter is May 15th. We wish all competitors good luck and an apology for the short notice.”

“Huh? Maria, you alright?” Tae said as she looked over at me.

I couldn’t help it. I had a huge smile on my face and was practically shaking from excitement. “Oh. My. GODDESS!” I shouted, unable to contain it any longer. “They’re finally back! They’re back!” I did a silly little dance in the living room. “It’s like a dream come true!”

“Wait, can someone explain it to me?” Tae said as she looked around at the other girls.

“The Piltivian Film Festival is a global competition for indie film people to show off their talents and movies,” Summer explained as she smiled at my little dance. “If you win at the state level, you get to go to nationals, and then the international competition. It’s a lot of prestige and prize money if you win. Hell, even getting nominated for any categories is important.”

“And I thought that they were done for,” I said, the enthusiasm still never leaving my voice, “But they’re finally back! I still can’t believe it!”

“So, what are you gonna do for a movie?” Lexi asked.

As she did, all the energy in my body just flat out exhumed from my body. “Shit! I hadn’t even thought about that in years!” I started to pace around the room. “I mean, I have some old scripts that I could dust off, but are they too old? Where am I going to find people who want to be part of this in such short notice? Can I do this even with my schoolwork? Oh geez, what about the budget? Do I have enough in my savings?”

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