and it begins again,again thoughts drift to you,you, who is so far away,away from my touch – yet so close.hoping to rendezvous tonight,tonight as I lie in bed,bed where this journey begins,begins uncovering feelings deprived.your presence has an affect,affect on all of my senses,senses primed to seek you,you, wordsmith of hidden desires.sentences flicker upon our screens,screens isveçbahis that act as a bridge,bridge connecting inner worlds,worlds destined to collide.reading your musings, I smile,smile that shines from my eyes,eyes caressing your phrases,phrases that serve to reach into my soul,soul that has been in need,need of tender attention,attention you give isveçbahis giriş freely.the tone slowly shifts,shifts to carnal longings,longings that beg to be satiated,satiated through lascivious wordplay. breaths start to deepen,deepen as I devour your words,words that create an ache,ache yearning to be it your hands I feel?feel gliding over flushed skin,skin isveçbahis yeni giriş craving to be touched,touched to ignite fervor.fingers start to wander,wander over moist petals,petals coaxing me to peel,peel to reveal its ripe do you incite such a frenzy?frenzy coursing through my body,body wanting to do your bidding,bidding me to relinquish inhibitions.all control is surrendered, surrendered to satisfy sweet agony,agony that was slow to develop,develop an anxious crescendo. delicate sentiments exchanged,exchanged as we unwillingly part,part only to meet again,again in our virtual creation.

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