Revenge on the Diner Waitresses! Ch. 02Revenge on the Diner Waitresses! Ch. 02

Autumn Falls

“Caroline, I can’t. I just can’t, okay, so stop asking, and stop yelling!”

That was Marvin, the manager of our diner, and he was yelling at Caroline Krasinsky, with a tone of desperation and finality that smacked of a nervous breakdown or the sudden appearance of a back bone. He had never refused Caroline, even though she was just a waitress and he was supposed to run the place. But today, something was different, something had changed, something had altered….

I was grinning my ass off.

Luckily, I was serving a table, so nobody caught my shit eating grin. You see, Caroline K was the head waitress at our Diner, and she was, well, putting it objectively, a very bad person. Putting it realistically, she was Soda Crackers Bitchcakes Crazy, and over the years she had maneuvered the entire Diner to cater to her mean and vindictive ass. And then I came along, and decided to take her down.

Admittedly, these folks weren’t all that smart, and everyone hated Caroline, so I could have just used some consistent logic, good behavior and patience, and motivated a gradual positive change in how this awful diner ran itself.

But where’s the fun in that?

I was a 19 year old theater major, who had a thing for older women. So I decided to put my acting and theater craft to use in order to manipulate these women into better behavior, and sex. Sound far fetched? Hell, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish with an equal amount of fear and ego stroking. And, of course, ACTING!

((please picture Jon Lovitz from Saturday Night Live proclaiming that line loudly while extending his arm boldly into the sky))

Caroline was currently sorting butter chips and muttering to herself, as shocked as the rest of us with Marvin’s behavior. Mandy and Helena, two of Caroline’s cronies were working the shift with me, and they avoided Caroline like the Plague. I did the same. The thing was, I had just caught one of the other waitresses, Lucinda, stealing and filmed her doing it. I then, of course, blackmailed her into sex and subservience. Oh, nothing weird, I didn’t make her eat my shit or anything. Just that she would do what I say as it pertains to the Diner. Caroline was going down, and I was going to do it one duck at a time, just like Sgt. York. Have you seen that movie? Sgt. York picks off a whole crap load of Germans by shooting them from back to front, so the others don’t see what’s going on until it’s too late. I had to be careful, as Caroline was an expert asshole. (I prefer that to Bitch, as ‘bitch’ has an anti-gender slant I don’t care for). You don’t shoot for the leader, you remove the leader’s resources, slowly and without any loss to your own. Sun-Tzu said that. Or maybe it was Stanislavsky. It could have been Weird Al Yankovic. Anyway…

Marvin the manager was only slightly aware of what I was doing, and that was why he was able to face down Caroline. He didn’t know the whole thing, and he didn’t want to know. All he wanted was to read his comic books, but he had to work here at this shitty diner for his father-in-law. So I worked around him, and he gladly helped me do it. But by 6 o’clock, Caroline had stormed out without a word, just as soon as her asshole boyfriend pulled up in his Camaro. As soon as she did, Mandy and Helena starting yapping at each other like to magpies fighting over a gold watch. They got so busy with their gossip about Marvin and Caroline, that they ignored their customers, which frankly the customers were grateful for. Mandy and Helena were not very good at their job.

The thing was, our chefs were pretty damn good. I know we were just a crappy little diner, but it doesn’t mean we have to suck. Half the reason we had a bad rap was the waitstaff got orders wrong, and were often late to the table. When I got the food to the table on time, it was hot, fresh tasting and I made sure the customer got what they asked for. Was it top dollar food? Nope. But did you get more than your money’s worth? When I served it, hell yes! Barry, Lindo, Joaquin and Fredo, the line chefs, warmed to me gradually. I learned some Spanish, used it badly, was patient with their teasing, learnt to speak Spanish like a Mexican, and now we were working together to make good food, instead of just avoiding the wrath of Caroline. It makes me so mad when people’s good work is wasted by the pissy attitude or laziness of someone else, you know? It motivated me even further to get back at this woman for creating such unnecessary incompetence.

Lucinda was the first step. Mandy and Helena were the next.

As they ignored everything to gossip about Caroline, I closed out all their tables early and pocketed the tips. There were six tables, two and four tops, all with nice people who appreciated my hustle. When Mandy and Helena finally lifted their heads to check on their tables, and found them all taken by me, they started squawking fast. They came at me as a pair, like they usually did. They were both about 64 years old, 5’6″, and were possessed of bonus veren siteler huge chests, about 44 or 48 D’s. Really! Both of them! Their tits were colossal! And the two of them together were comical, especially considering their contrasting hairstyles. Mandy had big blue eyes and a hairdo like Dolly Parton from the 70’s; bottle blonde and piled up high. Helena’s salt and pepper hair was swept up in a bun, like Mrs. Garrett from The Facts Of Life. She had small eyes with large glasses, and a large handsome nose.

As they yelled at me for ‘taking money out of their pockets’, I went to the office and they followed me inside. As they continued to yell, I played their video tape, which first showed Helena taking money out of a cash till, and then a montage of Mandy taking money out of several purses in the back. They stopped yelling, and as the Diner closed up for the night, I left them in the tiny office while I locked the doors and sent the cooks home. The two women were whispering furiously as I came back into the office. I stood there for about half a minute before they knew I was there.

“Ain’t figured out what to do, have you?” I asked.

They were silent.

“Have you figured out Marvin and Caroline aren’t going to be any help?”

“See! I told you!” Said Helena. Mandy whacked her on the arm.

Mandy stood and faced me with her hands on her hips, looking every bit like a trailer trash Dolly Parton, which was half her intent. “So what do you expect us to do?”, she drawled.

“I expect you to work off your thievery. Helena, Not only can I send you to jail, I can ensure you will never be hired again. You get that, right?” Helena’s eyes got as wide as they could. Mandy tried to take the scene back “Hey there sport! I’m the one talking to you! Don’t screw us around. Just tell exactly what you want!”

I reached to her shirt and unbuttoned her top button, and then another.

“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” she said slowly.

I smirked. “I’d prefer the money, but you’re broke. And I’m bored. So…” I undid another button. Her waitress’s uniform slowly opened opened up to reveal her huge chest. Helena was literally agog, her mouth hanging open.

“Are you going to.. is he going to…what are you…”, Helena stammered.

Mandy had a weary, ‘I expected this’ look on her face. As she started to go down to her knees, i stopped her and picked her back up. She skipped a bunch of bullshit conversation and went right for, “Well, what then?” I actually started to like her a bit right there. It seems that Mandy was a no-nonsense kinda gal, at least when people let her be.

“Unbutton Helena’s top.” Helena’s face went scarlet.

Mandy’s eyes went flat. “I ain’t no carpet muncher.” she said flatly.

“You’ll do what you’re told, Mandy. However, I can assure you I won’t make you do that tonight. Now unbutton Helena’a top.”

Mandy locked eyes with me for a couple seconds. Then she took a step towards Helena, who had a terrified look on her face as Mandy reached for her top button.

“Now Helly, don’t you worry.” Mandy’s thick southern accent was soothing and full of motherly consolation. “This is just gonna be a little fun, and then we’re done, allrighty? Good.” While talking, she undid Helena’s uniform, revealing her even larger chest, with a surprisingly sexy lacy bra that showed off her huge tits wonderfully.

“Damn, Helena.” I said without thinking.

“Damn indeed.” Said Mandy, also genuinely impressed. She began to gently run her fingers over Helena’s tits, all over the entire mass and roundness of them, as well on the sides and underneath, which brought little gasps of pleasure from the openmouthed Helena.

“Why don’t you go ahead and have a seat, and pull out your cock, and we can get this started.” Mandy said to me as she backed away a couple steps and undid her bra, allowing her massive breasts to fall out. They were the biggest tits I had ever seen, and they hung down pendulously. Her nipples and aureolas were equally huge and they were dark colored. I found myself staring at what almost seemed like a freak of nature. 
Mandy laughed. “Sit down, boy, before you fall down! There you go. Now, come here, Helena.” Mandy held up her tits so that her nipples where facing out, and as Helena got near she began to rub them all over Helena’s bra and exposed cleavage. She had a practiced hand, and it was clear she had done this kind of titty show before. By now I was seated and working on getting my cock out of my pants, transfixed on the slutty GILF sex show unfolding before me.

“Come on sweetie, do like I do, there ya go!” Helena put her hands on her own huge tits, still encased in their lacy prisons, and held out as Mandy did, so that the two 64 year old waitresses’ nipples were brushing and touching, smashing together and tickling each other. Helena was obviously getting turned on by the act, and Mandy was getting amused at Helena’s reaction, almost forgetting about the guy sitting in bedava bahis the chair stroking his cock.

“Oh m’goodness, I think you like that, don’t ya little Helly?” said Mandy as she leaned closer and mashed her naked boobs up against Helena’s tits. She pushed and wiggled, creating an amazing sight of four D Cup breasts melting into each other. Helena started pushing back eagerly, clumsily, like someone who had never done this kind of thing before. Mandy caught on to that facts as I did.

“Oh sweetie, you’re new to all this, ain’t ya?” Helena nodded hard, speechless with lust. “Undo your Bra.” Mandy commanded. As she did so, her 48DD’s revealed themselves. They did not droop as much as Mandy’s, and they were more symmetrical and shapely. “Shit girl.” Mandy said as she began to rub their naked nipples together.

“Ah…oh! Oh! Ungh!” Helena was grunting and jerking like she was getting electric shocks through her chest, which in a way, she was! Mandy kept it up a little longer and then finally reached over and took Helena’s nipple’s in her fingers. Helena sucked in a deep breath and her eyes got wide. Mandy smiled a malicious little grin, and her fingers tensed.

“Ohhhhhhhh GOD!” Screamed Helena as Mandy pinched her nipples harder and harder, slowly increasing the intensity, until Helena’s knees began to buckle. She then stopped and picked up Helena’s hands, and placed them on her own nipples. “My turn.” Was all she said. Helena looked confused for a second, but then she took a deep breath and started to squeeze. As she did, her eyes darted back and forth from Mandy’s eyes to her tits, and back, a concerned expression on her face.

“Oh, I do this a lot, sugar, you can squeeze ’em like a cows’ dugs.” Helena shrugged and pinched harder. Mandy began to undulate her ass and shoulders with pleasure. “That’s it, that’s it sugar. You keep going, oh yes…yes….harder. Now pick them up a bit.. that’s it!” Helena had lifted Mandy’s huge tits up by their nipples as high as Mandy’s forehead! It was like a Bill Ward cartoon come to life! Helena looked as amazed and shocked as I did as she kept hoisting Mandy’s tits up higher, to her continuous profane encouragement.

“Oh hell yeah you little slut, make ’em hurt, oh, fuck yeah, do it Helly, Do it Helly!”

Finally, the weight of her huge tits grew too much for Helena and as she dropped Mandy’s tits both woman bent over gasping and then they started laughing and giggling.

“I can’t believe that doesn’t hurt!” Helena exclaimed. “I mean hurt, hurt.. um..”

Mandy took over. “I’ve been into tit play for a long, long time. With titties like these, men love them, and it keeps ’em out of my cooter.”

“My husband never did much with mine.” Helena said wistfully.

“What the hell was wrong with him?” I asked. Both Helena and Mandy answered. “He was gay.” My question and their answer brought their attention back to me, and also to my now very hard cock.

“Oh my, well now look at you! Now that is a lovely dick.” said Mandy, holding on to the good mood suddenly garnered from the tit play with Helena.

“It’s so big.” Helena said wide eyed, staring at the direction of my crotch.

“Oh that’s right. You only ever saw your husband’s dick.” Mandy said. “Well, I told you they came in different sizes, so they you go.” She waved a hand toward me like a showgirl on a game show indicating the prize. “So Greg, what is your intent?”

“For tonight, a tit job.”

“And that’s it?”

“Nope. When the time comes, you back me up. And you’ll know when.”

Both women’s humor grew a little colder and Helena let slip, “He’s talking about Caroline, right?”

“Shush, Helly!”, said Mandy, who then rolled her eyes and gave up trying to hold on to any kind of control. “Damn. Yes, he’s probably talkin’ about Caroline being so mean all the time, but he won’t say exactly that so we can’t go and say he did. Come on girl, you watch soap operas, you should be able to figure that much out!”, Mandy blurted out frustratingly.

“Really? But on those shows they don’t rub their breasts together in front a man with a huge penis.” She said innocently, almost sounding like Marilyn Monroe.

“Well now sugar, you have me there.” Mandy said. “So hand me those two extra seat cushions, come on down here and let me show you a little something.” Mandy got herself comfortable in front of me and Helena moved over where she could see. “Now pay attention, Helly, ‘cuz you’re doing this next time. I ain’t doing your time for your crime, all right?” Helena nodded. ” Allright, then. Gimmie that cock!”

Mandy’s huge blonde hair was thrown back as she placed her tits on my thighs, and then pressed them around my dick. She spit on my cock and greased it up with her tits, using them almost like cymbals in a marching band. Her waitress skirt was still on, even though she was topless, and I see her her waggling it back and forth as she fucked my cock with her tits. Her stroke was amazing! Sometimes deneme bonus she would just rub the shaft, other times she would smother my entire cock deep inside her tit flesh. Her wrinkled face looked serious as she kept pumping my cock with her tits.

“Damn, I’m getting a little dry mouthed. Helly, come on down here Sugar and lend me a hand, or something.” Helena cautiously kneeled down next to Mandy, looking at my penis like it was a poisonous snake. “Spit on it.” Mandy told her.

“That’s dirty.”, said Helena.

“Are you kidding me?” I said.

“Look, Helly, spit or lick, it’s up to you. I need a little lubrication to get this blackmailer to cum, and you need to pony up.”

Helena looked nervous, steeled herself, and then stuck her tongue out a little, leaned forward and flicked my dick for a half a second. Mandy rolled her eyes. “Oh Lord Jesus help me, I do not have time for this. Here…” Mandy took Helena’s head and pushed it closer to my dick. “Open your mouth, good! Now here!” Suddenly Helena’s mouth was on my dick, her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. She looked shocked, and confused, and then started to lower her mouth a little farther down, and then farther until she was halfway down.

“Now come back up, but keep your lips wrapped around his cock, yes…yes, that’s it. Now go down again…” Helena’s Aunt Bea shaped hair started moving up and down on my dick, like a metronome. It felt pretty damn good, and when Mandy began to slide her tits up and down my cock again, it felt even better.

“That’s it, Helly, now keep the head of his cock in your mouth while I stroke his shaft”

I reached down and got a hold of one of Helena’s breasts and began to play with her nipple, which made her whimper, moan and suck on my dick a little harder, her saliva dripping down to my balls and Mandy’s huge breasts, making them slick and wet as she tit fucked me. After about three minutes of these two grannies bent over me, squealing and grunting, I was finally ready to cum. Mandy got Helena out of the way just in time as I shot my load all over Mandy’s huge tits. Helena watched my cock twitch and quiver as it sprayed my cum, and her eyes had a look of lust, and regret that made me wonder a bit.

“How was that, Greg?” Mandy asked.

“That was a damn fine tit job, Miss Mandy. But, Helena still owes me one.”

“Oh she knows that.”

“She needs to say it.”

Helena cleared her throat. “ahem. I know.”

“You know what?”. I said demandingly.

“I know… that I owe you a tit job.” Helena didn’t blush as deeply this time.

We all cleaned up and made our ways to the parking lot to go home. Helena left first, and just before I could lock the door to the Diner, Mandy grabbed my arm.

“Com ‘ere.”, was all she said. She pulled me back to the office, and began to undo my pants. “Are you young enough to get it up again?” She asked me.

“Uh, yeah…”

“Good. Because you, you son of a bitch, you got me horny as hell. And I will not be able to sleep unless I get some cock in me, and all my usual boyfriends are out of town, and no, a dildo will not do, so you need you fuck me.” She had pulled my pants down to my ankles by the end of the sentence. “What’s it gonna take?” She asked me, her voice full of need, her tousled Dolly Parton hair already looking like she’d been fucked.

“Just show me those tits, Mandy.”

She unbuttoned her top in two seconds, and opened her dress. In another two seconds, she had undone her bra, and began to manhandle them in front of me, her eyes full of fire and challenge. She pushed me back into a chair, straddled my lap and lowered her pussy onto my dick.

“Oh… yes.” She said quietly, as she let her body slowly impale itself on me. She then started riding my cock, her eyes closed, her hands on my shoulders, her body in complete control of the fucking.

” I.. hate…needing… to fuck…” She complained between her ups and downs. “But an old lady needs to take the cock when she can.” She started rocking backwards and forwards, faster and faster, shaking and rattling the chair under us to the point I thought it was going to break under us. She grew equally frustrated with the weak chair and finally said, “Oh Sweet Jesus, boy, just take me to the desk and fuck me!” I picked her up and plopped her ass on the desk, and shoved my cock into her without any ceremony.

“Oh FUCK yes!” She screamed, and leaned back to lay down fully on the desk. “Just fucking pound me, pound my pussy!” She hooked her legs behind me, while I fucked her hard, slamming the furniture into the wall. Her pussy was loose and welcoming, and the desk put her body at the perfect angle for a good solid fuck. For a few minutes I just rocked my pelvis back to her delight, she just ooh’ed and coo’ed. Her pussy, to be honest felt more like a soft mouth, which was totally fine with my cock! Her moaning began to pick up in intensity. Then she put one of her own nipples into her mouth and started sucking on it. In seconds, I felt her come on my cock, but I kept on fucking without pausing, making her scream in that sweet southern accent as I mercilessly kept up my pace.

“Oh please, Greg, please, cum in me. Just fucking cum in me! My pussy can’t take much more!”

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