Rest Stop and the Road Side SexRest Stop and the Road Side Sex

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Although the rain had just stopped and the road was quite clear and it was safer for a journey than the few hours ago, Amber, a 27 blonde girl with 30 inches boobs, was driving a 1990 Acura Legend coupe along the road for business in another province. She had decided she needed to take a break for herself (and her car) after the long range driving. If her memory did not miss, there was a rest stop along this road because she driven on this road a few months ago.

She noticed a road sign that said “1 Km. to the rest stop,” and she did not hesitate to reach that destination.

The rest stop looked quiet. A small restroom , 2 gazebos, a few lampposts and an old telephone booth were the only necessaries among the empty car park, with a bus stop nearly. Her old coupe was the only car in this place at that time. The wild landscape around the rest stop and a lack of cars passing on the road made this place seem so much like a horror movie’s atmosphere, but for her it was better than nothing and she took a few minutes rest before going on.

She saw a someone besides hersing in this quiet rest stop after she parked her car. Nearby in one of the gazebos was a fat man in his 50s with pudgy face. He was mostly bald except a few short grey hair on the sides. She that that he was a friar judging by the brown habit and crucifix chain he was wearing, and from the large backpack and shoulder bag (that looked as worn and faded as his habit) beside him. She thought that he might be travelling to somewhere that’s quite so far from here.

“Good evening brother, go to Hemmingford?” she greeted him after first getting out of her car.

“No my child, I am going to the monastery in Getlin, It’s on this way as same as Hemmingford but there is a turn 20 miles before reaching Hemmingford to go to Getlin. I am waiting for the next bus and hopefully it gets here before nighttime.” The fat friar said.

“Oh, that intersection is 80 miles from here and the buses don’t run often on this road after the new super highway opened. Do you want to take a ride with me brother?” she said and offered a ride to him, making the fat friar feel surprised and gave him a dilemma to accept her kindness, because the vows of poverty and chastity he had held for hisentire life, but now a lady who is young enough to be his daughter is offered him a ride in her luxury car.

“I know you took vows of poverty and chastity, but I’m also not a strict Christian, and the bible said we should help neighbors and people who need help in the way as we can. The distance from here to Getlin is very far and the sun will down in bahis siteleri few hours. I am driving the same way as you are going brother.” She insisted kindly, which make the fat friar smile little bit nervously.

“If you wish to offer, I also accept you kindness my child” the fat friar said kindly.

They had a small chat for a few minutes while the fat friar prepared his belongings and while Amber swept out the litter from her car and checked the engine and fluids. She learned his name was Benedict and the reason why he had to go to the monastery in Getlin was because they had only 2 friars on duty and one had just passed on from the old age. He was ordered to be at the monastery, and after he got off the bus at the super highway, he had walked nearly 30 miles to this rest stop. “So tragic” is what she thought of his journey.

They chatted like friends but in the appropriate and polite way while driving along the road, mostly about their journey and anything that wasn’t private topics. Everything looked fine until half way to Getlin-Hemingford Intersection, when a wild rabbit ran onto the road in front of them suddenly. Thanks to her driving skill and the great brake system they avoided crashing with anything on the road. It only shook them up, and made friar Benedict hold his crucifix and thank God.

Amber’s shock became distress when she realized the force from braking made the coffee cup in the holder move and spill coffee on her skirt making a quite large strain. Friar Benedict asked her to calm down as she wass cleaning it with tissues that the fat friar had just given her.

But when she pulled up her skirt to clean the spill she revealed more her legs to his sight, nearly to her crotch, the friar felt like it was stuck in his mind although he turn his face in another way, and then he noticed that his pole got hard and bulged out his habit like a tent. He brought his shoulder bag to cover it and acted like he was finding something in the bag. It was his only choice to hide his embarrassment from the girl, and luckily she had not noticed and went back to the driving normally after she finished cleaning her stain, or so he thought.

She hadn’t quite seen it at first and but it stuck in her mind, and instead of feel disgusted, or seeing him as a pervert priest, or wanting to stop the car and throw him and his belongings out of her car and leave him at the roadside, she still drove and found herself strangely and inappropriately aroused. This man was not her type, unattractive, and he was the man of the cloth who had made a vow of chastity, but now her pussy was so wet. canlı bahis siteleri Now she feel horny from this incident but still tried to act like nothing happened, the same as the fat friar.

It was only 5 miles to the Getlin-Hemingford intersection, the fat friar’s destination, and he was still covering his crotch with his shoulder bag and everything was still in her mind and she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

She turned the car into some woods beside the road, shifted the gear to P, and locked her eyes on the fat friar who now looked so nervous at her parking the car there.

“What’s going on my child” he asked calmly. Amber gave a wicked smile to him before saying something.

“Don’t panic brother, I know what happened to you, and it’s my fault that made it, and I will solve this mess of yours, brother” she said and pulled the shoulder bag out of the fat friar’s lap, exposing that his pole was still hard.

“I’m so sorry my child, I don’t think…” before he finished his words, she silenced him with a kiss, soft but firm. The fat friar felt his whole body go numb when her delicate lips touched his rough thick lips.

Instead of doing anything to stop this sinful game, he responded to her not a holy person, but as a man. The fat friar pulled her close and returned her kiss, sucking her delicate tongue into his sloppy mouth. Her hand moved over his bald head and grey hair and she placed another hand on his large belly, feeling the curve of his whole body. She paused and smiling at his face that was now flushed red with lust as her hand pulled up the hem of his habit. The thick 10-inch cock rose like a wild snake with a little bit of pre-cum on the tip. She was so surprised that a fat older man like him had a big and thick member like this.

“Brother Ben, you are so big, let me take it” she said naughtily while jacking it slowly. She lowered her face to his crotch. The smell of his unwashed body and the sweat from the whole day rising from his old thick meat and wrinkly balls hit her nostril and gain her horny mood, she breath it as much as she can for this scent, before lavished her tongue and mouth onto his virgin dick.

Having the young girl’s cavity enveloping and swirling his cock made the fat friar moan in excitement. His eyes were half-closed while getting the blowjob from the youthful mouth. He let the sin of lust take over himself with a great feeling he had never known until now.

He was breathing faster and placed both of his meaty hands on her head like he didn’t want her to stop what she was doing. A few minutes later after she thought canlı bahis that he’s rock hard enough and nearly ready to cum (from the tone of his moaning), she stopped and freed his cock from her mouth. The fat friar panted and looked down at her face with the face expression of “please go on my child.” She smiled with a teasing look before making another surprise by reaching her hand to the seat adjust control panel beside his seat and laid it slowly down, then she climbed up and leaned herself on his rotund form and removed her blouse.

After her bra was undone and her sexy breasts with hard brown nipples were exposed to the fat friar’s eyes, his lustful instinct made him draw his head to them, sucking and kissing them hard but gentle, sending pulses of heat through her the whole time his old mouth met her sensitive tits. She pulled her skirt up and guided his almost-monster cock to the entrance of her wet pussy. The fat older man wailed the same time as the young lady felt like she was hit with thunder when she sank her cunt on to his shaft, the full length, all at once. He pulled her to get a deep and passionate kiss while Amber began rocking up and down on him. The pleasure consumed them both so quickly, she rode him harder and faster in the perfect rhythm. They were sweating and grunting like animals mating, and didn’t care that they were only few yards from the road side.

His groaning was a signal ot Amber that he was cumming. She was driven over the edge of herself when the first spurt of clotted cream hit her cunt, the thick potent seed that he had saved in his balls for decades was now pumping inside her cervix of her womb. She cried in joy and hugged his massive form while he shot load after load of his cum into her until the last jet.

They sobbed and panted. They were soaked with sweat although the air conditioning was turned on in the cool mode. She gave him another kiss before they looked into each other’s eyes and giggled a little bit. They spoke as a lovers do after hot passion while she still rested on his wide body, and his cock still inside her until they get recovered and were ready to continue their journey.

She drove him to Getlin directly, the town was so small and nearly abandoned because the former mining industry complex shut down nearly half a century before. The monastery Friar Benedict was sent to looked so ancient and peaceful. They wanted one last kiss to say goodbye but were afraid of some other viewers that might be in that place. He only wished her the fortune and gave thanks for her kindness, including a phone number exchange.

She followed her route back and reached her destination finally. Her business in Hemmingford went as well as it had in the past, but this trip to the monastery and the friar Benedict’s residence was “another rest stop” in the return trip.

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