Relaxing Evening with Friends Ch. 01Relaxing Evening with Friends Ch. 01



I’m Marcy, my husband is Jeb. Our best friends are Tanya and David. We’ve known them for a long time. We get together almost every weekend, one week at our house, the next week at theirs. We’ve vacationed together. Tanya and I are relatively small girls, she’s 5’2″ and I’m 5’even. We both have kept ourselves in good condition and have good looking figures. I have bigger boobs, but Tanya is a little slimmer. This is a story of how our friendship became much closer a few years ago, before babies and everything. We were young and carefree and would party every weekend.

They were at our house one Saturday night. We’d been watching football games all day, grilling steaks and drinking daiquiris and vodka. We were well lubricated by ten o’clock when the last good ball game ended. Tanya and I like football, but the guys watch too much of it. Thank goodness it was over. We turned on a movie and watched it for a while, but it was boring so we looked for something else. Jeb found a soft-core movie on Showtime and we settled in to watch it. Jeb and David were on the couch, with Tanya between them. I was up and about getting drinks and snacks and finally settled down sitting on the floor by Jeb.

Tanya said she was tired and leaned back into her husband, David, who began to rub her shoulders while they watched a love scene in the movie. Jeb was rubbing my shoulders too while I sat below him. Tanya put her legs up on the couch and soon was stretched out with her feet resting on my husband Jeb’s legs. She was wearing shorts so her legs were stretched out in front of Jeb. She has nice legs and when he started to rub them, Tanya sighed and said it felt good. Both guys were working on her and they got more and more daring. Jeb moved up her legs and was rubbing her thighs, just below her shorts. David was playing with her tits and had unbuttoned her blouse almost all the way. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nice little titties were on display. David was fondling the nipples between his fingers, güvenilir bahis and rubbing her shoulders, which also let him pull her blouse off her shoulders.

My husband moved to the inside of Tanya’s thighs and she stretched out further, giving him better access. She was pretty drunk and was feeling very good, so she let the guys continue. I was watching with interest and was getting turned on too. I began to rub Jeb’s thighs and was soon moving my hands around the vicinity of his cock, teasing him a bit. David had been pushing his pelvis up into Tanya’s shoulder. She reached down and unzipped him and reached in to play with his cock. We’d never done anything like this before. We’d had sex in the same room and the guys had seen us topless, but we had never done more than kiss each other’s spouse.

Jeb kept working his way up Tanya’s legs and was now sliding his hand under her shorts and fondling her ass through her panties. Soon, he had his hand on her bare ass.

Tanya was enjoying herself and pulled her husband’s cock out of his pants and began to kiss and nuzzle it. Her blouse was completely off and her tits were sticking up in the air. She really looked good. I decided to get Jeb’s cock out too and was stroking him and then licked it for him.

When David reached down and unbuttoned the front of Tanya’s shorts, it was a signal for Jeb to pull them down her legs. He pulled them down and off, leaving my friend Tanya with just her panties. They didn’t protect her from Jeb’s fingers. He was soon finger-fucking her and she was bucking against his hands. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My husband was fingering nearly naked Tanya, while I sucked his cock and she played with David’s prick.

Jeb finished stripping Tanya when he pulled her panties off. Tanya encouraged him to continue by sliding down further toward him on the couch. Her knees parted and her legs became wide open. Her husband was playing with her tits while she played with his cock. Jeb had three fingers in my best friend’s cunt güvenilir bahis siteleri and she was very wet as a result of his efforts. I was playing with my husband’s cock while I watched my friend being pleased.

Jeb then leaned over and put his face in Tanya’s pussy and began to eat her. Tanya was squirming and moaning now as two men were pleasing her. Jeb is a good pussy-eater, and he had Tanya coming on his face in no time at all. David tapped his friend on the shoulder and mouthed “Fuck her.”

I had pulled Jeb’s pants off already and had gotten his cock hard, so he was ready for action. He pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of Tanya. I saw his very hard prick going into her. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, my husband fucking my best friend. I watched them fuck. Jeb sucked her tits and stuck his tongue in her mouth. It wasn’t long; they both came. Jeb rolled off and dropped to the floor.

Tanya was a real beauty. She was lying there, completely nude, with jet black hair on her head and on her pussy. She was on her back, with her baseball sized tits and their dark pink nipples. Her legs were still spread and cum was leaking out of her onto the couch. I took a napkin and wiped some of the cum off of her legs and her cunt. The stain would be there as long as we had that couch.

I went into the kitchen to put away some of the snacks that we had been eating. I was cleaning them up on the counter when I felt David come up behind me. He was naked. I was the only one still clothed. He put his arms around me and nuzzled into my neck. He reached in front and unbuttoned my jeans. I just stood there as he pulled my jeans and panties to the floor. I stepped out of one leg of my clothes as he probed between my legs with his cock. I reached between my legs and guided his prick into my cunt hole. I pushed my hips back to give him better access. His cock felt wonderful inside me. I had gotten wet down there watching my husband and Tanya on the couch. As David fucked me, he pulled iddaa siteleri my shirt and bra over my head. I was now naked like everyone else. David pumped his cock into me for a while. We weren’t in a hurry; we were enjoying our first time fucking each other. His prick hit all the right spots. He was very good. I came with a knee weakening orgasm as he poured his semen into me.

After a minute to catch our breath, David and I walked back into the living room. Tanya and Jeb were gone. I took David by the hand and walked back to the bedrooms. We saw the door to the guest room close. Jeb and Tanya were going in there to make love for a while. I led David into Jeb’s and my bed and pulled down the covers. We crawled between the sheets, nude, and held each other. I nursed his cock back to another erection and climbed on top of him. He seemed to be entranced looking at me as I rode him. He had a close look at my nice tits. I rubbed them on his face; I teased his nose with my hard nipples. He could see my brown pussy and my bare tummy as I slowly fucked him.

Fucking a different cock made everything seem new. It was thrilling to be with another lover. He did different things to me and he felt different inside me. He smelled different and kissed differently. It was exhilarating. I loved my husband, but it was special fucking David.

We spent the night together as did Jeb and Tanya. It was the start of a long and continuing relationship. We’ve been fucking each other for years now. I’ve done Tanya too. We have to be careful now that the kids are getting old enough to wonder why mommy is sleeping with Uncle David. I’m still madly in love with Jeb. David is a fantastic lover, but I wouldn’t want to live with him. He has some quirks and habits that would annoy me.

I think my parents suspect something because we insist on leaving the kids at their house every Saturday night. They don’t seem to mind as they like the kids. My sister Letty knows because I’ve confided in her. We got her involved one time that is another story altogether. Life is good. We spend all week in our complicated lives. Then, on Saturday night, we get with someone who is not involved in the rest of our week and we just spend the night fucking; not worrying about anything else in the world.

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