Red Light, Green LightRed Light, Green Light


“Oh come on!” David shouts as he pushes on the horn. It is Friday, Valentine’s Day, and our romantic evening out has turned into a commuter’s return nightmare. “We will get there when we get there,” I try to assure him, his frustration giving me a slight headache. I glance over as he punches the horn again. “We are already thirty minutes late for our reservation, Shadow,” he grumbles as we slowly creep along the freeway. “Well then you might as well calm down. It might make this go tens time faster,” I sigh and stretch my legs out on the dashboard, etimesgut escort my black chiffon dress falling to expose my thighs to him. I see him glance over as I lean my chair back, relaxing for I know we are going no where any time soon. The sun kisses my legs and I stare at them, noticing how pale they are. I’ll have to get to the beach one of these days. I look out the window towards the ocean, and get lost as I watch the waves play along the shore. Suddenly, my daze is broken by David’s fingers tracing up eryaman escort my legs to my thighs and back down to my ankles. I look over at him as his fingers start to stroke just my thighs, and he grins wickedly at me. I smirk back and spread my legs slightly, allowing my dress to fall more to show him my bright red lace panties.  His fingers gently caress the outside of my panties before grabbing the hem and pulling them down my legs. I quickly kick them off so that they do not draw attention from other cars. I bring sincan escort my knees against the dashboard and spread my legs wide as he teases my inner thighs, my pussy lips and finally my clit. I moan ecstatically as he pinches it, twirls it, and rubs it with his rough fingers. He grins wider as he slips one finger into my pussy and feels how wet I am for him already. He pulls out and grabs my hips, spinning me so that my shaved pussy is facing him. I whimper lightly as he caresses the crevice of my pussy, not yet plunging his fingers deep into me as I want him to. Finally, I thrust my hips up and his fingers slip into me, a moan of delight flowing from my lips. He pumps into my pussy so fast that my cries swiftly fill the car. I can feel his cock pressing against my calf as he continues to pleasure me, my cries exciting him too.

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