Recruiter Part II – Tiff coming further alongRecruiter Part II – Tiff coming further along


My relationship with Bella was for all intensive purposes was slowly fading away.  She had settled in Atlanta with the boys and her husband.  There were the nightly skype sessions and sexting, and I longed for her daily presence and companionship, but we both knew that the relationship was slowly moving towards a friendship basis.  Unless, of course, things between her and her husband made a turn for the worse.   Which was entirely possible.Tiff and I were slowly blossoming into more of a business relationship rather than a physical one.  We typically went to lunch several times a week to chat, get to know one another on a more personal level, and talk business.  She was all that Bella had said.  Smart, witty, on the ball with current events, and the girl next door.  Nothing happened sexually with us after that first encounter.  Occasionally during our lunches, she would say that her husband was becoming more distant and he was not intimate anymore.  But, she still tended to be all business.  I could tell she wanted more from our relationship.  But was, as she said, dedicated to her marriage.I had to respect that and didn’t push the envelope further as I was dealing with my wife’s situation more.  My wife was slowly failing and the doctor said she didn’t have much time left.  I made sure the arrangements were made and informed the family.  And, true to the doctor’s word, my wife passed three weeks after Bella left.  I buried her next to my sons and began my period of mourning.  I was once again devastated and began to retreat back into my shell.  Working sixteen hours a day, growing the business bigger and increasing my wealth.  But, there would always be something missing.  Always.*****Four months later, I was at a conference in Vegas when I received a text from Tiff, which rarely happened.”Hey Jay, it is Gus. You have time for lunch tomorrow?”Knowing full well she wouldn’t come, I replied, “Hi Gus, I have time for dinner tomorrow, but you will have to come to Vegas, as I am attending a conference.””Where is the conference?” – Gus”Pharoh’s Palace” – JayI didn’t get a response from Tiff after that and I let it pass as the conference was taking up most of my time that day.At 7.30 ankara travesti a.m. the next morning, I checked my phone before heading off to breakfast.  There was a message from Tiff with a picture of her standing in front of a fountain wearing that famous shop shirt with ‘Gus’ on the left side.”In the lobby, will be waiting for you” – Gus. I gathered my things and headed down to the lobby with a noticeable skip to my step but wondering why in the world would Tiff be here.  I soon spotted her standing by the edge of the fountain.  Quietly, I came up behind her, put my arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Glad you could make it, I was just kidding about dinner tonight,” I said.Tiff turned sideways and embraced me with a hug and a deep kiss.  “Oh Jay, Oh Jay…”Tiff’s eyes were red and puffy, she was shaking slightly.  I could tell she had been crying.”Tiff, what’s wrong?”Taking a deep breath, and fighting back the tears, Tiff let it all out,  “Oh Jay, I found out Jimmy was cheating on me. We had a big fight and he started to get nasty.  I left the house with a few things and stayed in a hotel for a couple of days.  I didn’t go to work for three days.  They fired me yesterday…”Tiff started crying and broke down again.I didn’t say a word.  Just took her into my arms and hugged her until she stopped crying.  After the tears subsided, we made our way up to my room.”Here is my room key, it has access to the suite and also is a credit card for the hotel.  You can use it for whatever you want. Anything at all.” “Thank you, Jay, I don’t need much right now.  Just some sleep and some clothes.  The airport lost my bag.””Just get some sleep. I hate to leave you now, but I have to speak at the conference very shortly, so I need to get down there.  I am going to contact my assistant here and she will be up in a few hours to get you situated.  She will show you around the casino and get you some clothes for the rest of our time here in Vegas.  I have a standing reservation for a cabana by the pool.  Get yourself some sun, drinks, and a massage this afternoon.  I should be done with the conference around 5.30.  We will be going to go to dinner tonight with travesti ankara some of my business partners.”With that, I gave Tiff a kiss and headed to the conference.  My speech went well, and I began to lose track of time until my phone vibrated in my pocket about 11.30.  I read the email as the current speaker droned on.  “Jay, I cannot thank you enough for today and the business relationship/friendship that has grown between us these past months.  I knew you were the one for me the moment I made eye contact with you in the locker room at your office.  I gave myself to you in the dressing room of the clothing store, something I never would do with any other man.  And, after every lunch date we had, I fell for you harder and harder.  I kept my distance between us because of my marriage and what was going on with your wife.  But, I know now that I should have let the relationship move forward even more after that day in the dressing room.  I don’t want you to think that me coming to you here in Vegas is a ruse, to get you to feel sorry for me.  If you think that, I will leave on the next flight.  If not…”I closed the email and smiled.  Then my phone vibrated again.  This time a string of texts with pictures.  “Choose what you want to see your girl wearing. That is… if I am staying.  You won’t be disappointed,” Gus.  I opened each text:  The first text with four pictures.  Tiff posing with four different string bikinis looking very hot.  Her pale white skin accentuated the see-through materials.  Her nipples were erect in each top and the thin red strip above her pussy was poking out of the one-inch bottoms.   I responded, “Get all of them, but you won’t need the tops at the cabana.”The second text: Four pictures of Tiff in sexy but elegant black strapless dresses.  She looked good enough to jump through the screen and take her this second.I responded, “You are looking good enough to eat.”The third text: Six pictures of Tiff in various everyday clothes.  She looked amazing in all of them.Again, I responded, “Get them all.  Damn, Tiff, you look amazing in anything, and nothing at all.”The fourth text almost made me fall out of my chair and I dropped the phone. ankara travestiler  One picture of Tiff naked, handcuffed with her hands behind her back, on her knees with her head tilted back looking directly into the camera.  The message: “I will be waiting for you… I’m hungry?”I smiled and looked at my watch, fifteen more minutes until lunch.  After the speaker had finished, I made my way up to my room.  And there, kneeling in the hallway was Tiff.  Beside her was a tray of food and drinks.  “Hmm, you make this very difficult, Tiff.  I need some food, but you are very tempting to eat as well.  But, most of all, you teased me this afternoon.””I will please you whenever and wherever you want, Jay.  I am yours.  Always yours.”I pulled the keys for the handcuffs out of the drawer. “Have you eaten today?””No, but I can wait.””Stand up and come over here.”  Tiff stood up with some difficulty and walked towards me.  “Yes, Sir, what do you want?””Good, you know when to call me Jay and when to call me Sir.  You learn very fast.  I am going to release you.  We are going to eat and you are going to tell me about your morning.  And, then you can be desert.”We began eating, or more specifically, Tiff sat on my lap and we fed each other and she told me about her day.”I didn’t get much sleep.  Your assistant came up about an hour after you left and woke me up.  We grabbed some coffee and headed into the shops.  You didn’t tell me Monique was going to be as sexy and nice as she was, maybe a bit too nice.  But, she seemed to know what you liked and what you wanted to see on me.  I knew the basic ideas, but she pointed me in the right direction.””So, I am to assume she took all the pictures and she came up with the idea of the handcuffs?””Yes, she took all the pictures.  And by the way, the clothes were already bought by the time you got the pictures.  But I had the idea of teasing you a bit.  The cuffs were my idea since you left them by the TV along with several other, umm, rubber items this morning.  The rubber items were gone after the maid cleaned the room, but she had the cuffs placed on your pillow by the time we got back here.  Seems like you have a few little kinks.  I told Monique to cuff me after I decided to strip naked and send you that last picture after I told her what to type in.  She stayed for a bit to keep me company and let me know my schedule for the next few days.  Seems like I am going to be a busy girl, per your instructions.”

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