Subject: Rebuilding the bond Chapter 16 Chapter 16 The diesel engine rumbled as we sped down the interstate. Dad hadn’t stopped smiling since last night, he was so excited to see his little brother again. Dad sipped his coffee as we listened to the radio and talked. The truck wasn’t huge, not a sleeper cab or anything, although his company did provide those for longer drives. It was just a long bench seat, with a large steering wheel, and a long gear shift from the floor. We sat nice and high up, well above the other cars on the road. I finally got around to asking Dad why uncle Ben had gotten locked up, but was not surprised when he wouldn’t tell me the full story. No one ever did. He clearly didn’t feel Ben was totally innocent, but made it clear that it was mostly Ben being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people that got him put away. However, he was excited to tell me stories about their youth, though it was clear he was purposely leaving my grandfather out of it. Eventually his stories turned to his and Ben’s sexual escapades. Dad’s was mostly with men, with the exception of a handful of women over the years. Ben, on the other hand, seemed like more of a hound dog than any of us. Dad joked that the first woman he went all the way with got knocked up (Mom, obviously), but Ben somehow managed to avoid having kids, “or at least any that we know about” Dad said with a chuckle. I asked Dad about some of the hottest sexual experiences of his life, he blushed a little, but told me a few hot stories. I could see his dick growing in his jeans as he spoke. I unbuckled my seatbelt and scooted over to him. He stopped his story and told me to put my belt back on, but when he realized what I wanted to do, he decided to let it slide. I unzipped his jeans, and freed his growing monster. He adjusted himself in the driver’s seat, giving me a little more room. Slowly I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I had never given road head before, but was already enjoying every minute of it. It was a little challenging, because I couldn’t bob my head up and down to its full extent without getting in Dad’s way of driving. After a few minutes of this, I let his dick slip out of my mouth. “Tell me about jacking off with uncle Ben?” I asked before diving back in. Dad chuckled then started telling a story about how they had jacked off together in detention once, leaving their nut splattered on the underside of their desks, the teacher completely unaware. This story was clearly getting Dad’s blood pressure up. “Ben likes to be loud and cusses when he cums,” Dad said between deep breaths, “He had to really hold it in when he, when he, oh fuck, came!” It was then when a rope of Dad’s hot jizz slapped the back of my mouth. I kept sucking, trying to get every last drop into my stomach. When I sat up, licking my lips Dad said in a firm voice, “now put your seatbelt back on.” *** It was late afternoon when we reached our destination. After Dad signed some paperwork and men unloaded the truck, we headed to our motel. Dad’s company clearly wasn’t going to splurge on lodgings. We were staying at a really cheap roadside motel that was connected to a truck stop. Of course Dad and I really didn’t care. It was actually kind of nice to be within walking distance of a diner to grab food. The diner was full of big hairy truckers who clearly didn’t care about their hygiene or appearance. Not that we minded, but every now and then we would get a whiff of one of them who needed a bath. Dad and I were sitting at the counter eating our şişli travesti greasy meals when a large bear of a man in a dirty white wife beater and a trucker cap sat on the stool next to Dad. He sipped some coffee and we made small talk. He seemed particularly interested in me after Dad told him I was his son. Eventually the guy left, leaving Dad and I to finish our meals. Dad wanted to go back to the room, it had been a long drive, but I wanted to check out the gift shop, so Dad paid the check and we went our separate ways. I looked around the shop for a while, nothing but car supplies and tacky trinkets. I was really trying to see if any of these truckers would eyeball me, maybe I could give a quick BJ in the men’s room. Sadly, I struck out, are truckers not as horny as I always picture them to be? I finally decided to just head back to the room. As I walked through the parking lot, I could see Dad in the distance at the room door. He was standing outside talking with that trucker from the diner. What was going on? I thought. I had to stop to let a car pass, but as I did I could have sworn I saw the man pass Dad something. They cut off their conversation as I approached. “Hey,” Dad said, a twinge of nervousness in his voice. “You remember Rob.” I just nodded at him, he hadn’t told us his name at the diner. “We thought, well we thought we could have a little fun tonight. What do you say?” Rob was looking me up and down, with a sly smile on his chubby, hairy face. This seemed a little unusual for Dad, but then again, we had only started playing around fairly recently, maybe hooking up with random strangers gets him off. I just smiled and walked past the two men and into the room, they followed. The hotel room was outdated, with green carpet, dark brown furniture, paneled walls, and a faded bedspread. I turned to look at Dad and Rob. Rob had already pulled his wife beater off, and replaced the cap on his head. He was now underwing his cowboy belt buckle and sitting on the edge of the bed. I watched Dad take a seat in the chair in the corner, so I pulled off my shirt, and got on my knees between Rob’s legs. Rob’s hairy belly was so big, it hung right over his cock, which, unfortunately was not particularly large, but it was uncut and his balls were big and hairy. He dropped his pants to his boots and leaned back on his arms. I took his cock in my mouth, and started running my tongue around his cock head, under his foreskin. He moaned as I took his entire dick in my mouth, which really wasn’t that difficult as it wasn’t growing too large. But, I always aim to serve, so I did my best sucking this his. His big belly was essentially resting on the top of my head, which felt a little odd. I felt like I was sucking Dad in the truck again, needing to do the best I could with the limited space. I hadn’t been sucking for very long when his hand appeared, grabbing my chin and pulling me off. “Woah there boy, you gonna make me cum.” His voice was deep and gravelly, “Get undressed and lay on your back.” We both stood up, I dropped my pants and did as Rob instructed. I looked at Dad, hoping he was enjoying the show, but he was just sitting in the chair, still fully dressed, his eyes sort of shifting from one side to the other. I wondered what was wrong, but before I could think too much, Dad disappeared from my vision, as Rob climbed on top of me, his boots still on, his jeans still around them. He pressed up against me, his head next to mine and whispered “do I gotta use a rubber?” He raised his head to look me in beylikdüzü travesti the eyes, as I shook my head. “Nice.” With one hand supporting his weight up by my head, his other hand guided his dick into my hold. Despite not being that large, I wished he had added some lube, because I felt a little twinge of pain as his dick popped in. He quickly started thrusting. He put his head next to mine again, his greasy hair sticking out from underneath his ball cap. His large hairy body rubbed up against mine, the bed groaned and creaked under our combined weight. Rob had started working up a sweat, this sweat was releasing the odors of gas and oil that was no doubt embedded in his skin. I attempted to wrap my legs and arms around him, but he had worked up such a sweat so fast, they just sort of slipped right off. Not only was I starting to feel gross, I realized that his weight was making it a little difficult for me to breathe. This was not going to be one of my top hookup experiences in life, I already knew that. He clearly didn’t give a crap about how I was feeling, this was all about him. Luckily, it didn’t last long. With a few hard thrusts and a loud grunt, I could feel his small dick blast his load into my ass. After a moment, just before I was going to start getting light headed from the lack of oxygen, he pulled out and rolled off me. I just lay there, his cum leaking out of my hole as he pulled up his pants. He didn’t acknowledge me, but nodded at Dad, who was still in the chair, and let himself out. “Uh?” I said, a little confused about what just happened. “Sorry,” Dad said, standing up. “I thought…I guess I thought that would be hotter.” I sat up and we both laughed, a little uncomfortably. “Well,” Dad said, crawling onto the bed, “let me make that up to you.” Dad’s tongue traveled around my cock head. I took a deep breath as he licked the underside of my shaft. Unlike Rob, Dad was willing to take his time and make me feel good, and he was good at it. I could feel his tongue trace around one ball, then the other, before sucking one into his mouth. Soon his tongue was traveling back up my shaft and playing with my cock head again. I could hear Dad take a deep breath just before plunging down on my thick cock, taking it deep down his throat. I arched my back in excitement, as he gagged a little bit, and came up for air. He quickly settled into a nice rhythm, making sure to get my cock nice and wet with his spit. Dad sped up his movements as he tugged on my balls. As Dad continued to suck, I could feel his spit dripping down my balls. I loved the sensation of being totally wet down there. I grabbed the bedspread in my fist as my balls tightened, ready to burst. But before I could blow my load, Dad stopped. He rolled over next to me and moved up to the top of the bed. We kissed a bit, and he pulled me on top of him. I propped myself up and looked him in the eyes. “Ian, I want you to fuck me.” “Yeah?” I said excitedly. Dad had not yet bottomed for me. “And breed me.” “Oh yeah!” Dad spread his legs, and I looked down to position my cock against his whole, Dad’s saliva still dripping off of it. My head slipped in effortlessly. Dad let out a shutter, and pulled me close, allowing the rest of my cock to penetrate his ass. His ass was so tight and warm, I could feel my balls press up against his ass cheeks. Slowly I started thrusting. “Oh fuck me.” He said, “Fuck me son.” Dad’s ass was almost made for my cock, it fit so perfectly. I picked up my pace, the bed creaked in unison istanbul travesti with our bodies, but unlike with Rob, this was the sound of passion, not simply lust. I could hear the slapping sound as my balls smacked Dad’s butt cheeks with each thrust. Dad’s cock was rubbing against my belly as I moved, each movement bringing both of us closer to climax. Slap! Dad had reached down and slapped my ass cheeks. We were both starting to sweat now. If it wasn’t for the lingering odor left by Rob, he would have been totally forgotten at this point. I wanted to slow down. I wanted this moment to last forever, this passion, this feeling of being inside my Dad. “I’m going to cum” Dad said. These words pushed me over the edge. “Oh fuck, me too.” “Come for me boy. Let’s come together” “Fuck!” we both shouted. I felt my balls jump as I unloaded all my pent up seed deep into Dad’s guts. Dad was scratching my sweaty back in ecstasy as his cock unloaded his own load all over our bellies. I stayed inside Dad, catching my breath. Then I looked him in the eyes, we were both smiling. We kissed, our tongues happily playing with each other as I pulled out. I eventually broke off the kiss and rolled over next to him. We were both breathing heavily, both enjoying the afterglow of an amazing fuck. “Ian,” Dad finally said, “I have a confession.” “What’s that?” I said with a chuckle. “Don’t hate me for this.” I turned my head to look at Dad. His expression had changed, he was no longer happily recovering from orgasm, he was nervous, almost scared. This was a little concerning, and what did he mean by “Don’t hate me for this,” why would I hate him? Dad took a deep breath. “Well, Rob, he, uh, he paid me $50 to have sex with you.” I’m sure my eyes widened like none other. “What?” “I’m sorry! I am so sorry! Fucking Ernie.” “Ernie!?” I said sitting up, “what does Ernie have to do with this?” Dad sat up too, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, so he was facing away from me. “After you, Ernie, Frank and I fucked the other day, Ernie suggested I could make some good money charging for the use of your ass. I told him to fuck right off. But tonight, when Rob came up to me with 50 bucks asking for a fuck,” Dad placed his head into his hands. “God damn what the fuck is wrong with me.” Dad’s voice was muffled as he talked into his palms. “I’m so sorry, I need the money, but I shouldn’t have done that.” “No,” I said, “you shouldn’t have.” I paused, “At least without telling me first.” I placed a hand on Dad’s shoulder. He turned back and looked at me. “And, you should have asked for $100.” We sat in silence for a moment. “I have a confession too Dad, I let Mark fuck me to get you off the hook for rent.” “What?” Dad said, astonished. “No wonder he changed his mind so fast. He had actually suggested that, the day you met him, but I said a firm no to that. “Well, after tonight, were you going to change your mind?” We both laughed. “So what? Are you a little whore now?” “I don’t know, maybe. Might be hot to have some guys over to the house for a party, and make a little money while doing it.” I suggested with a grin. “HA! Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. But I promise never to do that to you again.” “At least without asking first.” “Sure,” Dad said with an eye roll. I couldn’t tell if he was taking this all as a joke, or was seriously considering it. I decided not to press the point. It was getting late, so we hopped in the shower and crawled into bed. As we lay there in each other’s arms, Dad asked if I was excited to meet Ben in the morning, I told him I was, and asked if he was excited to see his little bro again. “Of course, I can’t believe it has been this long.” We cuddled up and slowly fell asleep to the ambient noise of diesel engines idling outside.

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