Reality’s GiftReality’s Gift


The scent of candles greets her–a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and a heady musk.

Her senses are alive; the removal of her sight by the blindfold enhancing them. She feels a cool breeze, but the room is warm. A fan is on. She is relaxed, trusting that her Master will not go out of any boundaries they’ve discussed. She hears him murmuring to her. His deep, husky voice in her ear causing the dampness in her loins to increase. Her anticipation of their time together, after all his teasing throughout the day, causing her to be wet without even his touch. She inhales deeply, relaxing even more. She feels herself being guided toward what she presumes is the bed. As they reach the destination, the softness touching her knees confirms her belief. The deep rumble of Master’s voice instructs her to crawl onto the bed and assume her position.

She feels her way to the middle of the bed and spreads her legs wide, while still on her hands and knees. She stretches her arms out in front of her and places her head upon them. The cool breeze she’d felt earlier is now directed at her moist cunt and the sensation sends chills up her spine.

She feels hands gliding up her thigh, over her ass, and across her back. A soft moan escapes her. Suddenly, she feels other hands taking hold of her outstretched arms and spreading them apart…attaching bonds. Her body tensing, her heart begins racing. Could this be the fulfillment of her fantasy? Her excitement supercedes ümraniye escort her uneasiness as she hears Master’s voice telling her to obey…reassuring her of his presence and safety. After her hands are restrained, she feels yet a different pair of hands–cool, slender, soft– spreading her cheeks wide…dipping fingers into her inner recesses…exploring her most private parts.

Suddenly, a tongue is felt…darting into her pussy…then rimming her. A deep moan erupts from her. Her head and shoulders are lifted from the bed and a body is placed beneath her… a cock is rammed into her mouth with no warning. She gags lightly, but adjusts quickly. Her tongue begins working its magic and soon, she is feeling the complete arousal of the person to whom she is servicing.

Just as she is really beginning to enjoy herself, the mouth at her back end removes itself and she feels those slim fingers daubing lubricant on her ass. Her insides quiver with anticipation as she envisions what is to come. What she feels though, is not human, it is the cool, smooth rubber of her vibrator. It is inserted slowly, allowing for adjustment, but steadily.

She still has no idea whom she is servicing, but his firm thrusts and hands that are tangled in her hair are indicators that her concentration has not lagged too badly… although her curiosity is driving her mad.

She feels Master’s fingers in her…stroking themselves in and out, in pendik escort syncopated rhythm with the vibe that someone is working in her ass. The vibe is removed briefly and she feels her Master moving…adjusting himself behind her and feels the head of his cock replacing firm fingers. Loudly she moans as he enters her and stretches her out completely. Slowly, he pumps himself in and out as the vibe is replaced and is turned up higher. Light fingers dance across her back, up her ribs, they play, slipping coolly over her hot skin until they reach under her and grasp a nipple firmly–pinching, tugging, twisting. Her senses are going wild…her desire is making her mad. Thank God they are thrusting alternating, so she may make each end of her body meet the others.

Not a word has been spoken, other than the few words of command that Master has given. Her mind is reeling. Her senses on fire. For her, time has no meaning. She feels nothing, knows nothing other than what is happening right now. Suddenly she feels the swelling in her mouth; indicating her fore partner is nearing orgasm. Simultaneously, her orgasm having been brewing since earlier this evening with her Master’s teasing of her body, she feels herself nearing her own release.

Master, knowing instinctively how close she is, commands her to wait. He begins pounding into her, and the vibe is turned up higher still. Thankfully, she does not have to wait long. The partner who has bostancı escort been ramming himself into her mouth mercilessly, has suddenly thrust himself into her mouth hard and held her head there as he begins spewing his seed into her throat. She feels the sting of Master’s hand on her ass, and it makes her jump, but at the same time, he yells for her to “Cum, NOW.” Concurrently, her nipple is clamped down on firmly, the vibe is rammed home, and her Master pulls her hips back toward him.

He rams himself deeper and deeper as her entire body quivers, she struggles to continue swallowing all that is being poured into her–her body on autopilot. The cock is removed from her mouth and she feels Master slowing behind her. Blissfully, he collapses on top of her and as her hands are released, he pulls her close to him…cuddling her…spooning her. A straw touches her lips and she drinks deeply of what is offered to her…her parched mouth wetted; her thirsts now fully slaked. Master’s hands fondle her breasts and he strokes the length of her. He whispers in her ear his pride. She gives him a drowsy, contented smile and thanks him for her pleasure–for the opportunity of pleasing him.

Blinking as the blindfold is removed, she turns to look into her Master’s face and he reaches over to kiss her softly. She turns her head a bit, to look around the room and discovers they are alone. She wonders if she dreamt what had just been experienced, but the look in her Master’s eye tells her she has not. The unasked question dies on her lips as Master tells her, “It is not for you to know, Little One.” Pulling her down, he strokes her hair until she sleeps… peace and comfort and contentment wrapping her safely.

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