Reality Jump – Chapter 7Reality Jump – Chapter 7


I would like to thank everyone that has gave the time of day to read my past chapters and put up a comment on them, I read every one and take it into account on how I write this story. Again this is a chapter with no sex in it, so it’s just another long chapter with a bit of action and letting people know whats going on. The vampire thing was a readers suggestion, he sent me a PM through the site and asked if I could make the main character one so I did, if you have any suggestions of pointers for me on what you would like to read in my stories I will work them all in as best to my ability. So wither send me a PM over the site or leave them in the comments, I will read it.

Charles and the other walked down the path to the two giant doors that lead to the connecting bridge. Charles opened the door only to be blasted back by a whoosh of air knocking him and everyone else down to the ground in a jumbled mess.

“And what do you think you are doing?” Charles looked up and saw Lewis standing there folding his giant wings back up.

“Perfect, now I don’t have to track you down.” Charles said getting to his feet. Lewis crackled as he saw Charles get up and brush himself off.

“Didn’t little Cecilia tell you what we would do if you leave here?”

“She did.” Charles said pulling out one of his jackals. “Now can you imagine what I will do to you if you touch her?”

“Enough talking!” Charles turned to see Beth kneeling on the ground, her rifle raised and pointed in their general direction. “Just die and go to hell!” Beth took aim for Lewis and pulled the trigger, the bullet went whizzing past Charles head and hit Lewis in the chest. Lewis cried out and jumped into the air taking flight, Jessica pulled out her revolvers and shot up at Lewis along with Beth. The rest of the girls took out their weapons and readied them as Lewis plunged back down to the earth right at the girls. “Shit!” Beth said slamming home a fresh magazine. “It isn’t even flinching!”

“Aim for its eyes!” Jessica said taking him with one of her revolvers. “If we hit it there it should fly off.” Beth took aim at Lewis’s eyes and let off another volley of bullets directed at his head. Lewis reacted to the bullets as if they were cotton balls, he folded his wings into his body and went into a full speed dive towards the girls. Charles drew a jackal from his jacket (Will make so much more sense if you read the last part of the previous chapter) and fired off one shot at Lewis, the bullet hit him in the chest and knocked him out of the air and away from the girls. Lewis crashed into the mansion smashing through the upper story and into a room. The girls looked over at Charles and saw him standing there with his back towards them holding a giant handgun that was still smoking.

Lewis squawked as he jumped from the mansion to the ground, blood dripping down his chest from the bullet wound he had received. “Get back!” Ashley said holding her giant sword out in front of her. Lewis kept on approaching not even bothering to look at Ashley. When he was within striking range Ashley took a swing with her sword, Lewis caught it in his beak and snapped it in half. The girls then dodged out of the way as he made his way over to Charles who was still facing the gates.

“You will suffer for the hole you put in me!” Lewis yelled as he was right behind Charles, he pecked downwards at Charles with the speed of a wood pecker only to hit the ground. “DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Lewis screamed at Charles as light shined out from him. A huge flash emitted from Lewis blinding the girls, when they got their senses back they no longer saw a giant bird fighting Charles, but a man with a sword. This man stood a menacing 7 feet tall and looked like a heavy weight muscle builder. He had burnt orange hair that went straight up a good 2 feet. His eyes were completely white and glowed as he attacked Charles with a 7 foot broad sword. Charles drew his katana and deflected the sword and cut right through it.

Lewis through the rest of the sword at Charles and sprinted towards the girls. Charles deflected the sword handle looked around trying to find Lewis. He saw Lewis holding Madison around the neck putting one of her daggers to her throat. “Let me go!” Madison shouted as she tried to get out of his arms.

“You’re my shield little girl,” Lewis said pressing the blade to her throat. “And if you move much more I will cut your head off.” Madison stopped struggling right away and watched as Charles slowly walked towards them, gun drawn and pointed directly at Lewis. “Don’t even think of taking another step closer or she loses her head!” Lewis said pressing the knife harder into Madison throat and drawing blood this time. Charles stopped where he was and took a step backwards, Lewis took the knife away from Madison’s throat. “Good, now drop your-” *KA-BLAM* Lewis lost arm holding the knife by the shoulder and fell back to the ground.

“Don’t even think that I would have let you go after that.” Charles said walking up to Lewis keeping the gun trained on him.

“Even if you kill me I’ll just come back, and next time I’ll bring others with me!”

“No you won’t,” Charles said putting his sword to Lewis’s throat. “This sword takes souls and sends them to death himself, you will never come back again.” Charles looked into Lewis’s eyes and saw fear in the endless white pits. “Goodbye.” Charles then thrust the sword up through Lewis’s Jaw and right through his skull splitting it. A white ball of light then rose out of Lewis’s chest and floated over to the skull hanging on the sword, the skull then came alive and chomped down onto the ball of light taking a chunk out of it and chewing it. When it was finished eating the soul the skull went back to normal and Charles put the sword back into its sheath. He turned around and was put face to face with Madison.

“He could have killed me!” She said slapping Charles. “What if you missed? He would have cut my head off!” She slapped Charles again across the face. “Vampires die if you cut their heads off you idiot!” She raised her hand again to slap Charles only to have him catch it and hold it there. He looked her in the eye making her back down.

“This was only the tip of the sword.” Charles said releasing Madison’s wrist. “If you still want to come with me fine, but you had better get your shit together because he was nothing compared to the others we will be fighting.” Charles walked past the girls and headed for the gate. “I’ll get you all new weapons so you’re not so useless next time.” Charles said walking through the gates.

The girls stood there looking between one another. Beth slung her rifle over her back and followed Charles with Cecilia right behind her.

“What do you want to do?” Jessica asked looking over at Madison.

“You saw what that thing did to us.” Madison said looking over at Lewis’s dead body. “Just think how much power we would get from drinking him up!” Madison said walking over to Lewis’s body and kneeling down to it. Jessica, Amy and Ashley smiled and walked over and knelt down next to Madison. They all bit down into Lewis and sucked out the remaining blood from his body, as soon as the blood hit their tongues they felt a rush of power unlike any other, their already impressive powers growing tenfold. They kept drinking and eating Lewis up until there was nothing left of him except a blood stain on the ground.

A voice then sounded off in their heads. “Do you want to gain even more power?” it said as they looked around trying to find where it was coming from. “Go and kill Charles, he will make you grow even more than I did.” The voice then went away, but it’s words still ringing in the girls ears. They looked at one another and knew what they were all thinking.


A bit of lore before continuing so you can better understand what’s happening. When a person dies and a vampire sucks out their blood and eats them they gain that persons power, but since Charles had already taken out the soul of Lewis most of that power was already gone. A small fraction was left in him though and that is what the girls eat, and with that small fraction of power Lewis entered their minds and lives on in them all. End of lesson.


Charles was walking down the bridge with Beth and Cecilia when they were attacked from behind by the other girls. Jessica pinned Beth down sitting on her back holding her arms behind her. Cecilia got her neck snapped and fell to the ground like a rock. Ashley and Amy then both pounced onto Charles bringing him to his feet as he tried to struggle out of their grasp. “Well well, well. Look at who’s on his knees now!” Madison said walking up to Charles with her knives in her hands. “Your blood is ours!” She brought her arms back and dug both knives into his chest making him spit up blood.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Beth shouted as she saw Charles fall to the ground, blood coming out of his mouth.

“Let us feast on him!” Madison said taking out her knives and licked the blood off of them. “Mmmmmm, delicious.” Amy and Ashley dropped to their knees, they picked up his arms and started to lick them.

“Not so fast!” Charles said yanking his arms away from the two girls. “You all just made a big mistake.” Charles twisted on the ground kicking Amy and Ashley in the head and getting to his feet. He drew both of his jackals and shot off at Madison tearing her apart. Amy leaped at him only to get a still smoking barrel put into her mouth and the back of her head blown off. He then pointed the other gun at Jessica and blew her off of Beth. Ashley by this time had picked up Cecilia’s body and held her up like a shield.

“Wait!” She said as she saw Charles turn to her. “Don’t shoot!”

Charles raised his gun and pointed it at her. “Fool.” He said pulling the trigger, the bullet went through Cecilia’s chest and blew a hole right through Ashley’s chest. Charles put away both of his guns and drew his sword, he walked over to Madison and looked down at her messed up body, holes the size of basket ball’s riddled her body, her right leg was missing from the knee while the left one was missing a good chunk from it, her chest looked like Swiss cheese and her left arm was missing completely. Charles stabbed the sword through her head then walked over to Amy’s and Ashley’s bodies. Three balls of light floated up out of their bodies and went over to the skull on the end of the sword where they were eaten by it. “You okay?” Charles said looking over at Beth.

She was about to speak when Jessica leapt at Charles mouth open showing off rows of fangs. Charles punched her in the face breaking it then sliced her in half with his sword. He looked back at Beth and saw her looking like she was about to have a break down. “Are you okay?” Charles said putting his sword back into its sheath while the skull chewed on the last soul. Beth was wide eyed and looked around at her dead friends bodies. She fell to her knees with tears pouring out of her eyes. Charles rushed over to her and held her to his body. She threw her arms around his neck and let loose the flood gates.

“Why would they do this?” She sobbed holding onto Charles tighter and tighter.

“I don’t know,” Charles said holding her closer to him. “I don’t know.”

Charles held Beth in his arms and looked around, Jessica’s body was split in half, both of her sides leaking organs and blood. Madison’s body looked like it went through a blender. Amy’s looked alright for the most part if you got over the fact she no longer had a head, same with Ashley only thing it was missing it’s abdomen. Charles then looked over at Cecilia’s body, the head was twisted around and she had a hole right through her chest where he shot through her to hit Ashley.

Charles and Beth then heard people coming down towards them, it looked like the entire school had woken up and was headed for them, lanterns swinging and people chattering.

“Oh my GOD!” A student screamed when they were close enough to see Charles cradling Beth, bodies littered around them. The headmaster came up to Charles and ordered him to explain what had happened.

Before he even opened his mouth Alex came forward saying “It’s obvious isn’t it? Him and that other monster slaughtered their own kind!” Alex drew his wand and pointed it at Charles and Beth. “I say we kill them before they come after us, the blood thirsty demons!” A few other students came forward and pointed their wands at Charles and Beth. The headmaster just stood out of the way, mouth open looking at the bodies of the dead girls littered around the bridge.

“How far of drop is it?” Charles whispered into Beth’s ear.

“What?” Beth said tilting her head up and looking into Charles eyes.

“How much of a drop is it over the edge of the bridge?” He asked again not taking his eyes off the students with their wands pointed at them.

“About 80 feet into a lake.” Beth said understanding what he was saying now.

“Trust me then.” Charles said moving one of his arms under her butt.

“For the students you have killed!” Alex shouted casting his wand. Charles scooped up Beth in his arms and leapt out of the war of the first magic bolt, the other students started cast theirs’ creating a barrage of purple bolts flying towards Charles and Beth. Charles held Beth close to him as he ran for the edge and jumped off of it into the air. “Don’t let them escape!” The students closest to the side of the of the bridge leaned over the edge Çankaya Escort Bayan and casted more spells down the side into the water.

Charles saw the water coming up to meet them, he twisted himself with Beth in his arms so they went feet first into the lake. They sank down another 30 feet into the water before they started to float back up. Charles released Beth and pushed her up towards the surface following her closely. As they surfaced they were faced with numerous bolts of magic of all colors streaming down onto the them lighting up the water and making them easy targets. “Swim!” Charles shouted pulling Beth along with him as he swam for the shore. They were 20 yards from the shore when they landed in the water, by the time they made it to the shore they were soaked and running on adrenaline as magic kept on raining down on them. “Return fire!” Charles yelled at Beth as he drew both of his jackals and started firing back at the students. Beth went to a knee and took a bead on the students and opened fire on them along with Charles. Screams were heard from the bridge as students were hit and fell over the edge into the water, but they never let up on casting at Beth and Charles.

“Last mag!” Beth yelled as she slammed home a fresh magazine into her gun and cocked it.

“Bug out.” Charles said tapping Beth’s shoulder. She stood up and ran into the woods 30 feet, she then went prone and yelled at Charles.

“Get back here!” Charles started to walk backwards into the woods as he kept up the barrage of bullets against the barrage of magic coming from the bridge. When he got to where Beth was he stopped shooting and crouched down next to her.

“Where’s the nearest town?” He asked watching as she fired off bullet after bullet.

“North of here, about 10 miles,” Beth said taking aim, pulling the trigger and repeating. “I’m dry.” Beth said as she fired off her last bullet.

“Let’s get moving then, we can get there by morning if we go quick.” Charles said helping Beth up.


“Lewis has fallen again.” A man said sitting down at a long conference table.

“He will just come back here and complain on how conditions weren’t in his favor again,”

“HE’S DEAD DEAD!” The first man yelled cutting off the second one.

“What do you mean dead dead Roger? We can’t die!”

“Someone eat his soul Sir Edward, he will never come back.” Roger said putting his head into hands.

“Who could eat a soul? We are the rulers over life and death!” Edward said leaning back into his chair.

“We are not.” Another man said walking into the room and sitting at the head of the table. “There is one who even tops me.”

“High Lord Leroy!” Roger said standing up and bowing followed by the other 28 men seated around the table.

“Who is this that even has greater rule than you my lord?” Edward asked sitting back down.

“Why it is death himself, showing himself once again to challenge us.” Leroy said leaning back in his chair and looking up at the ceiling shaded a dark blue. “He has few agents anymore in the real planes, but those that he has are skilful enough to even challenge most of us.”

“So you think that Lewis was defeated by one of these agents?” A man asked sitting up in his chair.

“Yes, and I think that we should pay closer attention to our puppet in that world right now. Knowing Death he will have already sent out this agent to collect his soul.”

“But that man is a true immortal, no weapon but our own will be able to bring harm to him.” Said yet another man looking down the table towards Leroy.

“Our weapons were made by Death himself, and when his agents go out searching for strong souls they carry the same weapons. Our man is in great danger.” Leroy leaned towards the table and clasped his hands together. “We must tell him to watch himself for that other immortal we made into a vampire recently, for I think that is who Deaths agent is.”

“I will tell him myself High Lord Leroy!” Roger said standing up and saluting. “It would be an honor!”

“Very well. Just be careful of that agent, he’s already destroyed Lewis.” Leroy said as Roger turned and walked for a door.


Charles and Beth made their way through the woods until they reached a road. “If we take this road we should hit Kindrel by day break.” Beth said looking up and down the road.

“Right, let’s get moving then.” Charles said walking up the road with Beth close by him.

“…..Do you really plan on killing the leader of the Iscariot Knights?” Beth asked Charles after a couple hours of walking.

“Yes.” Charles said flatly. Beth bowed her head as thoughts ran through her head.

“But why?” She finally asked looking up again. “Why would you put yourself through that much trouble?”

“Because my father has asked me to retrieve his soul for him,” Charles looked over to see Beth open her mouth to ask another question. “My father is Death himself, I am one of his few remaining children left alive able to do the job of collecting souls for him.” Charles said cutting Beth off. “Those small balls of light that came out of every one’s body back on the bridge were their souls. I draw them out by stabbing them with his.” Charles held up his katana. “Made by Death himself from other powerful souls, same with the handguns I use and the dagger I have.”

“So who was that bird?”

“His name was Lewis and he was on the council of powers. This council likes to think that they rule over everything and that they are immortal, but really there is just one true immortal in existence and that would be death himself, he has been here since the first life, waiting for it to die so he could look after its soul.”

“So how are you his son then?” Beth asked looking up at Charles.

“I’m not technically his son, he came to me when I died from being shot in the back by the other child soldiers on that mission I told you about. He came to me to take and look after my soul to find it already gone, he then presented this life to me, I accepted and since then I have been killing for him and giving him the souls of those that I kill.”

“How many do you think you have killed?”

“2,384,375. He’s kept track for me.” Charles said walking down the path.

Beth froze in place and looked around.

“What is it?” Charles asked stopping and turning to look at her.

“They’ve sent out carriages, we need to get off the path right now!” She said looking behind them. Sure enough Charles head a carriage coming down the road, horses neighing as they were pushed hard to make the carriage go faster. Beth went to one side of the road and went prone behind a tree. Charles did the same on the other side of the path but threw leaves over himself. They waited as they heard the carriage become louder and louder until they finally saw it. It looked to be a stage coach being pulled for a 8 horse team. When they got within 100 yards Beth came out from behind the tree and stood in the road, the driver pulled hard on the reigns making the horses neigh in protest as they slowed down. When he stopped the drive hopped down from the carriage and walked over to Beth and took a knee.

“Miss Jenkins!” He said taking her hand and kissing it. “Your escape has come!”

“Charles you can come out, this is my own personal driver.” Beth said as the driver got up and opened a door for her. Charles arose from the forest floor out from under the shell of leaves he had made over himself and walked over to the other side of the carriage where he got in.

“Where to Miss?” The driver asked as he climbed up to his seat and picked up the reigns.

“Kindrel, I need a place to rest for the day ahead.” Beth said poking her head out of the window.

“Kindrel it is, we’ll be there before sunrise.” The drive snapped the reigns making the horses begin moving again until they were at a full run. Charles and Beth sat in the stage coach not saying a word to each other until they came into the town of Kindrel. When they came in Beth leaned over to Charles and said. “There’s something you need to know about Kindrel before we get out.” She said grabbing Charles arm.

The door to the carriage burst open with a man and a woman standing there. The woman pulled Beth out of the carriage and held her tight in a hug saying her name over and over again.

“Hi mom.” Beth said hugging the woman back.

“What? No hug for your dear old dad?” said the man opening his arms.

“Hi daddy.” Beth said hugging the man.

“What brings you home so soon? You don’t have another break from school for almost a month!” Beth’s mother said looking at her daughter who was still in a bear hug from her father.

“Certain things have come up Mrs. Jenkins.” The driver said getting down from his seat. “I’m afraid that your daughter had to shoot her way out of the school while being attacked by the other students.”

“Why? What happened Bethany?” Asked her father looking down at her.

“The other girls there tried to kill me and almost did but I was saved by him.” Beth pointed at the carriage. Her father and mother looked in and just saw an empty cabin.

“Who dear?” Her mother asked. “There’s no one there.”

“She must be referring to the young man that joined her in the carriage,” The driver said. “I think his name was Charles.”

“Well where is he? I would like to talk to him.”

“I don’t know Mr. Jenkins, but I’ll start looking for him right away.”

“Thank you Elroy, bring him to the house when you find him.”

Elroy (The Driver) bowed to Mr. Jenkins and walked into town looking for Charles.


After Beth was pulled out of the carriage and put into a hug Charles slipped out the other side and made his way over to a store front. There he walked along the sidewalk and ducked into an ally between two stores. In the ally way he climbed up the side of one of the stores to the roof where he took out his sword and tapped the onyx skull with his finger. The birds that were taking flight slowed to a halt in midair as the world went into shades of grey a black mist started to form in front of Charles. Out of the mist came the tall dark figure with the scythe and set of scales.

“I have a few souls for you.” Charles said unsnapping the skull from the chain and handing it over.

“Thank you,” The figure said putting the skull on his scales. “And I have that new rifle that you were going to ask me to make.” He hung the scales on his scythe, he reached into his black cloak and handed over a long black duffle bag. Charles took the duffle, put it on the ground and undid the zipper. Inside was a black PTRS-41(It’s a real gun if you want to look it up) and down the barrel were silver words saying ‘Death From Hands Unknown’.

“Hell of a gun,” Charles said lifting it out of the bag. “What kind of rounds does it shoot?”

“Explosive iridium, incendiary iridium, armor piercing iridium, and regular iridium, the magazines on it automatically refill themselves after a minuet but like the real one, they only fit 5 rounds each.” The figure placed his scythe standing up and floated over to Charles who was holding the gun up to his shoulder and looking down the sites. “It has a range of 3000 meters on it so range isn’t going to be a problem for you. I’ve also beefed up the material on it so it weighs around 60kilos unloaded.”

“It’s not for me.” Charles said putting the rifle back in the bag.

“Oh I know, you want that girl to help you but her rifle wasn’t going to cut it.” The figure floated back over to his scythe and picked it up. “The souls name is Alexander, use him well.” Charles nodded to the figures back and watched as it disappeared in mist. The worlds color came back and the birds flew off. Charles looked over the edge of the building and saw Beth’s driver looking around for him on the streets. Charles picked up the duffle bag and put it on his back like a backpack, he then walked over to the side of the building from where he climbed up and jumped down into the ally. He walked out onto the street and made his way in the opposite direction from Beth’s drive and walked into an Inn named ‘Ye Old Drinks’.

The inn was like any other, bar/food area on the first floor with a stair case leading up to where the rooms were. The place was bustling with people that looked to live on the rougher side of the world. Charles went over to the bar and sat down at an open stool and waited for the bartender to come over to him.

“Well I’ll be damned!” The man said looking at Charles. “If it isn’t the man that saved my ass!” Charles looked up to see a towering black man staring back at him with his hand out.

“Hello Mike.” Charles said shaking the hand. “How’ve you been since last?”

“Better, kept to my own business.” Mike said gesturing to the room full of people. “What about you?”

“Well I got attacked and thrown out of that school for good now.” Charles said taking a mug of beer that was given to him. “Met up with a different girl and came into town with her.”

“Who’s this Mike?” A man asked walking up to the bar and putting down a half empty mug.

“This is that guy that I was talking about earlier, the one that saved me an’ the others from the school dungeons.”

“Aw, get this man a beer than!” The man bellowed out turning around and addressing the room. “He everyone, the hero of our Çankaya Escort beloved bartender just strolled in!” Everyone raised their mugs into the air and cheered at Charles.

“Lively place ya got here.” Charles said putting the mug to his lips and taking a swig.

“Yeah, it’s a good place.” Mike said as he picked up a mug and polished it with a rag tied to his belt. “So do you need a place to stay with your girl tonight?”

“For me yeah, her parents are putting her up.” Charles said wiping foam from his mouth.

“Oh she’s got folks here? What’s her name, I might now her.”

“Beth Jenkins.” Charles said rolling his shoulders.

“Well I’ll be, little Beth came back to town.” Mike said cracking a smile. “Her old man founded this place a couple hundred years ago you know.”

“So I take it you know about them all being…”

“Vampires? Yeah, everyone that lives in town knows, same with the merchants. They’re a decent bunch of people, real nice to everyone in town and don’t make it hard on us all like most royals.” The door opened and in the doorway was Beth’s driver, everyone in the bar cheered as he came in. “Elroy, come by for a drink tonight?” Mike asked setting out a shot glass.

“Not tonight, looked for a man named Charles, you see him anywhere?” Elroy asked as he walked up to the bar and sat next to Charles.

“Yeah, you’re sitting next to him.” Mike said filling the glass and sliding it towards Elroy. “First drinks on me, just heard the news that the little Jenkins just came back.”

“Thank you.” Elroy said drinking the shot, he then turned and said to Charles. “The lord of the town wishes to speak with you, there’s a carriage waiting for you outside.”

“We’ll talk later.” Charles said to Mike who simply nodded. Charles got up and walked for the door. Outside was a small carriage waiting for him. Charles got in the back and sat down while the driver drove them up a road. Charles watched as they went through the town, the sun was just now starting to come up and shops were starting to open their doors. They rode out of town and up a path to a large estate. The driver steered the horses up a circle drive and stopped at the front doors where a maid was waiting.

“This way please.” The old woman said gesturing Charles inside. She lead Charles down a hallway and into a library. “The lord will meet you soon.” The maid said backing out of the room and closing the doors. Charles was left in the room alone unsure of what was coming to meet him. He wasn’t afraid of Beth’s father, he already knew that he could kill him in a matter of seconds. Charles quickly chased those thoughts out of his mind. He stood in the middle of the room, hands in his pockets looking around at the shelves of books lining the walls. He waited there in the middle of the room for a good ten minutes until a man walked into the room wearing an outfit right out of the Victorian era.

“You must be Charles.” The man said holding out his hand. Charles took the hand and shook it looking at the man. “It’s pleasure to meet you young man.”

“Likewise sir.” Charles said releasing the man’s hand.

“So my daughter says that you can explain to me why she can no longer show her face at Ouran Academy.” The man said sitting down behind a desk.

“We were attacked by a power named Lewis. After killing him and taking his soul we took to the bridge leading out of the school. We then got attacked by the other vampire students, I killed them all only to have the school come down and accuse both Beth and me of killing everyone in cold blood. They started to attack us so I jumped off a bridge with your daughter in my arms into a lake. The students were still attacking us so we swam to shore and returned fire. After your daughter ran out of bullets we made our way through the forest surrounding the school and met your driver, Elroy, on the path leading to here.”

“Hmm, this does bring to light some odd situations now.” Beth’s father said leaning back into his chair.

“If you don’t mind my asking, what?”

“Well the council here has been on talking terms with the council of powers. You killing one of them is sure to spark up some conflict.” He then got up from his chair and walked over to Charles. “Tell me, what do you plan on doing now?”

“My father has asked for the soul of the leader of the Iscariot Knights.” Charles said walking over to a couch and laying the duffle on it.

“And who would your father be?” Beth’s father asked as he saw the couch creak from the weight put on it.

“Not sure what you would call him here, but from where I came from one popular name for him was the grim reaper.” Charles said taking a seat on a chair and looking at Beth’s father. His face went an even paler shade then it was as he looked over at Charles.

“You’re one of ‘his’?” He said taking a step back, total fear overcoming him.

“So you do know of him! Good.” Charles said crossing his legs and propping his sword up showing off the skull on the end of the chain.

“So that is one of his?” Beth’s father asked looking at the swords handle and getting behind his desk.

“Along with these,” Charles drew both of his jackals and put them on his lap. “And this,” Charles took out the dagger hidden up his sleeve. “Also the thing in the bag, but that’s for your daughter.”

“Well it seems that we might have a chance at surviving the damn council then if you’re here.” Beth’s father said sitting down in the chair behind his desk and lit up a cigar. “When are you leaving?” He asked tossing Charles a cigar along with a match.

“As soon as you give your daughter permission to come with me.” Charles said lighting up.

“What’s my daughter have to do with this?” He asked looking over at Charles.

“She’s a good shot and I need that, I’ll keep her safer if you’re worried about her.”

Beth’s father reached for an old phone and put it to his ear, “Yes, send my daughter in please, thank you.” He put the phone down and looked over at Charles. “She’s quite a free spirit so I’ll let her decide her own fate.”

Half a cigar later Beth came walking into the room still dressed in her mustard uniform. “Yes daddy?” She said walking over to him.

“Do you want to continue to travel with this young man and help him out on his quest?” Her father asked looking at his daughter.

“If it’s alright with you, someone needs to point him in the right direction.” She said looking at her father sitting in his chair and smoking his cigar.

“Then you have my permission.” He said getting up and hugging his daughter tightly. He let her go and looked over at Charles. “You keep her safe like you said.” Charles nodded at him stubbed out his cigar in the tray on the desk.

“You have my word.” Charles said looking Beth’s father in the eye. “Let’s get going Beth.” Charles said walking over to ht duffle and putting it back on his back.

They both walked out of library and out the doors of the house. As they walked down the path they saw Elroy drive up to them in the carriage and pull out a crossbow. “I’m sorry Miss Jenkins.” He said aiming it at Charles and pulling the trigger. Charles grabbed the bolts in midair and crushed them in his hand then disappeared.

“What the hell Elroy!” Beth screamed looking at her driver get down from his seat and look around.

“Where is he?” Elroy asked, crossbow held at the ready with a new bolt loaded. Elroy turned around and felt a sharp point go through him, he looked down and saw a sword sticking out of his chest dripping with blood.

“Go to your true master scum.” Charles said pressing one of his jackals to the back of Elroy’s head, he then pulled the trigger making the head explode in a red mist killing Elroy instantly.


“Holy shit,” Yelled a man looking at a giant screen filling an entire wall. “He killed Roger like he was nothing!”

“I think we have been underestimating this guy!” Another man said looking around the room at the other men sitting around a table. “I will go down and end-”

“No!” Leroy said from the head of the long table, the other men looked over at him. “We will let our pawn in that world deal with him. Send him more power, make him stronger than Roger and give him new weapons. Make sure he is ready for this guy.” A man got up from the table and bowed.


“You just killed Elroy!” Beth screamed looking at Charles still holding the dead body up on his sword.

“He pulled a weapon on me!” Charles said dropping the body.

“You didn’t have to kill him though!”

“Ok, I’ll try to take that into consideration the next time someone shoots a crossbow at me.” Charles put his sword back in its sheath and walked over to Beth. “We need to get going alright, I’m sorry for killing your driver but like I said, he shot at me first.” Charles was going to keep on talking when the mansion behind him exploded blowing him and Beth flying out into the front yard. Charles looked at the broken down mansion and saw one man standing in the middle of it with a sword to Beth’s father’s throat.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Beth screamed as she saw the man lop off her father’s head. She started running at the man in the mansion screaming at him. He turned to look at her and charged at her. Charles slung the duffle bag still on his back to the ground and picked up the sniper, he took aim at the man and let off a shot. The man put his sword in front of him to deflect the bullet only to be blown backwards with his sword in pieces. Charles then ran full speed towards the guy with the sniper still in his hands, when he was 100 feet away Charles jumped into the air soaring up a good 50 feet, took aim at the man again and shot. The man rolled to his left as the ground where he was exploded from the explosive round Charles shot at him. Charles landed on the ground right in front of him and shoved the barrel of the rifle into his mouth and pulled the trigger. The man went flying backwards from the force of the shot, his head and half of his chest blown completely off by the force of the shot.

Beth reached her father’s dead corps and held it to her crying. Tears running down her face and trickling onto the headless body she held. Charles came over and took out his sword, put it through her father’s heart then took it out again.

“This way his soul will have peace.” Charles said to Beth who was looking at him like he was a monster. Sure enough a ball of light came out of his severed neck and floated over to the skull hanging from the swords handle. “Get up, we need to get going before another Iscariot Knight comes our way.” Charles said picking up Beth and walking back over to the duffle. There he unloaded the other three magazines and handed them to Beth. “Strap these to you, they are your ammunition for your gun.”

“What gun?” Beth asked taking the 3 magazines.

“This one,” Charles said handing her the sniper. “You may want to load the regular shot into is instead of keeping the explosive rounds locked and loaded.”

“Where are you getting all of these?” Beth asked picking up the sniper and slapping home the fresh magazine. “I mean, guns aren’t really that popular and most people don’t know what they are when you show them one. I mean we have magic so bullets aren’t all that useful half the time, so where are you getting these things?”

“Let’s just say I know a guy that makes them and leave it at that.” Beth looked down at Charles as he folded up the duffle into a small bag and put it in the inside of his jacket. She just couldn’t read him, one minute he is a great guy to talk to, the next second he’s cold, distant and kills people with efficiency unknown to others.

“Who’s the guy? I would like to meet him.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Charles said standing up and dusting off his pants legs.


“Because he only talks to dead people with no souls.” Charles turned and started walking down the path towards a forest.

“And who says I have a soul? I’m a vampire and suck peoples blood, you’re also a vampire so-” Beth said following in behind Charles.

“I am not a vampire.” Charles said as he kept on walking along a dirt path into the middle of the forest.

“Yes you are, you have the fangs, the speed, the strength and the charisma of one.”

“But my eyes are still that of a killer not a hunter.” Charles said turning around and looking directly into Beth’s eyes. “Tell me, with eyes like yours that sense how much life a person has left in them do I have any left in me?” Beth stared into Charles eyes expecting to see that all too familiar loop representing a person’s life.


EXTRA CREDIT TIME! A vampire can look at a person and see what type of person they are, male or female, good or evil, human, elf, troll, orc, part this part that. Now when they look into someone’s eyes they see an incomplete loop even in other vampires. When the loop’s ends meet it means the person is dead, when a vampire sucks the blood of someone they simply rewind that loop. END OF EXTRA CREDIT!


As she stared into Charles eyes she only saw his grey eyes looking back at her, no loop at all.

“The loop that you see in a living person’s eye is their soul, it’s incomplete until the end of that person’s life, when that time comes death himself comes Escort Çankaya down to collect it and keep it safe from demons. These demons are always present and wait around a person until they die to eat their tasty soul, but with death and his children like me saving those souls from the mouths of the demons they get hungry and end up having to feed on incomplete souls. Such a demon fed mine when I was only 4 years old leaving nothing behind and leaving me with these eyes. Dead and soulless. When this happens Death himself asks that person if they would like to die or become one of his children. If the person asks to die Death simply kills them on the spot making it look like natural causes that any doctor or scientist can see. But in my case he never found me until my body died by itself when I shot in the back by my own comrades. He came down and asked me if I wanted to keep on living as his child, I accepted and since then I have been giving him the souls of those that I kill.”

“So you what does being Deaths child have to do with you not being a vampire?”

“A perk so to speak from being Deaths child is that I can’t be cursed. I draw certain things from those curses if I can. In the case of the vampirec curse I got everything positive, the strength, the speed, the charisma and best of all the immortality through time.”

“But we need blood to stay immortal.”

“And that would be considered a bad thing from the curse so I don’t have to follow it.” Charles turned around and walked down the path to stop again and look to his left. Standing there was a man in white armor, a full metal helm covering his face.

“About time you got here, now just lie down and let me kill you stupid vampires.”

“Charles, that’s an Iscariot knight.” Beth said tugging at Charles jacket.

“I know babe, just stay back and let me handle him.” Charles said moving so he was in between Beth and the knight in white. “I guess this is the time that I introduce you to my sword.” Charles said pushing his katana out a bit from it’s sheath with his thumb.

“And I guess this is the time that I steal it and kill you with it.”

“I would like to see that.”

“Careful what you wish for boy.” The man said taking a step to the side and disappearing. Charles did the same leaving Beth feeling alone in the middle of the forest. She screamed out as she saw two swords grinding against each other right in her face just to disappear a second later. She fell to her butt looking around her at the forest, every couple of seconds she saw Charles and the Iscariot knight appear up in a tree one moment grinding swords then to vanish only to re-appear next to her. Tree’s started falling down around he looking like they had been cut right through in a single swipe.

“You are amazing!” Said the man as he appeared 5 feet to Beth’s left, sword pointed down toward the ground.

“Same to you, your speed is amazing for a non powered creature!” Charles said as she stood right next to Beth making her jump when he spoke.

“It’s too bad that I have to kill you, I wish to play a little longer.” The man then appeared right next to Beth, sword grinding against Charles.

“Then I guess I should use the sharp side of my sword then.” Charles twisted his hands and cut right through the other mans sword and right through his right arm filleting it right down the middle up to the elbow. The man fell to the ground holding his arm as the two sides flopped around. “Rest in peace now.” Charles said as he walked behind the man so Beth could see him and thrust his sword through the man’s chest. The man didn’t let out a cry in pain even through all of this, he simple let out a sigh as he felt the sword pass through his heart. The man’s soul then flouted out from under the helmet and into the skull.

“The fuck just happened!?” Beth asked getting up and looking at Charles who was taking his sword out of the man.

“He I imagine,” Charles tapped the dead man’s helmet. “Was a mere pawn of the Iscariot Knights, nothing in respect to power but he was still very skilled.”

“Not that,” Beth said walking up to the dead man and looking at him. “I was talking about the whole disappearing then reappearing thing you guys did!” Beth said looking up at Charles who was standing tall.

“Oh that!” Charles said giving a slight laugh. “That was called a flash fight. We broke the laws of physics to do it, so no, you can’t do it.” Charles said holding his hand out for Beth.

“And why not?” Beth asked taking Charles’s hand and getting to her feet. “I’m a vampire so I should be able to do whatever you can.”

“You can’t do it because it would rip your body apart.” Charles said looking at Beth. They then heard a thunderous boom above them making several trees crack and fall around them. Charles and Beth looked up and saw the sky splitting apart as glowing white figures descended from the heavens.

“What the fuck?” Beth said gazing skywards.

“Fuck,” Charles said pulling out both his jackals and aiming them at the massive army of white glowing figures coming towards them. “Don’t just sit there and gawk, open fire on them!” Charles said blasting round after round into the sky. Beth snapped out of her trance and raised her rifle towards the sky and let loose a barrage of sniper bullets at the glowing figures. The figures hit from the bullets fell from the sky but it seemed hopeless as when one fell another 7 took its place.

“The fuck are they?” Beth asked switching magazines as one ran dry.

“Angels, fucking goddamned angels!” Charles said dumping his clips and reloading new ones. Angels hit the ground, some as dead bodies the others alive and charging towards Charles and Beth. “Stay back and give me fire support!” Charles said tossing Beth one of his jackals and drawing his sword. “If any get close to you send them back to heaven in pieces!” Charles ran at the charging angels and met them head on. Beth dropped another magazine and put in the explosive mag.

Time went to a crawl around her, the color draining from it as she looked around. The sky went black, the ground went gray, the trees went from brown to white. A dark figure then appeared in front of the angels and started walking towards Beth. She screamed as she saw it and unleashed all five rounds into the figure, they went about 3 feet out of the barrel then slowed to a stop in mid air.

“Don’t bother trying that,” She heard a voice call out to her. “Nothing can kill me so it’s really rather useless.” Beth dropped her sniper and picked up the jackal Charles gave her, she saw the words along the barrel saying ‘And Dead You Will Stay’ She tried to pull the trigger but found it to not budge, she looked around the gun for a safety on it but found none. She slid the slide back and saw a round go into the firing chamber. She took aim again but didn’t see the dark figure any more. “It doesn’t work because you’re trying to kill its maker.” The voice said behind Beth. She spun around and felt weak in her knees as she saw the figure up close. Fear got the better of her and she fell to her knees in terror.

“W-w-wh-what a-a-are y-you?” Beth asked looking at the dark hooded figure holding a scythe and a set of scales.

“His father.” The figure said digging the scythe’s handle into the ground and hung the scales on it. “No doubt he’s told you about me!” The figure sat down in front of Beth Indian style.

“You are death?” Beth said feeling a bit better around this strange being for some reason. Fear was still in her mind but something else had come over her, a soothing peace.

“Yes I am.” The figure said nodding his hooded head.

“Why are you here?” Beth asked looking at the figure across from her.

“On a request from one of my daughters,” Death said straitening his back and sitting higher. “She wanted me to ask you if you have any plans for her fianc?

“What?” Beth asked looking at the figure in front of her with a raised eyebrow. “Charles is engaged?”

“Yes,” Death said looking across at Beth. “Her name is Julia, and although she is my daughter and he is my son it’s not incest, it’s just titles that I have given them.”

“Okay…” Beth said looking across at the figure with interest now.

“Any way, she was wondering if you have had any plans for her fianc?nd if she should be worried about him and you.”

“She does know that he banged like 20 people at the school right?”

“Well she knows how things can get out of hand when you are a death child.” The figure said giving out what could only be a chuckle. “But for some reason she is scared that you will try to move in on her man, so she is asking if you had any plans with him.”

“No, I mean yeah I wanted to get laid by him, but no I didn’t have any plans to marry the guy.”

“Ah good, thank you very much!” The figure said getting to his feet and towering over Beth as she was still on the ground. “I think that I should take this, it seems that you aren’t as skillful as Charles thought you were.” The figure said picking up the sniper and putting it on his back. “Also this, he wasn’t supposed to lend this out.” The figure said floating over to Beth taking the jackal out of her hands. “I know this seems mean of me leaving you empty handed but I don’t want an angel getting any of my toys again.” Beth watched as the figure floated back over to his scythe and scales and picked them back up. “Good bye!” With that he was gone and time sped up to normal again, color filling the world again.

Charles sliced the first angle in half and aimed his gun at a second right next to it and blew it’s head off. He spun around slicing open 3 angles leaping at him with arms out. He looked around and saw as he wasn’t getting any support fire from Beth, he looked back and saw her kneeling on the path staring up at the sky. “BETH!” Charles shouted running towards her. An angel descended on her. Charles watched as the angel put its hand on hand on her chest then the other over her face. “BETH!” Charles shouted again blowing holes through 5 more angels that leapt at him with swords. The angel over Beth then turned to Charles and rushed at him, Charles saw its hands red with blood and a dagger in one of them. “NOOO!” He yelled as he ran to meet the angel, as they clashed Charles knew he was dealing with an elite angel as its weapon wasn’t being cut right through by his sword. “What did you do to her!?” Charles yelled as he kept on deflecting hit after hit from the angel.

“Took away her vampire side along with her memories of it. She may now live her life to its fullest.” The angle said jumping back as Charles swiped at it. “But as for you I can’t do anything, I can only lay your body to rest.”

“Go screw yourself!” Charles said whipping out his handgun and blowing three holes through the angel’s chest. The angle let out a scream as it fell to its knees and dissolved. Charles looked behind him and saw the other angels flying up towards heaven as their leader had been slain. Charles ten turned around and ran over to Beth who was still just kneeling there and looking up towards the heavens. “Beth, are you alright?” Charles said shaking her by her shoulders.

“Who are you?” Beth asked looking at Charles with a puzzled look on her face.

“I’m Charles, don’t you remember me?” Charles asked looking into her eyes that were now green instead of crimson.

“Are you my bodyguard that my parents got me?” Beth asked looking around the forest. “Where are we Charles?” She asked as she saw trees that looked cut right through on their sides.

“How old are you?” Charles asked letting go of Beth and sitting back on the ground.

“I turn 16 in like 2 days, my parents should have told you that!”

“Your parents are dead.” Charles said flatly as he reached into his jacket. “I can take you back to the town you were in if you want. I’m sure the people there would take care of you.”

“Daddy and Mommy are…” Beth trailed off with a faraway look in her eyes. Charles took out a cigar from his jacket and lit it with a match. He puffed on it while he waited for Beth to tell him what to do. “Who did that to them? Do you know?” She asked snapping back at Charles.

“I believe it was the Iscariot Knights who took their lives.” Charles said letting out a mouthful of cigar smoke. “I think it best if you were to go back to your town and-”

“I want you to take me to high knight Leeroy, I wish to speak with him and ask him why he has taken away my gift of immortality mere days before I was supposed to become a vampire.” Beth said standing up and brushing off the dirt from her rump.

“There is no way that you are coming with me to the Iscariot Knights.” Charles said getting up and stepping on his cigar putting it out.

“Yes you are. You have to, you are my personal body guard!”

“Hate to break it to you but I am not your body guard, I’m a cold blooded killer seeking the soul of the leader of the Iscariot Knights and anything that gets in the way. Oh and you are really 21 but got your memories wiped by an angel, thought I would tell you that.” Charles turned and walked down the path climbing over a tree that had fallen across it. “Towns the other way, goodbye Ms Jenkins.” Charles said giving her a wave while he walked away. Beth stood there in the middle of the forest in bloody clothing trying to figure out what next to do.

Not really sure where I’m going to go with the story next time, so if you have anything you would like to see in them just tell me in the comments of PM over the site, your criticism, be it good/bad, constructive or just trolling is always welcome. (Ok maybe not so much for the trolls but I would still read what they have to say on my work.)

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