Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: In the Heat of the Night By Quentin Collins ail)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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The fitness barn at Primrose Farm Bed but, after the disappointment of not being able to go out with Chan, he decided to drive home to Virginia Saturday night.

A friend of a friend had told him about the men”s group meeting today, and he decided to come home early to check it out to take his mind off Chan.

Little did he know that the boy of his dreams would be waiting for him when he got here. Little did he know that the boy of his dreams wasn”t Chan at all and was actually two men.

I asked Quino what his family will say when he tells them.

“They told me that they”d suspected I was gay since I was four or five years old. I have two older sisters who are fiercely protective of their baby brother. When I told my sisters I am gay, they assured me that mom and dad would be fine with it. They didn”t tell me that they had been talking about it for years already.”

“I was a crying mess when I told mom and dad two years ago,” Quino continued. “Dad asked if I was crying because a boy broke my heart. He said if a boy broke my heart, he would break some legs. I didn”t doubt it for a second.

“They have all been nothing but terrific. But I don”t know what”s going to happen when I tell them I have two boyfriends.”

I reassured him, “Once they meet both these guys, they are not going to have any trouble believing you fell in love with both of escort kocaeli them. How are you supposed to choose between sweet, creamy vanilla and sweet milk chocolate? They are both delicious.”

We all had a little laugh, but I felt I had to ask the hard question. “Have any of you thought about where you”re going to live?”

The three lovers looked at each other.

Bailey offered, “I have a one-bedroom apartment in the graduate housing dorm at Virginia Tech. It”s part of my pay for being a teaching assistant. It might get a little crowded, but we could manage.”

Quino offered that he could live anywhere because he is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life since he graduated from high school last month. He had been working at his mom”s and aunt”s restaurant but could get a food service job anywhere. He said he also has some knowledge of auto mechanics from working with his dad but is nowhere near a master mechanic.

Bob suggested maybe Quino could move in with him and his parents.

Victor suggested maybe they could all move to Primrose Farm. It would be a forty-five-minute drive to school for Bailey, but it could work.

Chan called a timeout. “Let”s examine the situation for a moment. The three of you would like to be together, correct?”

He got three nods.

“And you would like to make love with each other, probably even more, correct,” Chan continued.

Again he got three enthusiastic nods.

“If your main goal is to be able to make love with each other, you realize you don”t have to be physically together to do that? You each need to be making love with another couple who are in the garden at the same time. Then the three of you can join together and love each other as completely as if you were in the same bed.”

Bailey, Quino, and Bob all contemplated what Chan had said.

Chan continued. “Currently the only people you know who can catalyze your entrance to the garden are right here, although dad and I will be in South Carolina as of tomorrow. Any or all of you would be welcome to join us there, right dad?”

I hadn”t thought if it, but eagerly agreed.

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“But that would be physically impractical,” Chan said. “Bob currently lives with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Robert, so he can join them as a guest, correct?”

Uncle Robert agreed. “Yes, Bob, you could make love to me while I make love to your mom. I could also suck you while making love to your mom. Would you be comfortable with that? I assume you wouldn”t be comfortable making love to your mom while I make love to you.”

“No. No. Definitely not. That will never happen,” Bob quickly replied. “Even making love to you while you are with mom seems creepy. And I do much prefer to catch rather than pitch if you know what I mean.”

Chan agreed. “But you have choices. You also have Quino, who is willing to relocate anywhere. You and Quino could make love, but that would leave Bailey on his own at school.”

“How would this work,” Chan wondered. “What if Quino moves in with Bailey, and Bob moves here to be with either Cody and Victor, or with Noah and Gavin, assuming our hunch is correct that Noah and Gavin will be frequent visitors to the other realm?

“Of course all five of you could be together if you wish, Quino and Bailey will always have each other, and Bob will have a choice of three couples, keeping his mom and dad for emergency use only.”

I looked around the sauna as we were all reaching the limits of the heat. I asked Cody and Victor if they would consider allowing Bob to join them. After the briefest of glances at each other, they assured Bob that their bed was open to him anytime, or all the time. They invited him to move in with them.

I turned to Noah and Gavin. “Would you two also be willing to allow Bob to join your lovemaking so that he can be with his true loves?”

They didn”t even seem to blink before they made the same offer as Cody and Victor.

Everybody thought in silence until Quino spoke up. “I like the idea of my moving in with Bailey while Bob moves here, as long as you guys promise to make love to Bob frequently. Even when Bailey and I aren”t izmit yabancı escort making love, we want to make sure our man is satisfied. Will you commit to that?”

Cody laughed. “You”re asking a lot of us, you know.”

Bob blushed at Cody”s remark.

Quino continued. “I”m sure I can get a job in Blacksburg. I will work my schedule around Bailey”s classes to make sure that I”m available to drive back and forth every weekend, and maybe a night or two during the week if your schedule allows. Since there”s no rent, for now anyway, I could work part-time and have enough free time to make a good housekeeper for Bailey, so he doesn”t have to worry about cooking and cleaning.” Quino smiled at the thought of setting up house with one of his loves.

Victor told Bailey that he would set up whatever study area and computers with the architectural design software he needed to work from Primrose Farm. “I would never want you to have to stay in Blacksburg just because you have some work to do in a design lab if that work could be done here with both your men close by,” Victor said.

Bob was getting enthusiastic about the plan. “Ideally I would like to live with my loves full time. But if that has to wait, I think this plan could work. But I don”t want to intrude on any of you guys if you want some time for just the two of you.”

None of us could seem to imagine a world where we wouldn”t want Bob in bed with us. I also pointed out that there was nothing preventing Bob from spending time in Blacksburg if that would be more convenient from time to time.

Chan declared the problem solved and said we should cool down and then go over to the playroom to initiate Noah and Gavin into the joys of the cosmic realm. We all, of course, agreed with Chan”s recommendation.

The plunge pool was no less shocking the third time around, but it did feel good to drain all the heat from my body.

The phone rang before Victor got into the cold water. Ducky confirmed that all the guests had left and Ducky and Derrick were off to bed. They didn”t say whose bed they were going to. Victor was relieved to hear that he wouldn”t have to ask any guests to leave.

Victor joined us for a quick cooldown. After we exited the cold water, Chan suggested that we needn”t waste time cooling down, and we should just head over to the playroom. We all, of course, agreed with Chan”s suggestion, as we always do.


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