Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 06Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 06


Author’s Note- The continuing story of an 18 year old sister and her 20 year old brother home alone from college as everyone is forced to shelter in place. As they spend additional time together, their relationship gradually begins to shift as their adventures get more daring and intimate.

Once they got home and showered, the day returned to a sense of normalcy. They went about their daily chores and tasks. If anything, Brad seemed more attentive and helpful in looking out for Melissa. Gone was the teasing or indifference that had marked most of their previous relationship. Instead he was going out of his way to make conversation and offer help as they did things around the house.

After dinner, Brad was laying on the couch watching TV while Melissa was curled up in the chair trying to read. As many times as she had read through a page, she had to circle back because she didn’t remember a single word. She was too pre-occupied. Finally, in frustration, she gave up and set the book on the side table.

“Brad? Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What’s up?” Brad split his attention with the TV to twist his head around briefly.

“Well, I know we’re not supposed to talk about what happens in the make-out cave, but…”

“Is it still bothering you…what happened today?” Brad began to feel uncomfortable with regret and gave her his full attention.

“Not what happened really, but I need some advice and I don’t have anybody else to talk to.”

“Okay?” Brad wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Well it’s weird because like…you’re my brother and stuff…and…”

Brad sat up and turned toward her. “Melissa, you know you can ask me anything, right?’

“Okay” she took a deep breath. “Here goes. Do like…all girls, let the guys put their…like, things in their mouth and stuff?”

“Oh…well, yeah, kinda.” Brad was caught off guard. “Well, I’m sure not all girls do, but like, the girls who like to fool around with guys and stuff, yeah, kinda.”

“Well, how do they learn how to do it and stuff? None of my friends have ever talked about that. Probably because we’re all nerds and stuff.” Melissa had never felt so awkward.

“I guess I always figured they learned by trying it out with guys, you know?”

“Yeah. I guess I kinda missed out on that.” She ended lamely.

“Look, I already told you I’d ask the guys to go easy on you. It’s not going to be a problem again, okay?” He tried to reassure her. “It was kind of a misunderstanding today and it won’t happen again.”

“Well that’s what I’m worried about.” Melissa wouldn’t look up.

“How’s that?” Brad was confused.

“Well, I feel like I ruined everything and now I don’t know how to fix it.” Melissa sighed. “Like, nobody is going to dare me to go back in the cave because I don’t know what I’m doing and I can’t handle it.” She started to get emotional.

Brad got up and knelt by the chair, a little alarmed at her discomfort and wanting to relieve her anxiety. “Hey, hey…it’s gonna be okay. I just thought you didn’t want to be in there. It’s not going to be like that.” He had his hand on her knee and his other on her shoulder. “You can go back in as many times as you want and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Okay?”

“Really?” Melissa wiped a tear away as she looked up. “You’re not just saying that?”

“Of course I mean it.” Brad reassured her. “You can do whatever you want. You just have to tell guys when to slow it down and stuff. It should be fun, not scary.”

“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “Then I need to ask you a favor.” She looked at him tentatively.

“Of course. Anything you want.” He smiled.

“It’s kind of weird, so you have to promise you won’t freak out.” Melissa was nervous. “If it’s too weird, just say no and we’ll never talk about it again.”

“I promise. I won’t make it weird. What is it?’

“Well…will you teach me how to do stuff?” She hesitated. “Like, show me what to do and let me… she couldn’t bring her eyes up to meet his.

Brad wasn’t sure he understood. “You know you can ask me anything. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. No teasing or anything.”

“That’s good, but…would you like…let me…like…try stuff?…like…practice?”

“Wait you want me to…”

“Omigod, I knew it would be too weird…” Melissa started to get up. “Please forget I even asked.”

Brad held her arm gently to keep her from leaving. “No, no. It’s not too weird. I’ll do whatever you want me to. Promise.” He sat her back down. “Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it. I swear.”

“Really?” Melissa looked up at him.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Okay…well. Would you show me how to suck a guy’s thing without like…freaking out then?’

Brad was taken aback. “Well, I only know about it from the guy’s side, but I’ll do my best.”

“Can you show me how other girls do it, then?”

“Well they all do it a little differently. It’s like everybody has their own style. There’s no one way. You Teşvikiye Escort just figure out what works for you and you get better at it.”

“That’s what I mean. Will you tell me what to do and if I’m doing it right?’

“You want to practice on me?” Brad couldn’t believe what she was asking. “of…of course…” he stammered. “Just let me know when…”

“Can you show me now?” She looked at him earnestly.

Brad stood up and looked around. “Right here?”

“Is that okay?” She asked.

“Sure,” Brad replied. He sat back down on the couch. “Ummm, we can do it right here.”

Melissa stood up. “Okay, what do I do first?”

“Okay, why don’t you come kneel over here in front of me.” He reached out and grabbed a large throw pillow. “Here put this on the floor.” He placed it between his feet on the rug.

Melissa stepped over, placed her hands on his knees and kneeled down onto the pillow. “Okay, what’s next?”

Brad slid his sweat pants and boxers down releasing his already stiffening cock. He lowered them to his ankles to create as much access as possible. His cock was now full erect and lay back against his stomach when he sat back. Melissa was looking at it intently.

“Okay, so if you just grab it here,” Brad guided her hand gently to the base of his cock. “You can stroke it and kind of point it where you want it to go a little.”

Melissa rose up to her knees and leaned forward as she began to stroke it gently.

“So if you want to start slowly, just kind of take the tip in your mouth.” Brad couldn’t believe she was going to do it. After today he thought she would never let his dick near her mouth again and here she was asking for lessons in how to suck it! His cock twitched as she watched her begin to lower her mouth to his waiting dick.

Melissa’s heart was pounding as she looked down at her brother’s large, erect cock. It was so big! It was definitely less scary than being in the dark with his hand on the back of her head, but still she was equally nervous at taking it back in her mouth and embarrassed now that she realized her brother was going to be watching her as she did! She bent forward slightly and lowered her mouth until she felt it meet the spongy tip of his cock. She took the tip of it into her mouth and began to suck gently.

Brad let out a hum and a deep breath as he felt, and watched, his sister’s mouth on his dick. She looked so lovely, petite and cute as her warm pink lips finally wrapped around the crown of his cock.

“That’s it,” he encouraged her. “Just kind of go up and down a little, sucking it in and out of your mouth…like.. a popsicle…or a lollipop.” He suggested.

Melissa found it much less intimidating this way, as she had control of how much of his dick was going in her mouth. At his suggestion, she started to take the big swollen head into her mouth and sucking back up to the tip again, like a plum or something. Brad groaned in pleasure as he watched her bobbing up and down on his swollen cock head. She looked so adorable as she tentatively sucked the head of his dick, now shiny with her saliva.

“That’s it. You’re doing great,” Brad’s breathing was getting heavier.

Melissa lifted up slightly and stopped sucking to adjust her position on the pillow. She looked to Brad for approval as she continued to stroke his rock hard shaft with her right hand. “I’m really doing okay?” She asked.

“Amazing!” Brad gushed. “Now see if you can suck it a little bit deeper each time.”

Melissa nodded and smiled before bending over to resume sucking. She was getting more comfortable and even though it felt weird in her mouth, it didn’t seem that bad doing it like this. Thinking about it like a popsicle, she realized she could easily take more into her mouth and resumed sucking but began taking the first few inches into her mouth each time.

Brad was watching every moment of this with sheer ecstasy. Something about it made it the most incredible blowjob he had ever received. Knowing it was only the second time his sister had taken a dick into her mouth and being able to watch her work out her ability to give a blowjob was an amazing turn on.

Melissa didn’t particularly enjoy the sensation of taking a dick into her mouth and tried not to think about the fact that guys used their dicks to pee (ugh), but something about her responded to her brother’s reaction as she felt his body tense up with pleasure and his ragged breathing hitch with involuntary excitement as she worked her mouth deeper and deeper up and down his throbbing dick.

As she came back up to the tip of his dick, she opened her eyes to find him staring at her the whole time! She couldn’t help but smile as his eyes widened and he let out a tremendous whoosh of breath when their eyes made contact. She blushed to think he had been watching her the whole time, but as she lowered her head to take his dick back into her mouth she was filled with a certain amount of triumphant pride to be the one who had caused her big brother to Teşvikiye Escort Bayan be so consumed with pleasure.

“Oh Melissa, that’s so good,” Brad moaned. “Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm.”

Encouraged by the sounds of his pleasure and the praise that made her feel like she was doing a good job, Melissa renewed her efforts to suck his long, hard cock deeper and deeper each time. As she reached the limit of where she could fit cock in her mouth she eventually felt the tip of his dick touch the opening to her throat causing a tickle and a coughing gag reflex. She rose up quickly from his dick and gave another small cough. There was a small thread of saliva coming from the tip of his dick to her lower lip that she quickly wiped away with the back of her hand, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

“Sorry,” she squeaked with embarrassment, with small tears in the corner of her eyes from the gag reflex. “I tried to take a little too much that time.” She smiled as she swallowed a few more times, letting the choking feeling subside as she stroked his dick with her hand and caught her breath. She couldn’t raise her eyes to face him, but she could feel him watching her as he had earlier.

“It’s okay,” Brad assured her through his uneven gasping breaths as she continued to stroke his cock. “It happens to every girl once in a while. Especially at first. Some girls can resist the reflex and take it into their throat but it takes a lot of practice. Try putting your mouth over the top of your hand as you stroke it like that so your mouth moves with your hand. It feels really good and it keeps you from taking it too deep.”

“Okay,” she looked up at Brad. “I’ll try it.” She went down again, but this time kept stroking his cock with her hand and fitted her mouth over the top of her thumb and forefinger, keeping a tight seal so that she could make a seamless transition from her hand to her mouth as she stroked up and down on his pulsing cock. It was much easier and gave her much more control as she could change the pressure with her hand and her mouth with each part of the stroke. She imagined she was trying to milk his cock like he was a cow or something and his moans of pleasure increased. She could feel his cock twitching as she reached the tip with her lips each time and she tasted the salty taste she remembered from the cave,

She pulled up with her mouth but kept stroking his dick with a steady motion. It gave her mouth a rest and let her catch her breath. “It’s starting to taste kind of salty. Is that normal?” She asked Brad.

“Ooh…ooh…yes,” Brad gasped. “it’s…just…pre…cum…” He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his dick stroked and sucked again. Looking down at his adorable sister as she eagerly stroked his dick and looked up at him, Brad knew that he couldn’t last much longer before he was going to cum.

“Is it okay if I swallowed some of it?” Melissa was concerned.

“Sure, girls usually…just…swallow it.” Brad assured her. “if you stop stroking, and just suck the tip like a straw, you can squeeze some out…”

Melissa stopped stroking his dick and began sucking the tip gently like Brad asked. She could feel his cock twitching as she sucked it more intensely. With just the tip in her mouth, she was able to open her eyes without any problem, curious to see the reaction on her brother’s face as she changed the intensity of the suction and pressed her lips more tightly together around the spongy tip of his dick.

Her eyes met Brad’s and she was rewarded with his eyes going wide in reaction and a renewed twitching of his cock. She tasted the salty taste again and continued sucking out each drop as she watched her brother’s face contort with pleasure, their eyes locked in what felt like an unbroken pull of pleasure and control. Melissa felt a thrill that she had so much control over Brad’s reactions. She was proud that she hadn’t messed up her first real blowjob, like she had the brief encounter in the cave, and didn’t feel at all awkward any more. She felt grateful for Brad’s patience with her and eager to please him in any way she could now that she knew she was capable.

Brad reached down and gently pushed her mouth away as he shuddered. “Ooh,” he exhaled. “That’s a little too much. It gets really sensitive at the tip so you can only do it like that for a little bit.”

“Okay,” Melissa nodded. “Should I start sucking it with my hand again? Would that feel good?”

Brad smiled at her eagerness to please him. “That would be perfect. You’re doing great.”

Melissa flashed him a wide smile and went back to sucking his cock, stroking with her hand in a fluid motion. Encouraged by his reaction while she sucked the tip, she kept her eyes open as much as she could to watch his face. At first he threw his head back in pleasure, but when he looked back down to find his sister watching him, their eyes locked and she could feel his excitement building with each stroke of her hand and mouth.

Brad couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to have taught Escort Teşvikiye his sister to give such an amazing blowjob and when he looked down to see her eagerly sucking his cock while making eye contact, looking up to him for approval, he felt the first surges that told him he would soon be releasing his load of pent up cum. He instantly worried that a mouthful of unexpected cum would freak her out like he had in the cave. He didn’t want anything to spoil how wonderfully her second attempt had turned out.

“Melissa,” he put his hand on her shoulder and started to sit up. “You have to stop. I’m gonna cum.”

Melissa pulled up and sat back on her heels, her hand still stroking his cock slowly. “You’re going to ejaculate?”

“That’s right. I can’t hold it much longer.” The stroking of his cock had left him teetering at the edge of an orgasm, but wasn’t quite enough to push him over.

“What should I do?’ Melissa’s anxiety returned as she felt clueless.

“I didn’t want to freak you out by cumming in your mouth if you weren’t ready for it.” Brad explained.

“What do most girls do when the guy cums?” Melissa was curious now, still slowly stroking his hard cock but more warily.

“A lot of them swallow it, but some girls spit it out.” Brad explained through his heavy breathing, his eyes still focused on his sister’s petite hand stroking his engorged cock. “Some girls let you cum on their face and tits.”

“How much comes out when a guy cums?” She was dying to know.

“I think you’re about to find out. Keep stroking it like that.” His breath whistled sharply as she increased the tempo and intensity.

“Like this?” she asked, stroking it from base to tip.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Brad replied. His gaze running back and forth between his sister’s hand stroking his dick and her big brown eyes looking at him and his dick in anticipation.

“Is there anything else I should do?’ Melissa asked.

“Yeah, take off your shirt and bra so that no cum gets on them.” Brad requested half-jokingly.

Melissa immediately released his dick to pull her top off and quickly unhook her bra. She tossed both well off to one side as if they needed to be thrown clear of the coming blast. She immediately returned to stroking Brad’s dick but her hand had dried off.

“Too rough.” Brad protested. “You have to suck it a little more to make it slippery.” He watched her boobs bouncing as she stroked his dick and then bobbling as she bent to suck his dick again.

Melissa sucked it for a few more strokes and felt Brad go stiff.

“That’s it!” Brad gasped. “Stop sucking but keep jacking it off!”

Melissa pulled back as his body stiffened and he stopped breathing for a second. There was one little spurt of cum that spit from the end on his dick, followed by a high squirt of the thick milky liquid erupting from the tip of his dick. It fell and splattered on his stomach and thighs as Melissa continued to stroke his cock. Several smaller spurts of cum shot out as she stroked before he relaxed into a state of drained contentment and his body went limp from pleasure.

Brad’s breathing was fast and his heart was pounding in his chest as Melissa released his still hard dick to flop onto his stomach where a small drop of cum continued to ooze from the tip. Melissa looked at the puddles and droplets of white cum on his body to get an idea of how much he had ejaculated before looking up to see him lying back in relaxed contentment.

“So, was that good?” she asked tentatively.

“That was just great.” Brad murmured. “If you keep practicing like this, you’re going to be really amazing.” He meant to be sarcastic but he was surprised by her answer.

“Really?” She sounded hopeful. “Can we try it again tomorrow? I think I can do better now that I’m getting the hang of it.”

Brad looked up to see if she was serious and was almost embarrassed by how cute and hopeful she looked, still kneeling between his legs, her beautiful tits still on display. He decided to push it a little further. “Yeah, but I should have told you about the top thing sooner. You should be topless when you start whenever you can.” He advised soberly. “A guy won’t always warn you when he’s about to cum so it’s smart to be ready.”

Melissa nodded. “I’ll remember that.” She promised. She looked around. “So how do you clean all this up every time?” she asked looking at the cum splattered on his body.

“Can you get me a damp paper towel and a dry one from the kitchen?” Brad asked. Melissa got up immediately and quickly brought them back.

Brad started wiping the cum away with the damp towel. “Obviously, if the girl swallows it, it saves a lot of mess.” Brad explained. He switched to the dry towel once he had gotten all the spots wiped up.

“That makes sense,” Melissa watched in fascination. Brad handed her the towels to throw away while he pulled up his pants and zipped them up. By the time Melissa got back from the kitchen, brad was dressed again and relaxing on the couch. She went to pick up her top and bra to get dressed.

“Hang on a second, Melissa.” Brad interrupted her. “Would you like to learn a few more things that guys like to do?” Melissa turned back to him and nodded. Brad patted the seat on the couch next to him and waved her over. “Let me show you.” Melissa sat down tentatively and looked over at Brad.

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