The new school year came and I continued on with the university, the frat and high-school with the help of Devon. It was like part of me was missing so I threw myself into my schoolwork with little social activities other than what Devon insisted that I attend to keep in good graces with the fraturnity. When I graduated Devon asked me up to his room when I walked in his full size bed had been replaced with two twin beds. “What happened are you getting a room-mate?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face. I got used to his bed and had my own notch in the mattress. He responded to me by saying “I hoped so since you are now a full time college student I thought you might room with me. But I do not want the other brothers to think we are lovers like Keith and you were. With permission from your parents the twin beds will remain until one of us graduate.”

Over the next few years I found out that I liked social-psychology and declared that as my major. With the help of Devon I passed all of my research classes. Some of the experiments occurred in our room and I found him to be great person to test new things; plus I loved the intamacy it allowed us without us betraying our feeling for Keith. One afternoon he allowed me to use a dildo on him while I sucked him to an explosion. Another time I let him put his dick between my legs and fuck my nut sack, boy was that hot but he left a humongous stain on the sheets and I left one big cream spot on his abs. Finally I was really horny and decided I wanted to try a new experiment with him; one that I decided to keep to myself until the last minute.

It was a cold Saturday afternoon and after talking for a few minutes we choose not to go to the football game with the rest of the house. I came out of the shower and sat at my the desk to study not bothering to dress. I felt comfortable with Devon after all he had already seen everything about me so I sat there smiling to myself. He walked in the room naked and asked “What experiment are we going to do today?” I got a sly smirk on my face and quietly replied “One I think we both are going to fail! But I still want to try.”. “Interesting” he said with a curious smile “and what would that be?” I took his dick and pulled him to me then his arm and pulled him down on his knees to me “Kiss me! With passion!” I demanded.

Devon did as I asked and I played with his shaft, it did not take him long to get hard as a rock. “I like this one so far!” and I slid my tongue up and down the shaft as it bobbed before my eyes. “Oh! Fuck yes.” he paused “but we have done this before?” I told him that was just the warm up that I wanted to do something else and took one of his balls into my mouth then worked my way down to eating his ass. Moving to the bed I straddled him so that he could do the same with me and he started licking my butt then my tight hole. I pressed into his tongue as I pushed his tongue deep in my hole. Our moans echoed in the room as we licked, sucked and finger Batıkent Escort fucked each others asses.

We had worked up a good sweat and I moved around on him, face to face and kissed him moving his and my dick between our legs. We kissed and ground our bodies into each other and I felt both of our balls tighten up but no wanting us to release yet I stopped and just kissed. Looking into his eyes I re-adjusted my self with his dick against my butt crack and mine into his pubs. “Lets try that other test this way now.” I whispered as I reached for some lube and slicked him down “I want us to fuck! I want to make you a part of me!” I sat up and tried to let him slide into me but his girth and length made it near impossible for me to take more that 4 inches in me. I struggled to take that much but I kept riding him I finally made it to 7” but the tears started rolling down my face. Partly because it felt good and partly because I was betraying Keith. Devon pulled me off of him and said we did not have to continue, but I wanted him to.

We repositioned our selves with me on my back and he pushed in ever so slowly allowing only 7 to 8 inches in me. “Trey I love you and don’t want to hurt u!” Tears were in my eyes again “You aren’t hurting me it just feels so damn good, and I am glad it is you!” Sweat now pouring off both of us. “Just shut up and fuck! Take my ass it is yours! … Ahhh … Ahhh … Aaahh!” he slammed down so hard and I could feel both of us shaking violently that I lost my load shooting all the way up to my face. He paused and I knew he lost his too as he pulsated inside me collapsing all of his weight on my chest. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and held on tight, kissing and panting feeling him shrink inside me. He tried to pull out and I said no that I wanted him to stay there but he said no he wanted more.

After about a half hour he asked me to take him too and I smiled in approval. We rolled around and wrestled for a little while until I was on top of him. “Do you really want it? Cause I want to put my seed in you too!” without waiting for him to answer I pushed all the way in and rested a moment “God you have a tight ass! It feel so good!” We fucked like that for a while then on our sides and then he rode me. Moving up and down with his cock slapping me I reached out and grabbed it. I was able to lay there and suck it with no effort it was so hot having him ride me and suck him at the same time. I felt his cock and balls tighten up and his ass trying to milk my dick his pre-cum and sweat spilling on my face was the tuning point for me.

Devon tightened up and I felt his hot, thick and sweet cum flow in my mouth and down my throat, I tried to let out a moan but was unable to as my cock started spurting the orgasm of my life. We laid there lavishing in each others scent when the door opened and it was one of the brothers letting us know the results of the game. “Oh Beşevler Escort SHIT! I am sorry guys, ah , I didn’ know.” I said “That’s okay, you can help with my experiment if you are interested.” I winked at Devon who smiled back in agreement.

I told him to sit on the chair and watch us jack off and that he was free to do the same if he felt like it. We moved to stand in front of him and I dropped to my knees and worked on Devon?s balls and saw Brock unzip his pants, loosen his tie. By the time I was licking the shaft Brock’s shirt was open and his pants and underwear at his ankles as he started jacking himself.
“Oh man your guys are so hot!” Brock said as his pace quickened “Oh shit I wish it was me you were sucking! Ahhh, Ohhh, I’m cumming!!!!!” His load spewed out on both of us, it was not very thick not a lot but enough to splatter us. “Let’s show him how it is really done!” I smiled as we stood beside him whacking our dicks we noticed two more of the bothers standing at the door jacking their dick too. Devon and I shot our loads at the same time sending our cream down Brock’s face, chest and abs. As we shot over him in the background we could here”Ahhh! SHIT! FUCK! YESSS!” as they shot off together leaving their sperm on the door-frame and floor. We walked over to them and kissed them, Brock started to leave but we stopped him and Devon said to him “You are staying with us as our lab assistant!”

For the next two years Brock spent a lot of time in “The Lab” as we called it, with us and even a few field trips. We discovered several places on campus that were good cruising spots for anonymous male sex such as the Student Union and the Track and Field bathroom. Brock was good at reeling guys in and taking notes as we finished the job.

One of the hottest places was the mens room at the student union. I was rather large with 8 sinks and mirrors on the whole wall with about the same number of urinals beside them. The 5 stalls were on the back wall behind the urinals and sinks, which gave a good view of the guys coming in and to see who was really pissing or just curious. The stalls had a few holes cut between them, some you could tell were just for peeking, but some were large enough to put a cock through. A lot of guys don’t want to admit that the like their cocks sucked by a man so this was a great place for that and still remain anonomouse .

One day Devon, Brock and I decided to use this bathroom as a test spot. Brock checked it out first and said it was pretty empty eccept for one of the stalls in the middle. I told Devon to go in and walk in front of the stalls and peak into each of them making sure to check out the guy, then take the last stall. I waked in and started and headed back to the last stall and saw it occupied, so I made sure to bend down and luck under the stall to see if any others were occupied. I saw the one in the middle and took the stall next to him but on Büyükesat Escort the side furthest from Devon. I instructed Brock to try and lure some more guys into the bathroom but to come in and go to the urinal in about 15 minutes.

When I sat down next to the guy I noticed that the hole between us was a large one. I tried to peek through without it being obviouse. Man that guy has a nice tan, muscular legs his jeans were down to his ancle but I did not see any underwear. I leaned foreward more and got a glimps of his hard cut cock. As I sat back he started tapping his foot and sliding it closer to me. I tried to ignore him to see how determined he would be, plus I wanted to give time for Devon to make a move and Brock to arrive to record all of this. Then I heard Devon pat his foot loudly and the guy leaned down and looked under the stall at Devon’s side then he looked under the stall up to me and smiled. Just about then the bathroom door opened and it was Brock, he combed his hair in the mirror and then went to the middle urinal and unzipped.

I could tell the man next to me was getting frustrated so I rubbed my finger against the hole stood up and showed him my cock. Then I tapped the wall loud enough that my two friends could hear it. It was the signal to move in and make him feel more at ease. Devon stepped out of the stall and went to the one next to him and left the stall door open. Brock turned around to show Devon his hard cock and walked to him and stood in front of Devon who started sucking him.

At this point the guy put his cock through the glory hole and I started jacking him. He was about 7” and average width. He was already leaking pre-cum which I quickly slurped off. Then I heard him unlock his stall door and he had Brock come into him and he started sucking him while Devon stepped behind Brock and rubbed his long cock against Brock’s side and the man’s face. Brock made sure to make a loud noise and let his load go fast into the guys mouth. Devon simaltaniously let his go and drenched the guys face with his hot seimen. When he did the man just started spewing his cum all over me and the floor. His cum was hot and salty, you could tell he had worked himself up for a while and held back before he came.

After he left there were a couple more guys that came in and had a JO party at the urinals. It got Devon so hot that when several of the guys surround him touching his cock. Brock let one of the guys fuck him between me and Devon. Devon let another load go hitting one of the guys shirt with a big blob of thick white cum which he quickly wiped up and sucked it off his hand and I licked Brocks ass where the other guy let loose.

We went back to the house and made our notes and I wrote a report about it which garnished me an A, the topic was “The secret desires of men”. Man this project opened my eyes to new sexual experiences and the freedom that comes with it. I liked having Devon watch over me with-out us being lovers and Brock to play with us and our collection of toys such as dildos, whips and anal plugs was a perk on the side. But what really excited us was the public exposure and chances of being caught. Especially when we ventured out off campus to the mall or park.


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