Purvey Old Guys Ch. 05Purvey Old Guys Ch. 05


Purvey Old Guys, Ch 5, Another guys ‘n porn party and Mary’s Bukkake.

All the following characters are well over 18, this story and the stories to follow, if there is interest, that I will try to share are essentially true to the best that my well over 18 memory serves. There will be some Male-to-Male stuff in this chapter and in those to come so if that scares you move along, please.

The get togethers at Ike’s and especially the ones with Dee really slowed down for 2020 and 2021 (so far) but we did manage a couple memorable events in Late 2019 which I will try to share here. The first was an all guys early afternoon porn and play at Ike’s house. There were the usual stalwart pervy old guys, Ike, myself, Simon and Jorge, along with Mike and Phil, two new 60 something retired guys from the big city that Ike had come across. As usual when I got there a couple guys were already in place, naked, dicks in hand, they quickly stopped and covered whenever the doorbell rang, which is funny to me, and then back at it once they figured out who was coming into the perverted palace. Right behind me were the two new guys Phil and Mike who knew each other from some local like minded message boards and some big city get togethers. Besides Ike, Simon also knew them some and helped them merge into our small cluster.

Soon the six of us were all naked, stroking our own and/or another’s cock as we watched some porn and each other. It wasn’t long before I felt Ike’s familiar and oh so warm and soft lips take me into his mouth as his warm hand cupped my balls. My head lolled back and I moaned low at the sensation. As my eyes opened I noticed Simon was still sitting next to me but now Phil was standing between his spread legs as Simon swallowed Phil’s cock and Jorge licked away at Simon’s hardness. Poor Mike stood by slowly stroking and watched the mini orgy in front of him. Ike Looked up at Mike and motioned him over and began alternating our cocks in his mouth. I reached for Simon’s hardness and Jorge backed off, rising to stand beside Phil and let Simon blow him too. With Jorge gone Simon’s lonely dick bobbed in the air so I slowly stroked it for him and watched him blow Jorge and Phil. Mike and Phil somehow swapped places and mouths and Simon focused on Jorge exclusively, which, as usual, lead to a quick explosion from Jorge along with some loud groaning from the both of them. Clearly Jorge, as he usually did, started us off, cumming for Simon. Jorge collapsed on the couch on the other side of Simon and Ike, ever the good host, left my dick as he got Simon a towel.

I slowly stroked as I surveyed the scene on front of me, Mike and Phil were in a relaxed 69 on the floor, Jorge was slowly stroking Simon who was cleaning his face of Jorge’s recent deposits. Ike was taking some pics of the scene and slowly stroking with his free hand. I figure turn about is fair play and knelt in front of Ike and started to nuzzle his cock into my mouth. I bobbed a few times before Ike gently pushe me away and knelt down beside Phil who was enjoying Mike’s efforts on his cock, I figured why not try a new mouth too!? So I knelt behind Mikes head as Ike was doing with Phil. Mike niticed Phile move to take Ike in his mouth and when he realized that I was right there he did the same with me, taking me to the base on the first swallow. Yeah he can work a cock alright, Just as Mike and Phil were getting into a rhythm on Ike and I we heard Simon cry out and Jorge exclaim “give me that spunk!”

Phil and Mike were stroking each other as they sucked Ike and I and before we knew it they both erupted, spraying cum all over them selves and each other before collapsing back and letting our still hard cocks sway in the breeze. I noticed that Jorge and Simon were dressed, or near enough anyway, and handing Mike and Phil each a towel. All four of them looked at Ike and I, still hard, sort of, were old after all, as if to say ‘finish guys’. Ike and I seldom do though for whatever reason so we both stood, helped Mike and Phil up off the floor and started to dress. Jorge and Simon thanked Ike for another great time and were out the door, Mike and Phil both looked sort of sheepish and confused as Ike and I both dressed.” We very seldom can cum, it’s no big thing” Ike said.

“Speak for yourself brother, its no big thing, sheesh” I teased Ike which got a groan from him and a chuckle from the new pair. Truth be told, it really isn’t a big thing, anyway you want to take that!

Phil and Mike were soon dressed and out the door after helping Ike and I put the room back together and securing the porn, the lube, the toys etc. I left shortly thereafter myself.

It was maybe two weeks later when I got an email from Ike, simple “Up for another Bukkake?”

“Sure!” I replied, “Arturo want another one? Someone new?” I had noticed how Mike seemed to really bonus veren siteler enjoy when Phil coated him with cum and the slow, playful way he cleaned up thinking maybe the new guy wanted to be coated.

“Someone new, a guy I have talking to on Bate World named Juan, goes by Hornyvato on the site reached out to me for a fuck buddy of his named Mary. She loves watching guys stroke and loves being cum on so he thought maybe for her birthday…” was Ike’s response and there were two attachments to the email. I opened up the first one and it was a dark grainy pic of a woman’s ass and pussy from behind. The second pic was also poor but unmistakably a very full tit, complete with long hard nipple. Very Intriguing!

“So what is he thinking? A gang bang where everyone finishes on her or just a circle jerk?” I asked.

“Well” Ike started, “Juan says she enjoys sucking cock and shell undoubtedly want to do some of that, maybe she’ll want to fuck but he doesn’t think she wants a full on gang bang, or even a blow bang really, bottom line though is she wants as many loads of cum on her body as she can get, how they get there is wide open. Juan says she a bit on the submissive side so if someone is stroking and tells her to suck his cock she likely will.”

“Wow, Ike, she sounds like a winner, when and where?” I asked.

“Her Birthday is next Friday so Juan was hoping that evening after they have a late lunch in Santa Fe. I know evenings are hard for you but any chance you could make that? At the Residence like the other parties, we’ve held/” Ike explained.

“That’s like a week and a half, that enough time to round up a group?” I asked. “

“Yeah I think so, Ive got the contact list from all our porn parties as well as from the SLS parties we have had, I figure I’ll invite 25 or so, maybe 30 or 35, in hopes of a dozen making it, as usual! Ike laughed. I already got a strong yes from Simon, and a couple of yeah probably responses. So what about you?”

“Well Ike, if you make it for the evening of the 10th, then yes I should be able to make it just fine, Ive got a game in Denver and a haul to Ft Collins that weekend so I may have to stall around part of Friday until the event, but I should be golden!” I replied. “Are they ok with pictures and video do you know?”

The big day is here!

I got to the venue about 10 minutes early and wasn’t the last to arrive! Nearly last but not totally last. Introductions all around were made and soon Mary was stripping down and laying back on one of the beds. As soon as she was comfortable and announced she was ready she was surrounded by four or 5 guys, naked and stroking guys. “MMMm all of these lovely cocks for me?” Mary asked as she took the two nearest in her hands and guided each of them to her mouth for a quick lick and suck. I began snapping a couple quick pics and started some video. I noticed there were at least two hands on her pussy and at least one hand on each tit as she continued to stroke and lick the two cocks she started with.

I noticed that more guys had shown up and were busy stripping down and admitting Mary’s lush and open body. It was quickly becoming obvious that Mary was becoming very aroused, shed now moan as took a cock into her mouth and was reaching for new cocks as they surrounded her. Soon she began to focus on one particular cock, it didn’t appear to be anything special but it became her primary focus, sucking it, stroking it, deep throating it and playing with his balls and she stroked she looked at the cocks owner and urged him “cum for me!” with a clear sense of urgency in her voice. So he did, the first jet across her face before she could redirect the subsequent jets to her tits. Wiping the last dribble of cum across a very hard nipple she looked at the cock’s owner before saying simply, “thank you”

At that another guy stepped up and asked her “where do you want my cum baby?’ moments before the first jet erupted across her chest and up to her neck. She gently directed the rest of his discharge to her tits with the first guy’s deposit. Two more guys stepped up and dropped their loads along with the first two on her tits. Mary was near her own orgasm, moaning and shaking softly as she played with and smeared the cum over her big tits, stringing it from fingers to nipples and taking quick tastes as she relaxed and smiled at the guys. Soon, she spoke up, saying that she needed a quick break and some water before the next round.

As Mary relaxed and took small sips of her water and made small talk with the naked guys surrounding her. I looked around and noticed that two guys on the other bed slowly stroking each other, no sooner than I started taking some video of that than Mary noticed them and gave a small moan as her fingers slipped to her pussy, slowly stroking herself and softly saying bedava bahis “Oh that is so fucking hot!” Her free hand reached for one of the naked cocks clustered around the bed. Finding one about half hard she lay back again and guided that cock into her mouth, never taking her eyes from the two guys on the other bed.

I felt someone move next to me and heard a woman’s voice saying “oh fuck, I was wondering what had her attention, that is HOT! I don’t blame her for getting distracted.” I glanced at the source and was surprised to find a woman, very close to me, similarly enraptured at the male- male action going on. I recognized her from one of the SLS Swinger parties Ike had put on and I was able to attend. She gave me a quick look over and with a small smile she leaned closer and said “Damn, this is so hot, I don’t know which Iike better, the two guys together or Mary getting coated with cum. Have you given her a deposit yet?”

“No not yet” I replied “are you joining the fun? I’m sure there will be plenty to go around.”

“No, this is her party I don’t want to intrude, but I’m sure going to hang and watch for a while” as she pointedly took a long look at my expanding cock. With that her very naked husband stepped up on her other side and said something very softly to her and she laughed softly and gave his cock a couple of tugs before telling him “Go give her a nice big load stud.” As he moved to comply Mary moved to her hands and knees facing the other bed so she could watch the two guys more closely. They had also rearranged themselves where one guy was reclined against the headboard with the other guy kneeling between his splayed legs sucking his cock. Mary was totally into watching the two men and never seemed to notice the guy moving behind her until his fingers sank deeply into her exposed pussy.

With that her head sank and she moaned very deeply and shuddered., apparently squirting, or nearly so, as the guy behind her exclaimed “Holy fuck is she wet!” as he slowly pistoned his fingers into her very wet cunt.

The guys paused their activity as simply watched Mary go through her orgasm.

Mary remained on her hands and knees and guided Rich’s cock to her lips, Rich’s wife Trudy was again at my side watching and leaned into me and said “Damn I like to watch him get head! Its so fucking hot to watch his face and I can’t when it’s me blowing him.”

“I know what you mean, I love watching my friend when she’s sucking another guy, or getting fucked as she sucks me is way hot too.” I replied.

Trudy gave a little moan and looked at me and said, “You are a dirty old man” and chuckled as she turned back to watch the activity before us.

About then we heard Rich start cursing and groaning as he pulled his cock from Mary’s mouth and stroking frantically asked through gritted teeth “Where do you want it? I cant hold it!”

Mary straightened up on her knees and thrust out her tits and looking Rich square in the eye told him “Coat my tits fucker.”

So he did.

They both fell back away from one another, Mary reclining back onto the bed and Rich staggering back to sit on the bed with the two guys on it for an instant before standing a giving a theatrical “WHEW! That was something else!” before leaning down to Mary and giving her a gently kiss on her forehead and telling her “Thank you darlin, that was very special.” Before rejoining his wife and nodding towards me.

“How was that babe?” Trudy asked,” it looked hot as fuck!” as she molded herself into her naked husband’s side and wrapping her arms around him.

“It was a great experience Tru, just amazingly hot!” he replied. Going on he asked her “maybe you need to take Mary’s place at a future event!?”

“I’m to shy”, she chuckled, before going on with “Up for another round when we get home?”.

“Why wait, let’s use the other bed, the guys will scoot over for us, or the couch, and get things going here?” Rich asked, then asking me, “You’d be up for that wouldn’t you?”

“No Richie, we don’t want to take away from Mary’s party, lets go grab a bite and go home.” Looking me up and down again she went on to say “besides, I’ll catch up with Terry here at the next SLS party.”

“OK” Rich sighed, then looking over to me he shrugged and said “I tried buddy” and gave a wave before turning to find his clothes.

“Thanks Rich, I owe you” I replied with a laugh and then to Trudy I said, “I’m holding you to that catching up business Trudy!”

Trudy turned to go with him, flashing me a smile and quick wave before engaging Ike and Juan in conversation as Rich dressed.

There was a soft knock at the door about then and in walked Carl, another older guy that Id met at the SLS parties but not one of our regular Purvey Old Guys crew. Carl quickly stripped down and opened a bag he’d brought, deneme bonus extracting a hand operated vacuum pump some tubing and an assortment of attachments which he then brought over to Mary’s bedside. He looked her over, licked his lips, leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on her, thus far,, cum free cheek before asking her “have you ever had your clit or your nipples pumped up?”

“No” she replied, clearly intrigued, as she sat up on her elbows.

The stroking and pawing slowed way down as Carl asked “want to try it?”

“Tell me what you’re going to do and why I should”, she responded as she picked up one of Carl’s attachments.

“That one in your hand would be placed on one of your nipples” Carl replied as he then went on to explain the process and benefits to Mary. All the while he was applying the hardware and hooking up the hand pump. Without further ado he gave the pump a few quick squeezes and we all watched Mary’s nipples distend into the glass jar Carl had placed on them.

“WOW” Mary exclaimed excitedly, “that’s amazing!” and with That Carl gave another couple pumps until Mary said “Stop, stop, now that’s starting to hurt.”

As Carl bled some of the suction off of Mary’s nipples, he asked if it was ok and held up another glass attachment telling the now very attentive group of naked people “This one goes over your pussy, and this one” holding up a smaller glass cylinder, “goes on just your clit. Would you like to try them?”

“Do you leave the ones on my nipples in place?” Mary asked.

“I can Mary”, Carl replied, “but since this is your first try maybe we shouldn’t, it can bruise and be painful the next day if you over do it.” And with that he freed her nipples and gave them each a gentle tweek which she seemed to enjoy. “extra sensitive huh?” he asked.

As Carl moved down the bed to place first the whole pussy apparatus I noticed Trudy was again at my elbow, “mmm she said, she’ll either love this or hate it, its not a gray area, at least not for me.” She whispered.

“And which way do you fall Trudy?” I whispered back.

She just smiled a small enigmatic smile and moseyed off to collect her husband, looking back over her shoulder at me as she picked up her jacket and winking.

Meanwhile Carl had Mary’s pussy sucked up into the whole pussy attachment and was gently teasing her ass and nipples. “ENOUGH!, enough” Mary exclaimed, “that’s too much, I don’t think I like that one.”

“Ok, do you want to try the clit one?” Carl asked.

“sure, we’ve come this far!” Mary laughed.

Carl set up and gave the pump a couple of quick pumps before letting Mary, and all of us really, know that this was a good place to start. Mary looked down between her tits and saw her Clit pulled into the glass tube and gave a soft moan.

I noticed that Carl’s other hand was busy too, as he talked softly to Mary about the suction on her clit he was slowly finger fucking her with two fingers of his other hand.

“More” came softly from Mary.

“Of?” Carl softly asked as he picked up his finger fucking pace slightly.

“Both” murmured Mary as her arm covered her eyes.

Carl gave the pump a sow squeeze as Mary moaned deeply and began to caress her tender tits and pulling her still tender nipples. His fingers again sped up their sliding in and out of Mary’s distended cunt.

Mary began to shudder and moan and hands immediately covered her trembling body as she was clearly on the verge of a huge orgasm. Carl deftly bled suction and released Mary’s clit before leaning down and flicking it gently with his tongue. And slid a finger from his other hand into her ass.

Mary Exploded!

Her hands left her tits and each grabbed a nearby cock which she pulled to her mouth as Carl continued his fingering as she moaned and thrashed two of the guys started to cum, covering her ribs and the side of one tit, another guy came all over her pussy which Carl used to lube her clit which he began to rub none to gently. His cock hard now and very ready as he move up and let it bob against the opening to her sex.

Her hand encircled his cock and in about three tugs he was coating her with his seed, shooting to nearly her throat. As Mary started to come down from her orgasmic peak she looked around and the half dozen guys who were still hard and waiting for their chance. “Hey! Nobody told you guys to stop stroking!” she barked, then softly “can someone get me a water, Please”

She had a couple minor tremors after that and in ones and sometimes twos the guys gave her their loads. The two guys on the other bed kept playing with each other having been amongst the first of the cummers, they were just playing and not going to cum again.

One by one the guys quietly moved off and got themselves dressed and out the door, Thanking Ike for thinking of them and Juan for sharing his hot lady friend.

I gave Ike my digital media with the pictures and video on it, gave Mary a kiss and left with Ike’s promise to send a link to the pics and video and when I could get my media back. With all of that I was on the road again.

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