Purvey Old Guys Ch. 01: The BeginningPurvey Old Guys Ch. 01: The Beginning


All of the following characters are well over 18, this story and the stories to follow if there is interest that I will try to share are essentially true to the best that my well over 18 memory serves. There will be some bisexual MM stuff to come so if that scares you move along please.

My name is Terry. As I write this, I’m a 65 year old retired guy, married but sexually starved at home. My wife proclaimed an end to our sex life nearly 20 years ago now, not due to dissatisfaction but rather the fact we were not going to have more children at that point and that it didn’t serve to control me. Until that day I had never strayed or explored beyond my wife. While I should have left her then, I didn’t. This is but one facet of my sexual journey since that fateful day. This series of stories began a few years ago, it involves some older folks, mostly retired, and mostly guys exploring and expanding their sexuality in some of our cases and, indulging long held but seldom enjoyed same sex interests in a few others. It was never my idea to explore this facet of my sexuality but having done so I’m glad it unfolded as it has.

I was a frequenter of one of the ‘Hotwife” or wife sharing sites on the good old internet and a theme came along that it was a lot of fun to get together with a guy who would share pics and videos of his wife or girlfriend while you and he masturbated. This stroking would be primarily self-administered but could often go beyond that. I thought that sounded great, so I immediately posted a call to horny hubbies to share their wives with me. Easier said than done. While I did get one guy to respond that he’d like to and he had tons of pics and videos of his wife, he couldn’t host, neither could I, and we were about 100 miles apart. Hmmm let’s figure something out. Along with his offer came the offer of a place mid-way between us to use his house. I had recently retired from my day job. Ike, who offered his home, was several years retired and lived in blissful solitude. Sadly though, hubby with the pics got cold feet with a now third party, still 50 miles away, etc. So that fell apart darn it, but Ike suggested I come down and we could just watch porn together and rub one out. Why not!? So, I ran down to his house one day shortly thereafter mid-morning, watched some porn, and Ike and I watched each other masturbate! A good time was had by all!

A few weeks after my initial meet with Ike I got an email from him, did I want to do it again and if so, would I mind if another guy joined us, oh, and maybe a woman who wants to watch! HELL YES! And a woman to boot, woo hooo!. Maybe. So, we set up another get together and I ran down to Ike’s to watch porn and rub one out. I got there and was escort izmir introduced to another guy, Jim. Ike and Jim were hanging out and watching some porn when I got there but hadn’t gotten naked and started to stroke. We gave our maybe voyeur another 10 or 15 minutes and dropped trou and started to enjoy the scenes on Ike’s big screen. About then there was a knock on the door, and we hit pause, looked for pants as Ike answered his door. In walked Delores, or Dee, a tall, statuesque black woman who swept in like the queen of the May, which, I guess she sort of was. She dropped her coat, her purse and surveyed the room with a sparkle in her eye and smile on her lips. Ike made the introductions, placed Dee in a chair where she could see the three of us old guys and we could see her.

She sat back, spread her legs some and looked at each of us in turn and announced “don’t let me stop you from what you were doing….”

And with that Ike sat back down and we once again dropped our pants and started to slowly stroke ourselves back to full hardness. I looked over at her and suggested she feel free to join in if she wanted.

She smiled, reached into her purse to pull out an 8″ lavender vibrator, which she ran over her still covered cunt and said, “I think I might just do that, thank you.” And stood up and began to disrobe.

BOING! Now I suppose many readers have enjoyed having a woman they had never even seen 15 minutes ago start stripping in front of them. But with no money changing hands? Dee got right down to her thigh high stocking and heels with a scarf around her neck. Her large, pendulous breasts handing there, her large nipples hardening she sat back down, put her feet on the coffee table and again slid her vibrator across her cunt. “Well?” she said, “Lets go boys, start jerking those cocks.” We did.

It wasn’t long before it was clear she was getting close to an orgasm, her heavy-lidded eyes went from cock to cock before she said “its ok if you want to touch” so Ike and Jim moved over to her and began to grope those big tits as her vibrator slid onto her very wet, very sloppy sounding pussy, her ass slid down in her chair and she began to shake.

Her eyes glazed over, and she groaned deeply, her whole-body rigid in a contraction, her face and chest turning pink before the vibrator fell from her cunt and she relaxed. ‘Wow, that was nice” she said, Who’s next? Jim was stoking frantically as he slid his free hand over her wetness and back to her tit and then erupted on her thigh with his own deep groan before he staggered back to his chair spent. Ike was now sucking on her free tit and fingering her wet pussy as she looked over his shoulder and looked me square in the eye and asked izmir escort bayan if I wanted to touch her too.

I got up and moved over in front of her, slowly stroking my modest cock as I looked down at her and asked her “May I have a taste?”

She groaned and let her head lol back and knees part more fully as Ike got up and moved to the side. I knelt down between her legs, our eyes never left one another as I positioned myself and took my first long slow, flat lick from ass to above her clit. Her eyes went shut and she slumped there in the chair as my tongue began to explore her wetness. Ike latched back onto a tit as I probed her cunt with my tongue, fucking her then flicking her clit with it, sucking her lips between my teeth to gently bite and nibble on them before returning to her clit to suck it in my mouth, to flick and tease it with my tongue. Trying hard to read her body movements, her gasps and grunts and groans.

My fingers began to tease her holes when she put a hand on my head and pushed me back, looking at me intently she handed me some Nitrile gloves and said simply “Use these.”

I gloved up, she rubbed my hands in hers and moaned how she loved the feel of the gloves before telling me to run my hands all over her body. Ike returned to his seat on the couch. I began to explore Dee’s hot body with my, now, bright blue hands. As I mentioned Dee is a tall statuesque black girl, woman really, of 35 to 45 years or so, solidly built with very large hanging breasts and a small flatish ass. Light skinned with a few large but tastefully done almost ghost tattoos. It was my very great pleasure to explore her body, gloves or not. As my hands slowly moved across her body, I weighed one and then the other breast, both by filling my hands with them and by hanging them by her nipples. She looked at me, laced her hands on my shoulders and urged me back to my knees. I gladly returned to tasting her cunt as my hands continued to knead and squeeze and tease her tits. One hand slid down her body and my fingers went back to teasing her holes as I suckled on her clit.

Suddenly, she sat bolt upright, grabbed my wrist and shoved my finger deep in her cunt, “Hard and fast fucker!” she spat at me.

My single finger went to the bottom of her cunt in one stroke out and down and out and back in less time than it takes to tell it. Her mouth went into a silent O and her eyes got big and I began to jackhammer her cunt with my finger, almost punching her clit as I bottomed out.

She hissed “Two, two fingers” and my second one joined his brother jackhammering her wet cunt. We were moving so hard and fast and she was so wet her juice was being scattered around the room. I was engrossed in watching izmir escortlar the emotion, the passion, on her face, looking for signs I was too rough when she choked out “Three”, no sooner was my third finger a part of the assault than she softly moaned “Four, give me four.” I got the fourth one in there somehow, but she was stuffed, my arm was burning but I wasn’t giving up.

My free hand brought her tit to my mouth and I began to chew on her nipple, not hard but enough to notice. I then took my free hand and moved it to her ass, looking hopefully into my eyes, she held my hand and teased her ass with my fingers. I started to slip one past her tight sphincter ring, then a second eased in and she grabbed that wrist and whispered “Enough.”

I began a see saw motion with my hands, in her cunt as I was leaving her ass, into her ass as I was withdrawing from her cunt. I was no longer jackhammering her but moving slowly as I built my rhythm. While I was no longer pounding her, I was building speed and she began to thrash as I sped up. Ike jumped up, came behind her and essentially held her in her chair as he worked over her tits. Dee once more became rigid, her eyes rolled back, her mouth formed an O as she orgasmed hard. I eased back allowing my fingers to exit her holes and I leaned in to give her cunt a soft kiss.

Ike and I returned to the couch as Dee caught her breath. We were idly stroking ourselves, not intent on cumming but enjoying the afterglow of Dee’s orgasm. We all three sat quietly, Jim having left shortly after he’d cum.

Dee started to regain her senses after a while and looked at Ike and me and said “Ok, who’s cumming next?” We both said we were good after that, but Dee picked up her vibrator and slid into her hungry cunt and said to us “Get to stroking, I’m not done!” I started stroking more seriously now and as I once more became fully hard and began to drip precum, Dee said “Come over here close to me, I want to see everything.” I I moved over next to her, my cock rubbing on her shoulder, the top of her breast, her ear, hair and cheek as I stroked. As I began to build Ike moved to her other side and shot his load on her left tit, on her clavicle, my leg, and her chin.

That was about it for me I hissed “Where do you want my cum?” No response but once more the vacant look, the onset of her orgasm face, “Where do you want me babe?” I was nearly begging.

I heard a faint “My mouth” from her.

“Your mouth?” I asked

She pulled me to her lips as I started to cum, on her face, in her mouth, on her neck but mostly in and around her mouth. As I was coming back to earth, I noticed the same rolled back eyes, the same flushed chest and the same O shaped mouth, although now it was decorated in cum.

We all sort of collapsed for a while, not moving, not capable of movement truth be told. Until one by one we came back to the present, Dee summed it up best ‘WOW! When can we do this again?”

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