Pulling Favors Ch. 01Pulling Favors Ch. 01


In the heart of Seattle on an October weekend, a buzzer goes off at the door to a highly luxurious apartment in the metropolitan area. Awaiting its call inside was a young man of distinctly Japanese descent, surrounded by furniture and ornamentation to further indicate so.

“Mr. Kuroki,” a doorman spoke through a small speaker on the wall, “Miss Rebecca Hopkins is here to see you.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right. Send her up,” a young man answered the call.

As a recent high school graduate and the son of highly successful Japanese tech executives working in the United States, Mokuba Kuroki had begun to work his family connections in both the education and business worlds, having enrolled at the university in hopes of reaching his parents’ level of income and influence. Now a few months short of his nineteenth birthday, the attire of this young Asian male was a pressed and proper white business suit but this contrasted his jet-black hair that hair he grew out long and unruly. Despite this, he remained home alone, as was common with a family involved in such high-level work, but that suited him just fine as he awaited his incoming guest from a lavish executive chair. Upon hearing a knock and giving his approval to open the door, a female close to his age dressed in the attire of an elite college student with a pink coat, white tie, small reading glasses, and purple skirt stepped into the room.

“Rebecca,” the privileged student greeted his visitor, “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Save the small talk,” she found herself a seat.

“Not even a hello?

“What’s the need? You already know why I’m here.”

The one who had come out to see Mokuba was his acquaintance in academia at the local campus for the University of Washington, the overachieving Rebecca Hopkins. Only weeks older than him, the blond-haired, blue-eyed, moderately curvy, almost stereotypically American girl had done quite well for herself. While Mokuba had been riding through life on money, Rebecca had become his classmate at university through sky-high grades and scholarships. Her greater track in life had already been largely laid out for her, but her business today concerned more recent events as she took her seat in a smaller chair across from him.

“Now, now, no need to be like that, I just wanted to talk a little first. We are friends, aren’t we?

“In a certain way, I suppose. You were a big help on that first group assignment,” she rolled her eyes.

“Darn right, I was,” Mokuba elaborated, “Can’t believe a girl with a GPA over 4.0 would so carelessly spill a soft drink over her laptop the night before the due date. I just happen to know the right people to get such a thing replaced as quickly as possible.”

“Yeah, you sure are loaded, aren’t you?” Rebecca noted, “Plus it would’ve been bad for your grade as well if I wasn’t able to finish my part of the presentation, right?”

“Now, now, no need for that,” he tried to ease the tension, “The time and money is no big deal, I simply happen to have good connections. I just thought having you over would be enough to call us even.”

“Well you do have a nice place here,” the college girl took in her surroundings, noticing distinctly Japanese decor around the living room which included small bonsai oak trees and an exquisitely sheathed katana on the wall, “Were you born in Japan?”

“Almost, my mother moved here while she was pregnant with me. I’ve got dual citizenship though. Some politicians might call me an anchor baby.”

“Oh please, they only care when the person in question is poor,” the student rolled her eyes, “Honestly, you’re so privileged that it amazes me you still don’t have a girlfriend that you’d have me over alone like this.”

“It’s not for a lack of interest,” Mokuba clarified, “It’s more due to general compatibility issues.”

“Compatibility issues?” his guest raised an eyebrow.

“Sexual compatibility to be blunt. None of my high school girls managed to click with me in bed. We tried, but I could tell that it simply wasn’t working.”

“Oh, I see,” a realization seemed to come to her, “That’s why you started doing that.”

“Doing what?” he blinked.

“Stuffing a little something extra in those dress pants,” Rebecca noted the outline on his groin, always present in class but now obvious in a way that it would be spotted even by those who were not deliberately looking for it, “It’s a simple way to get people a little interested in you before you even propose doing anything with them.”

“What makes you think that?” he cocked an eyebrow.

“I understand Japanese guys average out on the smaller side but I think it’s somewhat tragic and cruel that it’s interfered with your ability to develop a healthy sex life.”

“What? That’s what you think?”

“Sorry but you overplayed your and overcompensated a bit too much,” she eyed him over again, “That bulge is looking just a bit too hefty to come off as authentic.”

“Is that so?” Mokuba sensed an emerging opportunity.

“Y-Yes?” isvecbahis yeni giriş Rebecca caught some worrying vibes emanating from his creeping grin.

“Well, that’s more than a little insulting. If you’re going to make such bold generalizations like that, why not directly verify it first?”


“How about you unzip me a bit and take a look for yourself?”

“Huh? That’s ridiculous!” she scoffed.

“Why? Do you just get to make borderline racist accusations, and I get no chance to rebut them?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that…”

“Then give me a chance to defend myself,” he proposed much more seriously than before.

“Forget it,” she suddenly changed her tune, “I can only blame myself for making assumptions off of ethnic stereotypes, but it still doesn’t feel right to me, trying to get your pants off when I barely know you.”

“I know, I’m just messing with you a bit” he rose from his chair, “That said, why not come with me to check out somewhere where it will feel more right instead? This was actually what I was planning to show you next before we got off-topic.”

Ushering her to follow his lead, Mokuba led his guest out of the living room and around the corner towards the bathroom which he revealed to be directly styled after a Japanese bathhouse with both an area for sitting in a sauna and bathing.

“Now THIS looks expensive,” Rebecca needed a moment to take it all in.

“Shared nudity isn’t as big a deal in eastern cultures as it is around here,” the Asian boy explained, “Would you care to let off some steam with me here instead?

“Wellllllll…” the varying sources of temptation bore down on her, “Maybe just a little bit.”

Mokuba immediately went on ahead of her into the bathroom while Rebecca looked for the best place to take off her clothing before going in. Upon being asked, her host was kind enough to hand her a towel to wrap around herself before going into the room where he was already waiting around the steaming sauna.

“Looking good, Rebecca,” Mokuba patted the wooden bench by his side for her to join him.

“You too…” was all she could murmur, “You too…”

The boy sat with his own towel tucked around his waist but it left little to nothing to her imagination. A bulge protruded from his groin no less than the size of her fist. It instilled a little self-consciousness in her regarding how her own towel clung around the shape of her chest and hips, Still, he said nothing regarding her obvious noticing of the protrusion in question, but his eyes were obviously following along with where hers were looking.

“Don’t know why you seem so surprised,” he played coy, “I wouldn’t come in without a towel while you’re still wearing one.”

“Yeah, thanks…” she tried to tune out his presence and focus more on the steam against her skin.

Having gotten accustomed to the chilling air of autumn in the Pacific Northwest, the simmering humidity of the miniature onsen was much more soothing to Rebecca than she had anticipated. She even wondered if coming in regularly could be why Mokuba’s chest turned out to be so much leaner than she would have expected. Not exactly muscular but any trace of excess fat was seeming burned away. On her end, this only contributed to how the steam sizzled away at not only her stress but her lingering sense of reservation and inhibition. Mokuba’s eyes seemed to be taking a rest as he grew quite relaxed himself and drew her to look over his body more closely, temporarily freed from the pressure of his gaze judging her.

“It’s hard to believe you’d have compatibility issues with anyone when you can pull them into a place like this,” Rebecca spoke up.

“No matter what, it always fell apart after the towels came off,” he replied nonchalantly.

“So you normally are nude in here?”

“Naturally, as that is what’s most natural.”

“Why aren’t you now then?”

“You still seem uncomfortable with it. I can respect your cultural norms as you do mine.”

“B-But I mean you can if you want,” she began to stammer, “I mean… if you want to…”

“I guess this towel definitely feels a bit tight on me,” the boy raised a finger to his lip.

With her stare creeping back down to his waist, Mokuba chose that time to release just enough of his still teenage libido to cause his bulge to make a noticeable jump, visibly enlarging and squirming underneath the material. The girl was too astute for the message to be lost on her as she virtually froze in place.

“What’s wrong?” he now wore a fully devious smile during this momentary pause.

“…So, you’re for real then,” she flatly cut to the chase.

“As real as anyone has ever been.”

“And your ex-girlfriends?”

“Too big for them. Much too big,” he clarified.

“So then… I’m still allowed to take it out, right?” Rebecca inquired.


“So… earlier you said I could take it out to have a look,” she reminded him, “Does that offer still stand?”

“I isvecbahis giriş can tell you’re sincere now. I was just having a little fun. It’s not necessary,” he handwaved her away.

“Yeah but…,” the university girl stated with some trepidation, “You’ve got me kinda curious now.”

‘I have no reason to retract my proposition if that’s how you feel…” he decided, “But that means you have to come and take it out if you really mean it.

Both parties reveled in what had become so heated between them so quickly as she cautiously made her approach. Starting with a hand on his thigh, Rebecca took her sweet time fishing out and freeing his manhood, probing the fabric for anything seeming less than genuine and testing out a few other theories still lurking in her head. Her facial expressions as she went through the motions were all the entertainment that Mokuba needed until she finally tugged his meaty member out from his towel. She was too professional about it to give off any outward expressions of shock, but Mokuba could interpret what her muted reactions really represented within her brain.

“All of this and barely even hard,” his squishy appendage still provided more than a fistful for her to hold, “I thought maybe you had already popped a boner but…”

“You have to work it a bit more than before for that,” he declared. “But it’s all on you now. I’m grateful that you humored me as it is.”

“Sorry but I only have a few high school flings under my belt,” Rebecca grumbled, “I’m limited in my expertise in how to handle a man or what arouses you.”

“Yeah, this is the part where the compatibility issues typically come up,” the teen reflected, “I mean this was all back in high school, and I still haven’t stopped growing yet.”

“Really?” she gawked.

“Here,” I’ll show you he rose from his seat, giving his member a daunting moment to hang at eye level with her.

Scurrying off to his room and back, Mokuba quickly returned with a series of tape measures, each with markings varying in the range from five to over eight inches.

“Are these what I think they are?…” she ascertained their purpose in moments.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “I’ve been privately tracking my growth more or less”

“The numbers here say you started when you were fourteen.”

“Yeah, I watched my first porn video then. The girl acted so impressed by the dude’s dick and I didn’t get it since my own looked bigger to me. After that, I started to do the research.”

“You were over six inches heading into high school.”

“Yeah, I thought it was great and imagined losing my virginity like in one of those Pornhub vids but it never quite went that smoothly,” Mokuba rubbed the back of his head, “I went into senior year at eight inches and couldn’t get in halfway before it got awkward.”

“No surprise,” she remarked, “Says here you were packing six inches in girth as well then.”

“And that was the point I lost interest in keeping up. Never bothered doing one for eighteen and I’ll be nineteen in mere weeks so…”

“Same here, actually” she looked up at him, “But that means there’s still time, right?

“Yeah but…” he was about to object before catching the hint, “Oh, never would’ve figured you to be all that into big dicks, Rebecca.”

“Call it my intellectual curiosity,” she laughed uncomfortably, “I mean, I made erroneous assumptions about you before based on your ethnicity. Shouldn’t I seek to better educate myself?”

“If that’s what you call it. Be warned that my name can be taken to mean Wooden Horse in English,” he suppressed a laugh, “It’s fine with me, but please don’t get me too worked up.”

“I’ll try my best,” she readied the tape measure

Starting slow, she prepared him for a simple, flaccid measurement, but, from the moment she grabbed it to hold up, Rebecca knew for certain that Mokuba’s resting size in her hand was already greater than any erect penis she had ever encountered.

“Six and a quarter inches soft,” she read, “Already superior to even the highest erect averages.

“Yup, still growing,” he sighed as she finalized her calculation, “by nearly half an inch since last time.”

“And now erect,” Rebecca steeled herself for the real work.

“Well, if you want to see that, you’re going to have to work it around a little bit.”

“Seems like you’ve started without me,” she noticed it stretching out towards her face.

“Yeah… maybe I find you to be just a bit cute playing with my dick like that,” Mokuba was forced to admit.

“I’ll take that as a compliment and be thankful for the convenience,” the college girl was pleased with how his ascension had already gotten started.

Getting started with her hands, he didn’t have to get much larger than he already was to be able to accommodate both of them. Being up so close Rebecca found herself becoming equally impressed with his manhood’s odor as well as its size. It brought back memories of a certain treatment she had only tried once before isvecbahis güvenilirmi on a piece of meat nowhere near as appetizing as this. Calming her nerves and using a hand to support the base, she only needed a second’s hesitation to will herself to pop the top half of his shaft into her lips. She took his expansion in her mouth accelerating to a greater rate than anything she had ever expected as a positive sign at least. He hummed in delight from her but never lost the smirk that she took as a personal symbol of dominance towards her. Instead, it was the grin on her face that was wiped off quite literally as his girth swelled against her jaw to a degree that she had never practiced for. She stubbornly tried to force her way through it but the pressure forced her to pull herself off of his dick before her jaw dislocated altogether. Mokuba was a tad irritated by the slight scraping his dick got from her teeth but the taste of victory more than made up for it.

“Hey now, no biting,” Mokuba playfully scolded her while she tried to regain her breath.

“Keep that up and I’ll bite it clean off,” she remained defiant until she got her first unobstructed view of just what it was she was trying to force her mouth around, “Should be plenty ready to measure now though.”

“Not to sound ungrateful for the kind treatment but this is still just a semi for me. I can still get a good deal harder,” he informed her as her true surprise finally became too much to properly suppress.

“Bullshit, how is that not a full erection by now?” she weakly objected

Rebecca found her swiftly rebuffed by Mokuba’s loins tensing up and continuing to freely expand right before her eyes, fueled by his fresh excitement at her eagerness yet helplessness and evoking images in her mind beyond even the mightiest men she had looked up online.

“How is that even possible?…” the university girl stared in shock

“Okay, I admit it. Watching desperately try and fail to handle my dick like that is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Mokuba spread his legs fully to give his loins the space they now warranted, “You at least gave it your best effort which is more than can be said for most of the others. Before you actually try to measure it properly though, I’ve got something for you to try.”

Shuffling through the breast pocket of his shirt lying on the floor, Mokuba fetched out a condom that Rebecca’s eyes could identify as the largest regularly sold on store shelves. Upon having it handed to her, she could only meekly tear it open to confirm what she feared and what he knew was inevitable. The thin material stretched to its limit just to get over the head and began to show signs of tearing by the time she had rolled it a third of the way down his shaft.

“Damn it,” she gave up before even getting halfway down, “How are you supposed to practice safe sex if this is all the pharmacy has to offer?”

“Yup, I’m special order only now,” he boasted by using his rigid mass to shred the rubber entirely.

“And what do you expect me to do with that… monster,” she bit her lip with frustration masking a new sense of arousal.

“Well, I think it’s at least fair to expect you not to leave me hanging like this. Since we’re lacking any adequate condoms, you could at least jerk me off raw.”

“That’s not fair. You could’ve just as easily ordered some!”

“I was too busy shopping for new underwear to better accommodate that bulge you so rudely pointed out.”

“Fine, just let me go get some better condoms and we can finish up next time.”

“Next time?” he incredulously flexed his burgeoning manhood, “I have a boner now! Do you think it’s remotely easy having a hard-on while hung like this? You can’t imagine what blue balls are like for me. It’s a major reason why I broke off those old relationships”

“Cut me a break here, Mokuba. What am I supposed to do?” his goading wore her down, “I can’t… you’re… I mean it’s too…”

“Too what?” he leaned in an ear

“It’s… it’s too much… you’re too big!” she gave up at last “I’m not ready to deal with that. I’m not one of the floozies who comes in every other week looking for a free meal. I’m just a nerdy girl without any real skill dealing with men.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” Mokuba consoled her despite having gotten the forfeit he was all too used to in past relationships, “Lately, I’ve had girls not even willing to try getting their mouth on me. The effort you gave is admirable in its own way.”

“But that’s all I have in me to give.”

“I never said we couldn’t be gentle. That’s just what you assumed you had to do. Just because I have a porn star dick doesn’t mean we have to do it rough like one.”

“I don’t know what else I can try to do.”

“Just start easy and only go as far as you think you can.”

“Will that really be enough?”

“Here, I’ll show you,” the Kuroki boy reached out for her hand.

Taking her wrist, Mokuba guided her hand back to his shaft that was more solid than ever. He surprised her with how he shuddered at the contact, but even more with how he carefully and slowly led her hand up and around his length. No longer consumed with the need to prove herself and finish him off, she could appreciate all the other ways it had matured from before.

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