Prostituting Myself pt 2Prostituting Myself pt 2


Prostituting Myself pt 2I had debated telling Carole about taking her call and having sex with her client, but decided to do so and she not only thought I did right, but asked if I wanted to do it again with one of her other regulars. I jumped at the chance and so Carole called up her client and a date was set. I was told to wear a short dress, panties and heels only and so when the day arrived I got ready and Carole drove me over to the mans house. I went up to the door and before I could knock or ring the bell, the man opened up and taking hold of my hand led me into his living room.He was an older man with a slight belly and so so looks, but Carole said he paid a good price as long as I did whatever he wanted. When we stopped he immediately pulled me up to him and began to kiss me wildly. As he did he reached behind me and began to caress my ass and then squeeze it hard. We kissed for several minutes, trading tongues, me sucking on his tongue until he stopped and started kissing me around my neck and ears. When he went back to kissing my lips he went back to squeezing my ass and then my tits. Soon I felt him reach under my dress and taking hold of my panty, pull it down enough so that he could squeeze my bare ass at first, then move his hand around and caress my cunt. When he stopped he backed up a little and had me hold my dress up exposing my cunt while he reached down, unzipped his pants and taking his cock out, began to jerk it off while looking at my cunt. He then looked at me and motioned with one finger to come to him and when I did, we went back to kissing and he had me reach down and jerk his cock while we kissed. Several minutes passed and once again bahis siteleri he broke off and moved back a bit and then once again motioned me over and once again we kissed and I jerked off his cock. Finally he stopped and taking hold of my dress pulled it up over my head and off me and then moved back in and leaning down a bit, now began to suck my tits and bite hard on my nipples as I cringed in pain. When he stopped we went back to kissing one another and me sucking his tongue again until he grabbed my hair and forced me down to my knees and into my mouth went his cock. He wasn’t very large and I had no trouble taking all of his cock in my mouth as he now face fucked me hard and fast. When he pulled on my hair to raise me up we again kissed as I again jerked off his cock. When we stopped he had me move back a bit and while he jerked off his cock, he looked me over again. Once again the finger went up and I again moved in and we kissed even more until once again he forced me to my knees and back into my mouth went his cock. When he again pulled me to my feet he then guided me over to his sofa and while sat down and laid back a bit, I moved in next to him and once again we began to kiss. I soon had my hand back on his cock and I jerked on it as we kissed and he squeezed my tits and pulled hard on my nipples. After a few more minutes he grabbed my hair and guided my head down towards his cock and back into my mouth it went. I sucked him for a few minutes more until he pulled me off and and had me get to my feet, turn around and back up and down as I slid his cock into my cunt and I now began to ride his cock hard and fast. After a few more minutes he shoved me off canlı bahis siteleri his cock and we both stand up. Once again he moves in and we kiss more as I again jerk off his cock until we break and we separate until that finger motions me back to him again and once more we kiss and I jerk off his cock. As we stop we then move back over to the sofa and he has me bend over the front of it and the next thing I knew he was shoving his cock into my ass and now began to fuck me hard and fast. I was thankful his cock wasn’t too thick and I easily took his cock in my ass until he soon pulled out, raised me up and quickly forced me back on my knees and back into my mouth went his cock. When he was ready he again pulled me up by my hair and having me lay down on the sofa on my back, he climbed in between my legs and into my cunt went his cock. He now fucked me hard and fast, driving his cock as far into me as it would go until he leaned over my body and we kissed as he fucked me. After a good amount of time he pulled back a bit, had me turn a bit to my side and back to fucking me he went, bending over me again to kiss me as we fucked. Several minutes later he has me lay flat on my back again and once more we kiss as he fucks my cunt more. Pretty soon he pulls out of me and gets to his feet. He pulls me up off the sofa and once more we kiss as I jerk his cock off again. I couldn’t believe just how long this man was lasting and I was beginning to get tired and sore when he stops and leans back down on the sofa and has me lay next to him and while I suck and bite on his nipples, he reaches down and jerks off his cock. For several minutes we keep this up until he has canlı bahis me get up and as he moves to sit a bit more erect, he has me sit on his lap, take his cock in my cunt and as I now ride his cock facing him, we again go back to kissing one another. For several minutes this continues until on e last time he has me climb off him and while I get down on my knees, he moves up and forward a bit and once more into my mouth goes his cock. I sucked him hard and fast for a few more minutes until he grabbed my hair again, pulled me off his cock and as he laid back again, I moved next to him and as we kissed he jerked his cock more until finally he stiffened up and he began to shoot his load of cum over his stomach. I quickly moved down and taking hold of his cock as he let it go, I now sucked and licked his cock until he finally was clean and i then licked up hid cum off his body until having finished that, I moved back up and we kissed for several minutes more. When I finally stopped and laid back a bit, we rested for a while until he finally said his first words to me,”You were great whore” he said and we kissed once more before we stopped and getting up, I dressed as he called Carole to come and get me. We kissed until Carole showed up and before I left, he went into his bedroom and came back out and handed me a nice little wad of bills. I kissed him and when I stopped, I looked at him,”You were a great fuck lover” I told him and then saw him smile widely,”Thank you” he replied and a quick kiss and I was off.I mentioned to Carole that we had gone through the entire session without saying one word and she told me that was how the man liked it. And then I told her he was really a great fuck and she just laughed a little. But my second stint as a prostitute was over and hopefully Joe will never find out about this one too. To be honest, being a prostitute is not only fun, but fuckin’ profitable.

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