Prom NightProm Night


On the eve of the final formal for their high school days Terra and Vince both had butterflies in their stomachs. Terra knew that Vince had rented a hotel room and she had secured permission to stay over at a friend’s house from her mother. She had decided that tonight was the last night she would remain a virgin, she had done everything but go all the way with Vince at this point, having been his high school sweetheart since their freshman year.

Vincent on the other hand was every bit as nervous and terrified of what was going to happen tomorrow night. His dad had given him the thumbs up about renting the hotel room and told him to use a condom and be safe. They had always had an open line of communication when it came to sex, never having stumbled through the awkward stages most fathers and sons’ experience. Vince’s father had long ago sat him down and asked if he had any questions about sex or how to please a woman. Unlike most boys that tend to shy away from the discussion Vince had asked numerous questions with earnest trying to gain some of his father’s insight to how to treat a woman and how to first please her.

Vince’s father and mother had been divorced for as long as Vince could remember but his dad had always had one hot woman for a month or so at a time visiting on a nightly basis, so he figured the old man must be doing something right. The reason he had never remarried to this point he had told his son was that he had always hoped that Vince’s mother would return and want to take up their relationship where it left off so many years ago. Yes, he had admitted that was a stupid fantasy but marriage was something he wasn’t prepared to enter into again unless he knew that the woman was everything he expected. So far none had matched up to the image his father held of the perfect woman, except his mother.

Vince tossed and turned all night as he thought about what to expect within the next twenty-four hours. He knew every inch of Terra’s body and even though he was nervous he was excited more than he had ever been before. He just prayed and hoped he wouldn’t blow his load within seconds of sliding inside Terra’s pussy.

Terra awoke that morning to the sunbeams shining through her blinds, she was already wet and feeling wanton, but knew that she had so much to do before Vince showed up that she tried to push the thoughts of what was about to happen to the recesses of her mind. She hopped up and got in the shower letting herself come awake a bit more.

Slowly as she felt a bit more refreshed Terra lathered her hands with shaving cream and rubbed it all down her long legs and then to the pubic thatch between her legs. She knew that Vince wouldn’t expect what she was about to do, it seemed so naughty and yet she had read about it online the last few nights and decided she was indeed going to shave her pussy bald. She wanted this night to be perfect and the sparse red curls between her legs just wouldn’t do. She slowly shaved her legs and then reached down and started to carefully run the razor over her mons. Twenty minutes later she was looking down at a smooth, hairless little slit that was already swollen and needing attention. But she wouldn’t pleasure herself now, too much to do still and she wanted to feel this ache all day for her soon to be lover.

Terra raced out of the house to get her hair done and pick up her shoes and a few other assortments before returning home to do the final preparations for the night. She stopped into a little lingerie shop in the mall and picked out a garter belt set and matching bra and panties. The panties were thong, just the way that Vince loved, and their color was a light blue shade. As the girl bagged her purchases, Terra thought about the last time she and Vince had made out. He had been downstairs in her house and had her leaning back over the pool table within minutes of the first kiss, she had nearly given in then and let him make love to her, but, she knew that at that moment it would have been nothing more than a fuck. She needed her first time to be made love to and slow and soft, she expected tonight she would get both, a sweet tangling of their bodies followed by a rapt, hard fucking that would send shivers up and down her spine.

Vince finally slipped on the tuxedo and straightened his tie and cummerbund, brushed his hair back into a ponytail and put in his tiny diamond stud earrings. His father came into his room just as he was finishing up. The little tear in his eyes wasn’t hidden nor did he try to downplay it.

“Son,” he started, “you look dashing tonight, it’s just so hard to believe that in a few weeks you will be out of high school and getting ready for college. To top it all of tonight my little boy becomes a man. Now I’m not going to bore you, just let me say this, make sure it’s what she wants and that you take your time, this is for both of you not just that thing in your pants.”

Vince smiled up at his dad and hugged canlı bahis him, “Dad, you know I love and respect Terra, and you raised me right, I will take time with her and make sure it’s everything we had hoped it would be. But come on dad, it’s about time I finally got some pussy,” he chuckled.

“You’re damn right Vincent, so go out there have fun, be safe, and make this a night that you both remember.”

As Vince and his father pulled out of the driveway in his dad’s new car, the air was filled with contentment and excitement. For his father, just the joy that his son had made it to this day when so many kids get caught up in drugs and go to school with guns it was a proud moment. Vincent was just a bundle of nerves that went stemmed from being in a tux, to the idea that he would by this time tomorrow no longer be a virgin. The limo was to pick up Vince and Terra at her house and his father was going with him to take pictures at her house and to make sure the evening started off smooth.

As they reached the door both father and son were nervous about the prospect of the evening, Terra’s mother answered the door wearing a flowery dress and also a brilliant smile. As she showed the two men inside she couldn’t help but notice how attractive Vince’s father was, but this wasn’t the time to even remotely entertain ideas about the boy’s father. She looked over Vince admiring how the well the young man cleaned up and looked in the tuxedo, she wasn’t stupid she knew that Terra was going to stay overnight with Vince somewhere and she actually didn’t mind at this point she had expected they had already had sex, thinking this she figured they had practiced birth control also, knowing her daughter was on the pill at least, she was relieved that Vince was at least respectable and polite.

Ten minutes later after some small talk between them, Terra walked down the stairway, her dress clinging to her curves perfectly, and her eyes sparkling with excitement. She coughed a little fake cough to attract their attention and as they looked up at her she made her grand decent down the stairway towards her boyfriend. Her hair softly curled at the side of her hair in beautiful little spirals and the wisps also twisted neatly framing her face. The rest of her hair was layered and curled in giant curls that gave made her a breathtaking sight, and that was without even looking at the rest of her body.

Vince couldn’t help himself though and he looked his girlfriend up and down finally noticing the soft tops of her breast visible as the neckline of her dress plunged southward. There was a long slit up the left side of her dress exposing her leg with each step up to mid-thigh, it was apparent to all that she was wearing a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Her hips were just perfect Vince thought and she was the definition of every guys high school wet dream. The best thing about Terra though was her sweet disposition and the way that she loved him and had supported him at every turn through high school. She was his best friend as well as girlfriend and soon to be lover.

Terra and Vince allowed their parents to take pictures of nearly every second before they left together. They took pictures of Vince putting, or fumbling rather to place the corsage in the right place on her dress, and then pictures all over the house inside and out. Finally both parents bid their respective children goodbye and watched teary eyed as they walked out the door.

Inside the limo Terra finally was able to kiss Vince the way she had wanted to since she had walked down the steps of her home to see him. Her tongue danced across his lips and then pushed inside his mouth as her little gloved hand stroked his inner thigh and she broke the kiss long enough to lick and nibble the side of his neck. She quickly pulled away and giggled putting her hands on his chest as he leaned towards her prepared to return the attack.

“No, no silly boy,” she teased, “I just wanted to give you a little preview of later.”

“Well, Terra you keep that up and we’ll never make it all the way through prom tonight sweetie. Terra before anything happens honey, I want you to know I love you and if all we do is go back to the hotel tonight and make out and watch a movie I’ll still be yours,” Vince told her.

“I know Vince,” she replied with a small tear rolling down her cheek, “you have proved that over and over during our four years together and I am giving you myself tonight, so just be patient and have fun, whenever we get to the hotel then the real fun will begin.”

When they got to prom, the dance was just beginning as the photographer snapped keepsake photos and the music thundered from the gym, Terra was already soaked and tempted to drag Vince back out to the limo and go to the hotel right then but she really wanted to dance and tease him before leaving. Besides this was one of the last great nights of high school they had with all their other friends bahis siteleri and she wanted to share that as well.

For hours they danced and talked with their friends as the music pumped out of the speakers on the walls. Around 11pm Terra heard a good bump in grind song come on and she turned away from Vince and pushed her tight backside against his crotch and bumped and rubbed her ass all up and down his erection tormenting him slowly. Suddenly she felt his hand come to rest on her ass and he gave her a good swat on the other side playfully as she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him as she kissed him. Her leg came out from beneath the slit in her dress and she wrapped it around his calf and ground her crotch against his knowing that the intense friction was pushing him towards the edge.

Minutes later the lights slowly came up and the principal thanked everyone for coming and having a great time and told them all to drive safely home or wherever their after parties were being held that night. He reminded them not to drink, but if they were going to that they had better not drive and that their was a cab service providing free pickups all night up until 7 am for students from this high school. It was a no questions asked policy that the school had instituted for their students protection a few years before and they hadn’t had a DUI reported or a drunk driver or underage drinking and driving incident during prom since the inaugural year of the program.

This wouldn’t pertain to Vince and Terra though as they had the limo all night and then up until tomorrow evening compliments of Vince’s dad. Plus they planned to stay in the hotel as long as possible exploring each other fully. As they climbed back into the limo and the driver headed towards the hotel they shared a few passionate embraces but also talked about all the fun they had experienced all night long.

After arriving to the hotel they headed up in the elevator and finally arrived at their floor. As the doors to the elevator opened they both felt giddy with sexual tension and the knowledge that soon the virginity they shared would be gone. “Here we go,” Vince said as he opened the door with the credit card key.

Terra’s face lit up and she giggled as Vince scooped her up and carried her into the room. He sat her down on the bed and flicked on the tv as he opened the refrigerator and handed her a little bottle of water. They had neither one ever drank before and weren’t about to start tonight of all nights. As she drank her water Terra watched Vince shuck off the tie and shirt he had on. His chest was still glistening with little beads of sweat from all the dancing they had done less than an hour ago.

Finally Vince walked towards her and grabbed her bottle of water taking a swig before sitting it on the little table to the side of the bed. He then looked deep into her eyes and ran his fingers over her cheek and then her neck as he pulled her closer so he could kiss her. That first kiss inside the hotel room set her panties on fire. He had kissed her with passion before but it had never felt so intense and soul searching.

Vince ran his tongue over every delicate inch of her mouth teasing her tongue and then pulled back and knelt down on the floor beside her feet. Slowly he removed each shoe and rubbed the soles of her feet as he looked lovingly up into her eyes. It amazed him at how this girl could love him and still after all these four years love him so unconditionally. He slowly reached under her dress and rested his hands on the tops of the stockings she had on and smiled at her as he teased her thighs.

Terra stood up and reached down helping Vince up, “Honey, I have a little surprise for you,” she said handing him a cd, “go put this in the cd player and then have a seat on the edge of the chair right here.”

Vince didn’t ask questions just did as told and then smiled as the music started. It was a good bump and grind song that they had danced to so many times before and made out to listening to it in the car. Terra turned her back to him and slowly unzipped the back of her dress and then turned to face him. She leaned over and as the top of the dress slipped down she cupped her gloved fingers over her breasts and then let the dress rest at the swell of her hips. As she stood upright she kept her hands over her breasts hiding the nipples from Vince.

“Come on babydoll, show me those pretty little nipples please,” Vince begged teasingly.

With one quick motion Terra dropped her hands from her breasts and leaned down pressing her prominent breasts towards his face. As Vince opened his mouth to capture a nipple Terra giggled and pulled his head to her and moaned as his teeth softly bit at her tender flesh. She was eager though to rid herself of the dress and get down to the more intimate side of the evening even though she was truly terrified of losing her virginity. She knew Vince was canlı bahis siteleri going to be careful and soft with her at the moments that required it.

Vince was thinking the same thing as Terra backed away and once again spun around showing him her smooth back right down to her waist. Carefully she started to bend over the soft curve of her back and the little hollow right above her ass was slowly being exposed and as she bent Terra pushed the dress over the swell of her hips. Each well toned asscheek was visible now and she returned to her standing position dropping the dress to the floor and kicking it away.

Vince’s cock was straining now and he had the urge to stand and go to her right now. He looked on as she bared her thong covered ass and stocking clad legs to him. It was his wet dreams come true. Vince crooked a finger and beckoned her with pleading, horny teenage male eyes.

“Oh Vincent,” Terra teased, “you know I can’t resist you when you do that.”

As she spoke Terra crossed the distance between them and cupped his chin in her palm with one hand as her other pulled aside her panties and she leaned towards his face, her foot came up to rest on the arm of the chair and Vince stuck his tongue out to taste his girlfriends pussy.

“That’s right baby, lick my sweetness,” Terra cooed.

Vince hooked his fingers in the elastic band and pushed Terra back abruptly and in one quick motion pulled the panties down to her ankles. Terra giggled and stepped out of them and then slid down to straddle him. She could feel his hard cock slapping against her stomach and rubbing against her smooth pussy as she kissed and teased him. Vince took a moment to playfully twist each nipple lightly and make them even harder than they already were. This was his chance to drive her crazy and get her to beg him to fuck her. That was his greatest desire in life up to this very moment.

Almost reading her boyfriend’s mind, Terra softly pleaded, “Take me to bed Vince and make love to me, please Vince, now.”

Vince wasn’t about to argue with such a desire filled request and he stood up with her legs wrapped around him and lay her on the bed. His tongue danced softly over her body and in a few moments, and his fingers worked magic between her legs. Her eyes fluttered beneath her closed lashes and she bit her lip as he tongued her nipples and rubbed her clit simultaneously.

“Oh Jesus,” she whispered in a panting moan into his ear, “Vince now, do it honey, make me your woman.”

Vince slid up slowly between her legs and slid the length of his shaft against the glistening wet slit between her thighs. He wasn’t rushed, actually he wanted to make her beg if he could hold out that long himself. But his blood filled shaft moving up and down the pink lips down below and the juice that covered his cock that seeped from within her was driving him insane, he had to be inside her and couldn’t wait for her to beg.

Slowly he pulled back and took one of her hands in his and guided it to his large organ of love and lust. “Terra, put me inside you, guide me into your body for the first time.”

Terra whimpered as she stroked his shaft a few times and then slid the head of his penis against her pussy, she spread the lips with her fingers and then pulled him towards her. She gasped as she felt the head of his shaft hit the virgin barrier within, she knew this was it the moment that had both waited for and despite wanting everything to be slow and tender she decided to go fast and hard.

“Vince, I want you to just ram it in baby, once you get all the way in just hold on and don’t move, I’ll need a moment to adjust to your wonderful cock.”

Vince took a deep breath and plunged forward, his cock held against the hymen for a moment and then tore through, as it did Terra let out a piercing squeal of pain and raked her nails down his back, he almost withdrew from her as his cock slid in to the hilt but she wrapped her legs around his back to hold him still. He was in another world, feeling her wet, tight insides clenching around him for the first time.

Terra finally spoke after a few seconds, “God dammit that hurt Vince, but now it feels so good having you buried inside me. Take your time and start sliding in and out I’m ready baby.”

Terra’s experience of this was much the same as Vince’s she felt the pain though, and then it was nearly enough pleasure to give her an orgasm without him moving at all. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her and all his manhood pressed deep inside her pussy, filling her up.

The rocked together for many minutes until the inevitable happened. Vince moaned he was going to cum and she kissed him and rocked against him harder coaxing the orgasm from him. Loving the feeling as he pulsed inside her and came. As they kissed in post coitus the two knew this had changed everything and they slowly lay there caressing one another until they started all over again. Making love throughout the night, two joined as one. They figured experimentation could come later, the only thing important tonight was consecrating their love for one another.

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