Professor SpankProfessor Spank


You walk in the door and see me. Excited, you run to me but I hold my hand up just as you reach me, indicating for you to stop. You stop, confused.”Strip,” I say sternly, staring hard at you.Bewildered that I’m not hugging you and kissing you, you nevertheless slip your fingers under the shoulder strap of your red dress and push it off your shoulder. You lower the other strap and look at me for approval. I just stare. You continue, baring your large breasts. I stare at them. You lower your dress fully, stepping out of it. You stand back up, just in a red thong. I point, and you shimmy side to side as you lower that also, your breasts jiggling and swaying as you do so. You now stand before me naked, in your red heels.”Hands behind your back,” I say in a voice just above a whisper. When you do, I say “Good girl. don’t move.”I step up to you, stopping just an inch away from you. I lower my head close to you, you can feel my hot breath on your cheek. I bring my hands up… they find your breasts… your big fucking tits. my fingers brush lightly bahis şirketleri over your nipples… up and down… back and forth… just grazing over them… I roll each nipple between my thumb and forefinger on each hand… gently rolling… gently squeezing… I hear little whimpers as you fight to hold still, fight not to move. But your body is responding, I can smell your arousal already, Gemma. My nose lightly touches your cheek and I caress you with it, while my fingers and thumbs begin squeezing harder… and harder… and the gentle rolling of your nipples becomes a twisting and pinching of them… pulling on your nipples, those lovely pink nipples… I am making them mine… they are so stiff as I continue to own them… twisting them… hard… harder, Gemma.Your whimpers of lust have now turned to moans of… agony? Ecstasy? I can’t tell. Maybe one and the same. “Don’t move,” I whisper again, and kiss your neck back your ear, my tongue licking you with my kisses. I adjust my grip on your nipples so I can squeeze them even bahis firmaları harder now, as hard as I can. I back up to look into your eyes. I can see your struggle, see you trying to be brave but I can see the pain in your eyes also. And this is Daddy’s dark secret, I love to see you like this. And I know your secret too, that you like this, very much. It makes your pussy actually drip to have your Daddy do this to you like this.I move in to kiss you, my lips brushing over yours lightly, then firmer, my mouth pushing into yours and the only thing keeping you standing is that I’m pulling your nipples forward, keeping you in balance. My tongue enters your hot, wet mouth… and finds your tongue, eager for me, ready to dance with my tongue… swirling together… wet and forceful… you lean forward into me, your breasts mashed into my chest and hands as they continue to pull and twist your nipples. “You’re thirty minutes late,” I inform you.”But I thought you said…””Shhh!” I hiss sharply, yanking your nipples.”Thirty minutes equals, let’s kaçak bahis siteleri see… thirty spankings.””Daddy? You’re… going to… hurt me? I mean, hurt me more?””You know you deserve it. That’s why you come to me, baby girl, and that’s why you come late.”I release your nipples and step back. You catch yourself, almost falling over as you are reeling in that agony/ecstasy zone. Your normally light pink nipples are now an aggravated shade of red, courtesy of me. You’re welcome.I lead you to the couch and I sit in the center of it. I pull your hands and you know to crawl over me, laying your naked self across both of legs, over my knees, your bare ass sticking up high. I give you a smart crack on the ass, good and hard, and you yelp loudly. I follow with several more hard swats:Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!You twist and squirm as you try and avoid my painful swats but to no avail.Your bottom is pink, glowing, and your pussy is dripping on my black pants. I insert my finger into your pussy… it slides into your soft wet flesh with little resistance… and you coo softly as you feel my finger enter your body… followed by another… and the two of them begin to stretch your pussy walls as I flex them while pushing them in and out of your delicious pussy…

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