Prize Island Pt. 02Prize Island Pt. 02



Harry woke up with Diana still snuggled up to him. During the night she had thrown one arm across his chest and one stocking leg was lying over his thigh with her knee bent. This caused her thigh to rub against his balls and the friction of the nylon rubbing against his scrotum was probably what had woken him. He carefully moved himself out from underneath his wife and went to the bathroom as he urgently needed to pee. He pulled the door shut so as not to disturb the sleeping Diana. Once he was finished on the toilet he jumped in the shower and spent a relaxing fifteen minutes under the warm water and even switched the shower head to massage mode. Stepping from the shower he filled a basin with hot water and shaved off the two days of stubble from his face.

Once finished he carefully opened the bedroom door and peered in. Diana was still sleeping peacefully and he watched as her breasts rose and fell with each breath. She was still wearing the bra but it was trapped under her gorgeous tits where he had pulled it last night to give him access to her nipples. Her thong was surprisingly on the floor as he couldn`t remember he or she taking it off last night. Her long legs were still wrapped in the dark black stockings and he thought she provided the most erotic tableau. He was just starting to tip toe across the bedroom as he heard a dawn chorus of Jim screwing Mary and that was soon answered by the mating calls of Dave and Sandy. Their neighbours rather loud antics and the view of Sandy lying on the bed still clad in those sensual stockings meant his dick was hardening as he approached the bed. Diana stirred and rolled over as a particularly loud groan came from Dave next door. She groggily opened her eyes and probably the first thing she saw was Harry`s erection waving in front of her face as he climbed into bed next to her. A broad smile spread across her face and she adjusted her position to enable her to slip her mouth over the head of his dick. Keeping just the head in her mouth Harry felt her tongue begin to flick around his glans. The tongue then pushed hard into the small slit at the top causing Harry to lean back onto the pillows and groan quietly. Her tongue started to swirl around with more intensity and Harry felt her rise onto her knees and push downwards and take more and more of him into her receptive mouth. He felt himself being sucked deeper and deeper until his tip was resting at the beginning of her throat. Harry felt her hand come up and start to gently knead his balls and with the other one she took his shaft in her fingers as she slowly pulled herself up his entire length. Her tongue played over his bulbous purple head as she stroked his shaft slowly, using just her fingers. Harry was breathing heavier now, and Diana sensed this, and licked harder on the tip and concentrated on the small slit from where pre-come was starting to ooze. Her fingers increased their tempo and a minute later his hips were thrusting upwards as he ejaculated into her mouth. She continued to lick and tease him even though the sensitivity was making him squirm. She sucked him hard one more time to ensure that she had milked him completely before releasing him from between her lips.

She licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion before smiling up at him with a salacious, “Good morning babe. You tasted so good after the shower. Now, I think I need one as you gave me such a good fucking last night. You are my super stud baby!” She laughed, sprang off the bed and ran into the bathroom. Harry heard her pee before the shower started and she let out a small shriek as he had left it on power massage mode.

Harry and Diana entered the dining room at exactly nine o`clock for breakfast. Jim and Mary were already there and tucking into huge plates of bacon, eggs and sausage. There was toast on the table plus a pot of both coffee and tea. They all greeted each other and Harry and Diana had just sat down and been presented with their full English breakfast when Dave and Sandy entered. They had all dressed casually in shorts and T-shirts but Sandy had taken it to another level. She was dressed in shorts that were nearly obscene as they were tight and cut so short. The pronounced camel toe was there for all to see. Her cropped T-shirt stopped just below her nearly non-existent boobs but you could still the gentle rise of the flesh.

Harry and Jim stared at this overt display and Harry felt a stirring in his groin even though Diana had emptied him only twenty minutes before. He dragged his eyes away from Sandy and he looked round the table. Mary was also staring at Sandy with what could only be described as lust. Harry thought that Mary was definitely into women as much as men, as she had alluded to last night. Breakfast was good and the selection was fantastic with fruit, yogurt, cereals and croissant. The full English breakfast was like a meal in its self. Once they had all eaten they went out onto the patio with their teas and coffees and sat kaçak iddaa there enjoying the early morning sun.

Sandy, who seemed to have been nominated as the unelected group organiser and spokesperson due to overly outgoing personality asked them all, “What shall we do today? I think it would be great if we all did things as a group. I feel we have a nice team here and everybody seems to get on well!” The others were all nodding along as she spoke.” I read the forecast, and it will be in the middle thirties today and sunny so why don’t we use the beach. We all know how Scottish weather can change in a minute and it could piss down for the next week and then we can use the indoor facilities.” Again Sandy received nods of agreement from the others. “Shall we meet here in 30 mins then? I am sure we all want an after breakfast shag! If it goes on like this I will be walking bowlegged onto that fucking boat next week!” Sandy laughed loudly and was soon joined by the others as her candour was truly infectious.

Harry and Diana went to their room and changed into their swimming stuff. While Harry waited for Diana to finish in the bathroom he casually flicked on the TV to see what was on offer. Selecting the menu he read the list. “TV”, “Movie Channel”, and then there was written,


, . After checking the TV listings he saw it was the basic BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1 and ITV 2. Flicking onto the Movie channel he saw four or five of the newest blockbuster releases and then an adult section that listed pornography of every gender. After deciding to check that out later he pressed the button to bring up the channel


He almost had a heart attack as a hi-definition video filled the screen and showed a similar room to their own. It could have been their room if it wasn`t for the fact that the video showed Dave with his cock in Sandy`s mouth and he was fucking her hard. His hands were on her head and he was pulling her hard onto the biggest dick Harry had ever seen. Sandy was salivating a lot and the streams of her spit could be easily seen running down her cheeks onto the small naked breasts. Harry wanted to switch it of but he was hypnotised by the scene, watching Dave push himself aggressively into Sandy’s mouth. Harry watched as a bulge appeared in Sandy`s throat and she was obviously deep throating him and Dave held her in place with his strong hands. For Harry the time stood still until Dave released his grip and Sandy fell backwards coughing and spluttering. There was no volume but you could see her distress. As Sandy gasped on her knees Dave`s hand was a blur as he masturbated until shooting five large spurts of come all over Sandy`s face, although she did catch the third one in her mouth. Harry switched channels to # 2 and saw himself in the video.

He was no voyeur but Harry couldn`t resist the temptation. Pressing
the screen showed Jim and Mary. She was riding him cowboy style and he was pinching the nipples of her huge breasts. Harry watched for a few minutes until it was apparent that both had climaxed. He was so engrossed that he hadn`t heard Diana leave the bathroom and that she had been standing and watching with him. Only when she said quietly, “That was fucking hot!” did he notice her presence and hastily switched channels to to try to hide the fact that he had been spying on their neighbours.

Unfortunately his choice of channel did not help. He was looking at Diana when he saw her eyes widen in surprise at what was now showing on the large TV. Turning he saw what had shocked his wife. Moira was on the bed dressed in just thigh high black stockings and Gail was easily recognisable as she bobbed her blonde head between Moira`s thighs. They both watched for the next four or five minutes until they saw Moira writhe on the bed and her mouth open into a silent scream as she achieved her climax. They were stunned and Harry switched of the TV.

Harry just had beach shorts on but Diana had appeared from the bathroom in a burnt orange two piece that left nothing to the imagination. There were small triangles covering just her nipples and the bottom half of the suit made last night’s thong look like old granny pants, “What do you think?” she said doing a twirl. “Another part of the Scott`s package!”

Harry could hardly speak but did manage, “Fuck!” He never removed his eyes from her body and eventually managed, “My God Diana, you look fabulous. Is it not slightly small for mixed company?” Harry paused as he remembered all the chatter from last evening and he finished by saying, “Unless we really are going to do all of those things we talked about last night. Mary is definitely into the bi-thing and if you go near her dressed like that she will pounce on you like a lion!”

Harry was shocked at Diana`s reply, “What happens on McKinnon stays on McKinnon!” and with that she slipped on a pair of flip flops and went downstairs without bothering to replace her T-shirt and shorts. Harry needn`t have kaçak bahis worried about Diana’s appearance, as when they arrived at the patio he saw that the other two women had selected the same bikini with their gift card and Sandy had gone further and was topless. Her lack of size in the breast department was obviously not a problem for her and she made no attempt to cover herself. Harry gazed at her small mounds and the rock hard, dark red nipples at their centre. The little patch of green cloth left very little to the imagination as it was squeezed between her legs.

Mary`s large boobs were only 10% covered by the red bikini top and her large nipples were hard and pushing against the straining material. As she turned, Harry saw that the red material of the bottoms had been absorbed between the large globes of her buttocks. Being a bit of an arse man he couldn`t deny his fascination. Jim had caught him staring and leaned into Harry so the others couldn`t hear and said, “Not bad eh? I love to get in there between her arse cheeks. She gets like a crazy thing when she gets it up the arse,” He took a deep breath before continuing, “Whoever it is in her arse!”

Harry blushed a strong shade of scarlet and walked over to where Diana was talking to Mary and Sandy. They were doing twirls and comparing notes on the same bikini that they had all purchased from the on-line shop. Harry heard Mary say, “I love it when I think other men are looking at me. Jim loves it as well. If we go out and I am wearing short skirts or dresses and inadvertently flashing people he cannot wait to get home. The sex is dynamic,” she cast her eyes to the floor before finishing, “And quick!”

Sandy cupped her miniscule boobs in her hands and theatrically juggled them saying, “To be honest nobody fucking notices if I have a top or a bra on anyway! “The three woman all giggled like schoolgirls who were seeing their first dick behind the bike sheds at school. Sandy finished by pushing her head forward conspiratorially towards the other two women and whispering, “They may be small, but they are so bloody sensitive. Dave only has to blow on my nipples and I am creaming my panties!” causing another fit of giggles. Sandy wasn`t finished though and Harry held back as he was enjoying listening to the women discuss their sex lives. Sandy continued, “Talking of my boobs. That Dutch woman knew what to do with them. I must have come twenty times just from her hands and tongue. There is no man in the World that can do that as well as a woman when it comes to oral or getting you off by playing with your tits. You should try it one time Diana, as it will blow your fucking mind!”

Harry watched as Diana blushed and Mary nodded frantically saying, “She`s right Diana. You have never had a proper orgasm from somebody licking your pussy until you have had a woman down there!”

Diana said nothing so Harry walked over as if he was just arriving and had not been listening for the past five minutes. “Shall we go ladies?” and he put his arm around Diana`s waist and started to walk down the gravel path in the direction of the beach with the two other couples following. The path led directly to four or five steps that were cut into the rocky cliff. The steps descended to a small, secluded strip of sand that was maybe twenty yards long and five yards from cliff to the sea. There were rocks piled up on each side to block the wind and it was a really beautiful place. The couples laid out the towels that had been provided by Gail on the patio.

Harry lay down and rested on his elbows gazing out at the clear blue sea. The sky was azure and he couldn`t spot one cloud. He looked down at Diana next to him and swallowed as she was now topless having discarded the miniscule bikini top. Her breasts were truly fantastic and Harry couldn`t resist stretching his arm out and playing his finger nails over her nipples, that were already hard from the cooler sea air. The expected slapping away of his hand never occurred, as it would have done normally and instead Diana let out a contented,”Mmmmmm!” and then followed up with, “More please!”

Harry had never known Diana to show any interest in exhibitionism in all their time together. Actually the complete opposite. Whenever he had suggested getting frisky in a park or at the cinema or anywhere there were other people present she had always pushed him roughly away and told him to wait until they got home.

Harry wasn`t going to let this opportunity go to waste. He licked his fingers and slowly circled Diana`s nipples one at a time. Stopping occasionally to keep his fingers wet by dipping themin his mouth. After ten minutes of this, the delighted, “mmms,” and “Ahhhs,”grew more frequent and louder. Harry cast a look around the beach and saw that the two other couples were watching and enjoying the show. Harry was not that sure how he felt about all of this, but he knew one thing for sure. He wasn`t going to stop. Harry bobbed his head forward and illegal bahis took one of Diana’s nipple between his lips and sucked and his tongue played with it in his mouth.

Diana was now emitting longer and longer moans as he worked her nipples and Harry`s eyes widened as he saw Diana snake her right hand down her body and under the small bikini bottoms and she moaned again louder than ever. Harry knew he should stop this now as a quick glance around revealed the other four guests were still enjoying the show. Harry and Diana had gone so far now he thought it would be a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted.

Diana`s hand was now moving furiously inside her bikini bottoms and she had raised her knees and spread her legs as wide as possible. Harry went back to sucking and biting her nipples until Diana screamed out as her orgasm surged through her body and she curled her toes and threw her head back hard into the towel covered sand. Harry didn’t know whether to laugh or run back to the hotel as a round of applause broke out from the other two couples. In the end he made a mock bow from his half seated position and Diana waved lazily to the crowd with a silly grin on her face.

“We`re next!” shouted Sandy and pulled Dave`s shorts off in one movement. Harry watched all of this as if it was all some surreal dream. Dave had a huge cock, that was growing by the second in Sandy`s experienced hand and when she knelt over and took him in her mouth he rose to a good nine inches. Once she was satisfied that he was as hard as possible Sandy jumped to her feet and pulled her bikini bottoms down revealing a small patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair. She dropped to all fours in front of Dave and pushed herself back against his huge member. Dave grabbed his dick with one hand and after steadying himself on her arse with the other he fed his cock into Sandy doggy style. Once he had fully buried all nine inches into his wife he pushed two meaty hands under her body and pinched both of her nipples really hard. True to what she had told the other girls earlier Sandy experienced a small orgasm from the minimal contact with her nipples.

Harry was so engrossed in watching Sandy and Dave he hadn`t noticed Diana move position and she tugged at his shorts repeatedly until he raised his bum and allowed her to pull them down to his knees. He glanced away from Dave who was now pounding at pace into Sandy and saw Diana swallow is fully formed erection into her mouth. She never took her eyes off of Sandy and Dave so Harry also swung his eyes back in that direction luxuriating in the feeling of Diana licking and sucking his cock while he watched the erotic spectacle before him, where Dave had paused once more to squeeze both of Sandy`s nipples eliciting another orgasm that was bigger than the last.

Dave resumed his pumping actions and he was now sweating and breathing heavily. As Sandy came for the third time Dave let out a loud grunt and collapsed onto her back and Harry could clearly see his body spasm as he shot his load into Sandy`s vagina. Another round of applause came from Mary and Jim.

Diana couldn`t clap as she was too busy sucking Harry`s dick and cupping his balls with one hand and wanking his shaft with the other. Harry also did not applaud as he now had his eyes closed and was trying desperately not to come in Diana`s mouth in front of all these people. He eventually lost that battle and moaned deeply as Diana`s actions were rewarded with a mouthful of Harry`s creamy, salty, warm spunk.

Mary looked at Jim and said loud enough for all of the others to hear, “I don’t know what we can do to top those efforts Darling? Any ideas?”

Jim thought for a minute before saying, “There’s always our favourite if you are up for it?”

Mary scrunched her face into a frown and then replied, “Would love it but I didn`t bring the lube down with me!”

Sandy shouted, “I have Vaseline if you need it. I use it for my lips when it`s sunny and windy, but your welcome to have it!”

Jim looked at Mary for her opinion and she nodded saying, “That’ll work,” And she walked over to Sandy and took the proffered tub and returned back to Jim, who had removed his shorts in the meantime and revealed a healthy five or six inch erection. Mary knelt on the towel and took a huge dollop of Vaseline from the tub before smearing it all over Jim`s bobbing erection. Once she was done she pulled her bikini bottoms down to reveal a perfectly trimmed blonde landing strip. Mary handed Jim the tub. He repeated her actions of scraping a large amount of Vaseline onto his fingers before parting his wife`s ample buttocks and pushing two Vaseline covered fingers into her anus. The fact that they had done this many times before was clearly apparent. Jim slid two fingers into Mary`s anus as she wiggled about. He then made circling motions to widen her rear exit more before he added a third finger. The circular motions continued until Mary began mewling and moaning and pushing her arse back against Jim. He removed his fingers and replaced them with the tip of his straining dick. He eased himself forward using his hips and Mary pushed back against him.

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