Private Lessons Ch. 06Private Lessons Ch. 06


7:10 pm, Volleyball Gymnasium. The next day.

A thundering boom echoed throughout the empty gym as Shani drilled another spike over the practice net. Her form was perfect, as usual, despite her mind being elsewhere.

Part of her was mad at the coach for getting her in trouble with Professor Mubarak. Part of her was mad at herself for putting herself in a position to get in trouble in the first place. I may have been a bit… overzealous. In her excitement to get tutored by Professor Mubarak she may or may not have forgotten about Volleyball practice. For almost two weeks. As the team’s captain. It’s not like they can’t survive without me. So what if I missed a few practices. Shouldn’t my grades be more important?

Another exemplary spike shakes the court as her thoughts shift to the moment when Professor Mubarak confronted her about her responsibilities. She had been ready to start another session of tutoring but instead was met with a scathing gaze. She had to withstand five minutes of being berated while staring at her hands folded in her lap and her cheeks burning in shame. She repeated “Sorry, Professor.” at the appropriate points and weathered the storm. The worst part was when Professor Mubarak said she was disappointed.

And so here she is. Doing “extra practice” for the next week and suspended from her tutoring sessions. This practice wasn’t exactly a punishment for her. It was well known that she usually stayed after practice to continue on her own. The real punishment was keeping her from seeing Professor Mubarak. She wasn’t exactly subtle with her doe eyes in their interactions. It’s not my fault she’s so perfect. Am I supposed to not admire her?

A third spike resounded through the gym. She hit a cross shot, aimed at the very corner of courts, just within the lines. She was showing off for no one. When she had a lot on her mind she practiced harder shots out of the hope that they would distract her. What did distract her was how the ball landed inches away from someone who stood just outside the lines.

She couldn’t mistake that blonde hair and short stature for anyone else. One Lacey Cambell stood at the edge of the court, glaring at her. Shani didn’t know exactly why she was here, but the obvious animosity towards her sparked her to return it in kind.

“What do you want, Lacey?” Shani called out across the court.

“You.” Lacey said back, barely audible. Cryptic response.

“Well obviously. What do you want from me?” Shani decided now was as good a time as any to end her practice. She ducked under the net and started walking towards Lacey’s side of the gym to collect the balls. She had collected two of the three and was wondering why she wasn’t responding when Shani turned and jumped, finding that Lacey had been standing behind her, holding the last one.

“Thank you.” Shani begrudgingly said the words. Their rivalry was no excuse for lack of manners, or so Professor Mubarak told her.

Lacey stayed silent and continued her glaring. Rude. Shani decided to ignore Lacey and finish cleaning up. All the while Lacey just watched her. Waiting for something it seemed. At some point it felt like the gaze had changed. From hate to hate mixed with something equally as intense. It made her skin crawl and she felt the heat of Lacey’s eyes on her body. Shani decided enough was enough when Lacey had followed her into the locker room.

Shani was walking to her locker when she snapped and turned on her heel. “What do you want, Lacey? Why are you following me?”

Lacey just sighed in what Shani interpreted as disappointment and shook her head. “I knew you were stupid, but are you also deaf?”

Anger welled up from within Shani. “What!?”

Lacey continued as if Shani hadn’t spoken. “I said I was here for you.”

Exasperated by the circles they were going in, Shani spread her arm out, in gesture to herself and the situation as a whole. “Well! I’m here. You’ve got my attention. What do you want?”

Lacey appeared to be equally fed up with the situation. Why is she fucking mad? If she explained herself properly then we wouldn’t be here. “You. “

“And what the fuck do you mean by that?!”

“And now you’ve lost your composure. Not very ladylike. Not that I expected much from you to begin with though.”
“Just shut up and explain yourself or leave!”

“Fine. Since you can’t seem to understand words with that thick skull of yours, maybe your eyes work.”

Enraged by her words, Shani opened her mouth to shoot an insult back but was paralyzed by what she saw. As she spoke, Lacey casually lifted up her skirt, revealing to Shani her erect penis. All of the anger was replaced by confusion and embarrassment. Shani quickly averted her eyes, finding a very interesting spot on the wall to look at.

“What are you doing!?” her composure wavered as she contemplated what was currently happening.

“Now do you understand, idiot?” The insult caused Shani to look back at Lacey for a second, ostim escort meeting her gaze before her eyes naturally drifted downward and the embarrassment returned and she looked away again.

“No. I don’t. Put that thing away!”

Lacey’s voice was condescending. “Why? From the stories you tell it’s not as if it’s the first time you’ve seen one. Not to mention all the glances you take whenever we are changing for an event.” She knows about those!? I mean, no this is different. Super different.

Defensive, she said. “It’s different when its one not attached to your sibling.”
Lacey’s voice suggested that this whole situation meant very little to her. She shrugged “Not like I would know.”
“And of course I would get … curious. It’s not like I have… one of those.” Shani could feel her cheeks get even darker. Why is this happening? And how is she so casual about all of this?

Lacey sighed again. “It’s a penis, you prude. A cock. A dick. A fuck stick. For god’s sake you’re a grown woman, act like one.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you are showing me yours!”

“And now we are back to this. You really are stupid. My penis is erect, correct?” Shani was too busy trying to ignore the penis in question to get mad at the insult. “Answer me!”

Something about her tone forced the answer out of her. “Yes.”

“And you know that when a penis is erect that means that the owner is usually in a state of sexual arousal, yes?”

Shani nodded.

“Then as I already stated several times before, I’m here for you. I. want. you.” Shani still couldn’t wrap her head around the situation.

“But- but why me specifically?”

Shani heard Lacey sigh again, but this time she heard a different sound along with it. It echoed throughout the locker room. Shani’s eyes whirled back to Lacey’s and was met with that gaze again. She looked annoyed… and hungry. Did she get closer? The noise had been Lacey taking a step. And then she took another.

Shani knew she could take Lacey in a physical altercation. She was over a full head taller and had at least thirty pounds of raw muscle on her. But all of those things meant nothing in the face of the strange phenomenon that was taking place before Shani’s very eyes.

Lacey was walking towards her, yet she hadn’t gotten any closer since the first step. Why? What’s happening? Shani couldn’t pry her eyes away from Lacey’s. They were so … intense. Everything else in the peripheral melted away until it was just her and those eyes. It made it all the stranger that despite walking, those eyes weren’t getting any closer.

The reason became all too apparent when she felt the cool touch of metal on her back. Am I touching a locker right now? A quick turn of her head confirmed her suspicions. How did I get over here? There was only one solution. Was I… walking backwards? She heard another step. The eyes were finally getting closer. Am I scared of her? That didn’t make sense. Lacey posed no threat to her whatsoever. What reason did she have to be scared of her?

Whatever the reason, the fact remained that the fear was there. Shani felt like Lacey was towering over her despite her small size. She felt like a deer, frozen in the bright glow of headlights. Or in the eyes of a dangerous predator. Her head had to shift downward when Lacey finally made it to her.

Lacey took the extra step that went from invading personal space to body to body contact and she pressed against her from the side.. Lacey put one hand on the lockers next to Shani. She could see clearly over Lacey’s head, but Shani felt like she was trapped. Shani tensed as she felt Lacey’s small chest through her blouse touch her through her own shirt and Laceys head leaned against one of her breasts. But those paled in comparison to the other sensation, a warm feeling on her thigh as Lacey pressed in close. There they stayed for a second or two, but to Shani, it might as well have been hours.

Lacey took a deep breath, her head being level with Shani’s breasts and near her armpit. “You smell.”

For some reason Shani felt the need to explain herself. To try to excuse her… transgression? “I just got done with practice.” Shani on the other hand could smell Lacey’s flowery perfume rising to her nostrils. A stark contrast to herself and the locker room.

“I didn’t say it was bad. Though it also isn’t entirely pleasant. It’s… tolerable. Barely. Like you.” Why did she feel a wave of relief come over her at being called tolerable? “To answer your previous question…” Shani flinched as she felt a hand touch her thigh. She got goosebumps as she felt the hand make slow circles on her sensitive flesh. “Despite your many, many, many…. many flaws, at the very least you have a physical allure.” Lacey’s hand gripped her flesh hard before going back to it’s gentle circles. Why did I just have the urge to thank her? I know I’m hot. In fact, why am I allowing this to begin with? Before she could interject, Lacey continued. ankara otele gelen escort “I know Headmistress thinks so too.”

At that Shani gasped. And blushed harder. The hand traveled slightly upwards. “Professor Mubarak? She- she wouldn’t think of a student that way.” Would she?

Lacey let out a single laugh. A sound harshly contrasted to her previous, serious air. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I would know, she’s fucked me enough times.” She what?

Shani couldn’t believe it. She refused to believe it. Her idol was an upstanding woman. She always followed the rules and did what was right. She didn’t spend her time fornicating with students. Lacey seemed to pick up on her reluctance.

“Don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll prove it to you. Let me think… What was it you said? Oh yeah.” Her voice became an exaggerated version of Shani’s own. One dripping with adoration and fawning. “Because we’re both from Egypt. I respect you a lot and I think that you are a very good role model for girls everywhere, especially from the homeland.” Shani tensed again as she recognized the words.

“How-how do you know about that?”

“You know how you found my bag near the door and Headmistress said that I had left it there? That was only half true. I did leave it there, but I didn’t leave her office. In fact we were fucking up until you rudely interrupted us.” Why did she have the urge to apologize? “I was under the table, sucking her dick while you were gushing all over her. And thats not all. While she was talking to you I felt her get harder in my mouth. Proof that she likes you. And while she was looking at you she came nice and hard down my throat.” She didn’t feel Lacey’s hand start to travel further up.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I know you have a pathetic crush on Headmistress. I also know you got suspended from your little tutoring sessions for your vain attempt to best me. And I can assume that you touch yourself every night to the thought of Headmistress.”

“Not every night-” She slapped a hand over her mouth. Why did I correct her?

“Close enough. I have a proposition for you… you.” That slip up finally brought to the forefront something she’s only passively noticed since Lacey showed up.

“Why don’t you use my name?”

Lacey for the first time broke character, growing flustered along with angry. Her words came out fast. “Because you barely matter! I’m better than you. I’m number one and you’re number two. No one ever remembers number two’s name.” Seeing that her words didn’t have the desired effect on Shani she added in a “Shut up!”

Is she threatened by me? Why? Then Shani turned her sights on herself. Wait why am I surprised? She should be threatened by me. I’m better than her and one of these days I’m going to prove it. Or so she told herself.

Lacey gathered her composure. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you. A chance for me to get back to my status quo, and for you to get what you can only dream of without me.” Shani was made all the more aware of their closeness when she felt the hand reach her hip and start toying with the waistband of her shorts. “It’s a win-win and honestly more than fair for someone like you.”

Shani tried to ignore how nice the hand feels as she breathes out her question. “And-and wh-what would that be?”

Lacey couldn’t exactly whisper in her ear, so she did the next best thing and went as low as possible while still being audible to Shani. “Because of recent… complications, Headmistress won’t fuck me again unless I bring in another student. I’m giving you the chance to be that other student.”

Shani still couldn’t believe everything Lacey was saying. This had to be some sort of sick joke. Some sadistic ploy to play with her emotions. But yet, some part of her wanted it to be true. “I don’t know Lacey.”

Another dry laugh. “Of course you don’t know. I thought we already established that there are many, many things you don’t know. That’s why I’m here. Because I know more than you.” Shani felt angry about the constant attacks but there was something else now. Something she couldn’t quite explain. The thought vanished entirely when she felt Lacey’s hand slide along her hip to her abdomen. Then without any preamble it shot down the front of her shorts.

Shani shuddered when she felt Lacey’s fingers slide over her folds.

“Oooooo, no panties. Looks like you are quite the little slut.”

Shani was distracted by the sensation of new fingers on her most sensitive parts. She may have experimented a few times, her and her friends kissing each other just to see how it would feel. But it never went farther than that. She didn’t think that another person’s touch would feel so good. She barely got out her response. “Am… am not. It’s just embarrassing to have everyone see my panty line at games.”

“And so instead of having everyone see the outline of your underwear, you just decide to not wear them. Seems ankara rus escort pretty slutty to me.”

“What about you? Yo-you aren’t wearing any either.”

“Oh that’s simple. I am a slut. A slut for Headmistress. You, on the other hand, appear to be a slut for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on you. Surprised you aren’t dying of dehydration with how soaked you are.”

“It’s not my fault. Anyone would get we-aroused if somewhere where to start playing with them… down there.”

“For the love of-Anyone would get wet if you started playing with their pussy. Jesus, you must be the only slut in existence who’s embarrassed to talk her trade. Besides, you were already wet when my hand got here. You must have been thinking about how lucky you are that I’m being so nice to you.” Lacey’s hand slowed, teasing Shani’s petals and coaxing an involuntary moan from her.

“That I’m offering you the chance to get fucked by Headmistress. To suck her big, brown cock and feel it explode in your mouth. To feel her hold you tight as she fills you. Don’t pretend you don’t want it.” Shani knew that she couldn’t refute the statement. Not when Lacey’s fingers can feel how her quim quivered at every lewd suggestion.

“Or maybe. Maybe you were wet before that. Maybe you got wet when I showed you my throbbing, hard cock?” She felt her pussy throb at the accusation. Which meant that Lacey felt her pussy throb at the accusation. “Oooooo. That’s it isn’t it? This isn’t about Headmistress. You just saw any old penis and your whore body responded!” Lacey proved her point by rubbing her dick along Shani’s thigh, causing her pussy to shudder some more.

“I’m not a whore.” Shani whined. I probably look really convincing with her hand down my pants right now.

“I don’t know many people who aren’t whores who get turned on at being called one.”

“I don-“

“Oh please. Ever since I put my hand down here I could swear I was holding your heart, the way this thing throbs whenever I mention Headmistress, my dick, or your sluttiness.” She paused for a second.

Shani felt Lacey’s hands get bolder. The one on the wall curved inward to wrap around her waist. Or at least try, it didn’t quite make it all the way around given their difference in size but it was enough to press her harder against Lacey. The one in her pants inserted a finger. That finger quickly rooted around until it curled upwards and found her special spot. Then the thumb on that hand was none too shy about abusing her hard clit. The sudden increase in stimulation turned Shani’s legs to jelly and she leaned heavily on both the wall and Lacey to hold her up as devolved into a mess of moans.

Lacey’s voice brought her back to the present. “You hear that?” She contributed an additional finger to Shani’s snatch. Along with the finger came the louder, squelching noise that her pussy was making.

Shani rarely ever fingered herself internally because of that very noise. It always sounded too loud to her. She was paranoid that all of the rooms around her’s could hear it. Growing up in a house full of brothers, getting caught was not an option. Inside this empty locker room, to her ears it sounded like it echoed louder than ever.

“That’s the sound of your slutty pussy. It’s absolutely dripping. I bet you would just let anyone stick it in here. Anything just to stop this whore pussy from leaking all over the place.”
Shani tried to deny but could barely form words around the pleasure. “Stop… I don’t- ngh… Th-the noise…”

“Oh it’s too loud is it? Well then you should do something about that, seeing how it’s your body that’s making the noise. I think you like the noise. I think you like being called a whore. I think you like what I’m doing to you right now.” Lacey paused again, her mouth, not her hands. “Do you even know what I’m doing to you right now, dummy?”

Some small part of Shani’s brain told her to not give her the satisfaction. But the rest of it was curious to see where she was going. Even though it already assumed where it was going. Oh, god she’s right. I just want to hear her say it. “No.”

“Of course you don’t. Pay attention, slut I’m number one and you are beneath me. You don’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t even have a name. This whole thing? This locker room? This situation? You could have easily removed yourself from my grasp at any point. You could have easily beaten me up or simply ran away the second I touched you. Instead here you are, making whorish noises from your pussy and even whoreier moans from your mouth. You aren’t resisting because you don’t want to. It’s because you can’t. Because deep down inside, probably somewhere inside this gaping pussy, you know. You know I’m the top bitch and you’re just a side character. You know your place. And you love that I’m putting you in it right now.”

If Lacey kept talking, Shani sure as hell didn’t hear it. The rest of her bodily muscles followed her pussy’s example and seized up as the orgasm took control. The only thing she could feel was the pleasure radiating from her pussy as Lacey had not stopped her hand in the slightest, prolonging and heightening her cloud nine. She let out some noise in the form of a squeak that was meant to be a scream, but her throat muscles constricted.

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