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I have worked hard to get where I am, always having to be twice as good as the men, to achieve the recognition. It took me even longer to get to my current rank because I had to take ten years off in the Reserves to have our three kids. I am back on track, Squadron Sgt Major, senior enlisted person of my battalion.Above me is only the RSM, Regimental Sgt Major, the right hand of God Almighty, our CO. I stand five ten, body long, lean and toned like gym bunnies dream of but have no idea how to actually achieve. My body is stripped down, hard and corded with the exception of my 40DD breasts that stubbornly refused to return to their pre-child sizes after breast feeding my three girls. My hair is long and black, stretching to my mid back when it is not twisted up into the bun demanded by army regulations. My skin is tanned like leather below the short sleeve and PT short line, but milk white everywhere else. Eyes of ice blue and a face drawn from a mix of Celt and Germanic ancestors left me with the fine boned face of a hawk. I have a secret that nobody can ever find out. I have a weakness I never dreamed of, a side I never knew existed. It was on vacation in the US, we were blowing off steam in the dance clubs after getting off a long and utterly boring course run by the US Army for those forces (US and Allied) who would be operating together. We few women NCO’s decided to go out together and cut loose without the guys who had been after us all course. We went as a group to cut down on other guys wasting time hitting on us. It backfired. I ended up dancing with a black girl, she was about six inches shorter, and ten years younger than me. Her accent marked her as local. She had incredible moves and seemed to lose herself in the music. When the song grew more intense, her hands found their way to my hips and she moved in close to me. Her hands on me, she directed my motions and we were dancing together. Swaying together, her leg moved çankaya escort between mine and she began grinding on me. I flashed my wedding ring and shook my finger at her, laughing in a kind rejection, because I am not gay. The next song she pasted herself behind me, moved with me, her hands running up and down my arms and sides until I melted back against her. She threw one of my hands over my shoulder around her, as her hands began to openly play with my breasts as we moved together, her lips kissing my neck. When the song was over I was lost, she dragged me off the dance floor and to the bathroom. Once there, she pulled down my top and sucked my breasts while her hand went under my dress and into my panties. I reached down and pulled them off for her. Married or not, straight or not, there was no doubt what I wanted now. She attacked my breasts, her fingers rubbing on my clit and I am embarrassed how close I was already as I came within less than two minutes. Picking up my panties, she dragged me into a stall, and sat down. She pulled up her skirt and gave my hand a jerk downward. On the floor of the club bathroom stall, I got down on my hands and knees and ate her pussy. The first time I had ever thought about touching another woman, but I knew what I liked, and I thought I could do it. At that point I was so on fire I needed to do it. I attacked her pussy, kissing and licking, the taste was different than my own, gods knows my husbands cock has given me the taste of my own often enough. I liked it. She was pulling my white face into her black pussy, dark on the outside, light pink on the inside, strangely beautiful and shaved, unlike my own. I sucked on her lips until her clit grew hard, and big, I mean like a thumb size big, like a little cock almost. I sucked it into my mouth as I fingered her and she came hard for me. That was a year ago, and I can’t stop masturbating thinking about rus escort it. I have never thought about being with a woman, or a black person before. Now I have been seduced by one that I will never see again, and I can’t stop thinking about her, even when having sex with my husband. We were working up for a deployment. As SSM, I get to oversee the training operations, working hard long before anyone else really knows there is a job coming up. I begin losing my time with the family while the rest of the squadron is enjoying the stand down rotation. In that time, we get to meet the incoming attachments. Those are people of different trades or from our allies who are being added to our group for the work up and deployment. That is when the shock arrived. The new group I was presented en-masse. One was a corporal from Intelligence who was being posted to us for work with the drone take. She was an American being attached to us because we would be working not just with our own drones, but with theirs as well. She was a software expert there to help us integrate their take with our own. It was her. The black girl from the club!! I had my command face on, doing my wrath of god impression for those who thought this was time for empire building, or politics. When we get new people in for an operation, it is not time to get cliquey and freeze them out, it is time to get the fuck together and learn fast what each has to offer. You don’t get a second chance to drive that one home, so I make the most of the first one. I concluded with the standard, “my door is always open” which is there for those who don’t want to go on the record but who have problems that need fixing. I retired to my office, my mind on the dance club, her hands on my body, the feeling of her control, the passion she unleashed in me. The casual way she directed me, used me. I had cum a hundred times to the memory, her face was etched in my mind, eryaman escort as was her taste. Now she was down the hallway, and going to be with us for MONTHS. I was standing, facing my desk, leaning on it. My hands were shaking on my desk, I didn’t know what to think, what to do. There was a knock at my door. Without thinking I answered “Come!” A voice I remembered all too well answered with a rich American accent “Oh you did then honey, and you will now too” I whirled, and it was HER!! Striding across the floor after locking my door behind her, she walked right up to me and grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a hot kiss. I moaned into her mouth as her hand grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. I melted, my own hands moving to cup her face as her tongue raped my mouth and my own tongue swirled around her in welcome. She spun me around, and pushed me down over my desk, spanking my ass again and again. “So my obedient little white cunt is big tough Sgt? Answer me!” She sounded teasing, but each strike was hard, my ass was burning, my pussy was getting soaked. “Yes ma’am,” I answered. That is how I would address an officer, not a damned corporal I outranked!! She laughed at me, running her hands up my back to grab my tits as she pushed her pussy against my burning ass. “That is right, your rank is White Slut, and mine is Mistress, don’t you agree Slut?” Her hands were on me and my mind was totally fragmenting, the pleasure of her touch was running through me and the whole year of fantasies about her had magnified her power a thousand fold from our first meeting. I had made this possible by a year of obsessing about her, thinking her safely gone forever, and now I was caught. I answered helplessly, honestly, and fatally. “Yes Mistress, my rank is White Slut. I am your white slut. Please let me serve you!” Laughing, she pulled back and asked me teasing “Why is my white slut in uniform? White sluts are naked bitches on their knees to strong black women like me. Strip bitch, and don’t keep me waiting” I tore at my laces, undoing my boots in a hurry, then undid my combats and stripped down in a hurry, she opened her uniform blouse, unclasped her bra and snaked it out her sleeve without taking off her top.

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