Pledge Week: Day 01 MondayPledge Week: Day 01 Monday


A new year and a new batch of sorority hopefuls are going to be trying to get into the sisterhood. Pledge week makes or breaks the girls. And in the end the ten hopefuls that want to join only five will be in. Leaving the other five left to try out next year. Maggie the leader of this sorority enjoys putting her hopefuls in positions they never thought they would ever be in during a pledge week. Walking in front of the ten girls, all names she knows by heart, and each girl she took a personal liking to. It will be hard to choose come end of the week, she thought walking around the girls. Maggie walked up and down the line of hopefuls, smiling at what is taking place before her. Trying to talk to her best friend over the honking of horns and yells of people driving or walking by.

“Who do you think will make it, Maggie?” Andrea asked her friend since grade school, never taking her eyes off of the hopefuls doing their first day’s order. Maggie smiled at Andrea and brushed her long blonde hair out of her face.

“I don’t know. It is hard to decide.” She answered softly. Not wanting any of the pledging girls maybe getting their hopes up or starting stuff of trying to topple another. And in honesty, it is hard to decide.

Maggie kept Andrea by her side as they kept walking up and down the line of hopefuls that have their heads down towards the ground. Bending over with their teenage butts facing the road and sidewalks. Pants, skirts, and underwear down below their butt cheeks and their hands on their hips spreading them open for all to see. On each girls butt cheeks was her initials and a single number going in order of their standing next to each other. Maggie and Andrea was turned on by the sight of the willing girls showing their little butts and assholes for all to see. The other sorority sister, Hailey, was standing next to the last girl in line holding a sign out to people telling them to pick a number for the girl they liked the ass of the most.

It was risky, Maggie knew this, but she knew the Dean wouldn’t complain. After all, it is her parents that contribute charity and wonderful money to him and the college. For him to even dare raise his voice at her would be financial suicide on his part. Maggie had been sorority leader for two years now, in her junior year of college along with Andrea and Hailey. Who she had known both since grade school.

Maggie stepped behind the girls, leaving Andrea in front of them to make sure they all keep looking down on the ground and their butts are kept open. As Maggie looked at the bare butts, she must admit, they looked very nice. She saw one hopeful’s butt and felt her pussy heat up from the roundness and fullness of it as she kept looking at it. It belonged to Mary, a brown haired, short girl who was a cheerleader back in high school and a freshman now in college. She noticed her asshole had a slight opening to it. Not tightly closed like the other girl’s holes were. Pink and clean looking, Maggie kept her eyes transfixed on the little dark pencil size hole. Turning her on, Maggie was hoping she will do well so she can join the sorority at the end of the week. Maggie will keep an eye on her to make sure of this.

Looking on past Mary, Maggie looked at the other bare behinds down the line, all nice looking, she thought. Wide variety of shades, some tanned and other pale, looked like a rainbow of different shades of flesh. She noticed Hailey would steal some looks at the bare rumps while holding the sign up for people to follow as they come across. Some guys walking to their classes would stop and stare at the bare asses in front of them, but only to be shooed away by Maggie or Hailey, they didn’t want a crowd forming around the girls for safety reasons and the blocking of the sights in the popularity competition.

After a half hour had passed, Maggie stepped in front of the girls and called over Andrea and Hailey to stand next to her. “Ok, girls.” Maggie spoke up so the hopefuls can hear her loud and clear. “Stand up and pull your pants and panties up, you’re all looking like a bunch of sluts with your asses hanging out for all to see!”

Pulling their bottoms up they kept standing there waiting for Maggie to tell them what to do next. Looking at the time Maggie knew she had to get to class soon, so she gave the hopefuls one more order before heading off. “I know none of you haven’t any morning classes today, so when I get back to the sorority house I want it clean and spotless.” She smiled at her potentials and looked at each one going down the line. Lingering her eyes on Mary, her cute, small face, green eyes and bangs that stopped little past her eyes with her hair down this morning flowing beautifully to her shoulders. Standing at what Maggie is guessing between five-five or five-six, she had beautiful fair skin that was milky white and looked very delicious, especially in the morning sunlight. If she didn’t have the rule of being eighteen or older to join the sorority Maggie would have passed her off as a freshman Bahçeköy Escort in high school, not college, she thought while looking at the beautiful girl standing in line.

The other girls were cute as well, Maggie noticed Andrea kept looking at Tiffany’s ass when she could during the bare butt popularity contest. Tiffany was average looking, light brown hair stopping past her shoulders. She is just cute looking and your regular girl next door. Cute breasts, especially how they push out against her shirt and stretch the fabric. Maggie took notice of this and grinned a little at the innocence she portrayed. Her eyes are wide and cheerful, cannot deny her beauty at all when you really pay attention to her. No doubt Andrea will take Tiffany under her wing and guide her to the end of the week. Still too early to tell who will have better chance of getting in, but right now it is first day and the week isn’t up yet, Maggie thought before walking away. Leaving the girls in Andrea and Hailey’s hands.

Back at the sorority house the girls all filed in and stood in their line again in the first floor living room. Awaiting their orders, they kept standing there not moving and looking straight ahead. Andrea walked in after hugging Hailey goodbye as she went off to her volunteering in the library. Andrea was left for a half hour with the girls until she returned. Looking around in the living room, it does need cleaned, she thought. The white carpet had lint scattered around and grass blades from outside near the entrance of the door, the couch could use the steam cleaner to get a thorough wash. Glancing at the girls, and Tiffany, Andrea walked into the kitchen that connected from the living room. Dishes piled up in the sink and tile floor needs mopping this week.

Heading back in, Andrea stood in front of the girls, brushing her black hair out of her eyes she eyed the line of girls from left to right. “Ok, the way we clean around here is in the nude.” She informed the girls a house rule.

She could see the disapproval in some of the girls eyes, but didn’t care. She looked in Tiffany’s eyes and saw a bit of uncomfortable look, but a willing one. To please the one in charge, Andrea thought. The girls kept standing in their line of uniformity. “Well, strip.” Andrea ordered her girls.

Watching the ten girls strip made Andrea’s pussy heat and juice up. Looking down the row of girls: Heather, Jana, Tiffany, Alexandra, Julie, Amber, Mary, Grace, Kat, and Brooke. Most of them started with their shirts, pulling them over their heads and following with their bras. Alexandra and Amber started with their shoes, socks and pants, pulling their bottoms off including panties following their shirts and bras. Andrea was watching casually at the girls as they were stripping down to nothing. Before most of them got to their socks Andrea spoke up. “Oh, don’t take your socks off. The dirt will only collect on bottom of your feet and track all around. But it won’t be as bad if you keep your socks on.” She told them watching a few of the girls now bending over to get their socks and put them back on. Their breasts swinging as they bend over to collect them.

“Alexandra, Mary, and Grace,” she called out, looking at ten young naked girls in front of her. “You will have the kitchen and dining room to clean up.” She handed Mary a list of what to do and have done.

Watching the three girls walk naked towards the kitchen in nothing but their socks, Andrea turned back to the seven remaining girls. Smiling, she wish she could have fun with couple of the girls, but knew she couldn’t do that so early in the week.

“Tiffany, Jana, Heather.” She called out. “You three will be cleaning up the living room and study.” She handed Tiffany a piece of paper and watched them three leave first to the study. Their butts wriggling back and forth and swaying with each step they are taking. Andrea was on fire. She wanted to finger herself so badly, tug her clit thinking of ten beautiful girls in nothing but their socks cleaning house.

“Julie and Amber, you will clean bathrooms and hallways. Kat and Brooke, you two will be cleaning bedrooms. Only your rooms, do not enter any of the sorority sister’s bedrooms or you will be punished.” She made clear, handing the last two papers to Kat and Amber, watching them head upstairs their young bodies moving swiftly and all the right places jiggling on them.

With the hopefuls working hard in the respective rooms and parts of the house. Andrea took off to her room to get a quick finger fix. She will check in on them after she is done, which shouldn’t be no time at all considering how hot and horny she is from the popularity ass contest earlier, and now having them completely naked around her in nothing but socks.

Andrea closed her door and headed towards her bed and had her jeans and underwear off before she even got in the bed. She opened her legs and began rubbing her bare, smooth pussy all over and rubbed her fingertip Bahçeköy Escort Bayan across her clit. Sliding it from her clit to between her pussy lips, she felt just how soaked she really was and her finger almost slipped right in without warning. Lifting her shirt up, Andrea pulled her bra down and started to pinch and rub her nipples. She had a nice set of breasts she always thought, not too big, but good for sucking and licking, and a handful when holding.

She slid two fingers inside her pussy and felt how hot she was inside and started shoving them inside her pussy faster. Sliding in a third finger, she felt her hand and butt get wet from her juices seeping out at a fast rate. It has been a long time since she been this turned on and she was loving it. Pledge week is a good week for her, watching those willing girls do whatever it takes to get in the sorority. She remembers her sorority week, it wasn’t as sexual as this one is, the former girl, Jenny, who used to run it didn’t have connections like Maggie does. But the dildo Jenny used on her one night behind closed doors blew her away, it was so thick and hard inside her pussy.

Thinking back on the dildo, Andrea managed to put a fourth finger inside her and felt her pussy stretch wide to keep her fingers all inside of her drenched hole. Using her other hand now to rub her clit fast, feeling her orgasm build inside of her. She kept fingering fast and really shoving them deep inside her. Her hips bucking wildly now holding the orgasm inside of her and with a flick of a switch inside her, Andrea came silently and soaked her hand and bed sheets with it. Breathing heavy and looking straight up feeling the orgasm course through her body, she silently laid there hearing her breathing become softer with each pass.

Slowly getting up, Andrea felt her tan, thin legs were a little weak and grinned at how great that felt. So fucking powerful, she thought trying to compose herself. Picking up her jeans and underwear she slid them all back on and took another moment to get herself together and looked in a mirror before heading out to see how the girls were doing. Her brown hair ruffled from rubbing against the bed and her dark tanned face looking flushed. Taking a few breaths and trying to look like she did before fingering, she left the room.

Andrea went downstairs to see how Alexandra and the two other girls were doing with the kitchen and dining room duties. Passing Tiffany, Jana, and Heather in the living room. Tiffany was vacuuming, her tits bouncing a little as she moved her arm back and forth. Jana was steam cleaning the sofa and was bending over to clean the sides near the floor. Her breasts swaying back and forth and butt wriggling as she rubbed hard with the nozzle on the side cleaning the sofa. Tiffany was dusting and wiping the furniture, lamps, mantle, and TV.

“Good job, girls.” She told them with a smile as she walked through.

In the kitchen, Alexandra, Mary, and Grace were doing their jobs diligently and quietly. Alexandra was doing the dishes and looked back to see her walk in and went back to work. Mary was in the dining room with Grace and they were sweeping and dusting. Grace bending over to pick up the wood cleaning bottle as Andrea watched her tits hang beautifully as she want bent over. God this is great, she thought as she watched the beautiful girls do their jobs naked. She left them to do their jobs in search of the four other girls and see how their progress is coming.

She found Julie and Amber in the hallway, and Julie was reaching up high as she washed the walls with a sponge and her breasts would rise with her arms and rub against the wet wall. Amber was sweeping the hallway and would bump into Julie sometimes with her arm as she walked by. Andrea found Kat on the floor in the bathroom bending over the side of the tub cleaning it as Brooke was scrubbing the toilet with the scrubber.

“You girls are doing a great job.” Andrea complimented them and watched Kat bend over little bit more to clean the far side of the tub.


Maggie walked in and saw the living room looked much better now than when she last saw it. Well, they know how to clean well, she thought closing the door behind her. Walking through the house trying to find the other girls, Maggie put her jacket on the sofa along with her bag.

Walking through the house, she went upstairs to see if anyone was up there and as she reached the top step she heard talking in the bathroom. Opening the door she found four of the hopefuls in there with Andrea, two in the tub naked being washed by the other two as Andrea sat on the toilet and watched.

“God,” Maggie chuckled looking at was going on and knowing Andrea is getting wet from this. “You making them bathe each other?”

“They were all dirty and dusty after cleaning the house up.” She replied with a smirk.

Alexandra was washing Grace and Brooke was washing Mary. Grace had her back against Mary’s as they Escort Bahçeköy were getting their hair washed. Alexandra was using both hands to wash Grace’s red hair following the soap with her bare hands, as instructed. Alexandra squeezed the bottle of soap over her chest and watched the liquid soap slide down slowly to her breasts. Alexandra was getting turned on at this, as she reached out and used her bare hand to rub the soap in and all over her chest. Rubbing her breasts with her wet and soapy hands, she felt Grace’s skin become so wet and silky against her palm. Looking over, she saw Mary getting soapy now. Brooke running her hands all over her breasts and stomach, lathering the soap up all over her front.

Getting the bottle of soap again, Alexandra squeeze some on each side of her legs and a little bit in the patch of dark red hair above her pussy. Putting the bottle down and reaching down inside the tub, Alexandra rubbed all over Grace’s smooth legs and up to between her legs. That was when Alexandra had a point of no return to masturbate after this was done. She felt her soapy fingers rub all over Grace’s pussy lips before she slid up to her pussy hair and ran her fingers through that with the soap and saw it lather inside turning foamy and white within the curls. Grace had her eyes closed and was using Mary as support to keep straight up in the tub, as well was Mary doing the same with Alexandra when she felt Brooke’s hand cup her pussy and wash it thoroughly.

“Ok girls, get on your hands and knees.” Andrea told Grace and Mary. Seeing they now had their front part of their bodies cleaned and now their backs and behind legs need cleaned.

Both of the girls moving at the same time in the small tub full of water to get on their hands knees, each having their butt facing one another as they looked down at the water and tub. Alexandra looked over at Brooke and saw her nipples were hard as well. They were both to be naked while cleaning the two girls since they will be up for a bath after finishing with Mary and Grace. Looking at both the girls on all fours in the tub and their butts in the air, both Alexandra and Brooke looked at the bare pussy lips peeking between the pair of legs and a puckered little asshole along with shiny, wet butt cheeks.

Alexandra took the bottle of soap again and squirted some on Grace’s back and butt and watched it drip down the sides of her back and down her butt and between her cheeks. Handing the bottle off to Brooke, Alexandra rubbed lightly on Grace’s back making sure to get the soap all lathered up and foamy. Moving closer and closer down towards her butt, she felt the soft cheeks and rubbed them little harder to feel the softness and wetness of them. Running her fingers between her cheeks and up and down her little puckered hole. She was satisfied with how she cleaned her.

“Oh god!” Grace let out breathlessly as she felt Alexandra slide a soapy finger inside her asshole and wriggle it around.

Andrea saw this and gave a compliment to Alexandra for a good job on her thorough cleaning of her fellow hopeful. Maggie couldn’t take anymore of this and retreated to her room to finger herself and come back later when she is better focused. She couldn’t believe how willing and how far these girls will go to become part of the sorority.

After the baths were all finished up, the hopefuls were all called downstairs and were told to keep in their towels and were told to not finger themselves or get off in any way. When all the girls came down naked and holding their towels, Maggie came down, her face a little flushed after having a orgasm moments before. Andrea held back a grin from seeing her look so flushed as she is. The girls were all standing in a line as Maggie and Andrea was waiting for Hailey to show up from her class.

After about ten minutes went by and still no Hailey, Maggie and Andrea decided to go on without her and give the girls their next assignment.

“Ok, your next challenge is going to be walking around outside for an hour on campus ground wearing nothing but your towels.” Maggie explained to the girls who are now shocked by this challenge as well. “I understand the towels are too small to cover your whole body. So cover what you don’t want shown or try your best to cover your whole body if you think you can.” Maggie informed them all standing in their line.

Andrea smiled at the girls and looked up and down the line at the sight of ten naked girls holding their towels. She felt her pussy get wet again from the sights and what is to come. She saw their nipples stiff and pointed out, different shapes and sizes, some puffy others are flat, some wide and others small like erasers. Oh to suck and lick on them, she thought hearing Maggie give one more line before sending them off to do their challenge.

“And Andrea and I will be out there to monitor you all and make sure you keep walking around campus and don’t hide or anything for the whole hour.” She put the final touch on the challenge and told the girls to get their shoes on and to head out now.

“Andrea, you wait here for Hailey and tell her what is what and then you both get out to help me monitor.” She said following the girls out closing the door behind her leaving Andrea to again finger herself while waiting for Hailey to show up.

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