Pimped Out WifePimped Out Wife


Pimped Out WifeApproaching her mid-sixties, my wife was feeling a little down on herself. I would do anything to keep her happy and cheer her up.I think, as do many men, that she still looks pretty hot for her age. At 5‘2“ and 125 pounds, she keeps her tiny body in pretty good shape. This past weekend, we went to a big East Coast city as I had to make a presentation at a conference. Gracie was going along and was planning on doing some shopping while I was busy. We had a few plans including a nice dinner and maybe even a walk in the harbor at some point.We got to the hotel on Friday afternoon. I was getting ready to make my first presentation at 6:00 p.m.. Gracie said that she was going to go hang out in the lounge and I could meet her there afterwards. She wore a jean skirt and a white sleeveless top. My wife looked liked a relaxed every day housewife.My presentation was over about 7:15 p.m. and I went straight to the lounge to meet up with my bride and have a drink with her. As I entered the lounge, I saw her sitting at the bar, on a high bar stool and had a guy sitting to her left who she was talking to. He was a middle aged guy, wearing a suit. I didn’t recognize him from the conference, but then again, there were several hundred people there. I approached my wife and kissed her on the back of her head.“Hey babe”, I said.She spun around on the barstool and whispered, “Hey honey”.I could tell she was becoming intoxicated. I paid her bill and we went to our room.When we were inside the room, she informed me that she had to pee. We were just chatting casually. She lifted up her jean skirt and sat on the toilet.“Didn’t you have on panties”?, I asked.Gracie smirked, with a girlish smile, at me and said “Ummm…yes”.“And where are they”?, I asked.“Well…..that guy I was talking to”….she paused….”He bought them from me for one hundred dollars”.“Geez honey”, I said.“He thought I was a hooker”, she blurted.She continued “I could make a killing at this conference if some stranger is going to give me that much money for panties. Imagine what I could get if I blew him”.“We don’t need the money sweetheart”, I said.Quickly, Gracie responded, “But it would be exciting…..just to see what would happen”.Knowing that she has been depressed, I said “Okay, but you must use condoms”.Gracie bahis siteleri smiled at me a gave me a thumbs up.In all the years I have known my wife, she has NEVER used condoms. When she was able to get pregnant, that was our biggest worry, but now-a-days, it is STD’s. She “usually” won’t have sex with a stranger unless they show recent paperwork that they are clean.We decided that I would go around and fish for men. We just threw some numbers to each other to make it seem real and to be on the same page. If I found guy that seemed “safe”, I would bring up the possibility of unprotected sex.I knew just the place to start.There was a middle aged man at the conference I overheard telling other guys that he is hoping to get “some strange”, while away from his wife. I went into the large ballroom, where a meet and greet was taking place, to try and track him down.I found him and hovered in his area a little. When he wasn’t talking to someone, I approached him.”Hey there!”, and I introduced myself.”Hi”, he said, as he shook my hand and smiled.We talked for the next 10 minutes or so about weather, the conference and the city we were currently in.I mentioned to him that I ran in to a hot older escort at the hotel bar and that I was thinking of “hitting that” since my wife wasn’t around. My new friend became immediately interested and perked up.”Seriously man”?, he asked.I replied, “Yea….she is over there now wearing a blue jean skirt and a white top. She is a tiny little thing”.”Let’s go check her out”, he said like an excited teenager.We both walked over to the hotel bar and I saw Gracie sitting alone at the bar on the high bar stool again. He little legs were off the ground and dangling.”Not bad at all. I wonder how much these hotel whores charge”, my friend said.”We wont find out until we ask”, I said.My friend eye balled Gracie up some more and said “Will you ask her? I have only ever been with my wife….I don’t know how this stuff works”.”Sure, let’s go”, I said.We walked over to Gracie and I said hello. She turned and smiled to both of us and shook our hands.”That offer we talked about earlier….I was wondering if you would consider us both. We are attending the conference together”, I asked.Gracie smiled and said “Sure. One hundred each for head and an additional two canlı bahis siteleri hundred to get under my skirt.”Can we go bareback”?, I askedGracie smiled very seductively and whispered “That will be a thousand”.I looked at my friend and he shook his head YES and smiled.Gracie slid down off of the barstool and started walking. We followed.When we got to the room, she went over to my friend and grabbed his crotch, saying, “You guys aren’t cops are you”.My friend nervously laughed and said “No ma’am”.”Let’s see the cash”, Gracie said.My friend pulled a huge roll. He counted out twelve $100 bills and handed them to her. I pulled pulled out my roll and just handed it to her. (There was only about $200 in there but my friend didn’t seem to pay attention.)”Ok boys, get undressed and let me go get ready”, Gracie said as she walked to the bathroom and closed the door.We stripped down. My friend got on the bed and started playing with his cock.Gracie walked back in the room and had a white towel wrapped about her body.She looked at the stranger and opened her towel for him, displaying her senior body. He smiled liked a k** in a candy store while checking her out from head to toe.As a professional whore would do, she got on the bed on her knee’s and went right down on his cock with her mouth.I stood there and stroked my meat while watching her slowly lick his balls and cock. Her big ass was in the air and looked inviting, so I decided to partake.I slipped my cock into my wife with ease and pumped her slowly, while looking over her and watching as she sucked this married stranger’s dick.The guy just laid back against the pillows and was intently staring at her head working his cock. He would let out a sigh every few moments.Gracie stopped sucking and looked at him….”You turn”, she said.The stranger got up, while laid on her back. She spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. “Take me”, she said.The married stranger got in between my wife’s legs and put his bare cock inside her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his lower back.Right away he started pumping fast. Gracie looked over at me and grinned. I thought she was going to burst out in laughter.Gracie barely got the words out of her mouth “Fuck me…cum in my pussy”, before he grunted and fell on top of her.She gently canlı bahis pushed him off of her and I saw the semen dribble out of her body.I looked at him and said “Dude…that was an expensive sixty seconds”.He looked at me and smiled, “That was the best I have ever had”.While she was still on her back, I mounted her.I fucked her for about ten minutes before I pulled out and blasted a load in her mouth.The stranger and I got dressed and left.Once downstairs, we parted ways as he said he was going to bed.I went back to my wife and found her cleaning up.She smiled and said “I guess I am a officially a whore”.“Yes you are”, I said as I kissed her.My wife got dressed back in her outfit and we went downstairs.We walked a few blocks down to the Harbor area where there was alot of bars and micro pubs. On the way, we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall d**g store and purchased condoms.When we got to a suitable location, I sat on a waist high wall as she walked back and forth on the sidewalk. Her instructions were to send any “potentials” to me first.As she was strutting her stuff, I was thinking…”What if our k**s or her co-workers OR the people we see at church…could see her now”?Thirty minutes went by before she had a hit.A very young, well dressed, skinny black guy came out of the one club and approached her. They talked for a few minutes and I saw her point to me.The black guy walked over to me and asked, “She for real man”?.I nodded and said “Forty bucks and you get whatever you want, but you gotta have a cover”.“Alright”, he said as he peeled two twenty’s from a roll in his pocket.We all walked over to a quiet small park. Gracie handed the young black man a condom. She bent over, lifting her skirt above her hips, revealing her round white ass.The stranger un-buckled his pants and pulled his dick out. He fumbled with the condom for a second but got in on to his cock.He nuzzled his waist into my bent over wife, grabbed her ass with both hands and began fucking her. “Oh momma, you gots a sweet pussy”, he said.He slapped her ass a few times and after about 4 minutes, blasted his load. He pulled his dick from her and slid the condom off, handing it to her. While the stranger was getting his pants re-buckled, my wife emptied the condom contents into her hand and smeared her pussy with it.“Damn”, the stranger said as he walked away shaking his head in disbelief.We were going to continue the fun but the police started showing up doing patrols as the bars were closing.Another sexual door has been opened………….

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