Pictures – Just For You!Pictures – Just For You!


Pictures – Just For You! I had never considered posting any pictures of myself on my profile page, just because I didn’t want to. I like the thought of being anonymous, mysterious if you like, hence the profile picture of a dark character. I have nothing to hide, I mean I’m not hideous or anything like that, just a normal bloke. You could say I never considered striking up a conversation with anyone either, but that seemed to be the first rule that I broke. Pictures of me, ended up as the second rule that I broke, but I hope I did it in style. I wanted some pictures that would not be ordinary, tasteful perhaps, certainly erotic and perhaps downright pornographic as well. So therein lies the problem, perfection and representation collide – big-time. I am a perfectionist, though there is a limit to how much time and effort I will put in, and after all, these are just pictures right. Well actually, no, that‘s not right. They are more than pictures. They are a representation of what I did because someone asked to see pictures of me, someone was interested in what I looked like or what I had to offer in the pants department. So, in my own style, I chose the latter. After all, this was a contact site, right. So pictures of my cock sprung to mind (pardon the pun). I had seen many pictures of blokes and their cocks Erzurum Escort and to be honest, none of them actually did it for me. I couldn’t see the excitement in it, of seeing a cock droop or an erect cock of normal size taken with a flash gun in the mirror, or even a nice sized cock but with an over-sized stomach that would put anyone off. Well it would have put me off, but then, I am no cock expert. What’s the point of pictures that make a bloke look silly, I asked myself, or was I being too critical. I have seen blokes with superb six packs and physique, but I sadly lack a six pack and while I am slim, I would not say I was in excellent physical shape. Like everyone, my working day prevents me from looking after my own body. I do wish I had a six pack though, but I am in no dream world. Or am I. I had decided that my pictures had to be different. I wanted to show my cock, but I wanted it to be artistic in some way. I know, contradiction in terms (please forget the pun of contra-dick-ion, I honestly couldn’t make these up if I tried). So out comes the camera and I sit on the bed willing myself to get a hard-on and keep it there while I take the photo. I have arranged the bedclothes appropriately and I have on some pants. I wouldn’t call them sexy, as they belong to a bloke. Since Erzurum Escort Bayan when do blokes have sexy underwear. Self photography is a hard thing to do, if you have ever tried it. You think sexy thoughts, get a raging hard on by slowly wanking your cock, then you pick up the camera quick, take the picture. Hopefully you take the picture before your cock recedes and droops. You would be surprised how fast it actually goes down when you stop thinking sexy thoughts and start concentrating on something else. As you take the picture, you ‘will’ your cock to stay firm and rigid, you act like you’re doing some Jedi Knight mind trick with words like, “this is not the cock that will droop,” or more likely, “you gorgeous cock – stay there! Stay there!” It’s a definite challenge, but I think I managed it. It was easy in the end. Just think of the person they were for. Think of the person that had asked for them and would see them. Think about all the stories and words that you have shared together over the internet. That was a good starting point. But I still wanted to get the angle right and make the best image I could from what I have been blessed with. At this point I could say, “it‘s not easy having an eleven inch cock,” but I would be lying through my teeth. So, back to the Escort Erzurum photo session of me. However, I do have a wide-angle lens and this helps get in close and personal without having to frame the picture. So I am sitting on the bed, I think of her, her lovely breasts and what they would feel like in my hands. My hand is stroking my cock, slowly. I imagine her bending over the bed, her stocking tops in full view underneath her skimpy black skirt. Her high heels glistening and sparkling even in the dim light of the room. She bends lower and I see her bare pussy reveal itself from behind the most perfect arse you have ever seen. A pussy that peeks through the flesh and winks at you, with that come and get me attitude. A pussy that looks so elegant and yet you know that it wants something hard and rigid sliding up inside it. How can something that looks so nice want and need something that looks so ugly, I ask myself. I am breathing a lot heavier than I was when I started. My cock is absolutely rigid and stiff as fuck, the skin over its surface is taught and my knob end is glistening with pre-cum. The blood in its veins is red hot and pulsing. I open my eyes and look at it. I think its fucking gorgeous. I think of her bending over the bed further and I hear her say, “fuck it into me now…please…” I let go of my cock, pick up the camera and position it roughly where I think the best shot would be and then click, click, click, click. I roll off a few frames and quickly reposition for another shot. Too late. My cock has drooped far too much. All those sexy thoughts for what, a few seconds.

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