Perspectives the Sequel Ch. 04Perspectives the Sequel Ch. 04


To gain a better understanding of the characters and the plot, I strongly recommend reading some earlier parts, although this should stand ok by itself.


I couldn’t sleep. For a start I was now unused to sharing a bed and every time you moved and every small noise you made seemed to keep me more awake. But mostly it was thinking about us and what I was doing that prevented sleep.

I felt a lot of guilt and shame, but in the main was able to suppress it and had got used to living with it. What was nagging at me, mostly, was that tomorrow Janis, your mother, my sister, would arrive and the three of us would be together all the evening and night and the next day. On top of all that there was another issue troubling me. There really was just one usable bed, the one we were sharing, the one I would tell Janis I had shared with my daughter Sara and the one that tomorrow night I would share with her.

Inevitably, my thoughts went back all those years to when she and I were both teenagers; there is only thirteen months between us. We had always been close, sharing everything and doing most things together, we were as inseparable as most twins.

We had sailed through puberty and were in our late teens. Whilst neither of us was particularly promiscuous, we had numerous boy friends and by the time she was nearly twenty and I was a year younger the days of losing our virginities were dim memories.

I had just been given up by an older bloke. I came in crying. Mum and dad were away for the weekend. I went straight to my bedroom and undressed. Janis asked what was the matter? I didn’t want to tell her at first, but then I did. She came in, she was in a dressing gown, and I was in my nightie, a baby doll I remember. She consoled me.

How the hell that consoling necessitated us lying on my bed I had no idea?

How helping a sister overcome being given up required me to be in her arms our bodies pressed together from head to toe, I didn’t know.

How Janis’ hand on my breast was supposed to be comforting, I couldn’t tell.

And how her mouth closing on mine and her tongue edging past my lips, which I welcomingly opened, was part of a reassuring process I just couldn’t fathom.

What I could tell, understand and fathom was that I enjoyed it. I welcomed it in fact and I started to give back as much as she gave me.

And then I could understand why we cupped each others breasts, why my baby doll slid off me and why her dressing gown was open right down the front. Yes then I did appreciate why we were both naked and my nipples were in her mouth and my hand was between my sister’s legs.

That had been the start. It went on for around a year or so I suppose. It wasn’t an every night, day or week event; just something we did when we both needed it. Of course we drifted apart when we both married and lived miles away, but I never stopped thinking about her and those few months when we went further and further with our bisexual sibling, incestuous love.


Although I saw you in the doorway, although I saw you naked and although when you came to the bed, unlike mum, you got in and I held your tits, we didn’t have sex. I don’t know whether that was down to you or me, but I felt absolutely fucked and was soon asleep. I remembered nothing more until I suddenly woke up wondering where the hell I was.

As was quite usual, though, I had a hard on. The difference was that this time it was pressing against your bum and that made me aware of where I was. Your bent back was ‘staring’ at me. I touched it hoping I wasn’t dreaming. It felt real. I slid my arms round you and cupped your breasts. God they felt good. Heavy and full, smooth and malleable. They were lovely. I squeezed and was rewarded by your body jerking slightly and by hearing a low moan as, suddenly I realised I wouldn’t need to have my usual morning wank to get rid of my hard on; I could fuck you instead.

I stroked your tits and found your nipples as I pressed against you, my cock nestling into that mysterious, to me, crevice between your nicely rounded cheeks.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice baby,” I heard you sigh.

I decided to try it on. Why not I thought? Most of the time, quite naturally, you directed and organised things. You were the teacher and I was the pupil. You called the shots, decided kartal escort bayan when, where and how we would do it. So it seemed right that it was now my turn. My turn to lead, my turn to direct events; yes my turn to initiate a fuck with you.

I kissed your neck. I licked up and down it as with one hand I continued fondling your tits and with the other I grabbed my cock. I pushed it between your legs. It was a tight fit and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. The precise geography of ‘down there’ was still a bit of mystery to me. I smiled, though, as you moved your legs and the tip of my cock found your slit for I was thinking ‘Later I would get you to let me have a really good look at your pussy.’


I lay there being fucked from behind. I didn’t have to do anything, not that there was much I could do, being on my side and bent at the middle with your arms round me and your hands gripping my tits. It was gorgeous.

Before you’d got going, you had taken a bit of time getting your angle right and I’d had to help you. Once in me, though, your natural male instincts took over and you started to shag me with nice, long, deep and even thrusts.

Although it was lovely, my mind began to wander, daft bitch that I am. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only six, but then, I remembered we hadn’t been late last night. I thought ahead to the day that we would spend together and then to the evening when Janis would arrive. Shit that was going to be hell. I suddenly also realised that I hadn’t seen her without her husband or my ex for many years and certainly we hadn’t been alone together, as we would in bed tonight, probably since we left our parent’s home.

You increased the depth and pace of your urges in me and that brought me out of my reveries.

“Oh fuck Cat, this is amazing,” you grunted.

I pushed back against you. “What is baby?”

“Fucking from behind like this.”

“None of your bikes rides let you do this the?”

“No,” you gasped “It’s my first time.”

It didn’t take much longer for you to be near.

“Oh God yes,” you moaned holding yourself stiff and still right up me.

I wanted to cum, in fact having missed out when I sucked you last night I needed to. I squirmed on your rigid cock and pushed my tits hard against your hands. At the same time I reached down and behind me and managed to find your balls. I squeezed them, bringing a lovely sounding groan from. That did the trick and just as you started to spurt so my emotions overflowed and I climaxed.

“What a brilliant fucking start to the day, baby,” I said turning round and kissing you.

“Mmmm it was fantastic, thanks.”

“No thank you,” I replied starting to slide out the bed. I grabbed your hand “Come on,” I said pulling you.

“Where we going?”

“You’ll see,” I responded.


It hadn’t really registered with me until you had fiddled your bottom around and I had slid into you that this would be my first fuck from behind. Although it was hard getting in you, once in it was fucking amazing, or even amazing fucking, dependent upon your perspective!

Not only did I seem to go deeper into you, but it was fantastic being moulded round your bent back with my body squashed against yours from my mouth in your hair to my toes which were pressing upwards onto the soles of your feet. But the icing on the fucking cake, of course, was being able to reach round you and hold your tits. As you were leaning forward a little on your side, they were hanging loose as it were. That made it easy for me to cup, squeeze, caress, fondle and knead them. They seemed even bigger, fuller and heavier like this. I lifted them up, pushed them together and pulled them apart. I pinched and pulled your nipples and squashed the whole lot into one mass of tit flesh. God it felt sensational. And to be able to do that with my cock buried deep in you as we fucked was simply out of this world.

It didn’t take me long to be near to cumming and I have to admit I had forgotten about you. The sensations of this new way of shagging had made me lose all thoughts of everything other than fucking you and my pleasure. Everything was tightening up in preparation to me delivering my load when I felt what was simply the most sexy fucking thing I think I had ever felt. Your hand reached yakacık escort around your body and grabbed my balls. That put me right over the top and I shot my lot in you with a strength that I was surprised didn’t make my stuff come out of your mouth.

I think I made you cum, but I wasn’t sure, but to be truthful I didn’t really care.

I’m sure I softened and probably my cock slipped out of you, but I don’t remember, for no sooner had I shot my lot up you than, so it seemed, we were both asleep.

I woke up when you grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed. I asked where we were going, thinking it might be a bath together, something we hadn’t done yet, but was something I really wanted to do. It wasn’t though for you led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I saw the clock and realised we had slept for two hours.

“What’s happening?” I asked when you undid the back door and led me through the courtyard where we had sat smoking last night. You didn’t reply. Not that I cared for I was walking slightly behind and to one side. Your bum was wobbling and wiggling wonderfully and your boobs were bobbing and bouncing beautifully; you were quite a sight.

“Oh yes, fucking great,” I gushed as you turned round the end of a shoulder height hedge and stood beside the pool.

Turning to me you pressed your naked body against mine and said.

“This’ll help us clean up and wake up. You ever been skinny dipping before Matt?”

And with that you turned and dived gracefully into to pool.

I knew I would simply have to fuck you in that pool before I went home.


It’s so lovely to swim naked, I always think. It’s such a nice feeling, but of course it cannot be divorced from sex. It is an overtly sexual act. Naturalists may dispute it and they probably have the emotional make up to back it up, but I can see no other reason for swimming naked than to be fucked.

I did a quick two lengths as my eye watched you firstly standing on the side, soft, then sitting, half erect and then standing in the pool. I swam over to you.

“Ok Matt?”

“Wonderful,” you replied cupping my breasts.

I reached down and grabbed you. My heart leaped when I felt how hard you were. You were ready again.

“I bet none of your bike rides has let you fuck them in a pool have they?”

“Of course not aunty,” you jokingly replied pressing your cock hard against me. “Are you going to let me?”

I didn’t reply. Instead I put my arms round your neck, kissed you and using the buoyancy of the water, lifted myself up and wrapped my legs round your hips. You grabbed me under my bum and held me there your cock pressed against the length of my slit, the top of it pressing right against my clit. I could have got myself off like that!


As usual you surprised me, and what a fucking surprise this one was. I couldn’t stop getting another erection as I watched you swim up and down the pool. Your bum was breaking the surface of the water and your tits were hanging down as you moved up and down the pool. It really was as sexy a sight as I had seen for ages and since knowing you I had seen a few.

When I got in the pool, rather self-consciously hiding my hard on, for I thought a grown up should have more control, things got even sexier. You were all over me and I realised that I wouldn’t have to wait too long for that dream of a fuck in a swimming pool.

Actually it was bloody difficult and, although the thought that we were shagging outside and in a swimming pool was fucking exciting, the actual act was nowhere near as amazing as I had thought it would be.

Despite you climbing all over me and pressing your pussy right against my hard on, actually getting it in you was bloody awkward. You were hanging onto me round the neck with your legs wrapped round my waist. Lovely. Your tits were squashed against my chest and we were kissing. Bloody brilliant. My cock was pressed right against the open lips of your pussy. Fucking marvellous. But each time I moved you away a little, got hold of my cock and tried to shove it in you, the fucking water got in the way. It was like, as they say, pushing water uphill, in fact I was trying to push water uphill. Every time I got myself lined up to shove it in you so a fucking wave would wash over my cock and fill your hürriyet mahallesi escort hole.

I started to panic a bit. I thought it was just me, that it was my fault, that I was deficient. I thought that you had probably been fucked in this pool, maybe by that bloke we met in the pub or by Uncle Kevin, many times and I visualised you having powerful orgasms with them unlike the dowsings you were getting up your pussy from me.


Kevin and I had shagged in swimming pools several times and I knew it was a little like anal sex; more an emotional than a physical delight. It’s so bloody awkward that the end result hardly warrants the effort, but I knew it would excite you and, after all I was educating you. Wasn’t that really the main motivation for me, your Aunt, having this affair with my nephew, an eighteen, nearly nineteen year old? Yeah like fuck it was, but I could kid myself couldn’t I? The main reason was right at that moment trying to wiggle its way inside me after doing that most satisfactorily a couple of hours ago and several times in a few hours yesterday. Yes I had fallen for young cock and boy did you have that.

“Oh fuck Cat,” I’m sorry, you groaned missing the target for about the third time.


I just couldn’t get my cock at the right angle to really shove at you and even when I did the force of the fucking water stopped me getting in. I felt a right prick and apologised to you.

“Don’t worry love, it is hard I know, even Kevin had difficulty. Here try like this,” you replied turning round and holding onto the side with your hands.

That made your bum stick out nicely. As I bent my knees to lower myself I saw that you’d opened your legs. You looked great and I felt fantastic as I realised it wasn’t me being a stupid, inexperienced kid.

I got hold of my cock again and had a shock. The fucking thing was going soft. That had never happened before. It was the bloody cold water, it had to be.

I tried shoving it in like that, but it was hopeless, it just didn’t have the rigidity to push through your lips let alone the water as well. I began to panic and that just made things worse, I came out completely. As I did I lost even more of my hardness, the fucking thing had shrivelled up to its usual flaccid size, fuck it.


I wanted you to fuck me, so when it was clear that you were struggling to find the right angle for proper penetration from the front I turned round. Leaning on the side of the pool I offered myself to you so you could, as you had in bed this morning, have from behind.

I was leaning with my arms straight out in front of me, my body at an angle to the floor of the pool and my legs quite wide open. My tits were hanging down just right for you to be able to hang onto them as you fucked me. I couldn’t work out for a while what was happening for you were pushing against my lips, but nothing was going in.

I grunted. “Let me help,” and reached down to get hold of you, but you moved away.

“No it’s ok” you said.

“Well come on I’m bloody well gagging for it,” I smiled looking forward to that marvellous feeling as a cock surges up me.

I felt a few more fumbles on my pussy and then it struck what must have happened. I turned and cuddled you. You tried to stop your body touching me beneath the waist and I quickly reached down. Yes you’d gone soft.


‘Oh fuck,’ I thought as your hand found my pathetic excuse for a cock. ‘How can I cope with that?’ But as usual, you were brilliant.

You took my hand, pressed it on your breast so that my palm was on your nipple, your very, very hard nipple. You said.

“It’s bloody cold in here isn’t it? Come on.”

You climbed out your great arse grazing against my head. Reaching down and dangling your tits most appealingly in front of my eyes you put your hand out and helped pull me out of the pool.

We stood on the side naked and dripping water onto the fake grass like they have on some football pitches. The sun was warm as we fell into each others arms and kissed. It really was a great feeling to be standing outside, totally naked, with your body pressed against mine, our mouths clamped together and our lips and bodies squirming against the other.

You broke the kiss and without looking down at my embarrassment or even mentioning it, you took my hand and led me away from the pool towards a big willow tree. You leaned forward against it, stuck your bum out, opened your legs, looked round and said as you saw my now stunning erection.

“I get the impression you like fucking aunty from behind Matt.”

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