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I knew, when I asked Tom, “what does she look like?”, and he answered to the effect that she had a “great personality”, that Kiri would be fat. I knew it! It’s a Universal code-word, and only an idiot doesn’t know it. Right? But Tom is my oldest and best friend, and I gave him the benefit of doubt when he assured me that I would like her. So, I agreed to a blind date.

The thought crossed my mind that if she was so great, why did she need to be fixed up? But then again, I was being fixed up, too, so I guess I didn’t have much room to talk. So, what code words did Ellen (Tom’s wife) use on her cousin Kiri, to describe me, to make me look like less of a loser? “Casual”? Slob! “Survived a bad marriage”? Burned-out divorcee! “Nice Guy”? Loser!

Okay, so I wasn’t in the best of spirits in those days. Maybe it would do me some good to get back out on the market. I decided I would make the best of things, and not let negative thinking get in the way of Kiri and I both having a good time. And who knows? Maybe she’d be a knockout. Maybe, even if she wasn’t, we’d get along, and I’d make a friend. It was with this positive outlook that I set out to meet Kiri.

I was to meet Tom, Ellen, and Kiri at a local bar, first, where we would have a couple of drinks, and then take a taxi to dinner. This, I suppose, was to give me, or Kiri for that matter, one last chance to bail out, before being stuck for the whole evening.

Tom walked up to me, where I was standing at the bar. Ellen and Kiri were in the lady’s room, so we went ahead to grab a table, and wait for them. Nervous as a cat, I sat and talked to Tom for what seemed like hours, before the ladies finally emerged from the washroom.

My first glance confirmed my suspicions. She was, indeed, over-weight. I didn’t let my expression betray my disappointment. I was determined not to be the shallow asshole that I was feeling like at that moment. Sure, she was a big woman, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have feelings, and I wasn’t going to make her feel like shit for being bigger than average.

Tom introduced us, and I smiled, shaking her hand. We sat and made small-talk while waiting for our server to take our drink order. Nothing deep, mind you. As I said; small-talk. But I started noticing something about Kiri. She did have a great personality! She was friendly, cheerful, and had intelligence and a sense of humor. Her laugh came easy and light, and it had a very pleasant timbre. She wasn’t withdrawn and shy, and she didn’t hide behind tent-like clothing. On the contrary; Kiri carried herself with a “fuck the world if they don’t like my body” confidence, and when I started looking at her with more open eyes, I could see that she really was a knockout!

Why didn’t I see it when she first walked over to our table!? She had her beautiful long dark hair pulled back in a bun, with curly tendrils of it hanging loose, framing a very pretty face. Bright sparkling green eyes gazed right into mine, and her lips were full bursa escort and red, with a hint of mischief behind her smile. And I started to see her, not as a “fat lady”, but as a sexy, voluptuous woman!

And it didn’t hurt in the least that we seemed to have everything in common. Our music, our social and political beliefs, our hobbies; everything meshed perfectly! By the time dinner was over, we were laughing together like old friends, and we were holding hands in the cab on the way back to the bar to pick up our cars.

I took Tom aside, when Kiri and Ellen went inside to the washroom, and thanked him most sincerely for setting up this evening. And at his suggestion, I offered to drive Kiri home. I was thrilled when she said yes.

She invited me inside for coffee, when I walked her to her door, and I happily went in with her. We talked for hours, about everything from our childhood, to our favorite TV shows, to our hopeless dreams for the future.

I glanced at my watch; three seventeen! Holy Crap! “I’m sorry I kept you up so long!” I apologized, opening the front door. “I guess I’d better get going.”

“No need to be sorry, John, I had a really nice time tonight. Or last night, rather,” she grinned.

“Me, too,” I said, looking into her beautiful eyes. I shook her hand, and she held it just a moment too long. Leaning close to her, I placed a gentle lingering kiss on her lovely cheek.

She shut her eyes, and drew me closer, wrapping her arms around me. My lips moved over hers, and I kissed her half-open mouth deeply, and hugged her tight. The hug turned into an embrace, and the kiss began to get more and more passionate. I pushed my tongue past her lips, probing her mouth, and caressing her back, my hands moving down over her beautiful, lush, round ass.

Kiri broke the kiss, and I thought I’d screwed up somehow. That I was too forward, and that she was going to throw me out! But she didn’t. Instead, she slammed and bolted the door, and jumped right back into my arms kissing me deeply. Her body felt so warm in my arms, and pressed against me like she was, she had to have felt the bulge rising in my jeans.

Breaking the kiss again, she grabbed my hands, and pulled me down the hallway to her bedroom. God, I couldn’t believe my luck! We started to tear at each other’s clothing, our building passion making us impatient. Soon, I had her stripped down to her very sexy undies; a sheer black lacy, push-up bra, which strained with a mighty effort to hold back her huge tits, and matching panties. She knelt down in front of me, and pulling my boxers down and off, started kissing my hairy balls. It felt fantastic, and not just because this was the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long I’d had a woman do this for me. She swirled her tongue over my testicles, and slid her hands up and down my legs. Running my fingers through her hair (which by now was loose, and flowing midway down her back), I moaned as she kissed all up and down my cockshaft. bursa merkez escort When she reached the tip, she took it between her lips, and sucked me deep into her mouth. She swallowed my cock down to the base, and it felt so good that my knees got weak. I had to sit on the bed, or risk falling on Kiri.

She sucked my dick like she loved doing it, and she did it better than anyone I’d ever been with! Using her lips, her tongue, and yes, even her teeth, she made my body quake, and all too soon I was shuddering to a climax. I didn’t want to cum yet, because I knew that would be it. I wouldn’t be able to get it up again until morning, and I didn’t want to wait that long to fuck Kiri. But, oh, it felt sooooo good! I couldn’t bear to stop her, or pull out of her mouth! Every muscle in my body contracted, and thrusting my cock into her mouth as she sucked hard on it, I reached that moment of truth, and shot out white-hot passion, and she swallowed every drop of my cum!

Breathing hard, I collapsed onto the bed, momentarily exhausted, and Kiri climbed on top of me, kissing me passionately. She kissed my neck and my chest, and licked my nipples with her friendly tongue. Kiri was horny, and she told me as much. And here I was, with my cock going limp. Useless. But I’m a practical, liberated guy. If my cock wasn’t up to the task, then, by Heck, my tongue would take over!

Starting at Kiri’s fingertips, I kissed up her arm, and across her back, over her shoulders. I made my way down to her massive tits, kissing those fleshy love-pillows, and darting my tongue between them. Kiri sighed sexily, and I reached around and unhooked her bra, releasing her tremendous boobs from their bondage. I marveled as her melon-sized titties spilled forth, and I noted with some satisfaction that you don’t get tits like these on a skinny woman! Taking a heavy breast in each hand, I squeezed gently, and as I suckled on her large nipples she sighed and pulled at my shaggy hair.

I rolled her over, and kissed a trail down her back, over her wide sexy hips, and down to her delicious ass. I feasted on her ample buttocks, nibbling and kissing and licking them. She was getting hotter by the minute, and I was really looking forward to eating her sweet pussy.

And Oh, it was sweet! Turning over onto her back again, Kiri spread her legs wide, and kneeling on the floor beside her bed, I slipped off her panties, and planted a light, loving kiss on her pussy lips. She shuddered at my touch, and whispered, “Oh, goddam, John, lick my pussy! Make me cum with your tongue!”

I did just as I was asked. In fact, I made her cum with my tongue many times! I stopped counting after five, and just kept licking and licking! She tasted so good; I couldn’t get enough! And every time she came, it was like we were discovering a new planet. She shouted my name, and screamed dirty words as she came in my face in wave after wave of sweet love-honey, and pressed her pussy to my face, bursa sınırsız escort bidding me to keep licking.

Her natural perfume, the taste of her nectar, the sound of her moans, and most of all the heat of her passion all combined had a profound effect on me. After licking Kiri to several orgasms, my cock started to twitch, and with each, progressively more intense orgasm on her part, my cock grew a little bit stronger – a little bit harder. And eventually, I was fully erect, and ready to fuck!

Kiri must have sensed my growing passion, because just when the thought entered my head that I wouldn’t have to wait to fuck her, she pulled me up onto the bed, kissing me fiercely. “I want your hard cock inside me, John! Fuck me!”

Like I said earlier, we had a lot in common!

Lying on my back, I pulled her on top of me, and using her hand as a guide, she slipped my cock deep into her slick cunt. Oh! She fit me like a velvet glove, and she was hot and wet, and bouncing up and down on my stiff prick, impaling herself over and over again. Whispering breathily in my ear, she informed me, “I love to be fucked hard! Slam your cock into me!”

Arching my back, and thrusting my hips, I fucked her hard and fast, and she moaned loudly. And I licked and sucked her tits, and squeezed them with my hands. I was like a child on Christmas morning, who had just unwrapped the toy at the top of his wish list! God her breasts were fantastic!

Kiri was really hot, and she came several more times, powerfully, while I thrust my cock up into her cunt, and played with her big beautiful tits. I was amazed by Kiri. I’d never known a woman who could cum that many times in a month, let alone one night!

“You love my tits, don’t you, John?” asked Kiri after an earth-shaking climax. I nodded. “Are you ready to cum?” I nodded again, utterly unable to speak. “Good, I’ve got something special in mind for you, lover.”

With that, she climbed off of my achingly hard cock, and knelt down on the floor. I sat up, expecting her to suck my dick again, but that’s not exactly what she had in mind. Cupping her gigantic boobs in her hands, she placed them on either side of my stiff prick. She began sliding my cock, still slick from her cum, between her massive tits, licking the head every time it peeked up from her deep cleavage. I sat amazed by the wonderful feeling this was producing, as well as the ultra-sexy sight of my cock slipping between her gorgeous breasts!

For the second time that night, I found myself getting dangerously close to cumming, but this time, I didn’t try to hold back. I bucked like a wild stallion, shuddering all over, and covered Kiri’s tits with gobs of sticky semen. And then I watched, as she lifted each breast to her mouth, licking my spunk off of them. Never have I seen a sexier sight, or been with a sexier woman!

We spent the rest of that night together, and made love again after breakfast.

We spent a lot of time together after that, and our sex life is, to this day, fantastic beyond belief. Next month, we celebrate our twenty-fifth year as a married couple.

My whole life changed that night, thanks to Tom and Ellen, for introducing us, and thanks especially to Kiri, for being the Big Beautiful Woman that she is.

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