Subject: Personal Training (part 3) This is a fictional story about a character I have use before and his personal trainer. Yuval has been in my stories a few time. Big beefy jewish stud with a fat dick. And Christopher was briefly in the Paul stories in the past. Funny thing is that Chris is Yuval’s personal trainer. So i of course have imagined the lucky Chris getting muscled ass slammed by his boss. Well here is the story. And once again these guys are straight and this is only fiction. So Enjoy….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Personal Training (part 3) ……… It was just 2 days later when Yuval showed up at the gym again. Chris was again in his office. He had just finished some training with this guy 10 minutes earlier. He was doing some paperwork before hitting the showers. He needed to get the sweat off him. The place was closing soon and he wanted to get home. Then there was a knock on the door. But rather than wait to be asked in, the door opened and it was Yuval again. “One sec…” Was all Chris was able to say. Then he was about to protest the intrusion. But then he looked up. There standing in his office was Yuval. The huge man was in grey short that showed off his hairy calves. And left little to the imagination that he had a big dick. The fat head was poking at the satiny material of the shorts. He had on a t-shirt that hugged his massive body. But it was the poking tent that got Chris’ attention. Chris just swallowed as he stared at the meaty cock head pressed against those shorts. Come on man “Here for training man” Yuval said. “Yuval….” Chris started to say “Come on Chris” He almost ordered “Gotta get in shape. ” Chris huffed for a moment. And before he could say no, Yuval turned and walked out of his office, waving his hand to follow. Chris looked upon that massive bubble ass again. He felt his dick twitch in his own shorts. He sighed and then just got up and walked out of his office to go on after the man. “Yuval” he called out as they entered the gym area But then Yuval was already at the free weights. He had already sat down on the seat, Spread his legs and crawled under the weights. Chris stopped as he got there. Yuvals thick legs were spread just so and Chris could see pressed against the guys shorts was his big bulging cock. Chris Could make out the size of it from the lump that it made. He swallowed hard and just stared at it. Yuval looked up at him and then placed his hands on the weight bar. “Ya gonna come over and spot me” he said “Ohhh, errr yeah” Chris replied as he went around Yuval and behind him. He placed his hands just near Yuva’ls as Yuval began to pull the bar up. Chris watched Yuvals face for the briefest of moments. His eyes soon diverted to the big lump in those shorts several feet away. ankara escort It looked like a mountain as it rose from the sides to the middle of his crotch. And from this angle he could see its length. It certainly was big. Chris’ head wandered to crawling between this guys thick hairy legs. and reaching for the big covered tube. Or shoving his face in the guys full crotch and just inhaling the man scent that he knew this stud would have. pressing his face and mouth to the growing bulge in Yuval’s crotch as it pressed to the material. Trying to get loose of its confines. “Help me man” Yuval yelled Chris was woken from his fantasy to see Yuval having trouble with the heavy weights. “Ohh Shit. Sorry Yuval” Chris shouted He quickly grabbed the bars and helped the big man. Yuval then sat up and took a swing at him. ‘Asshole” He growled “Where was your fucking head” Yuval turned towards Chris who had come around to his side. He sat up and spread his thick legs as he sat there . Chris now was staring at the junction between Yuval’s legs. The shorts were pulled up as he sat there. It showed off more of his beefy hairy thighs. Chris’ dick began to pulse in his own shorts. As he gawked at the area between Yuval’s legs . He could see a large mass of meat pressed to the shorts. He swallowed hard as he just continued to stare at the area between the mans legs. Yuval reached down and groped himself. Chris could feel his dick pulling at his shorts already. That mans crotch was driving him crazy. “Get over here and sit down man” Yuval said to Chris “I wanna see you do this fucker” Yuval got up and walked behind the bar. Chris watched at the big meat under the shorts seemed to grow and shift to the side slightly. Chris then sat down in the bench then he lay down under the bar. Yuval had added more weight to it. “I’m sure you can bench this” he said Chris looked at the weights and saw that it was a good amount. But he felt he could do it. He placed his hands on the bar above him. Then he pushed up. he was doing good as he pumped the bar up and down a few times. But then he looked above his head and Yuval was hovering there. Yuval reached for his crotch and pulled on his tenting cock. That tent was definitely bigger and it made Chris lose his concentration. he now struggled with the bar. But regardless, he couldn’t take his eyes off the huge tent above him. He instinctively licked his lips. Then Yuval grabbed the bar to help him and pulled it up to its cradle again. But he lingered above Chris now. His big crotch less that a foot from Chris’ head. “Watching you has given me a hard on” Yuval finally said “See” He leaned over the bar and practically shoved his big basket at Chris. That huge tenting crotch was just inches from his face now. Chris could stand no more as he grabbed the bar above himself and çukurambar escort pulled himself up. He opened his mouth and grasped Yuval’s crotch tent with it. Chris then as he held himself there just started to munch out on the big fat covered cock head forming that tent. He heard Yuval gently groan. Then Yuval pushed his cock down through his shorts. The mouth on his dick felt great and he started to push his hips at Chris’ face. Chris’ desire had him ravenous for Yuval’s dick. He quickly crawled out from under the man and sat up on the bench. he reached for that big fat bulge and groped it. He rubbed and pulled on the big covered salami Yuval obviously had. “Feels really big” he said “It is” Yuval answered “Take it out and suck on my dick man” Chris needed no further encouragement. he needed that dick badly. He reached for the waistband of the shorts and pulled down. Then out flopped Yuvals huge dick. The fucker was wearing no underwear and the big thick slab just fell out. It swung there before Chris like a thick pipe. Chris just stared at it for a few moments. not believing what was happening to him. But that huge dick was definitely on the agenda for this workout. He reached for the thick cock and wrapped his fingers around the thick tube. It was indeed a very thick one too as he could barely get around the girth. He then started to stroke the huge dick that made Chris’ normally big hand look small. “Damn sure is huge” He said again He gazed at the fat bulbous cock head. It was a meaty mushroom head that seemed to throb as blood rushed to it. Chris licked hips lips and then opened his mouth. he took the fat cock head inside. Yuval groaned and then Chris felt a dribble of a salty liquid hit his tongue. The taste was insane. Yuval was obviously starting to spit up precum. He started to move down the hugs cocks length. Chris could feel each and every thick pulsing vein as he slid down the shaft. he was having trouble due to Yuavl’s girth. But he was ravenously hungry for this man’s dick. So he carried on. he had to take all this massive trunk in his face if he could. he was about 5 inches down when the head touched the entrance to his throat. Chris pulled up from the fat dick now. He needed some air. “Fuck this thing is massive man” he said to Yuval “Just keep sucking man” Yuval stated “That mouth feels really nice on my dick boy” So Chris did as the big man ordered and opened his mouth and went back down Yuval’s tree trunk cock. His hand was still wrapped around the base as he swallowed down another inch of the huge dick. he measured the mass and figured Yuval to be at least 8 thick inches. Maybe more. But the thickness made it seem like a lot more. He started to jerk the thick pipe as he slobbered and sucked on the remaining inches. Chris continued to suck dikmen escort on Yuval like a greedy whore now. Up and down the thick vein covered flanks of his cock. The fat head throbbing in his mouth as it reached his throat again. Yuval grabbed his head and pushed down more. Chris hand left the base of the massive dick and Yuval thrust the head into his throat. Chris’ mouth was wide opened and his face strained as 7 plus inches was crammed into his face and throat. He gagged on the huge intruder as it was just to damned big. But Yuval pulled his head on his crotch and held Chris to his monster cock. Chris’ eyes started to water from the tears welling up in them. “Fuckkk man” Yuval groaned “Love finally having this hot mouth on my dick” “Suck daddys cock now Chris” He pulled Chris off his dick for a moment. Chris gasped for much needed air. Then Yuval looked down at the face he was fucking and spit on him. Then he took his fat club and rubbed it over Chris’ face. Chris just moaned from the feeling of the huge dick on his face. He was actually loving it. “Fucking pussy whore” Yuval said Then he grabbed his cock and shoved it back into Chris’ mouth. “I heard you were a cock slut for guys like me” “And been needing a new pussy hole for a while” “My wifes is so used up big my dick” “Doesn’t feel tight anymore.” Chris’ head pondered the comments. He agreed that anyone being used up by this man’s massive trunk would probably have a huge gapping hole left over. Especially if he fucked them all the time. Then he pondered himself trying to take this huge dick. Then brushed it away. No way that he could. Most of the guys he had had sex with were older guys , but with small cocks. Nothing anywhere near Yuval;’s size nor girth. Chris continued to slobber on the huge fat dick in his mouth. His face never so full of dick before. He than reached up and under Yuval’s shirt. Up the belly and to the chest. All parts had coarse hair on them. The man’s chest felt so much bigger than it seemed under his shirt. It was almost a vast expanse by his fingers. Chris moaned from how the mans body felt. he wanted to see Yuval totally naked. Top to bottom. He pulled of the mans log and stood. “Lets get this off daddy” he said to Yuval Then he proceeded to pull Yuval’s shirt over his head. He yanked down the remains of the shorts. Kicked them off and looked at the huge man before him. Yuval was massive. His big wide barrel chest had the hair on it he had felt. The man a had a bit of gut, but it suited him. It fit his massive frame. The mans’ legs were also huge. Thick trucks that made Chris’ muscled legs seem small by comparison. It was simply the man of his dreams. Even if it was this asshole he has known for a few years. “Holy fuck Yuval” he stated “You don’t need a workout stud” “Your body is awesome” Yuval reached down and patted his belly as he responded “This needs to go down” he said “But for now,. get over here fucker and go back down on my cock”………. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more to cum

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