Persephone milks Pluto, Part 2Persephone milks Pluto, Part 2


Persephone milks Pluto, Part 2Pluto was rudely awakened by a loud dinner triangle, ringing as Persephone walked down the stairs. “Time to eat up slave!” as she walked down the spiral staircase. Pluto had been locked into the large cage he had seen the night before. He was still completely naked, save for the chastity cage which very uncomfortably suffocated his penis. He looked up and his jaw nearly dropped. He had seen Persephone last night, but that was in a confusing, hazy daze. Now he had his full senses about him and could truly take in all her glory. She was dressed in a white bath robe, with her bare feet making no sound as she descended the stairs. Her blonde hair was messy and she seemed tired, as though she had just woken up.“You had better clean your plate. I need you to be in tip top cum producing shape. I’ve been studying the best diet to maximize sperm production. I am going to turn you into a cash cow” she said. She slipped the tray through the cage. It was loaded with all of the stereotypical aphrodisiacs… plenty of mixed nuts, cooked fish, a salad full of leafy greens, even a dozen raw oysters. A few squares of dark chocolate were included for dessert. “I’m going to come back down here in an hour for your first milking of the day. If that plate isn’t clean then you don’t even want to know what I’m going to do to you.” She departed back up the stairs. Pluto was too dumbfounded by her beauty to say anything.He had thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen the previous night, and this only confirmed it. He had seen her in her all black hunter’s outfit as well as completely naked. But this morning he could see a more human side of her. She was living a normal routine, the same as anyone. He cursed himself for his sympathetic thoughts and vowed to begin formulating an escape plan. He wasn’t sure if the cage was really as powerful as Persephone had threatened, but he wasn’t willing to go through the process of trial and error to find out.Starving, he quickly gobbled down everything on the plate and found himself in digestive bliss. He relaxed in the corner of his cell and began thinking of escape methods. He could try and ingratiate himself. Become a good and trustworthy slave, try and earn privileges. Then when she wasn’t aware, somehow disable his cage and sneak out. Or he could try the brute force route: the Alcatraz style escape, tunneling his way out using shanks over the course of a few months. Unfortunately, his cell was totally bare except for a cot and a toilet. He thought back on the great prison escape movies of his youth. The men in those movies always worked together to make the plan happen, even in the face of setbacks.His situation was depressingly different. There were no fellow prisoners to work with. He wasn’t even sure if there were any other free men left at this point. And he had no idea where he was even at. He could be on an island with no way to escape. And she was certain to have some kind of security system. The only way in and out of the dungeon appeared to be the spiral staircase, though there must be some kind of maintenance shafts that led to the rest of the house. He saw a vent towards the top of the ceiling, but he knew he was too large to fit inside of it.Pluto continued to mull these thoughts over in his head. Beautiful though she may be, he was determined bahis siteleri to win his freedom back. He heard the dungeon door swing open, and then slam shut. His heart began pounding. Persephone cracked a loud whip as she walked down the stairs, and Pluto’s heart sank. “What is she going to do to me now?” he thought to himself nervously.She came down the stairs looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a tight red latex corset with the breasts cut out. Her big perky tits pointed in whatever direction she turned. She was also wearing knee high stockings and ruby red high heels. Her long, flowing blonde hair was now neatly brushed behind her head. Pluto immediately became rock hard, though his chastity cage would not allow much room for growth. It trembled and throbbed under the strain of his growing cock. Persephone saw this and smiled.“You’re already getting rock hard for me aren’t you? Good. We have a lot of work to do today. Last night was just a warm up” she said. She opened the cage carrying her whip and some other type of restraint. “Now be a good slave and put on your leash”. Pluto’s mind was racing. He could jump up now and bowl her over, then try and find her security system. It may be now or never. “You have a terrible poker face, you know that?” Persephone said gloatingly. Pluto’s heart sunk and he blushed like a firecracker. “Haha, you’re blushing. I know what you’re thinking. Idiot men think they can overpower us with brute strength. It’s always the first thing men think of. But your little chastity cage has a dead woman’s switch. You’re only keeping your cock and balls courtesy of me typing in the password every 24 hours.” She had a cruel smile on her face, she was clearly enjoying taunting her captive. Then she pointed to a small device that was attached to her belt.“This little machine controls your life now. If you so much as try and lift a finger on your mistress, your dick is coming off. Chastity cages have come a long way. They’re one of my favorite new toys, though I haven’t introduced you to the others just yet” she said ominously. “Now, any more thoughts of escaping? Or am I going to have to castrate you myself?” she threatened. “I already have enough of your semen to be a multi-millionaire. You need me far more than I need you. If you want to stay in one piece you better behave yourself” she said.Pluto was shaking with fear. She had far more control over him than he had thought of. Clearly, outright disobedience wasn’t an option. She could torture him just for the fun of it. The best strategy was to dutifully comply until he could think of an escape plan. “Now let’s get your leash on” she said as the pulled out the restraint. She took a very long wire and wrapped it around the base of his cock, tightening it. The chastity cage was uncomfortable enough, this was almost painful. She gave it a strong tug and Pluto screamed. “Haha, I can’t believe you thought you were going to get away that easily. I’ve got you by the balls every way you can imagine. Now get to the milking table.” She said as she gave another tug. Pluto scrambled to his feet to relieve the tension.She led him over to the milking table, took off the leash and restrained him on top. She rubbed his back gently. She leaned over to feel for his cock under the table. He could feel her long hair brushing against his canlı bahis siteleri back. It was lovely. He was falling in love with her, even though he hated her for his indignity. His swollen cock was screaming for release.“Please open the cage mistress. Please it hurts” he begged. A searing pain erupted across his back, and he screamed at the top of his lungs. “Don’t you ever fucking tell me what to do slave! You are staying in your cage as long as I say you are!” she yelled as she whipped him. She gave him five lashes for his impertinence. Each lash felt like an eternity of pain to Pluto.“There, now are you going to behave?” she said in a sweet, lilting voice. “Yes mistress… I will do whatever you say mistress” he pleaded, defeated. “That’s a good slave. Now I’m going to take your cage off and we’re going to get more milk than yesterday aren’t we?” she said. “Yes mistress, I will give you as much as you want!” he replied.She ran her soft hands gently along his body. He is a truly impressive specimen, she thought to herself. He was evidently quite strong, she was afraid of his physical prowess. If she wasn’t careful he could easily overpower her, even take advantage of her. Flashbacks raced through her mind. She started to fume about all the men who had hurt her, all the men who had abused her. She thought about how most of those men had either been tortured or killed, and she was glad for it. She had no reason to take pity on any of them. They deserved their fate. She pulled herself together, steeling herself with resolve. She had gotten farther than she ever dreamed, she wasn’t going to let the past burden her bright future. She opened a pouch on the side of her belt and pulled out the key. Double checking the restraints, she reached down and released the hot swollen cock from its chastity.It immediately popped out and grew to its full size. The big, saggy ball sack was clearly grateful for release as it quickly expanded. The whole thing was twitching, begging for attention. “Good, this is just how I want him. He wants this now. A few more sessions and he’ll be begging to stay in this dungeon” she thought. She wheeled over her cart of instruments and lubes. It was adorned with all kinds of implements, some for pleasure and some for pain. First she grabbed the large petri dish and placed it on the floor under his twitching penis. Then she opened up the jar of coconut oil and lathered her hands.Pluto could hear the jar again, and just like Pavlov’s dogs he began salivating. He started to consider the fact that this wasn’t so bad, he had never felt pleasure like this in his whole life. His cock was oozing precum and he felt compelled to beg for her hands, but he knew enough to keep quiet.Persephone smiled as she grabbed the throbbing hot cock. “This thing is really impressive… I forgot how much fun they could be” she thought to herself as she massaged the balls and stroked the shaft. Pluto released a long sigh of pleasurable relief, and Persephone felt flattered. “He really is something…” she thought, but quickly warded off any thoughts of affection. He was a business acquisition, and she needed to treat him as such. It really is so much fun to play with… she thought again. She was divided between genuine affection and contempt for the man. Pluto was in absolute heaven as Persephone fondled his balls canlı bahis and slowly stroked his shaft. She really had been practicing her technique. She squeezed the balls just hard enough for it to be pleasurable but not so hard that it was painful. She paid attention to the head and took care to rub the frenulum. Another geyser of cum was building up. Pluto was determined to hold it in as long as possible, he didn’t want the session to end just yet. After about five seconds of this he couldn’t resist any longer.“Mistress, may I please cum?” he begged. “I can feel your cock begging for release. You can cum. It had better be a lot or I’m going to keep milking you raw!” she threatened. Pluto wasn’t worried, he knew he could shoot a big enough load for her. Her pace picked up and he lost all control, another fountain of cum issued forth from his penis and quickly filled the petri dish.“It’s only 15 milliliters. It’s less than last night but it’s good enough for now, I suppose” she mocked. She was only joking, with the amount of sperm she had collected she would be rolling in a fortune beyond her wildest dreams. She had more than enough to retire on and live peacefully. She could liquidate him now, or turn him into the state for political gain. Her choices were endless, and she felt more powerful now than she had in her entire life. “You’re a good cum cow. We’ll keep this arrangement as long as you behave yourself, slave” she told him. “Yes mistress, I will do whatever it takes to make you happy” he replied. During the course of this Pluto had abandoned any thoughts of escape. To serve Persephone was all he wanted. She was too beautiful to reject, too sensual to deny. He would happily spend his days producing the baby batter that Persephone so desperately wanted. And the power differential was too great to fight anyway. Better to live in dumb bliss and pleasure than to challenge her authority.Persephone cleaned up his penis and put his chastity cage back on. Without even thinking, she uncharacteristically leaned over and kissed him on the neck. She immediately withdrew, embarrassed. She panicked, not knowing what came over her. She grabbed the whip and laid down a ferocious lash across his back. Pluto didn’t know what to feel. First he was astonished at this moment of affection, that she could possibly feel something for him. His hopes had swelled. He truly desired her from the depths of his heart, and dreamed that he could one day be her lover. Then he felt like a c***d tricked by the school yard bully when the kiss was immediately followed by horrific pain. He screamed as loud as he could and was crying. It was more the immediate switch of emotions that brought this about than the physical pain.“That’s right bitch, don’t ever think that will happen again. You are NOTHING to me. You’re just here to make me money then I’m DONE with you! You’re going to get liquidated, or worse! I’ll have you paraded through the streets! I’ll take your balls and wear them around my neck!” she screamed furiously. Pluto was sobbing uncontrollably. She whipped him again, and he screamed even louder. “Nobody can hear you down here! Cry as much as you want pussy. I’m done with you.” Persephone had no idea what had come over her. The wave of emotions was too intense. She put his chastity cage back on, grabbed the petri dish and left him in his restraints. He was a pathetic sight, red backed and sobbing. She was disgusted with herself and him and rushed out of the dungeon. Pluto laid there, feeling absolutely helpless and more alone than he had been in his entire life.

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