Perhaps You Should Spank MePerhaps You Should Spank Me


Cheryl O’Rourke’s heart was racing because Brad Everett was due to be arriving at her house very soon. She was not absolutely certain that Brad had been serious in what he had said and she found herself hoping both that he was serious and that he wasn’t.Cheryl was a married woman, aged forty-nine, and Brad was thirty years her junior and had built himself quite a reputation with the females of the town. She had known him most of his life with her being a close friend of Brad’s mother, Helen, and it had all started so innocently.It had been at a party at Brad’s parents home, he had a flat of his own elsewhere in town, and the drink was flowing. Cheryl was there with her husband Dan but at this particular moment, Dan was chatting with a mate of his. It was a pleasant evening weatherwise and Cheryl was out on the patio, as were several others.Like several of the females at the party, Cheryl was thinking how sexy Brad looked and, also like a lot of the females, she fantasised about going to bed with him although that was all it was, fantasy. As Cheryl was standing there with a drink in her hand and those thoughts in her head, she realised that Brad was looking straight at her, with a smirk on his face.If a forty-nine-year-old woman could blush, Cheryl blushed and she blushed even more so when Brad moved towards her.”Hello Cheryl, lovely evening,” said the young hunk with his dark eyes flashing.”Yes, yes it is,” replied Cheryl, imagining that she sounded like a giggly schoolgirl.”You look exceptionally nice tonight, Cheryl,” said Brad in his husky voice.”Well thank you, kind sir,” replied Cheryl, feeling a tingle between her legs.”Yes, very fuckable,” said Brad, with his eyes fixed on hers.”Brad, you should not say that. I am your mum’s friend and thirty years older than you,” responded a slightly flustered Cheryl.”Yes, you are both of those things but you are also very fuckable,” said the confident young Brad.”Brad, I told you, you must not say that to me,” said a now mixed up Cheryl. Mixed up because of all the reasons that he should not be saying it but also because she loved him saying it.The next words uttered by Brad led to Cheryl now awaiting his arrival at her house. “Perhaps you should spank me,” said Brad, still with his eyes looking into Cheryl’s.”Ha, perhaps I should,” Cheryl heard herself replying, nervously. The conversation ended at that point because one of Brad’s mates called to him but Brad and Cheryl locked eyes for just a little bit longer.Brad went off to his mate and Cheryl stood there stunned although Helen Everett now arrived at her side. “You look deep in thought Cheryl,” said Helen.”Do I? Probably pondering the meaning of life,” laughed Cheryl whilst thinking ‘if only Helen knew.’Throughout the party, Cheryl and Brad’s eyes met from time to time but Cheryl found that it was always her that looked away first. The young stud was almost maddeningly confident. They did not speak any more that evening but Cheryl could not remove that brief conversation from her head, neither that night nor the next morning.During the next day, she convinced herself that it was the drink talking in both Brad’s and her cases but her mind still kept going back to two words in particular. The words were ‘fuckable’ and ‘spank.’Cheryl had almost managed to clear thoughts about the party from her head but they were suddenly brought back to the forefront by her landline phone ringing mid-afternoon three days after the party. Cheryl, and her phone, bahis siteleri did not recognise the mobile number that came up and she almost did not answer it, but she decided to.”Hello,” she said as she picked up her phone.”Hello Cheryl, it is Brad,” said the sexy male voice on the other end.”Um, oh, hello Brad,” was all that Cheryl could reply as her mind went back to the party.”Yeah, about the other night, things I said,” Brad went on.”Oh forget it; we had been drinking,” said Cheryl, weakly.”Yes we had been drinking but I meant it all; you are fuckable and you should spank me,” said Brad, with confidence.”Brad, don’t be silly,” said Cheryl, feeling her face go red and her cunt twitch.”Which is silly? the fucking or the spanking?” persisted Brad.”Both; we can’t; we mustn’t,” protested Cheryl although inwardly she was longing to do both.”Don’t you want to? I have fancied you for four years or more,” continued Brad.”I am married Brad; please don’t talk like this,” said Cheryl.”Does Dan give you a good fucking? I certainly would,” went on Brad.”That has got nothing to do with you,” stammered Cheryl who could not remember the last time that she could say that she had had a good fucking.”Okay, forget it then; sorry to trouble you,” said Brad, sounding a little bit petulant.”No, wait,” Cheryl heard herself say. She then wondered why she had said that, she could and should have left it with Brad saying to forget it.”So you do want me to fuck you then?” said Brad, losing the trace of petulance.”Brad, it is wrong,” said Cheryl, without denying that she wanted the youth to shag her.”Which is why you must spank me first,” pressed on Brad.”Brad, stop this, I know that you are not being serious,” said Cheryl, although she was pretty certain that he was.”If I was not serious, I would not have the erection that I have got at the moment, would I?” asked Brad.”Oh, Brad,” Cheryl sighed in reply, as her knickers got damper.”So you want to?” pushed Brad.”I have never been unfaithful; I need time to think,” said a very mixed up Cheryl.”Okay, think about it; get back to me, yeah?” said Brad, confident that Cheryl was very close to going through with it.”Yes, I have your mobile number but I am not giving you mine yet; I will get back to you in a day or two,” replied Cheryl.”Speak soon, you gorgeous, fuckable woman,” said Brad.Cheryl did not respond but her hand went in between her legs as she ended the call. Dan would not be home for about two hours so she went upstairs, got naked and came with a shout with her vibrator throbbing in her wet cunt.Over the next two days, Cheryl kept going over things in her mind. Yes, she wanted that youth to fuck her and the thought of giving him a spanking turned her on. He was her best friend’s son AND she was a married woman. She was not particularly happily married, certainly not from a sex point of view. The boy was thirty years younger than her, it made her feel like she was an old slapper.She had still not made up her mind but she needed to speak to Brad again. She phoned his mobile from her landline because she did not want him to have her mobile number, yet.The number came up on Brad’s mobile as Cheryl O’Rourke. “Cheryl, how are you? Are we going to fuck?” he said on answering.”I am okay Brad but I am still unsure,” said Cheryl, a little bit stunned by Brad’s words on answering.”How am I going to convince you?” Brad asked.”If we did it, and I am only saying if, where would it be? your flat?” said Cheryl.”Well canlı bahis siteleri I have had quite a few women in my flat but you have too much class for that,” said Brad.”Not sure about me having class if I am thinking of opening my legs for my best friends son,” said Cheryl, ruefully.”I was thinking of your house; my flat has thin walls, your house is secluded; your Dan works away a lot, doesn’t he?” said Brad.”He does, he is away all next week actually; but I am still not sure,” said Cheryl, whilst thinking that she would never get a better chance.”Let me know when you have made up your mind, but I really want you,” said Brad. Cheryl was still thinking that this might be some sort of wind-up but she was very close to saying yes to it. “Were you serious about me spanking you?” she asked.”Yeah, it would be such a turn-on going over your knee, Cheryl,” said Brad, as his cock got close to full stiffness in his briefs.”I will let you know tomorrow, I promise,” said Cheryl although she had already as good as made up her mind.”Cheryl, if we do, am I to use condoms?” asked Brad who really hoped that he could fuck her bareback.”No, there is no need, I was sterilised after we had our two; I am not saying yes yet, remember,” replied Cheryl as Brad punched the air in joy at the news that if they did, his cock would be going in naked.Cheryl’s daughters, both aged in their twenties, now lived away.Having made up her mind, she had probably made up her mind a while ago, Cheryl phoned Brad the next day, which was a Friday, from her mobile. When the number came up as an unknown caller, Brad hoped that it was Cheryl but just answered as “Hello.””Hello lover boy, you had better not be taking the piss,” said Cheryl, who was feeling quite confident.”No Cheryl, I am not taking the piss,” replied Brad, expecting good news.”My house, seven o’clock Monday evening; don’t phone my mobile when Dan is about,” Cheryl instructed.”Yes, yes, see you Monday,” said an elated Brad. He had fucked lots of females but he had set his sights on this one since the party, or even before.”I will let you know if anything happens to change it,” advised Cheryl.”Yes okay, I can’t wait,” said the very enthusiastic Brad.”Gonna give you such a spanking,” said Cheryl, before smiling to herself as she ended the call.During the weekend, Cheryl felt guilty about her plans. Her guilt relating to her husband largely evaporated when they had a blazing row. “I am glad you are away all week,” Cheryl shouted at Dan.”Not as glad as I am,” responded her husband.Cheryl still felt guilt concerning her best friend Helen, who would be distraught and disgusted if she knew of the plans. Helen was aware that her son was well-liked by the ladies but she certainly would not want those ladies to include Cheryl.Cheryl spent some time on Monday wondering what to wear. She knew that whatever she wore, it would not be remaining on for long but she still wanted to get it right. She tried various sets of clothing and looked at herself in the full-length wardrobe mirror. She got a side view of her large buttocks in white trousers and decided that Brad might like her in them. She decided not to wear a bra and she liked how her nipples were very visible through the red t-shirt that she decided on. She was unsure about knickers but eventually decided on a thong.As it got closer and closer to seven o’clock she was getting more and more convinced that Brad had been winding her up and that he had no intention canlı bahis of appearing. She had a couple of glasses of wine and was half expecting to finish the bottle as she consoled herself as she sat feeling lonely and let down through the rest of the evening.Cheryl’s heart was racing, both fearing Brad’s arrival and his possible non-arrival.Five minutes before seven, Cheryl’s mobile rang and it was Brad. She was convinced that he was phoning to say that it was all a joke. “Hello” she answered in a very subdued voice.”Will you spank me extra hard if I am five minutes late?” asked Brad.Cheryl’s heart leapt in joy. “I most certainly will; in fact, you will get my hairbrush across your arse as well as my hand,” she replied.”See you at five past seven,” laughed Brad before he ended the call.Cheryl had already placed a chair near her bed ready for the spanking, she now went upstairs and put her hairbrush on the chair.At five past seven, Brad walked into Cheryl’s driveway and Cheryl, looking out of her window, drooled. There were high hedges on either side so the people next door could not see his arrival. Cheryl opened her door. “I was not sure that you would come,” she said, with her eyes going all over the hunks body and alighting on the bulge in his trousers.”Oh I think I will cum, and so will you,” smiled Brad, with his eyes on Cheryl’s tits through her t-shirt.After a very brief hesitation, their lips met in a kiss and Cheryl felt Brad’s hands grip her buttocks as his crotch pressed against her. “You look fucking sensational, Cheryl,” said Brad when the kissing stopped.”So do you,” replied Cheryl, with her hand on Brad’s bulge. They were still on the doorstep so Cheryl hoped that the woman in the house opposite was not looking out of her window at the moment.They got inside and closed the door and Cheryl looked at her clock. “Five minutes late naughty boy, your bottom is going to suffer,” she giggled.”You don’t know how much I have been looking forward to you spanking me,” replied Brad.”And you have no idea how much I have been looking forward to you fucking me,” said Cheryl, before they snogged again.”I really have fancied you for years, Cheryl; you are so fucking hot,” said Brad.”Oh Brad, we are going to have such a great fuck; but first, your spanking; come with me,” said Cheryl, leading Brad by the hand towards the stairs. As they mounted the stairs, Brad got his first view of Cheryl’s arse in her tight white trousers.”Your arse is gorgeous,” Brad complimented as they got to the top of the stairs.”Thank you, but right now I am going to sit on it while I spank you,” said Cheryl, taking him into the bedroom and placing the hairbrush on the floor before she sat on the chair.”Over you get,” instructed Cheryl and Brad lay over her lap, his rock hard cock against her thighs.Cheryl looked at the stud’s backside for a moment before commencing a spanking that they both knew would make little impression on him, certainly whilst he was clothed. Cheryl spanked from cheek to cheek SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP and it was highly erotic for both of them but it soon became obvious that Brad’s trousers needed to come off.”Get your trousers off, young man,” said Cheryl and Brad got off her lap. He slowly undid his belt and trousers and lowered his trousers. There was an audible gasp from Cheryl when she saw the size of the bulge in Brad’s briefs and the young man smirked, confidently.”Back over,” said Cheryl but her voice cracked a bit. Brad got back over and Cheryl caressed the youth’s buttocks over his briefs before recommencing spanking. This time the flurry of SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP made a greater impression in both sound and feeling as Brad’s backside started to smart a bit. 

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