Pepper’s Penance Ch. 14Pepper’s Penance Ch. 14


Author’s Note

Pepper’s Penance is a slow burning romance that unfolds over the course of twenty-three chapters. This is not a wham-bam story. But, if you’re into that sort of thing, I think you’ll like this one.


Chapter 14: Love and Lust

I pulled Pepper down, with my hands around her waist, until she was lying against me, skin on skin. Feeling my tender flesh stiffen in her mouth, I heard her sigh. She was mine for the night. I wove my fingers into her hair, encouraging her with an arch of my back and a soft moan from my lips.

She seemed fascinated by my chest, cupping me in her hand, covering my skin with kisses. She traced lines with her tongue, swirling, teasing. She paused, hovering over my crinkled flesh with her open mouth, and began sucking a breath while she closed her lips around me.

I shivered and shook with the cool air rushing all around, bringing up goose flesh and causing me to squeeze my fingers, tightening my grip her hair. I surprised myself with a little squeak that bubbled up and burst out unannounced. I grinned.

If Natalie’s ghost were still in this room, she was smiling too, or she should have been. I’ve never witnessed Pepper so free and unfettered as she was now, and anyone who loved her would understand how much she needed it.

“Pepper,” I sighed.

I pawed at her neck and then her shoulder. I raked my fingers across the top of her back, gently at first then, as Pepper’s own moans began to escape her mouth, digging in slightly with my nails as her body writhed. The more animated she became, the more I wanted to feel her coming apart, letting herself go.

I dashed my hand to the waistband of her shorts and began to tug. Circling around to the front as she pushed herself up off of me, I fumbled for the button. Pepper reached down to help. It didn’t make a difference, neither of us could manage it one-handed.

Pepper rolled off the bed and with one swift motion, dropped her shorts on the floor. She stood looking at me, head tilted and eyes wavering. I was afraid maybe I’d lost her again. But then she climbed back up with just a pair of boy shorts, grinning, and hovering over me on all fours.

Pepper dipped her head to take a swipe at my nipple with her tongue before shifting her gaze to my jeans. I reached for the button. She reached mamak escort for the waistband. The two of us working in tandem sent my pants sailing over Trixie’s back to land somewhere on the floor. Trixie huffed once and then continued to ignore us.

I looked into Pepper’s eyes. She smiled and lowered her head. The next thing I felt was her tongue, drawing circles around my tummy while I tried my best to keep still. Little kisses followed along behind.

“Tickles,” I complained.

“Just you wait.” She took the waistband of my underpants in her teeth.

I shuddered. A twinge from below caused me to arch my back and press my head into the pillow. Pepper reached up, brushing her fingertips over my exposed neck as I sighed. She never stopped tugging with her teeth and I could feel the elastic slipping lower over my hips.

Just as I thought I was to be completely exposed, she stopped. I shimmied my hips as encouragement. It did nothing to resume her pulling. Instead, she touched her tongue to my skin. The warmth and wetness caused me to pull my breaths more rapidly, digging my hips into the mattress.

“So smooth,” she said, and continued on, seemingly lost in the taste of my skin under her tongue. I shuddered and twitched, willing her to venture just a bit lower where she could discover smooth and wet. Very wet in fact.

As Pepper moved her mouth lower, the warm fingers that had been caressing my neck moved to the base of my throat, and finally stopped to cover my breast. I heaved. I arched and squirmed on the mattress, pressing my flesh into her palm, canting my hips, encouraging her to move just a few inches more.

Pepper took the elastic waistband, pulling it toward her. I squeezed my buttocks together, writhing, hoping. The elastic slipped her grip and snapped against my skin. I felt her tongue dart underneath, pulling it again.

“Dammit, Pepper,” I groaned, reaching my hand down to push my panties down on one side.

I waited for her to get the hint, but she only continued with slow circles of her tongue. I bucked my hips in frustration, but to no avail. Pepper was on her own timetable. Finally, I settled on verbal encouragement. Nothing else seemed to be working.

“Pepper,” I breathed. “I want you. I want your tongue. ofise gelen escort I want you to taste me. I’ve wanted this for a long time. I want your fingers. I want to feel you moving inside me. Pepper… I want you. I’m yours.”


“Yes, Pepper, dammit! Would you just…”

She slid my panties down to mid thigh.

“Uhh…” I groaned.

Nothing from Pepper.

“It’s so cute,” she said, finally.

“Are you kidding me?” I grabbed her by the hair, preparing to steer her where I thought she ought to be by now.

She took a swipe at the inside of my thigh and I jumped. I must have cleared two inches off the mattress. I scissored my legs and kicked my underwear off. After that, Pepper gripped my hips with both hands.

She began circling with her tongue, drawing arcs around my swollen folds, darting in, pressing with her tongue and lapping at the moisture she pulled forth.

“Oh, gawd… yes!” I slapped the mattress with my hand.

Pepper went to work.

I reached down to where her hand rested on my right hip and touched my fingers to hers. My arm tensed, muscles rigid, fingers curled, as she quickly brought me near the peak.

She slowed and lingered. I unclenched my hand and once again searched for her fingers to weave in with mine. By the time I found them, she had me in a state and all I could do was hang on.

This went on, over and over, for countless minutes. Pepper’s expert use of her tongue, combined with my own pent up desire for this night, had me babbling like a fool while I squirmed and kicked under every little touch.

There was a constant, low moaning from Pepper as well that I could feel almost as much as hear. I shuddered.

The hand she had on my hip—holding me, stopping me from squirming too much—was gone. Only the hand with fingers laced up with mine remained. Pepper had gone exploring.

I felt the tickling touch on the inside of my thigh while I writhed, trying my best to not knock her teeth out of her head. Not that I had much self-control, but somehow I managed.

Then I felt her finger. She teased and parted me with ease. And for a moment I thought I heard her cooing as she slipped inside. Slowly she pressed, deeper… until…

My back arched, my eyelids otele gelen escort fluttered, all despite my best efforts to remain in control. I gulped a great breath that came out as one long, lingering moan. Pepper had found the magic button, and she knew it.

She rubbed and caressed while I struggled to maintain sanity. I wanted so much to express my appreciation for her efforts, but all I could do was babble like a fool.

Somehow, I think that was enough for her. Pepper was positively purring down below. And after a long fought battle to pry my eyes open, I glanced down her way.

Pepper looked up, with a twinkle in her eye and a big grin plastered over her lips. She pushed out her tongue, knowing I was watching, and again lowered her head. That’s when I knew my sanity was lost.

Rather than expressing my thanks, or my love or lust, or whatever it was we shared that night, I let my head flop back on the pillow and moaned. With one hand I squeezed her fingers. With the other I gripped the bed covers.

Up and up the hill she sent me, so close to the peak, and held me there with her perfectly timed touches. I was pulling my breaths in gasps and had been for some time now. Exactly how long, I don’t know.

Pepper seemed determined that I should die here on this bed, die of wanting, of a climax always within sight, but never quite close enough to reach out and seize. That’s the way the thoughts flowed through my mind as I writhed.

“Pepper,” I moaned.

I bucked my hips. I felt her grip tighten on me, pushing me back to the mattress.

“Pepper.” More urgently this time.

I heard something, perhaps a chuckle. I could picture her in my mind, smirking as I came apart in her bedroom.

“Pep—” I didn’t get to finish.

Finally, she stopped teasing and drove me onward.

I shuddered and shook, dug my heals into her mattress. I swear I must have raised myself six inches off the bed. I gripped her hand in mine and grunted.

“Oh, my… Oh, my… Cayenne Pepper Alverez… Oh, my gawd!”

If she wasn’t grinning before, I’m sure she was now. I collapsed onto the mattress, fully aware of the sweat-soaked coverings underneath me now. Pepper began disentangling herself from my limbs and crawled up beside me. Her cheeks and chin were covered in my lust.

“You screamed my name, Ash,” she said, with the stupidest grin on her face.

I smiled and closed my eyes. That was about all I had energy for.

“My full name.”

I puckered up, hoping she would find my lips and kiss me. She did. She smelled of sex. Her lips tasted like pussy.

“Cayenne Pepper Alverez,” I said, and sighed. “You were wonderful.”

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