Pen and Paper Pt. 01Pen and Paper Pt. 01


A story about Jonas, his twin brother Janosch and their mother Sabine.

All characters are of legal age.

Janosch & Jonas: 19 years old

Sabine: 35 years old

Janosch and Jonas sat together on the couch and held controllers in their hands. The TV flickered on in bright colors and the background noise was omnipresent. Her mother looked at the two boys from the kitchen and shook her head slightly. She was a good-hearted woman who gave her boys everything she could. Her working husband was often on business trips, so she spent a lot of time with the two boys. Sabine did all sorts of things with them, apart from the normal family things, like going to the movies and restaurants together and the like. Sometimes she would also take part in her sons’ more unusual hobbies such as role-playing. No perverts, but pen & paper.

Contrary to the clichéd image that private broadcasters convey, neither Janosch nor Jonas were unsightly or unsportsmanlike. In addition to their somewhat nerdy hobbies, both did a lot of sport and were very clean.

The last Pen & Paper round was a few weeks ago and Sabine looked back fondly on it. As the “master” – or as the narrator – she had put her two boys and a few of their friends in a somewhat unusual situation. Both boys had had to send their characters to a red-light district to solve a case. Sabine was very happy about it describing the call girls and observing their sons’ red heads. Unlike Janosch and Jonas, the boys’ friends who also attended had asked for more information. Information that their sons didn’t want to hear from their mother.

Either way, it was fun and Sabine wondered if they would do something together again soon. She was slowly preparing dinner and was thinking up some scenes that would embarrass her sons. But why actually? Why did Sabine enjoy embarrassing her two boys and why did it always have to be things related to sex? Presumably the current lack of sex life. In the evenings, Sabine often had her tablett on her lap and read lewd stories – often some that were ethically unacceptable and had to do with relatives having sex. She often read stories about sex between mother and son or daughter and father. Intergenerational sex fascinated her. But could she also imagine having sex with one of her sons?

And how she could. Such thoughts regularly came to her in the shower, bath or in bed. She was ashamed inside, but at the same time she assured herself that these were only harmless thoughts and that nothing was happening. At the same time, however, her lust and greed grew. Reading erotic stories was no substitute for real sex. Even if she did it herself, by hand or with some toys, it wasn’t the same as having a man do it for her.

Sabine walked into the living room with a bite to eat and put it down on a small living room table. “Tell me – would you like to play another round tomorrow?” she asked her two sons. They only looked at each other for a very Girne Escort short moment, then they looked back at the television so as not to miss anything. During they continued to rape their controllers, Janosch replied: “Sure, why not. Unfortunately, the others aren’t available. Is it okay if you just play with the two of us?” He wanted to know and only gave his mother a quick look. “Yes, of course!” She grabbed the plate she had brought and took one of the sandwiches. But before biting into it, she wanted to tell her two what it was all about. “I would send you back to the red-light district. Tatjana, who you met last time will get in touch with you to give you a few more details.” Immediately Janosch and Jonas blushed and vividly remembered Tatjana.

A young woman with pale skin and large breasts. She had red hair – just like Sabine’s – and wore dark eyeshadow and dark intense lipstick. Most recently, Sabine described the call girl while working with a man. The two boys had been visibly uncomfortable, but neither had ever asked them not to do such things. Even now they hadn’t mentioned anything along those lines, so Sabine assumed it was okay.

The next evening, Sabine had already prepared everything. She wrapped the living room in reddish light and a few incense sticks created a smoky atmosphere. Quiet swing music filled the environment and Sabine had even taken the liberty of putting on a more revealing outfit than when she was a call girl herself.

Janosch and Jonas came with their equipment and saw the smoky atmosphere. Both swallowed and sat down. On the table was a bottle of cheap whiskey and three whiskey glasses. Sabine smiled and served them. She sipped, sighed in relief and sat back. “Okay – where were we?” Sabine reviewed. “You visited Tatjana because she had been an eyewitness. You disturbed her while she was blowing a client.” she said and sipped again. “After you got the information from her, you left the city and successfully followed the trail so far. Right?” Janosch nodded.

A detailed description followed of how the two characters once again found their way to Tatjana and found her in an extremely awkward position. They didn’t burst into a deal unannounced this time, but it was just as grueling and arousing as before. Sabine watched her sons as she guided them through their story. Not infrequently she noticed the looks of her sons when she described how Tatjana bent over. At such moments, her two boys stared right at her cleavage. For a while she could also see a clearly visible bulge forming in the two boys’ pants. Also, the alcohol seemed to have some effect. The two boys drank occasionally, but no whiskey or harder stuff.

Towards the end, Sabine became very detailed in her descriptions of how Tatjana thanked the two detectives who were played by Janosch and Jonas. A threesome was the reward and Sabine saw how her two sons nervously pushed her bump back and forth. Magosa Escort Sabine described exactly how Tatjana first only took care of the detectives’ cocks with her hands, then how she thanked them verbally and finally how she literally let herself be injected into every opening.

This seemed to be too much for the two boys. Both couldn’t push their bumps away anymore and both didn’t know what to do anymore. Sabine smiled at the two. “What’s going on?” she asked. “Mom – why are you describing it so precisely… we’re only men too.” Jonas complained. “Don’t you like my narrative style?” Sabine acted as if she was indignant. “Yes! You describe it very well… but can you imagine how horny your stories make your two sons?” Janosch said. Sabine’s grin widened. Of course she knew how such stories worked. You could see it vividly in both of them. She just wanted to know how big the two prengels she had once raised inside her were.

“You look like you wish Tatjana was here.” “You can bet it…”, Janosch said again. “It’s good that Tatjana is modeled after me, isn’t it? So you could vividly imagine how she sucked your characters’ cocks.” Sabine crossed her legs the other way around. Her boys could briefly see her lacy underwear. “And let me guess. You imagine your characters as you look like, don’t you?” Guilty, Jonas drained his glass and nodded. “Somehow yes…” “What did you like best?” “How Tatjana is sprayed in all holes!” Jonas blurted out immediately and he saw Sabine’s crotch.

Sabine got up with a sigh and walked towards her two boys, who were foggy from the alcohol. “Can Tatjana’s role model show her appreciation for the fact that she had two such diligent listeners?” she said and knelt in front of her two boys. She was also hot and dizzy from the alcohol. Otherwise she would probably never have taken the following steps. She ran both of her hands down her sons thighs until she reached the waistbands of her pants. Slowly she rubbed the stiff dicks and bit her lower lip. Watching the boys’ expressions and the way they both murmured and moaned softly. “Do you think it would be nice if Mama shows you what Tatjana and the two detectives did?” she whispered and firmly grabbed her boys’ two cocks. They were tall – she could tell that even from the fabric of her pants. big and hard and willing to thrust into her and inseminate her. Sabine bit her lower lip again, then she took off her boys’ pants one by one so that they were sitting on the couch without bottoms.

Licking her upper lip, Sabine bent over Jonas cock and at the same time began to gently jerk Janosch’s cock. First she licked tenderly over the glans of Jonas cock, then she lightly pressed her lips against it. Jonas couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed Sabine’s hair with both hands and pushed her head down. A great feeling, as Sabine had to admit. Smacking, her son’s penis went into her mouth and throat while she heard the two boys moan loudly. Kıbrıs Escort It was such an unreal situation that brought with it so much that was exciting, so much that was forbidden!

Jonas pushed his penis down his mother’s throat more and more energetically until he squirted, moaning loudly. Janosch also seemed about to cum and Sabine made an effort to swallow Jonas’ seed. Just in time she was able to detach herself from Jonas and take the second cock in her mouth, where Janosch spilled out loudly moaning. Horny and completely dazed, her eyes rolled up while she swallowed the second load and sagged back, murmuring. “Oh god mom…” Jonas started, wanting to join his mother on the floor. She just shook her head quickly and slowly got up. “We’re not done yet. I want to feel at least one cock inside me today!” Without further ado, Sabine took off her clothes and threw them aside carelessly. She wanted a cock in her cunt right here and now! Sabine knelt backwards on Jonas so that she turned her back on him. His cock rubbed against her ass and she briefly considered what exactly she wanted. But then she knew. “Janosch, you kneel down in front of us now and lick me.” She briefly gave her son the command. Without refusing, he knelt down, then Sabine grabbed the stick that was stirring behind her and slowly pushed it into her the butt.

Her eyes rolled up again and she groaned loudly. Without waiting for permission, her second son began licking her vagina, which was dripping with excitement. Her two sons did well. Without Sabine having to say anything else, the tongue began to work on her clitoris and the penis in her butt slowly began to take her, pushing its entire length into Sabine’s butthole and driving out again to the tip. It was such an exciting feeling that Sabine lost all inhibitions.

“Damn it, yes!” she yelled. Slowly she moved her hips up and down, trying to make it as easy as possible for her sons to please her. It was hot, she felt the hot breath of her sons and her lips against her body. She knew that she couldn’t last forever, the way she was being worked on. “Quick — take me!” Sabine said and clawed at Janosch’s hair to pull him up and be pulling his face in front of hers. She gave him a deep kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth demandingly, where she tasted her own juices. Then her awareness exploded as the second cock entered her as well, impaling her vagina.

Sabine tried to stay calm to fully enjoy the opposing rhythm of the thrusts, but her body slowly began to twitch. She grabbed her crotch, worked her clit and jerked incessantly as she came. But she couldn’t stop until her two sons arrived. She hugged her son, slurping the cocks in and out of her, enjoying every thrust until they both throbbed inside her.

Panting, Sabine collapsed onto Jonas and let herself fall to the side. This was the best sex she’d had in ages. And also the first time she’d done it with two men at the same time–not to mention just got fucked by her two boys. She couldn’t say what it would all lead to yet, but she liked what had just happened and didn’t rule out the possibility of them continuing.

A sequel can be translated as well. Are the names fine even though they are uncommon in english?

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