Subject: Peeping Boy-7 (Gay Adult Youth, Mb, oral, anal & masturbation) Peeping Boy (Part 7) By: Papa bear The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Warning: This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving masterbation, oral and anal sex , between a M/B or M/B/B. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on , please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this story or would like me to continue this story, you may contact me at ast I will try to answer all emails. Please be kind I’m a new author! Flamers will be ignored and blocked! if you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on . Roberto The boy lover1-4(Gay Adult Youth) Caring for Samantha and Jason 1-6(Bisexual Incest) A brief summary: A continuing story of an older next door neighbor and a building relationship a preteen boy, as they become more then just friends! This is part 7 of Papa Bear and Joey. Joey’s is 12 and Papa bear is in his 60’s. Papa Bear’s life begins feeling a bit empty, after Joey returned home from his 2 day stay. Joey returns to school. We enjoyed the day spent in each other’s arms, drained completely from our intense sex! Soon Joey would be returning home, as his parents will be here in the morning. We spent the rest of the evening playing games, horsing around, eating dinner and watching TV. His boyish charms and enthusiasm, lighting up the room and my life! His closeness and companionship brought back fond memories of my childhood. His presence made me feel young again! We settled in for the night, spooning together in a tight embrace. His soft skin and breathing soothing me to my core! With gental loving caresses we both drifted asleep. We awoke early in the morning, as his parents would arrive soon. Gathering his stuff together, so he’s ready to go. We relaxed and grabbed breakfast, chatting away. His excitement for a new school and a new year. The apprehension in voice about making new friends was very clear. I reassured Joey he would be fine and that a great kid like him will have no problem making friends. He seamed at easy with my reassurance, as a smile lit upon his face. I turned our conversation to a more serious note, reinforcing the privacy and secrecy of our naked fun! Joey saying “oh no Papa I won’t tell anyone!” I ruffled his hair and gave a big hug, Joey’s my very special bud! Time slipped away and the doorbell rang, alerting us of his parents arrival. Betty was alone at the balıkesir escort door, as she entered apologizing “I’m sorry Joe had to run a quick errand” Joey quickly ran up hugging his mom. “Hi mom!” He said. Betty replying ” hello baby, were you a good boy?” Joey objecting ” Mom… I’m not a baby anymore!” She laughed and replied “oh I sorry, I meant my big boy!” Joey rolls his eyes walking away, typical of a boy that age. Betty thanks me for all the help and what a lifesaver I was. She asked me ” did Joey give you any problems?” I reassured her ” oh no, he was an angel” She laughed and replied ” Joey an angel?” She smiled ” your to kind!” We continued our conversation about their trip and Joey’s new school year. When she politely said ” well we better get going, Joey has school tomorrow” We gathered Joey’s belongings and headed to the door. Saying our goodbyes, as Joey grabs me with a big hug! Betty quickly adding ” did you thank Mr. Kimball for taking care of you?” My thoughts on her question, I kept to myself ” if she only knew, how well we took care of each other!” Joey hugging me, whispered in my ear ” thank you Papa for everything!”, as he broke his hug replying louder ” thanks Mr. Kimball.” Ruffling his hair, I replied ” your welcome buddy, anytime!” Betty smiling and saying goodbye. My sweet boy Joey disappeared out of sight. The day seamed so empty without Joey around. Trying to get back to my normal routine. Slowly I managed to get some things done, with Joey still on my mind. The next day was slightly back to normal, doing my chores and project around the house. About 3pm or so, while working in my garage, Joey comes bouncing in. His face like an angel and his smile melted my heart! “Hi Papa!” Joey says with excitement. “Hey my buddy, how was school?” I asked in a caring way. Joey replying with excited voice “oh it was great, I even made a friend!” “See, I knew you would!” I said with reassurance. Joey excited about his day rambling on, like most boys his age. He spoke of his classes, lunch and more. Then focused on his new found friend. Talking so fast I found it hard to keep up! His excitement and giddy school boy tone, was a joy to hear! His friends name is Toby, he’s 13, slightly older than Joey. They liked the same video games and TV shows. Even sharing some of the same classes. After Joey slowed down his excitement, I replied “sounds like you really did have a great day!” Joey cutely replied “yep Papa it was awesome!” Ruffling his hair I replied ” awesome!” Joey continued ” you know what else Papa?” “No what else buddy?” I replied. “Toby’s going to come over tomorrow and hang out!” Joey said with bartın escort great excitement,as he continued ” were gonna do homework and play video games!” ” That’s great Joey, I hope you guys have lot’s of fun!” I said in an excited tone. Secretly I was a tiny bit jealous! Joey pauses shuffling his feet as he stammerers a bit “umm…Papa…umm can we…umm you know?” Smiling at the stammering boy, I replied ” you know what?” Joey smiles back and says ” have some fun, my parents won’t be home till 5:30.” Looking at the time I replied ” well buddy it’s already 4:00, doesn’t leave us much time.” He kicks his feet and shuffled about replying “,oh, ok I’m just really horny!” Laughing, thinking to myself ” oh to be 12 again, always horny!” Seeing Joey in his horny state, I replied “yeah a horny boy, that you are!” As I laughed. Joey giggled with his boyhood charm, staring at me with those puppy dog eyes ” well umm… can you know…suck my dick? His boldness caught me off guard! Why would I ever turn down such an offer! A horny 12 year boy, asking you to suck him off! That doesn’t happen every day! Joey asked once more ” well, will you Papa… please!” Snapping out of my deep thoughts, I replied ” well hell yes buddy, let’s go inside.” Closing the garage door, Joey eagerly followed me inside. Since he was accustomed to being here, he made himself right at home. Dropping his school books on the nearby table, quickly making his way to the bedroom. Following close behind, grinning about his eagerness. Joey quickly started stripping off his clothes, jumping onto the bed! I pause for a moment, at the foot of the bed, taking in his beauty before me. His smooth developing body, his angelic face and rock hard adolescent cock! Joey obviously seeing me staring says “what you staring at Papa?” I smile and reply ” you silly!” Joey smiles, almost blushing and slowly starts to play with his cock. My cock quickly hardening and my mouth slowly beginning to water! Joey, the boy I met peeping over my fence, once again was enticing me with his charms! Remembering our time was short, I stripped out of my clothes. Quickly crawling into bed and between Joey’s legs. Joey was still all sprawled out and playing with his cock, as I eagerly approached. Nibbling and caressing slowly up his legs, as his body slightly shivered. Still grasping his rigid cock, Joey stares into my eyes. Tenderly making my way to his tight young balls. I begin playfully flicking them and licking them with my tongue. Joey’s sighs and flinches, as my tongue licks his balls! Then I began working my way up to the prize, our eyes still locked together. His hand still moving batıkent escort at a steady pace, until my tongue reaches the base. My eyes still focused of the expressions on his face. Ones of anticipation and innocence! Slowly licking my way up his shaft and swirling my tongue around his head! Joey’s stomach slightly quivering and his body tightening.I can tell he’s horny and won’t last long. My saliva watering my mouth, as I begin to devour his pulsing young cock! Joey bends his body slightly up and then back down, his eyes still focused on my actions. Working my tongue with a sucking motion, as I slowly suck him up and down! His hands quickly finding their way to the back of my head. His breathing slowly increasing and his hips start to hump, pushing his cock upwards to the back of my mouth! Joey moans and groans whimpering out ” oh Papa, oh Papa…that feels so good!” His words igniting my fire and lust! Grabbing my cock, I begin jacking in unison, while I suck Joey off! His breathing, shivering and humping increased, alerting me that his orgasms drawing near! My heart racing with anticipation, as I pump my meat! My tongue swirling around, as I feel his meat began to swell! The exhilaration and anticipation of this 12 year old boy, cumming in my mouth, consumed me with lust! My own balls drawing tight and cock swelling in my hand! Joey’s cry’s and wild noise, fueling my building orgasm! Joey begins to cry out ” oh fuck..fuck I’m gonna cum Papa… gonna..gonna cum!” His swearing and urgent pleas, sending me over the edge! Joey unleashed his hot boy sperm, palsing and spasming into my mouth. My own orgasm exploded, with multiple squirts, all over the bed. Joey’s ejaculation filling my mouth, as a swallowed it eagerly, rope after rope! Still between Joey’s legs, I slowly released his cock. Laying there in the afterglow, cum still dripping from my cock. Joey beginning to move, as he crawled around. He moved in for a cuddling hug, as my cum squeezed between us. What he did next, I didn’t expect! Joey went down on me, licking and sucking the cum off my cock! Finishing my cum, he quickly returned. Then Joey kiss me most passionately! Our mouths opened and tongues swirling, with the taste of my own cum! I broke our kiss, most reluctantly, as the time had run short. ” Joey buddy it’s getting late, you parents will be home very soon.” He quickly looked at the clock and agreed. Hugging me tightly he said “oh man Papa that was awesome!” Rubbing his back I replied ” hell yeah it sure was!” Both of us laughing away. I told Joey ” better clean up, don’t want cum all over you and your breath!” He trotted off to the bathroom, with me close behind. After we finished he headed out, but not before once last kiss and hug. To be continued…… Papa Bear If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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