Peeing in the WoodsPeeing in the Woods


We are out for a hike, you and I. This time at one of your favorite trails. It is late spring. My favorite time of the year. The leaves on the trees are that light green color that only happens in the spring. The grass is long and lush. This place is filled with rolling fields divided by wooded tracts.

We start our trek to I know not where. It doesn’t matter. It is time spent in an activity with you. We discuss how nice it is that spring is here after a winter filled with long, gray, snowy weeks that blended everything together depriving us of colors and textures. Just off the trail, spring flowers are blooming adding to the excitement.

I decided to go bra-less for the occasion. Though we met mid-morning, I knew it would warm. It’s been an unseasonably warm spring. I also considered that you’d notice and appreciate my chilled nipples. You do. As soon as we are away from the parking lot, you grab my left nipple and give it a little tug. I look at you and smile, then turn toward you and say something about feeling unbalanced, so you fondle my right nipple too. Your cock is showing signs of arousal, so I reach out and rub you through your pants. We stop walking all together and you pull down the front of my cami to release my breasts. We start walking again with my breasts exposed. You smile and keep sneaking muğla escort looks. I enjoy watching you look at me.

I’m getting chilled and have to pee, but I hold it so you can look at my exposed breasts. At some point we turn toward each other, you massage my breasts and we kiss. This doesn’t help my full bladder. I realize I’m going to have to let you know about my need.

A little embarrassed, I tell you I have to pee and that it’s urgent. You smile. I tell you I have no problems peeing in the woods, but ask if you could stand in front of me to block the view of any unsuspecting hikers. Your cock is showing again. I pretend not to notice.

I say, “Really. I have to pee, now.”

I am aware I don’t have time to tease. You smile and agree to the terms. I find a suitable spot, pull down my pants and squat. The fact that my face and your crotch are on the same level does not go unnoticed and I look up at you as I reach out to rub you a bit . It relaxes me enough that I begin to relieve myself.

You waste no time freeing your rigid cock simultaneously moving close enough so that I can get the end in my mouth. So there we are, me pissing and sucking and you watching me multi-task. I moan a long throaty sound that almost seems like a prolonged grunt. The relief and arousal that come from the experience are new and glorious feelings and you are intently watching me. I am not prepared for the depth of arousal I experience. It would have been slightly arousing just to pee at this point, but now you are watching me and I’m sucking your cock. I find this incredibly sexy and my mouth senses you do too. The juices from my pussy combine with my piss. I’m not sure if I am upright or floating. I really don’t care.

I finish pissing as you cum in my mouth. You bend over, steady me and taste yourself on my lips. I swallow the remainder of your sweet deposit. Then it dawns on me. My jacket with the tissues in the pocket is in the car. The car is at least a mile away. My rosy-cheeked glow becomes bright crimson. You look at me perplexed. I look at you. For the second time in only a few minutes, I am embarrassed.

“I have nothing to wipe with”, I say. This time you laugh an incredibly sexy laugh. My face could not get any redder. My tits are hanging out and my pussy is dripping, I could cry.

I look at you quizzically as you sit down a few feet away on that light green, grassy carpet and say, “Come here.”

“I’m not pulling up my pants”, I say.

You reply, “You don’t have to.”

With as much grace as I can muster, my pants around my ankles, I begin waddling toward you. When I get within reach, you guide me toward you until I’m within inches of your face, you stick out your tongue and lick my labia. A chill runs up my spine and butterflies begin dancing in my stomach. I take another step forward. You lick again. I step out of one leg of my pants. Pretty soon you are leaning back on your elbows with me squatting over you and you are eagerly lapping up every drop of piss and pussy juice you can reach. It takes only a few more laps before climaxing racks my body and my pussy spasms releasing more fluid for your attentive tongue. When you are satisfied that I am clean, you stop, look up at me and smile.

“All clean,” you say with a boyish grin.

Grinning ear to ear, I step back, thank you, pull up my pants and rearrange my shirt. You stand, wrap your arms around my waist and kiss me. It is the most amazing taste. You share a delectable cocktail of our cum and my piss. Such sexual intimacy, I have never experienced. I find I am no longer embarrassed.

We don’t really say much on the walk back to our cars. Looking back, all I remember is that the trees seemed greener, the sky bluer and the moment almost sacred. There was no denying that we both enjoyed the experience, though we wouldn’t discuss it until the following day. We parted with a kiss and hug like we often did.

Little did I know, this was only the beginning of our pissing fun and our sexual experimentation.

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